New Dyson Air Wrap On Fine, Frizzy & Flyaway Hair | Complete Long | Unboxing | First Impressions

I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself the new Dyson Air Wrap Complete Long set directly from the Dyson website. This is my first foray into Dyson beauty products, I have loved their little hand held vacuums and actually own 3 of them in total haha! My natural hair is quite silky when left to air dry in a ponytail right up until I try to style it in which case it becomes fine and fly away and I get all my baby hairs sticking up like they have static electric pulling my hair upright.

I have tried many topical products to try to tackle my fluffy baby hairs and when I saw that the new Airwrap has the flyaway attachment I just knew it was something that I would need to get round to trying out. I've also seen many of the YouTubers achieving super gorgeous curls using the Coanda curling attachment and am just dying to try this out on my hair and see if it works with hair extensions or whether I'm better off just using it on my short hair.

This is my first hair tool from Dyson, so if you'd like to know what my first and honest impression is of the new Dyson Airwrap Complete Long collection for frizzy, fine and flyaway hair then please watch the whole video to the end.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long:

Hello, my lovelies welcome back to my channel. Welcome. If you haven't been here before my name is christina white and i do videos on lifestyle, fashion and beauty. So today's video, as you can tell from the title, is an unboxing of the new complete dyson air rip. A rip air collection and i got the long version because i do wear hair extensions and i'd like to see how well i get um or how well this works on the long hair of the extension. So i cut them where i can't speak today, um anyway, but it's early morning, i've got up. I did have a bath last night, um and washed my hair. So this morning, i've just quickly, given it a sea wash with some purple conditioner, and hopefully that will be enough to just give it a little bit more of a usually. It won't come out greasy, so i haven't done anything with it. I'Ve just applied my skin care this morning and i'm waiting for the zoeliak acid to soak in to my skin um. So what i'm going to do is i'm going to apply my heat protector, i'm using the weller. What'S this called it's called thermal image, e-i-m-i version. I don't know how to pronounce that, whether you pronounce that or whether you just say the letters and then comb through with my tangle teaser god, these tangle teasers, have been a um lifesaver for hair everywhere. I'Ve got so many um and then i'm using my all-in-one leave-in conditioner from um moroccan oil. I love this. I think this is actually really good smells great and it's also got a bit of heat protector as well, but i like to use the standalone one of those just in case. You never know i'll actually actually have comb that through as well. So i'm going to see the main reason i bought. This is for my fly away, bits on my hair and i don't normally buy like the first iteration of something either. So i'm all like itchy, because the azalea acids working on my face um yeah. I don't normally buy the first version of a new product just because i know the second one is going to be all the like. Niggly things are going to be worked out. That customers realize and complained about things like that, so i normally buy the second version of something which is what i want you to do with this one. This one came out a few months ago. I'Ve had it on my bucket list on my wish list, and then i just decided the other day to actually bite the bullet and buy it. I wish i'd spotted it a bit earlier because i actually did want either the um, the bronze and silver one or the navy and silver one, but instead i got like the one: that's mostly pink, with the silver, the fuchsia one, so i'll just open this, i'm Not sure where the best place to open it is there's a big flap there, but i'm not going to even attempt to pull that with my new fingernails very nice. Yes, dyson era complete long. Okay, let's give it a tip. Yeah, that's come out, lovely beautiful, put it now! Okay, so i bought this direct from dyson, so i could get the full pink one. I'M not really a fan of silver, so i would have preferred to have the navy and bronze one. I think that's like a lot prettier um, but they didn't have it in stock and i didn't want to keep waiting and waiting waiting for it. I did um first came out, i did look then, and they were out of stock then as well. So i don't even know if they've ever been back in stock, but i'm just going to cut through that sticky at the top there. That'S it open this out, roll back up somewhat, so we're going to actually unbox this on the screen, sort of just just out of view sort of thing right. Oh, it comes in the lovely box, this one's, not a tan box, it's covered in a black box. While it looks at things i quite like the tan one, i did think it was going to come in a tan box, but is this black or navy? Oh, it's navy. Okay, i'm not mad, i'm not mad at that at all. I just peeled off half my leg skin with it. Oh look! It'S gorgeous. It'S got a little teeny tiny dyson imprint on the top. Let'S have a look i can imagine. This is the front flap there. Oh okay, that comes straight off. I haven't really watched any of these unboxings, so i'm not really sure what to expect in here. So welcome to your dyson era. Multi-Styler scan the qr code to watch the startup video register your product and explore the full range of attachments, lovely. So here's all the goodies inside i'm trying like memorize how this is kept. So i can repeat it okay, so the long piece goes there. There'S a compartment there for the smoothing brush. Oh that's cool they like they change direction. These are the long curlers in here and then we've got the other brush with directional vents. So that's cool okay. So i'm going to unpeel this part with a little shelf. It'S come very nicely packaged my your silicone manual and machine registration card very nice. Indeed, a little power pack, cool cool, then maybe a bit of asmr here, very nice, oh wow, it's like i've got an ergonomic handle. So it's not completely round. I thought it'd be completely round, but it's actually like an oval shape. I don't know if the other one was like that that i like that, so it fits in your palm really nicely. I think it looks like a massive round thing. That'S gon na! I know that's lovely yeah. I really like that. Okay, so it's got the on button. The speed i'm guessing and heat perhaps, is that the heat there's like three dots next, this one and then no dots. Next to this one - and i can't it's - got a dot on it, the other one's got a fan, so that's definitely a speed and i'm assuming that one is cool and warm or warm and warmer yeah. I'Ve got to scan the qr code to find what that is so where's my hair. What do i say, where's my phone, i'm filming on it, so i can't do that with you on camera. Well, i will do that. I will do that now, i'll quickly. Stop recording this and check it and then i'll, let you know so. Yes, that is exactly what it is. It is a little cleaner for this part, so i'm assuming it goes over that and then you clean the filter out. How cool is that and then we've got these sexy doodahs here this one's got a sticker. Can i peel it? Let me go kid at christmas. Come on open there we go so these are the thick and thin curlers. So what's happening with the second generation. Is i believe, yeah there's? You turn it at the top to change the direction of the airflow, so you don't need one for one side and one for another. You just turn the top now to change the direction of the curl that you want. So you've only got two ones instead of four ones, so that's cool and then we've got the smoothing air hair, dryer compartment compartment attachment. That'S the word, the smoothing air attachment. So i believe this is like the hair, dryer part and then also the um commander bit. That makes the flyaways stick down, which is one of the main reasons i purchased this. So i think one side like this is like the hairdryer or that's the suck in. I can't remember, but it again you just change the direction of it um. I think that's just for that one. What do you know? There'S like it's definitely a thing. There definitely a thing there so change it. Who knows, it definitely looks like it's twist, but it feels a bit stiff, so i'll watch a video on that one and then last, but by no means least, is the hot air styling brush. Now i love these. Hopefully, this works similar to the one that i already have, because i would love to have not all the wires trailing around my lovely beautiful dressing room. Now i've got like hair dryer, hair straightener, another hair, straightener curling wand, the waving wand. I use for my hair extension, so it would just be nice to have most of that, except for obviously the little mini crimper in one so yeah. Hopefully this is going to work just as well as my babyliss hot hairstyle. I say i'm excited right. I believe that's everything in here. Let me bring this cardboard out because i'm not a fan of cardboard. That'S quite a nice piece. Actually, i think i'll just leave that in there actually, because that fits everything around it i'll take these bits off. I don't need those okay, so i'm going to quickly check out the manual on how to use this, and then i'm going to use it because my hair is quickly drying and i really don't want that to happen. So, okay, so leave this just clicks on like that yep and then to release it. You pull down and it releases a little bit easily. I don't feel like it. I mean it connects, but it doesn't give you like sort of satisfying click where you know. It'S definitely in and there's a bit of a gap there, so i don't know we'll see um yes, so this will turn once it's in it wasn't turning when i had it off of it, so i believe it has to be in for it to click. So you direct the airflow, that's the piece that changes. So this is the smoothing side, and this is the blowing side. I believe so, let's give it a go and just make me jump on my face right yeah. So that's the blowing, that's the blowing side. So i'm going to dry my hair to like 90 percent and then i'm going to use the smoothing side to try and fix that. Okay. I actually i really like that, because this handle doesn't get hot with a hair dryer. The nozzle gets really hot. So your heart, just like lay in your lap with this - i can just finish with it and put it straight into my lap and it's fine um, i'm impressed with this so far without having even used the um smoothing piece, ah hair in my mouth, i can Already tell that this is quite smooth. This might be because i've just done a condition wash like a c wash. I wash my hair last night properly like with shampoo and conditioner, and then this morning i just gave it a quick wash with conditioner to wet it again, because i know that if i just wash it, i don't know if i just wet it rather goes like Greasy it's weird um yeah. It might be that so it might be. It feels a bit heavier than usual um. I'M just going to separate this out because i have more hair this side, because my side parting, i'm going to blow dry the hair underneath and then do the top part. But i like i like how this looks already haven't, had to use the smoothing brush or anything yet that was just with my hands so so far so good there, you go all right, i'm gon na do this part underneath, because this is where i get the Most kinky bits see these like waves here, so i'm just going to do that. Let'S see if this can just straighten that without much hassle, i wonder if it was actually james darcy who invented or decided to go into care and beauty or whether it was like a development team that thought that um, the air filter that they're, using like the Fan in the room, so i think that came first before the cyclone hair dryer thingy. So i wonder whose idea it was to get into the beauty scene instead of just homewares, because it's a really good idea. It'S very profitable business beauty right. That was really good. Probably wish i'd maybe separated it out and actually done the bottom first rather than just this one side, because that kink's quite it's quite a kinky kink okay, so i forgot myself a little bit there and i've kind of dried, my hair i'd say probably more 95 At this point, um, so just going to turn this round and see how this smoothing side works. I like this button. It'S like you just press it once and it bounces back down it's like a spring rather than a click. Just so you place this against your head and side, you press it against this little piece will click and then that catches the hair and then sends it that way. So it's really interesting. So it's like it's using the back of the hair dryer to pull the hair a certain way, so i'm going to do that now: wow, okay, that actually worked instantly. Can you see this here? There'S like forget this bit at the back, so i'm gon na use that to do that next. But can you see this? Can you see this? Hopefully that stays because these bits are normally like this. As i walk around with bits right, let's try, the back. I can see that i can totally see that decide now life changing it has made. My hair feel very flat, though doing that, like new volume, no volume whatsoever now so perhaps what i'll try now is adding some volume and then maybe smoothing it, because i just blow-dried it basically to my head anyway. So there was no volume to have that anyway, and my hair does not tend to have much volume when once i've blow dry it once it's wet and it's wavy there's a bit of volume going on. But when i let it air dry, but if i blow dry it there's no real volume, so i do have to lift it up. So i'm going to do that now. Give that a look in okay, it's kind of weird where it doesn't click. I feel like it should give that satisfaction, satisfactory click right, okay, that got caught straight away in my hair. I use that, like i would my fabulous one, so i think i've got to work out a way of using that without it getting tangled, because look what it's done to my hair. These are the bits i'm talking about. You see this this. This is this okay, so i'm going to poof the roots and then we're going to try the smoothing attachment. Okay, that's definitely working. It'S definitely poofing that up, so i'm going to do a quick separation. Do a few of the underneath layers just gon na do this as well. Otherwise i'll just go volume straight down my face. I feel like that should be gripping gripping on a bit better than it is. I mean i like that it looks good. So that's definitely adding volume like straight away. I'Ve never experienced that in my life, that's just like instantly and i've not added like any root, boosting products or anything. So i'm just gon na go through half of that again. The test will be whether it still looks flyaway after using the smoothing brush or whether the smoothing brush ruins the volume. It'S pretty good. Okay, so it's definitely added some nice volume also a lot of flyaways. This is what i was talking about, so you can see all of these little pieces here. Some of them are longer than others. Some of them are teeny weeny. So i've got a nice nice about a nice amount of bounce, i'm going at the back. So i'm just going to quickly do that. Actually, okay, now i've got volume in the back really quick right. So this is the test for me. So for reference, let's check out these wispy bits. Can you tell like all of this here all of this here? All this at the back - it's just like these are the worst bits, these bits at the front, because the wind blows and then i just walk around like this all day, like something about mary going on okay, it looks me look at this, so this i would Normally like put hairspray on one of those little skinny um root boost brushes like the back combing brush and then put a bit of hairspray and brush that down. So, let's see if this does the jobbie instead without killing the volume we just created, see the little ones are still there. It didn't, kill the volume, though that's still there. I mean it's not there as much as it was, but it's definitely still there, but then, if i brush my fingers through, i'm actually happy with that. I'Ve got a few little diddy ones here, but that's probably the placement of this rod here i'll get get better at doing that. So i just pressed it right down on my hair, then to see what happens the volume you can see, all the little wispy ones are still there, so maybe still got a bit of heat on it. I'Ll leave it to set in that position before i touch it, get away a little more oh carpet, moth in my dressing room, oh no anyway, i'm gon na leave that to sit and hopefully set not fly away and then we'll see once it's cooled down. It'S still warm because, as it is now, is absolutely fine. This is fine, so if it stays in this position - and i can like move my hair about with my fingers and that sort of thing - then i'm happy with that - i did absolutely. I wasn't expecting this at all love how quick, after blow dry, my hair that then boosted my hair, because i haven't straightened my hair yet and i could totally leave it like this. I'D be fine leaving it like this. I'Ve um got my long and my lungs. I'Ve got my short hair extensions as well that, if i put them in now, this hair would look perfectly fine. I think, without having to use my straighteners. So then i'm not further damaging my hair because i'm on a hair journey, i am trying not to trash. My hair, so i'm just dyeing my roots with the same color, every single time, 30 developer straight on my roots, with the number 10 a or is it 8? 10? 8. I think the 8 is for ash or a whatever, but it's the straight ash level. 10. From weller illumina range, i believe, and that's what i use on my hair, and that gives me a little bit of a ginger root, but not too much, but i care too much about it. It'S not enough to make me warrant, redoing them and further damaging my hair, because the next time when that grows out the color that i put on there, will spread slightly onto that and redo that anyway. So that's how i'm working that into my hair. So let's put these in these are the short ones that i cut the other day. So, okay, so the extensions are in the fly-aways, are back with the vengeance. I'M gon na watch a video real, quick okay, so i watched some videos. There wasn't a lot and there was one with one lady using this at the beginning of the video she starts with it like this talking to you about it and then at the end, the hair nozzles here so like she spun it around somewhere and didn't explain That situation, so i'm really not sure, and then she turned the um airflow down to low and the heat to medium. So i'm gon na try that, but the way she used it was like like this, so it i don't even know if that would do anything to be honest with you, so i'm going to use her settings i'm going to try this. I think that's, i think. That'S just the blow dryer version um. If that doesn't work, then i'm going to try those these settings with that flipped background to where i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be yeah. That'S not doing anything. That'S not doing anything with that. Let me just get my mirror out and try it in my mirror, instead of like trying to see in the mirror on my desk. Oh my dressing table. So let's give this another go. So the frizz struggle continues, i'm not overwhelmed by the dyson um flyaway tamer. At all, i do love this. I love how that gave me your instant volume. So that's a nice addition that i didn't know would be so quick to achieve it's like instantaneous um. I like how it's made my little fringe have that cute bevel about it. So that's nice, i think i'm still just gon na have to use the hairspray on the backcombing brush for this part of my parting. For now, until these bits grow out, i'm not sure where they came from. These are actually quite new, like i've only been having these the last few months, these little frizzy bits, and it might just be that i'm always partying my hair on this side. Maybe i've got change the side. I have my parting on or something like that and they're just getting too dry, because that's always the side that i'm like putting my part um but yeah. So the dyson has not fixed that issue, but i do still really like it, and i've got loads of other attachments to use so i'll do that in another video. Otherwise this is just gon na be like two hours long. So what are my first impressions of the dyson air wrap complete long version, so initially i love the handle. I really really love how that is shaped for the palm, and the lightweightness of this is remarkable, so i already have the ghd. I think it's the aura. Could be the air i can't know which one it's called, but it's the one with. As i'm sorry, i've got hay fever, it's the one that has the power pack actually on the cable, so it makes the handheld part more lightweight. I would say that the hairdryer part of it is still maybe twice as heavy as this, if not just a third heavier than this. So that's quite well! That'S really good! Because doing your hair, my arm didn't get tired. It was also a lot quicker as well. So that helped with the non-tiredness of the arm situation, so it was so quick. I loved how smooth being one straight piece of air that one straight flow. I don't know what the word is. What do you call that the disbursement of that? What would that be called the smoothness of the air flow coming straight out and down my hair shaft? I'M i'm really happy with how smooth my hair is. I haven't straightened it all. I'Ve done is. I have sprayed my parting with some of my helmet and i've got the shine dull, hair stronghold version. So it's like a little purple one um yeah that's held down the flyaways. I like how it sort of beveled this bit of my fringe without any sort of effort. I didn't actually intend it to do this, but it did it anyway. So that's nice! I like that. I'Ve just got these little extensions in what i'm going to try next. In a future, video is the other attachments and i'm quite keen to try these brushes out to see how straight and smooth i can actually get my hair and using the sort of the co-ender. I believe i believe this uses the coenda effect um, so yeah i'll. Do that in a future video, and then i will once i've used all of the pieces i'll do like a review of this as a whole, because then i'll be more abreast of the situation yeah. I know what i'm talking about so i'll. Do a review video on this um, maybe like a month's time or something like that.

Louise Jones: Someone honest at last. So many people are describing their hair as fine and thin and its not. Some realism is so refreshing.

H Vicente: This is probably one of the best videos on the Airwrap, where it shows the capability to add volume whilst smoothing the flyaways. Almost all videos on this device are from people with already voluminous and smooth hair, and I couldn’t figure out if this would help me. Thanks!

Suzanne Taylor: I just bought this one too and feel the same about buying the first version of high tech anything ! They really made significant improvements! I have had mine for almost two months and I am in love, definitely a learning curve and have had some hits and misses but it’s so much better than my old tools.. the health of my hair too has improved so much! It’s an investment, but a smart one !

jasmincleo: Yay! Someone with bleached hair that’s more similar to mine. I want to get the fly away attachment. I already have the rest - the first version lol Have you tried k18 leave in ? It has helped me soo much. My hair has been bleach blonde for around 10 years and it’s the longest it has ever been with bleached hair now.

Gina Umstatter: It seems to work pretty quickly, and I love how gentle it is! :)

AnieNiusika: I have ordered one a few days ago but I have tried the dyson flyaways attachment in a dyson shop and the lady has actually used it the way you did at the end of the video. I have super flat hair and I have many bold spots but I wouldn’t say I lost much volume it had a very uplifted effect and she’s only used the flyaway and the curler.

Bhavini: Thanks for sharing. How long did it take to dry your hair with the hair dryer? X

ItsOnlyWarPaint: I have the original, so it’s interesting to see how it’s been updated

Nelisa Murzello: Hey! Just wanted to know if the Nickel color on the old and new airwrap are the same? or is the Nickel on the new one brighter?

Mansoor: Hey!! Christina your vlogs are as always too too too beautiful and I really really love your vlogs so so much you inspired me so so much and I wish you reach 3K Subscribers very very soon!✨

Parisa Kay: I am so indecisive with the colours… I bought the same colour as yours but I am not a big fan of pink, was going to return but I dont like the copper-silver colour either and the navy is out of stock. Watched your video to convince myself to stay with this colour! Did you go with pink by choice?

dorota kubiak: Wooow.....i best once you got round it And became more comfortable it is an excellent hairdryer. Again adore watching your vlogs. Ps beautiful tan xx

R A: Mines due to come tomorrow I am beyond excited now!

Shelby Nix: Where did you get your extensions?!

shido1231: If i buy it from Sephora does it have the 2 years warranty or its just if we buy it from dyson website?

Dana: oh there’s a pink one? Is the pink one available to buy?

Cris C: I bought the nordstrom exclusive pink edition and it was suppose to come with the comb and another brush but it didnt

zornik zornuk: Nice vlog, thank for sharing

Senaid Sehovic: Girl so Beauty

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