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  • Posted on 03 February, 2014
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Short cuts hot red color relaxed body curls


Okay, okay, this morning, i'm going to go ahead and show you guys how to do a simple red wrap with short hair. This process that i use this technique and it's pretty much my method that i picked up along the way of watching other master stylists, and then i incorporated my own depending upon what type of style that my client prefers. It depends on where i'm going to do. My separation from the front to the back, or you can say from the top to the back so at this point miss b has a lot of length on the top of her hair. So we could do something like a faux hawk. If i wanted to, we could do something that could be sleek and smooth to the side. Actually, i need to ask miss b. What would she prefer today as far as her styling? What was that okay she's, giving me rings to do my own thing. If you could come closer, i want you to see the back. The importance of a wet wrap is to make sure that the hair is smooth, regardless of if they had a retouch or not. The whole point is to have the hair smooth. Now i use a foaming lotion that is soft, so it doesn't harden i'll advertise their product on another. On another session, however um i like, as i was telling my assistant, no matter what i do when it comes down to molding or relaxing when it's the shorter part of the hair, because it has to be very sleek and smooth. I like to use the back of a rat tail comb, the rat tail comb. I prefer the teeth to be close together in a sense because it helps to taunt on the hair, which is tightness and it helps to keep it closed. Okay, so i'm gon na press on it behind the comb as well. So it's a motion that i use i'm using cone back of cone and then my finger as well to go down in a smoothing motion now, as we all know, with short haircuts, we are not um able to press or anything else like that. So i like it to be as smooth as possible so that there's no crunching or anything being disturbed for when i go in with my curling tools, some people use a a break and a part on the side. If the client doesn't like the part to be there on the styling process, then it's best not to mold with the part at all i'll. Do each i'll do the back and then i'll go and do the sides i like to smooth the side over here on the opposite side of her hair, where most of her weight is going to lay, because if i just wet wrapped it and did all that On top there's a a lot of crunchiness, that's going to go in, like i said my point is to make sure that everything is smooth. So i take it section for section and i smooth it and the amount of foamy lotion that i have applied to her hair will be enough for me to do the whole molding process, because what i'll do when i smooth it and it gets on my hands. I just lay it right back on there from the cone, so i'm going to go ahead and proceed and do what i normally do once you get your own rhythm and style, you'll be able to go ahead and be fast and there's no breakage or pulling that A lot of people are curious of on the comb because the teeth are so close together. So there's no snapping because she has some elasticity, which is stretch and return. So i don't do my relaxers bone straight. I do them smooth, but not bone straight, because i do need some integrity for her hair to get back in its natural state. Bone straight will cause for the hair to snap, regardless, if you're using heat, regardless of what styling tool you're using it will snap. If there's not enough moisture on it, so this is my technique of wet wrapping. Again i separate the front to the back. If i was going to use it, like a bang part a little closer, i would have sat my cone on her head like this, and i would have used this part right here. That'S lifted up as the part that i would have separate to the back, but because she has more weight and length, i could style going upward or wounding in a curling formation. So i started back here pretty much at a degree where it sticks straight up. So i'll get back with you guys when it's time for the stalling chat with you later. Okay, i use wrapping strips some people use a mesh wrapping scarf where it's just elastic on the front, but i use the wrapping strips i'm taunting, the hair. You see how it's getting tight in the back and you can see the wetness i'm going in a direction overlapping and i do need client participation on this one which my clients know. It'S only about a one to two finger. I go back in the nape area to get back here to cover the hair down here, because if you don't it will be crunchy if miss barbara. Yes, okay, if miss barbara had longer hair, then i wouldn't even wrap this low, but because her hair is sleek. All the way down and it's faded, we fade her. I want that to lay smooth too so that's two wrap strips. Then i go in the middle of the head and i use a twisting motion. I don't tie a knot. I just twist i twist tight and i twist off to the side away from her face and she's wrapped. So that's three wrapping strips depending upon. If miss barbara had a lot of new growth, then what i would use is if this burger had a lot of new growth. What i would use is um. I would go from ear to ear to apply pressure down, to make sure that it's molded timely taunt, which is tight. So this is my wrapping formation and check you later. Okay, this is the after math once i've molded and her hair has been dried under the dryer see how smooth it is. Cuticles are closed and there's a shine. So now, what i'm going to do is i'm going to go into the hair and begin to style? Give her a nice line up, i'm going to razor down some of the nape area back here, where the weight is heavy grown in here and i'll catch you guys later. Okay, this is miss. Barbara'S final look as far as the molding, the curls. You see that there's no part on the side, the separation and we have all of it. Her final look bam styles by shawnee, sbs, hair studio. We out


Trixy Love: Great styling technique with blessed hands and knowledge. You have the artistic touch for styling.Wonderful Stylists makes an enormous impact in clients lives. The style looks great on the model. Great blessings!

SheriLive: Love your confidence. Great job!

Beca SLAYZ: very helpful tips...thank you!

Sharita Richardson: Thanks for the nice informative demonstration.

Debbie Deas: Excellent teacher I am enjoyed this video . I would like to know more about the stylist where she's from, how she educating the client was excellent. How she educated the stylist about her tools, I love

Cookies Grant: loved it. thank u

Nova Jean: That hairstyle was sharp

Bj Woods: beautiful

Ashley Rolle: LUV IT

Tanya: @Styles by Shawne' Hair Studio Did you mention the wrap foam you used in this clip in another video?  I couldn't find it.

SBS Hair Studios Inc.: I use LaRan products from a distributor in Los Angeles or you could pay via pay pal and I can mail it to you. I retail them at my salon

FF: The beat stylist on this side of the planet

Shawnee Michelle Perkins: beautiful and we have the same name

Meisha Rose: Quotes Sayings & Motto beauty+music

lilyofthefield625: Alright Ms. Barbara!

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