How To Create A Large Crown Wrap With Shorter Hair

  • Posted on 25 January, 2012
  • Short Hair
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Hi everyone hi I've staras car 1. By now. You know that I a memory - and this is andy and today this evening - we're going to show you how to create a crown headwrap if you're here is shorter than you prefer it to be, and my beautiful assistant - and it will assist me with that because that's An assistance jump so assist right right right, okay, so, first you want to take all the hair and tie it at the top of your head. Where'S, your scrunchie Andy! Thank you! So much you want to make sure you tie it as close to the center as possible, so you don't end up with a crooked head wrap. This would make an interesting picture you. I can't tie all of her hair up and some of you may have this problem, so you tell you what you can and then work with it from there you and I'm just going to use the end to tie down the ends of right here. So you can see that you don't need a lot of hair to create a crown and that's all right at the beginning stages as we're wrapping will sweep this stuff up and stick it inside the head wrap. So you want to take another piece of fabric. It could be a scarf, it could be anything i'm using this long piece of back black fabric, and you just tie it around the hair to give it a nice big base to create your head wrap with you now this is not going to show. This is not a part of your head wrap. You might want to use the end of it to cover cover eight, the top of you here just to make sure you have nothing sticking out at the top of your head, wrap and then continue to wrap it. All around and as you're wrapping and you get lower lower, you can start to pull. You know any strings of here. Oh turn on Indy. So what I was saying this here that could not fit in the original ponytail or rabbit's tail. You just sweep it up. You don't want to be a rabbit, mattaponi yet and then bring this around there. You have it tied up the hair, bring all your pieces up and stick it in you. You Colonel you're, not supposed to like it. Yet since she likes it here, you could actually just wear it like this. I wouldn't suggest it because that's not the look we're going for right now, but if you like it rocket, thank you and we will use you like it like. We will use the same scarf. I use in a previous video to create the same look just to show you that, even though I have a fro and you may not have as much as you desire, you can still accomplish the same. Look, it's not really about how much hair you have you just have to be creative with the fabric that you're working with. Can you back up, please desire you're taller than me. Thank you. So again, this is the same fabric from before and I'm wrapping it in the same way that is cute. Let'S place it across the top come down and around and then come back up pulling tightly as you go. You want to make sure that in the front, your form is the look that you want. For example, if you want to inverted V, you want to concentrate on former's end up now come back around in the back. If you're doing this yourself make sure you're feeling to ensure that you're covering things up in the back, let me show you: if you're, not careful, you may wrap it too. I have something like this sticking out or too low just to feel it and make sure that you're covering things up in the back, and you should have more than enough fabric to work with because this fabric, even though it's kind of narrow, it's still big enough To stretch and pull and put in places turn please Andy again. You come back around front, you can start low and work your way up and around, or you can just cut straight across around once you get to the end, just tuck it in if you're doing this at home, make sure you go in the mirror and make Any adjustments, for example - I don't like all these white lines across here because I don't think it plays as funky as I'd like it to, and she has one air out here and I mean one you're in when you're out, and I don't like that. So we'll fix that so go in the mirror when you're home join the mirror of cool things and fix it. The way you want it, even here you can just fold this over and hide it not necessarily hide it, but make it a little more pleasing to the eye, and there you have it a nice tall crown as big as mine, if not bigger, and she did Not have as much as long of a length as sheer desire as you're turning and I saw something that some people may not like. If you have something like this, that you don't like I, I would leave this because I like little odd things in my crowns. But if you don't like it just fold it down you, you can go all the way down all the way up. But like always saying all my videos just play with it, see how you wanted to look. It'S your head, wrap. It'S your look play with it. You don't have to just leave things the way they fall and that's it. That'S how you create a car or crown headwrap crown baidu neffeteria Nefertiti. However, you like to call it that's how you create the look without a baked along here that I 50 I'll. Take that one. Thank you for watching. If you haven't request, we send them to me, you can find me on Facebook, and Maurice miles can find the head wraps and rap stars group on Facebook. Information will be in the informations. Are you can find Andy she's Andy world peace at on facebook? Your shirt is happy fall. Oh I'm, my shirt, my shark is happy pearl. I'M too short, so i can show you the funky tail in the bottom, but my shirt is a fee pearl made by Andy. Thank you. If you have any questions, please send them to me I'll, be happy to answer or try to answer, find information or refer you to where you can find information. Um take care. Have a good night bye, bye, you

Lucee Lu: I love this tutorial and I also love your necklace it's gorgeous

mymiracle79: Greetings, I am enjoying you're head wrap tutorials. Where did/do you purchase the long fabric? Thank you in advance.

Napptural Misstic: YD, you're welcome, I am glad you found this helpful. Please let me know how it turns our and you are welcome to share your headwrapping pictures with my Facebook group: "Headwraps & WrapStars":

tamatullah: Love it!

Napptural Misstic: Thank you! :)

Napptural Misstic: Thank you!

alesia holliman: Thank you.

Napptural Misstic: @lovetruthism Thank you!

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