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  • Posted on 02 January, 2019
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How to do a curly blow-dry on yourself with using the new Dyson Airwrap! If you want to see more please comment below and follow my Instagram page @doneby_sg for more tips!

Hi and welcome to my new YouTube time there hi and welcome to my youtube channel and Sammy, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to videos. But I am a hairdresser, so I know what I'm doing with hair, which is why I am showing you a video today on how to use the new Dyson air waver. So this is the box, and this is how it comes so in the Box in the complete set, you get the hairdryer nozzle here that looks like this, and now this is brilliant. Actually, I've really really liked using this. It'S really powerful and quiet as well, and it just kind of it gets all the access water out of you and it works really really well and before. You then go into use in any of the other nozzles and I think in general they just all work. Really really well together, but no I've really really been happy with. This haven't dragged my whole hair with it because I haven't needed to so. I don't know how it would work with that. Would it be powerful enough, I'm not too sure and then you've got your smaller and your bigger barrel? Curls now there's two of each so is in. This is a big one: that's a smaller one and then you've got another bigger one and another smaller one. The reason behind that is because they go in different directions. So, as you can see, these two are the ones from both the same direction and depends on the direction depends on where you put it in your hair, which we'll go to later. When I show you this tutorial on that, what loved those then you've got the smoothing and straightening ones now I've not used these yet because I've been so obsessed with having my curly, I've not actually got around to using these ones. So maybe we'll do another video on that who knows, and then you've got the volumizing one and again I've not used this yet now being a hairdresser, I'm so used to using a HD, hair, dryer and GHD hair. But I don't. I can't knock it until I've tried it bolts. I can't understand how I would quite get that same, pull with one hand that I do with the tube. So let's say without any further ado, I'm going to show you how to use it. So, as you can see, my hair is naturally quite curly and it's got a lot of movement to it. It'S fine to medium and but it is quite curly and a bit matted. So that does mean that my hair will hold this style a lot better and we'll just in general. It will work a lot better on my hair if you have naturally very fine hair. This will work on your hair, but it chances are you're not going to get the same result and the same. If you have a naturally very thick long, hair and you're, probably not going to get as much hold out of it, and so I would just suggest to whoever what is thinking about buying this go into the shop first. Try it because it's a lot of money to spend - if you don't know if it's going to work on your hair and it will work but it'll, just work in a different way to how it's gon na work on mind today. Okay, so attaching the hair dry nozzle, I'm gon na go in this side is where the heat comes out of you don't get any out of this side and just blast dry, the root of my hair and because, when you're, using the curling and attachment - and you Don'T get in at the root, it doesn't dry the root of your hair. It'S just drying the more to the heat like from about an inch in Words outwards so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and just dry the root of my hair. With that, I'm gon na take a section from ear to ear so from here. So here just take it round like that and then move this hair out of the way. So we don't need this so bringing the hair round to the front. You can see what you do in and your first of all, so you're gon na use one of your smaller barrel curls, so they have different arrows on them. As you can see so there you can see the arrow is going this way now. That means I need to use this barrel on this side of my hair, because I want it to come away from my face. If I was to use this one on this side, it would bring the curl towards my face now. I'M gon na do that. Just to show you why you don't want it to look that way, but it's gon na sit so much better using on this side. So what I tend to do is do about so maybe three sections here or with this one and then the other one. Three sections: all that way, if you find it confusing, and you don't know which way you want to use which one like how you know you've got confused as to which way just to hold it. Next to your face and look at where the out arrows go in and then you'll know, which one is you need to be using, so we're gon na go with this. One first take about an inch section wide and hold it at the top here now. You'Re doing that, because you want the tension at the top, but also um. It just creates a more simple section rather than having loads of hair and holes in it like this. It'S just not going to get the same as all so an inch holding it nice and tight at the top move. The other hair out the way, because this is a hairdryer, obviously as well. So it is gon na pick up all the hairs. If you haven't got a neat section, you just hold it like this to flick it on and it wraps itself. I personally like a coconut in here me either I like to hold and the light keep moving the styler at the same time, lump it. Enhancer call for 10 seconds and because I feel like I got a tide to kill by doing that, and I really cry the hair I've been going through um yeah, I like to kind of roll it as I'm doing it. I think that's also because I'm so used to doing Kerr the globe dries and really rolling hair with a brush as well, and but personally, that's just something that I like to do, and I've found that I've got quite good results from doing it. That way, I'm just putting another hair there in a section, because the section was just a little bit too big so same again, holding it here now. If, for example, I held it the wrong way, which is in front of the hair, it's just not going to do it so you're, never gon na. Do it the wrong way, if that makes sense, roll them in a making sure that all the enemies are in there as well and just moving aside now with, I know a lot of these stylers, similar ones and they suck the hair up. This doesn't do that. There'S absolutely no way that your hair can get stuck in this curler, which is probably why it's as good as it is because it's doubly proof. Basically anyone can use it, and once you get the hang of it is really simple. So same again, so this is where I'm going to show you if you do it the wrong way, how it'll look instantly just won't, really look right. Also, when you doing it, if you doing it the wrong way, normally you'd put the styler here behind the hair and and it wraps around really easily. If you're doing it the wrong way, you would have to be in front of the hair and it would be going this way not that way. So, for example, ah I'm cold now and see how that just doesn't look right like this. Obviously it's falling away from my face and this is now coming towards. So even when you brush this out, it's just not sitting right. It needs to be going the other way. So I'm going to go over that one! You can use this as well on dry hair like I know it is a hair dryer, so you wouldn't think that you could and but I've gone over mind the days after prior. You know when I've done it before and I've done it the next day on dry hair. It still works so now that's going the right way and again hold it uncle 10 seconds. So now the hair is cooled and it's obviously quite tight in places this bits not too bad. Actually now it's settled, but this is the last bit to be done. So it's quite tight, so I'm going to just run my fingers through it, and this is just gon na separate the curls as well, but also and just kind of move them in a bit better and make the hair look a little bit more lived-in. Rather than to set, and because that's how I prefer mine to look, if you prefer it to look set, then just leave it as it is, and so I am just running my fingers through there through these sections, you can use a wide tooth comb as well, And what this works just as well, so when doing it on yourself, it's probably easier, and then I just kind of scrunch in the ends like that and there you have it.

Ally Kat: Good job! I have much curlier hair, about the same length, and mine came out just like yours, possibly even tighter curl. I almost panicked, lol, but I didn’t pull out the curl as much as you did at the end so that they would last longer. I also pinned each one as I finished it, to keep it out of the way. That worked great and was so easy! I don’t understand why so many people are having a hard time with it, if they would just follow the directions. This is going to save me a ton of money in blowouts and save my hair from heat damage with daily hot tool use. It’s amazing! Totally worth it, in my opinion.

Alice Duxbury: Love this !! Would love to see the straightening ones being used too! x

Brigita S: Thanks for the video. I was able to get long lasting curls on very fine hair by pinning them after curling. It lasted all day. And I love straightening attachments too.

Abby Rose: This is so helpful I have this and have had it for a year but only now just started to use the curly wand and it took my 40 minutes to do my hair as I was still trying to figure it out! Thank you!! And do you have any recommendations for products to help keep the curl in longer for hair that does not necessarily hold curl for a long period of time?

vee lou: amazing tutorial, your hair looks absolutely beautiful!

Susan Chaney: Just received mine in the Sephora sale. Thank you for a great tutorial.

Melanie Clift: Really helpful video thanks. Waiting for mine to arrive xx

Naomi Fenton: Looks fab. Love it I have curly hair

Catherine S: Aah! Been looking all over for someone with the same hair texture as mine! You’ve convinced me to invest!

Caroline Kimber: What styling products do you need for fine hair? X

Reyhana AlAli: Love it

Anja R.: Love it

Mimi Vee: What kind of heat protection do you use. A spray or Cream and what brand???? I am used to using a straightener, so its weird to go back to air:. Need your advice!

Sarah_crafty: Loved your video thank you. Can I ask you advices on how to section hairs ?

Amy Smith: Best dyson airwrap video! Thanks

dxu paints: I saw so many vedios of dyson airwrap...and this one probably is the most satisfying one...the most clearly explained vedio..so far....thanx

JazzJadore: I loved the results you got but wished you didn’t cut so much footage so I could follow what you did with sectioning your hair...

Paula Moreyra: ❤❤❤

yade2972 colorrosa: hello friend my question is this molder pulls hot air I have heard that just throw cold air answer me please.

letizia di maio: I capelli sono beatiful

amy byrne: Beautiful girl

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