Summer Inspo For Short Hair Hairstyle Tutorial

Summer inspo for short hair is here! This hairstyle tutorial will have your hair looking so quickly! It's easy it's cute, I hope you love it!

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Whether you're headed on vacation, to the beach, or you jus want some summer hair ideas, I got you! I hope you enjoy this tutorial / how to with some scarf hair styles, braids, and waves!

Wire Scarf


Bandana Style Scarf



Dot Scarf


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Hey everyone Kayley your friendly neighborhood, hair stylist here and today we're gon na cover some short hair summer. Inspo. ( upbeat music ), So you guys voted for short hairstyles on Twitter, and that is what we're doing today.. I really just wanted to give you guys some summer, hair inspo, so obviously gon na go through and do a tutorial, but I'm gon na do a chitchat tutorial and just show you guys different ways that you can style these hairstyles to fit. You and your personal aesthetic so that you can just have the most amazing summer, hair ever. Anyway enough chitchat., Let's get into the hairstyle. Okay, welcome to my completely unstyled hair.. She needs some help. We're gon na start. By doing some barely there waves.. I wanted to try these partially because I feel, like all the cool girls that are rocking short hair right now, are wearing them and I wan na be a cool girl, so I'm gon na wear it too, but I also feel like it's really easy, no matter Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight because if you're straightening, your hair, you just throw a little bend in it as you're using your flat iron. And then you have some texture and it's not stick straight. But, conversely, if you have straight hair and you wan na have a little texture, this is an easy way to add it.. So, let's get into it. We're gon na go in sections., I'm gon na move the top 1/2 outta the way, and I'm not gon na worry about sectioning the nape of the neck and doing that first, because as long as it's mostly straight you're good to go.. So for this wave you're going to run the flat iron a little bit through your hair and then you're going to rotate it 90 degrees and slide a couple inches and then rotate it and slide it until you reach the end of your hair. Okay. So that's a little exaggerated.! You don't have to go that hard, but at least you get the idea.. So I'm just gon na tap my iron over it to release some of that wave, and that is a lot closer to what I was going for and then you just keep going through this section. Until everything has been gently, waved. Now we're gon na let the top down and do the same thing. (, upbeat music ). I feel like Jenna Dewan with my hair like this., I love it. And I don't know how I keep getting these ridges man.. I'M just not the smoothest, today., Okay and I'm back. My straightener and I had a bit of a come to Jesus moment, but I eventually got where I was trying to go.. Do you ever have that, where you're working on your hair and you're begging your flat iron or your curling iron, to just work with you and finally, it comes out and you just wan na spread arms circle and dance around. That'S me currently. Yeah. My easy little method kicked me in the balls today.. Sometimes the simple little methods when you're not used to them. They can take a minute, but we eventually got there.. This is cute.. This is our first look. Just some little nice little waves.. So moving on scarves have been huge this summer and I love it.. I think it's so beautiful, but most of the time we see it on long hair. So I thought let's do a couple scarf hairstyles with the shorter hair.. Shall we So for our first one. You'Re gon na start with, whatever hair texture you like, and the scarf.. This one is a wire scarf, meaning that it's a scarf with wire in it.. What I like about the wire ones is, you can put them in any shape. You want. For this hairstyle, I'm gon na be bringing it around the back, and then we have this up in the front. And from here you can do so many things.. You can do a cute little rosette knot, which is where you wrap the scarf around and because it's wire, it's gon na hold its shape, so you don't have to actually be good at tying things.. So you can have like that, where you have this knot up in the front, but what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na take them and I'm going to wrap them around each other.. So you basically just wrap it around the front and then windmill it around and then I'm gon na tuck the ends behind and I like my hair flipped. So I'm gon na pull that back out. And that's it. There you go., I love it'cause, it's easy.! You get to play with the scarf trend, but it's really a great way to just look like you have so much style with so little effort.. It'S also great for second or third day. Hair. Work your dry shampoo in absorb some oil, but then put this on, and it does not matter how your roots look. And for our next hairstyle I'm going to use this bandana style scarf.. You could use a bandana or one like this, which is from Free People, and it has a cute little floral design, but first we're gon na start with the hair. First things. First, you're just gon na pull your hair back into a 1/2 up 1/2 down hairstyle.. You can bring as much hair from the front back as you want to, so it can be all this hair or just some from the top., Whatever you like the most on yourself and then when you put the hair into the elastic the very last time you Pull the hair through you're gon na leave it looped. So you end up with this cute little fan like so, and then you just kinda pull it apart, and that is actually exactly what we're going for.. Now that you have your cute little water spout going on we're going to basically wrap some hair around the bottom to finish out the little holes in the bun. So I'm grabbing hair from right behind our little folded. Water spout thing and I'm gon na wrap that around the base and then pin it in place as you go.. Now, if you still have gaps like this one, you're just gon na pull that side of the hair down and pin that in place. There, you go. And that's just another cute way to make a messy bun.. If you have short hair, it just gives you a little bit of options and now we're ready for the scarf. You're gon na start with the scarf folded into a diamond shaped like this and then just start rolling it down to create a smaller baby scarf and You'Re, just gon na put the middle of it around the front actually slightly to one side and then bring the tails around to the back and tie them in a knot., ( upbeat, music. ) There you go., I love the scarf trend because it's just adding something very simple into something else: very simple and making something extraordinary. And now for the final hairstyle, I'm using this slim scarf, but you could use a wire one or a bandanna. One. That'S been folded if you want. So first you're gon na pull your hair again into a 1/2 up 1/2 down hairstyle, so pull up as much hair as you want up leave as much hair down as you want down and secure it with an elastic.. Now we're gon na braid the little ponytail we have in the back with our scarf. Each side of the scarf is going to be one section of the braid, and your ponytail is section number three and then just braid it all the way down. Normally until you reach the end of your hair. ( upbeat music ) At this point, it'll probably be helpful to hold your place with a bobby pin. And now we're gon na wrap it into a bum and leave the ends hanging out at the bottom of the Bun, like a cool little scarf, tail., Something like that. And there you go. Cute little braided scarf option for those of you with the shorter hair.. I love it.. I think it's so beautiful.. I wan na wear it with a sun dress and a bold lip and just feel the summer breeze in my hair and go down the street on a bicycle, with a little basket on it and just live my most gorgeous life.. So now, let's move on to some bodacious braided hairstyles.. I really feel like people with long hair get all the braid love, especially in the summertime, and I am 1,000 % guilty of that with my tutorials.. I apologize so I wan na give you guys. Some super duper festivaly braids that you can tune up or down, depending on how dramatic you want them to be., Okay, so the first one's gon na be this side braid that sits over here.. So, first of all, you want kind of a deep side part. So I'm just gon na pull a little bit more hair over on this side and then I'm gon na pick up all the hair around my part and we're gon na take this section and we're gon na braid it for two inches.. You want this first braid to end right about where the recession area normally is in your hair line, where it kinda dips in a little bit.. That'S about the height that you want this one to end, and that being said, let's secure it with an elastic., And now, if you want, you can pull apart the braid for some more volume. Now, depending on how extra you wan na be, you can wrap some Stuff around the elastic., I'm actually gon na wrap some wide rose gold wire, but you could also wrap some cord around it.. You could just wrap a piece of hair around it or you could just not wrap anything around it.. Whatever you want., I personally really like the metal because I feel like it gives it that festival vibe and it gives it a little bit of shine and bling without being jazz. Hands.. Now we're gon na repeat that again, but we're gon na add in some more hair first, so this braid can keep getting a little longer and we're not just dealing with this little tiny tail. So I'm gon na grab some hair right next to the braid and then some over here on the front, and then you split all of that into three and start braiding again for about two or three inches. And this next one. You want to stop right about the ear height, so I've gotten to my ear., It's hidden under all this hair.. That'S where I'm gon na stop and I'm gon na add in another elastic., And now we pull the braid apart again. And once again, I'm going to wrap it with some wire. And keep in mind that if you are picking up wire for the first time from A craft store you're, also gon na, want to pick up wire cutters.. I don't know if that needs to be said, but I can just imagine buying wire and then getting home and being like wait. And now you're gon na repeat that one more time - and I am gon na pick up some more hair, but I'm leaving this hair Right in front of my ear, because I want it there, but I'm gon na pick up some more hair from back here, just to kinda, add a little bit more into the end so that it's not wispy or straggly at all., (, upbeat, music, ). And finally, let's wrap it up with some wire. And there ya go. At this point, you're pretty much done, but if you have any areas that are bubbling up weird or sticking out weird in the braid, you can use bobby pins to pin those back down.. I had this one little bit that was sticking out while I was doing the tutorial, so I pinned it down. Just stuff like that, and then on this side I pinned back a little bit just so it was more symmetrical from the front. But if you like the asymmetry, obviously you can go for that., But that's it., That's the hairstyle.. I think it's so perfect for summer and festival and just bohoy braids. If you're going on a beach vacation somewhere tropical or just going there. In your mind, this is a great braid to have., And now our lat hairstyle is just very very festival for those of you who want to take it there and the good thing is it's actually not difficult at all.. So let's do it. We're gon na start by sweeping the hair on the top of your head back into a 1/2 updo right, here., And now we're basically gon na make a bubble ponytail with the ponytail. We have left because yours, depending on your layers, might be very short right now.. You can always cheat by adding in some hair from right around the ponytail. So to make the bubble you're, just gon na add in a hair elastic a couple inches down from the original and then you're gon na pull it apart to create a bubble.. And now we continue. ( upbeat music ). Now I'm gon na do this third one and I'm gon na call it quits after that., Okay and now at this point, you should have something like this.. If you want, you could also wrap the elastics in something whether it's cord or more blingy wire.. I'M gon na stop here and we're gon na start doing some braids.. So to do the braid we're actually gon na take back some more hair on each side. So I'm gon na start on this side and I'm going about an inch down from that previous section.. I'M gon na sweep all that back so that it sits next to the bubbles and I'm gon na braid that normally and then secure it with an elastic., ( upbeat, music, ) And now we repeat the same thing on the other side. We're gon na pull it Back braid, it normally and everyone together, secure it with an elastic., And that is it for this hairstyle.. I did break down and add some cord around the elastics. I just had to, but I really like it, because it is that festival, statement, hairstyle and it doesn't take extreme amounts of skill, and it gives you a lot of look no matter the length of your Hair. And there you go. There is some summer hair inspo. And remember that, even though your hair might be a little bit shorter, ,'cause gosh, wouldn't this look so cute? If I was to cut it to here, You can still do these hairstyles and, if you're one of my regulars with long hair, you can also still do these hairstyles.. We can all have some super fun time in the summer with our hair., So I hope you enjoyed it. If you did hit the like button.. It really helps my channel out and comment below with what you'd like to see more of in the coming months. From me ,'cause, I am brainstorming like crazy and I would love to see your comments. And that is it for today.. Don'T forget to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell to be notified every time I post a new video. And that is it for today. I'll, see you on my next one. Muah. Bye. Hair's just getting crazier as we go.. I am just long blunt bangs away from being Sia right, now. Giant thing.. I can't stop staring at this hair.. Is it okay?

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