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  • Posted on 05 February, 2018
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#NewClientAlert!!! Walking you guys through a new client consultation, combating dry natural hair, and a flawless silk wrap. Salon Werk!


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Hey y'all welcome back so, as you can see, we have a new claim today and I just want to touch on new client consultations, which are extremely important when you have a new client. So here's just a list of like some general questions, you kind of want to know before you get started on a new client just to get a feel for them, and they here you definitely want to know what kind of hair you're working with as far as It if they're any chemicals like a relaxer texturizer, any color, any type of chemical under here. You definitely want to know before you begin any type of service you want to ask about their last trim. Just so, you can get a feel of how often a trim their hair, what's their regular routine like like. How do you wear your hair, no bases? Is it always in a ponytail? Do you straighten it a lot? Do you just wear it curly? Do you wear natural styles? Do you wear braids the lies. It'S super important to know just so you can get a feel of how they care for their hair at home. Medical concerns are really important, such as scalp condition like dermatitis psoriasis, even dandruff. So you know how to treat it before you begin on any new client. This is like the most important question you want to ask and you want to go ahead and examine the hair. Last but not least, what are your hair goes. That is like really the most important question, because you want to know where your client is trying to go with your hair and what you can do to help which you can offer and how you can help them on their healthy hair journey. So let's go ahead and jump into so today I'm doing a silk blowout and rap on my client. So I started off by detangling her hair. Her hair was a little tangled on her ponytail. If you are dealing with tangle hair, you want to make sure everything was trying it detangle before you put a drop of water because you will run into a hot mess. Okay, so here's the shampoo, I use first deep cleansing and then I went in with the natural line by design essentials. I love this stuff is perfect for natural hair and curls, and I also followed up with the conditioner. I just want to stress the importance of deep conditioner, especially during these winter months. It is super important to find a good conditioner that works for your hair and to go in heavily we pet conditioner and do a nice deep condition like every week to two weeks or, however often you shampoo, your hair super super important. So I'm just going section by section applying dinner, making sure I get it in and getting on every single strand, I'm selling all these winter months are really harsh on the hair. That'S why it is kind of a good idea to keep it protected during the winter months, but that conditioner that deep conditioning the sting treatment, it's just really important to lock in all that moisture to protect from the coal element and essentially keeping all the okay okay. So here's our here after the deep conditioning treatment as you can see, hair curls are looking nice and hydrated, and now we're about to go in and blue. Try so I'll use the design essentials HTM. This is a leave-in, but it's also a heat protecting against like the blow-dryer and a flatiron. So I love this stuff. I spray it liberally on the hair and I go ahead and with my blow-dryer, a lot of people always want to know what blow-dryer are used. All the links to everything I'm using will be down below so make sure you check out the description box and you want to see the products and tools that I'm using and yeah. Oh so here I'm just showing you guys what it looks like when your ends are split. You will see like sepals and you just want to go ahead and get those cut off as soon as possible. When you guys play the ends and you don't get them cut, all they do is travel up the hair shaft causing more breakage more splitted. So you just want to go ahead and get those cut off, especially during the winter months. If you don't keep your hair moisturized, as I mentioned earlier in the video, you are definitely gon na see more split in. So that's why I stress the importance of deep conditioning because it keeps those ends, sealed and moisturized and protect it from you know the breakage. So super important going ahead and giving her a much-needed trim and then we all go ahead and jump the two, the silk wrap. So of course you already know you Tierra de beauté. Again, you already know silky essentials for the wind. This is just my favorite serum and heat protectant. It'S like really the only thing I use and is just perfect every time. So I'm going in with my hair arty I had to bounce back. Y'All know I got the newsletters, but my hair arts are just like it's just what I'm used to and just they're just trusty okay. So what I'm doing here is just going through one-pass straight and ain't going with the second path, doing like a bump and then you'll see towards the top. I'M gon na do more of a curl. I'M trying to give her like a body wrap. Look over that book and then, when I go in with the silk wrap, it'll all come together into a nice like feathered out. Just y'all will see it, but anyway here is the first step in our silk wrap. So now it's time for the silk grab. You'Re. Just using regular kitchen, saran wrap and a wide tooth comb, and you just want to comb the hair into a wrap just a regular around the hair wrap. Have your client help you out, you know, put them hands there to hold that hair up, because it is super silky and it's not gon na stay and then what you do is just wrap the saran wrap around the head until you get it nice and secured, And you want to sit him under the dryer for about five minutes on high heat and then let it cool down for another five minutes, just one temperature and that locks everything in. So you always see the outcome in just a few seconds. She'S pretty much done. I hope you enjoyed the comb out the gorgeousness and hey thanks for watching this video. I will talk to y'all in my next one.

TIERRA J : Heyyyyy beauties!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. I had so much fun doing this bomb silk wrap. I hope you enjoyed watching and hopefully picked up some tips! Oh and excuse my sick voice ya'll LOL.

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