Testing The Dyson Hair Wrap On Thick Hair

  • Posted on 09 January, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

I test the complete kit of the Dyson air wrap. Does it work on my thick hair... lets seee.........

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Hey everyone look back today. I am really doing an unboxing and a first impression of a new toy of mine. Now I haven't done anything like this in a very long time, if, if anything, maybe about it anyway, I wanted this gadget. I'Ve wanted this for so long, but previously I had two hair extensions and I just thought this: just no, it's just not gon na work, not gon na happen. I'Ve got too much hair. It'S too buddy long this this this tool, this toy will not well. I once it just won't work, and I got it's not being around the bloody last night, the Dyson Air app. Now it was kind of a little belated Christmas present to myself /. I just rode on into Troy one. I recently got my hair extensions taken out and I think that, because my hair is grown, but because of the history that I've had with my hair with it like breaking and snapping, I'm very conscious of keeping happy and healthy and not putting too much heat on It and one thing that really helps my hair or friends me from like need to style. All the time is if I've had a really good blow-dry. Now I am terrible at doing a blow-dry. I just put shake it all around me and then it's like a big frizzy mess, but when I go to the hairdresser's and get blow-dry done, and it's all right and also I'm excited to show this, because I have particularly thick hair, like my it's naturally thick, It has always been cut thick and quite coarse, and I'm intrigued to see how this holds up. So, yes, it was quite an expense. That'S why I think it's important to do this video to be honest and review it, especially if you're gon na take the plunge and buy one for yourself, your one you're gon na win. Oh, I know thousands of these videos on the internet, but this is my interpretation of it and specifically for thicker hair, so I've bought with the box you get. This is, I think this is man yeah, this lovely brown lever box and then it shows how to use it. Kirk you up there keep that there for guidance and then there it is with all the attachments and this lovely box now are they, I think other people gon na travel with this thing, there's a definitely way now. My suitcase quite a lot. It'S well good. You actually get a lot of attachments started. I'M gon na show you we get aside of these little nipples, no they're just fill the curling ones and there's four different sizes. It'S quite good. The og like standard hair drying attachment two brushes two different size like power. Brushes looks like curved one of these, which is what well the hairdresser you gon na use this one, the blue during my hair, the it's so sick. Okay, I'm gon na blow drying my hair using this. Now what else fast lunch already wanted it, and then I thought, as I put it on my hair - there's no point getting it, but then I might so Christmas party recently and our complimented it's the skills hair as a Wow's you'll. Have it too lush did what kind of one did you use? Oh no, I use the Dyson error, no, it's like what so the seed was planted in my brain again, so I picked one up. You know Boxing Day to get it. I'Ve been doing makeup and muck about so I need to cut. I need to actually dry my hair, for it dries itself, give it a little brush brush. I'M gon na put on it. I'M just gon na put the mane and tail daily leave-in conditioning treatment and just give it a spray all over says that leave-in conditioner. But it's also going to protectiveness. I'M gon na give each one a bit of a bit ago, scared three and then, but in pick oh and then it just clicked itself in on button temperature, strength, boy, okay, Wow and pretty my friend, okay, we turn our head now, we'll see what let the Rank of the head rise like all right and that's pretty standard this I mean that's how, however, I works. Okay, then there's a lock button. You just pull it down and right, let's go for this Wow Wow I'll submit. I want to be like not tipping it to me because I feel like I should cuz. I was like what song I really wanted, but I was equally just a bit still a little bit like hmm. I, like oh, my I'm very impressed, but the real test will be trying these styling ones now. This is only the instructions all the section of damn hair, ten centimeters from the end three barrel towards tip awesome exercise. I think so I could do the end. I could do I could do the ends with this and then just blow dry, the top, because, where it's at my scalp I can't obviously get it right on the scale gosh. I will like selecting this at. Oh so I reckon I mean this is quite tight barrel, so I reckoned if I was to use a wide one. Might work I'll use a wider barrel, don't see if we get a looser cow back here. Okay, it's not really that there's the mirror, maybe in the mirror, blacktip revenues - oh sure, in mine, cool I'll reckon I'll get better practice. Oh, oh good! I could not have got this. Look myself like just at the wand. This is proper pumped. I am totally gon na watch my head one hour. Oh my god! What? If I could do this? What if I don't I'm drawing it as a weapon? Go ahead! I get it now! Okay, so you got one for each side of your head. So, yes, you can still style it when it's dry granted um Curly's when was wet, but as you can see, that is so, I'm actually genuinely did think it was gon na work that well III didn't think this would be this effective on my hair because my Hair is thick and takes so long to buy dry like when every time I'm going to the hairdresser's. Why? Every time because my hair, just let like, if I haven't been in for a while, whoever stayed my hair is like, I forgot other than hates it too much and leavin like, even if I leave it to dry. Naturally, it takes hours and hours and now sometimes it's still been down the day after I washed it. I just take so long, but if you want to treat yourself to something that's gon na save time and to protect you the integrity of your hair, absolutely I would get one. I yeah genuinely didn't think I'd be this impressed, but I'm very impressed nice. One win win, and this was useful. I'Ll see you guys soon. Bye, bye, you

Beth Ciaccio: This is my favourite hair you've had Helen! Looks so healthy, red shades look amazing on you. Keep it!

Kimberley Quegan: Helen: Sometimes it's still been damp the day after I washed it Me: I feel your pain, thick frizzy hair is hell to style, because who has time to spend 35 minutes blow drying their hair

MagicalTrevyn: I’ve grown to love my natural hair and haven’t straightened/curled it in nearly 4 years after spending all of my teens doing anything to get rid of the natural curls.... but damn this is tempting me to revert back to my old ways

Omgitsh: They’re awesome aren’t they! Make sure you use on roughly dried hair - there should be a rough drying attachment in the box - and then use the cool shot button to set the curls :)

C: I have the dyson! Me and my sister each got one Christmas 2018. It is one of the greatest things I’ve ever owned and well worth the money! I love curling my hair with it (it gets easier with time- with the attachments it helps to remember that whatever way the arrow points is where you should put your hair) as it’s not like using a curling wand which can cause a lot of damage to hair! Xx

Lizzie P: Okay the barrel brush attachment is something I've had since I can remember, it used to attach to a tresemme hair dryer I had. And pretty sure you can still get similar. The only new part of this is the styling wands, which yeah are pretty cool but its A LOT of money .

Sophia: Got this for myself last year and I gotta say it’s one of my most favourite and worth it purchases! I could never go back to a normal hairdryer. The Dyson makes my hair so soft and silky it’s just perfect.

Gheck Touch: Your reaction was hilarious I love it I am now convinced I need this in my life as my hairs very thick and coarse and takes forever to blow dry.

Ashton Turnbull: Ive got this and found the curls work best on dry hair! Although they tell you to do it when its wet, I personally think its better once your hair is completely dry x

kelseyannette: Your hair looks so good!!! The colour the style everything! You go girl!

Jo Louis-Chambers: Absolutely loved this vid! Thank you. I have ridiculously thick hair and this has given me the confidence that it'll work for me

Eves: Love the editing/filter on your videos! Want to try and make mine look as snazzy and retro as this! loved this!!xx

AMH_misc: Great video! Could you do an update how the curls looked throughout the day? Did they fall much or not at all?

KayJhoselin: I also have thick hair! And I’ve been wanting to get this one so thanks for the reviews

chez: Dry your hair roughly, then section it to do the curls, there should be a cool shot function to see the curl too (I don't have one but that's how stylists blow dry, cool shot will set it)

Fizzonion: I'm actually SO tempted to get this! It's ALL in one and I'm guessing the air does less damage than straight contact with high teat...

irene angelucci: Omg, your hair looks amazing the color, the length, the lushness... Wow. ❤

Daisy Valentina: Looks amazing ! Got mine coming on the 13th ! Not sure if you did but when you are curling it hold it on the hot and before moving the hair off , turn the cold on it for a few seconds !! Then turn it off to remove hair from the barrel you will get a longer lasting effect Xxx

Cassy Lee: I loved your reaction when it grabbed to the wand the pure innocence and joy haha! It worked great actually didn't expect that

Emuna Rajkumar: Your hair has grown SO MUCH ✨ go Helen!

aoibhe bridget Fitzgerald: I have a house plant spray bottle that I dampen my hair with each morning to style with my Dyson air wrap! for extra shine you can dampen ends with leave in conditioner spray :)

Em Goodluck: Helen acting as if hot brushes ain’t been around for bloody years for like 30 quid the way she got so excited about just blow drying her fridge with a round brush the curlers are cool though !

Tiffany: Yes, girl! Stoked on this. Makes me want one. :)

Victoria Foulger: I got one of these for Christmas, honestly cried laughing watching this, you're so funny (hair looked great too!)

Rhiannon Waller: Your reaction to this was incredible haha. I want one just for the complete excitement you had!

Charl Xox: Actually in love with your hair I’ve wanted a dyson air wrap for so long and this has only made me want one more hahaa! You look amazing

Amanda Machado: Seriously one of the best investments I have made as a hairstylist I have been using it for the past year in my salon it drys the hair So fast and smoothly just make sure you keep it clean or it will shut off and not come back on until you clean it

Jazzy B: I got the Dyson hair dryer as a present for Christmas and it’s the best thing evaaaa! Looks like the Air Wrap is flipping amazing too! Love how impressed you were

Christina Elizabeth-Rose: The font of your outtro is awesome! Love how much attitude and overlay the letters have. Did you customize it yourself?

ItsJustMikee: Please do more of this, feel like it’s classic Helen with a twist

Sarah Verrall: Thanks for sharing this! I loved watching your reaction impressive product! Would love one if it didn’t come with the dyson price tag

J a s m i n e s - I B D - J o u r n e y•: You need to do more hair styling videos! Love your hair so much right now! X

Kimberly H: They look amazing and the technology is great but no way could I ever justify spending that much! - your excitement using this was bloody lovely though haha! X

Jodie Melling: Love this! My hair is the same so so thick takes forever to dry and style clipping it up in a million sections bah.

ZOE LONDON: I have wanted this FOREVER and I still do hahah omg so jelly !! LOOKS SO GOOD

ItsCinna: Your hair looks so nice!

Nicky Clark: Wow your hair looked amazing after using that spray and that dryer. I'm so gonna get the spray but I'm gonna save up for the dryer. As of it can make my hair look that great from a dryer I want one. Xx

Billy-Jay Edwards: Oh boy I NEED that shirt. Bloody great film x

Chloe: I am loving your hair!! it looks sooooo gorgeous xxxx

Lil: Sometimes the curls drop out quite quickly so there’s a cool feature that’s supposed to set the curls. I’d maybe recommend watching one of the Dyson styling videos to help you understand how to make the most out of the product! X

Becky Robinson: Great vid! Could you do an update video please on how your getting on with the product and how the curls lasted throughout the day? Interested to see of they dropped or went frizzy? :)

Kimlou129: This is the best review video I’ve seen. Great work Helen!

emma atkins: Your hair looks amazing ❤️. I still think it a lot of money but than I think to myself it everything in one, i wouldn’t need a hairdryer or straighteners or a curling wand anymore, it’s very tempting to buy one

D D: Your hair looked amazing..and soooo shining...I think this is worth the price and I am ordering one now...

Naomi Tarot: LOVE your hair! Life as a redhead is so much more fun ;)

Louise Corkin: Just bought one off the back of your review, can’t wait to try it!!!

Kanaida: Best review I've watched for the Dyson, going to buy one right now!! Thanks Babe!!

Farina: FFS! Your hair looks amazing! Really tempted to get a dyson now

Leah Turner: Your reaction when it worked omg hahaha!!! Loved this video!

Beccy Middleton: You make me want to get a fringe & cut my hair super short, total hair goals!!! Xx

Cornflower_Crochet: Your hair looked AMAZING!!!

Amy's Life: I used to watch your videos years ago and I thought you were so cool! you've come up on my recommended and I am so happy! Subscribed straight away!!❤

Grimes.ORen: Helen stop!!!! You’re making me want to buy it hahaha love you!

Em Goodluck: Helen acting as if hot brushes ain’t been around for bloody years for like 30 quid the way she got so excited about just blow drying her fridge with a round brush the curlers are cool though !

Becca Wears: I never ever comment on videos but I need this product, genuinely sat with my mouth open in shock I NEED THIS TECHNOLOGY

Nicole Elizabeth: Omg, your hair looks so nice! The hard water in Norwich has completely dried mine out.

Rachel Solomons: Would love the complete kit until I saw the price ...

me me: My god this is overpriced, you can see they tried to make up for it with a fancy storage box

miss1alissa: Omg your hair looks amazing

Christina Rotondo: Ffs I didn’t care for this AT ALL but now I think I need it thanks to your video

kenza: I watched your last vlog and was like when is the video testing out the Dyson thing is gonna come up? Haha that's my level of commitment to your channel Helen

Emina Ibisevic: How long did the blowdry last? I am scared my hair will drop in like 2-3 hours

Shahna Allen: Love you dog - I have one, too. I’m getting one. I appreciate your review. Thick hair also.

Fern France: I literally just ordered mine and this video pops up. im so excited to receive it

McLovin: I have the exact same hair as you, extra thick and lots of it and I HATE blow drying it as it takes forever! I’ve been thinking about getting this product and I think you may have sold it to me

Justine Richardson: Great. Now I want bangs and the dyson air wrap that I’ve been making fun of since it came out.

Lady DyAnn: Besides your amazing Shirt ( that i really want! ) and your Dyson Hairstyle video .. i just want to say ( and see this as a very big comment ! ) you start to look more and more like Paloma Faith ! ❤️ ( massive fan! ) from both her and you . Xxx from the Netherlands ( Anne) Miekje

Zoe D: Helen are you ok? (just kidding) :-p I got the Babyliss hot brush for Xmas it was £19.99 and it does the exact job (if not better) than this, the only difference is this is cold air which of course is healthier. But the way i see it is i used to straight the F out of my hair after using my old hair dryer on the hottest setting so i'm saving so much heat damages anyway! I adore my best present ever, i haven't got my straighteners out the cupboard since!! Also i don't have your super silky perfect easy to style hair, its in fact quite the opposite, wavy, frizzy and course!! GAME CHANGER, but it was a lot cheaper than £500.00!! xxx

Lauren M: Omg I need this so bad your hair looks amazing

Jamie Sugar: Can we see Danni use it please, curly girls gotta know

Leanimal: First youtuber I’ve seen use this with their hair properly damp.

Jo: god damn it helen, now i want to buy one! :P looks like it works so easily!

00Becky00: These things have been around for years for a fraction of the price

Megan Bacon: Did it hold?! I curl my hair for HOURS and it falls out withing 10 minutes of stepping out the door

niamh: Incredible! I need this

Holly Maddison: Damn it Helen, now I want to spend £500 on a hairdryer haha

Moth Girlx: This is so cool... and your hair colour is looking so good, best colour!

sierraandthestorm: i have a pixie cut and i love my short hair so i have no use for this, but damn if the way this made your hair look doesn’t make me kinda want long hair to play with

Nicole Schatz: Curious what it looked liked after an hour. Looked like the curls were already falling

Rebecca: that is actually sick!!!! definitely the gadget of 2020!!!! wow!

Keels: Bless ya the joy on your face from this contraption is enchanting ❤

Leah Luna: Ok I need this, applying for a sugar daddy ASAP

Lucy Rekert: this is my fave hair colour on you EVERRRRR its amazing

Kittylou: The thing is... can I justify the price tag or will it be another hair styler that goes in the draw?

Cjstylezxox: I need this in my life ♥️ thanks Helen also that movie is amazing that is on you’re tee i need it xxxxx

Lisa Tasker: Lol. When the penny finally dropped that there are not four sizes of curlers, but that for each size they had a barrel going each way. Makes it difficult as you find yourself swapping. It requires some practice this much is true. I would also love to know if you used the cold shot to set and what you thought of the longevity of the curl? The jury is still out on it for me and I’ve owned the set for over a year.

Karleigh Minenna: This was probably the cutest video on YouTube today. Lol too funny

Karin: Wow you look amazing with those big CURLS

Dawn B: I really want one but honestly can't justify the money also that top is

Sarah: How long does it hold a curl on your thick hair??


Heather Hustles: Oh my god I need this!! What a bloody Brill review!

Mika X.: Good review, too bad I have about one third of your amount of hair.Do any one of the comments have any tips or videos like this for fine, flat and dull kind of hair?

Alanna: I’m an always watcher but I just had a moment when you were mid through the video where I thought - woah, your hair makes you look like Yvette fielding - I think I’m gonna have to get this air dryer

Doctor Song: Quite the apparatus! But with awesome hair like yours most methods probably work well. Or maybe its just your ApproachHappy New Decade

Little Me Carmie: What camera are you using at the moment? It looks good x

BANGBUTTON: Your color is so lovely!! Is that a toner??

Jacinta Vergara: Fuck I love you with orange hair! It suits you so well out of all the colours you’ve had!

Christine Sabella: Love your energy

Mandie Barker: I returned my Dyson airwrap as curls fell out 10 mins after I’d curled my hair

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