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  • Posted on 06 August, 2016
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This is for all the Bram girls who wanted to know how to do hair wraps, I hope this helps!

Okay, so I'm going to make a really quick video about hair wraps and how to make them and how to take it out and all that kind of stuff. So this is what it kind of looks like. I can even show you it's super long, but I'll show you how to do it and all of that. So when you're starting a hair up, what you want to do is get a low piece of hair. You want to kind of make sure it's in like a relative blob like there isn't a lot of like outlying strands, so that way would if it gets like caught in your brush. It'S not just pulling on like one or two strands, it's more pulling on the whole thing, and then you just want to braid just a small brain. It doesn't have to be a big amount of hair. It can be kind of small and with some people you want to really pull their hair. The rest their hair um like out of the way. So it's not getting caught in the braid cuz that'll, be painful too. Then you should want to go all the way down, and then you want to secure it with like a little clear your time once you're done, you should have a really long braid and I kind of tie it off just wherever I stop being able to braid More, oh, it doesn't really matter because you're gon na remove it at the end anyway, when you get toward the bottom you'll like keep doing the hair up to a certain point and then you'll like tie it off, but you'll remove this at some point. So this is just to keep it easier to like braid with yeah. So so, when you pick your colors, it's good to pick like between two and probably like seven, if you, if someone like, picks two colors, then you want to do two strands of each. So you have four strands you want to have at least four strands to seven strands. That just means that you have like shorter lengths, but you have more of them. So it's not as like messy to deal with it's not as hard to braid. So I chose these colors will be easy to see what I'm doing. So, when I'm doing the strands. What I like to do is I like to get about like an arm's width of string and so I'll do the first one and arms with and then the other ones. I just line up the ends, pull it all the way down and then cut where it lines up once you're done, you should have all your string lined up at this point, like all your other hair should be pull out to the side, and you just want That braid hanging out um and then what you're going to do is you're going to take your string you're going to tie a knot just like that, and then I like to just slide. It slide my hair through it, and I like to pull it tight, closer down low and then that's not even a knot. Is it? No? It'S not okay. So pull it tight like that. You can trim the extra off at this point. If you want. I just like to leave like a little bit awesome cool. I mean clearly you're going to want to cut it a little bit closer than that. But then I just slide it up as far as possible and then I start doing the bracelet from there and I try and do like it like two or three really tight ones, so that it's like really secure at the base. And it's not pulling and falling out all that um! It'S to you, though, it's totally up to you. Okay, so just pretend like this is the hair, and these are the strands. So one of the more basic ones you're going to want to learn is how to tie like basically a knot. So we're going to do is we're going to pull this one under so you're, going to make a little four, then you're going to go over and through right. Okay, so you go under make a little four pull this one over and through and try with another color see if that helps a little bit, we'll do two colors, so you're going to go under make a four over and through sorry goose. I'M hitting my dog with this tree and then you just keep doing that and it'll make a twisting pattern, and so the idea is you're going to have to go on to the other side, so in the same way that going under and then over. If you flip it or if you flip it, this way, you're going to be going over under and through, and that will continue the pattern. So then left side is under, so our use and the right side is over and you can kind of hold on the base so that it's easier for when you're pulling it through or you can just pull it through. It'S up to you and then that is kind of the twisting pattern that you're going to get and if you do just one color it'll be smaller and thinner. Okay, so, like I was saying doing, knots can be kind of hard to take out at the end. So another one you can do I like to start with a knot and then you can just wrap the string around and keep doing that kind of tight and then you push it up and then you keep go. You just do that and every once in a while, you might want to add a knot just so that it's not going to come unraveled as easy, and it will naturally unravel some when you, when you're doing it anyway. That'S one way to do it and also what you can do is: if you want, you can leave some strands out before you start making that like twisted area, so just like that you can, you can do like a twist with this, where you're just wrapping it Around and then you can tie it at the base or you can do like kind of a criss cross thing where you take the two apart and you're, just crossing them like twisting them opposite directions. On the other side, sit like that. Oh my gosh. It'S a mess, then you should continue to do that down. Then you just tie it off and it can be fun to do like color blocking while you're doing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Then you switch to another color. So one, two, three four five one. Two three four five and then, when you're doing these just make sure you're doing them kind of loosely, because these will be like one of the hardest things to actually get out of the hair up. I'M going to take it apart, just like that, and then you kind of have a set of colors okay. So with this one you're using two strands to make a knot. So the first one you're going to start like that original, not so you're going to go! One over to make it four and then this one is going to go over that one behind and through, like that, it's going to look like that when you're done, then you tighten it and then with this you can go back over again, so you want to Keep the blue on top because you want it to show see you over. The red goes over the blue behind and through the loop that the blue is made and that'll make a straight pattern like it'll, keep the blue on top and then the red is on the back. So I'll do some more and then okay. So now we've done a few more, so you can kind of see, there's blue on one side, then you flip it over and it shows the red on the other, that's kind of a fun not as well to do even know what else there is also you Can kind of if you want to colors to go around in the kind of spiral motion you just make a knot, then you wrap it around around thanks, Keith and around. You should continue to do that just like before, but with two colors. Now you know kind of make your striped area. Then of course it will unravel some. But that's what it looks like at the end and then you can keep going if you want so like. I did before, let's do blue and white with the red and blue, how I had the two strands, making a knot, I'm going to do that again, although this time I'm not going to keep the blue on top each time. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go over with the blue over the entire strand. The white comes over, the blue, the white goes behind through and you tie a knot. So now I'm going to go over with the white, so the white comes over blue goes over. The white blue is behind blue this through then you pull it tight and then so I'm flipping it over. So now the blue is on top. That was probably kind of confusing. I'M sorry the stram is twisting so the white goes over blue goes over, the white blue goes behind blue goes through, and I'm going to do the same with the blue blue goes over white goes over the blue behind through you. Okay, so that I'll kind of show what it, what it do, kind of makes this little like twisty stripe thing. So that's fun! Okay, so let's say that you get down and you have a strand - that's too short to keep going we're going to do you're going to find the same color you're going to tie a new one around the old one trim the excess off the new one that Leave a little bit then you're going to hold on the deal one and slide this up right then. Yes, I just like to like tie it on like do a couple knots with the new one to make sure it stays put and then with the old one. You can either just leave it in the strand and keep going until you cover it or you can cut it and leave a little bit and then you're just going to go over it. Is that what you're kind of hiding it hiding those in pieces? I'M sure it's just right on top and then they're covered and they won't show. The only thing it will show is that little bit that you cut off and then you can continue with your hair wrap all right. So I know that this is kind of a sad short parrot, but let's just say that you are ready to end it and you've gotten to a point where you like the length of hair. What you're going to do, you're going to take all of the strands left, tie them into a knot and then try and push that knot as close as possible to the base of the hair and then tighten it just like that, and then what I like to Do is I like to just braid whatever is left, and if you have like four strands, you can just do two and then one and one and then once you get to the end of that braid we're going to do is just tie another knot just like That and then I just cut a little bit below then you're done and the little table part is going to hang off a little bit. But it's no biggie yep look at the cute little hair wrap! Oh my gosh, it's so cute, oh! So to take it out, you're gon na want scissors for sure and maybe a seam ripper, I'm just going to cut the end of mine like right. So there's like a knot there good there. So I'm going to cut that to loosen up the strings with the seam ripper and i'm going like like under there and just ripping that to help it loosen up and then it should come off in like bits and there will be some underneath it's right there. There'S a shake it to focus, there's kind of that pattern there and you go in the knot and you just rip that then it should pull right off just like that tada. So once you get up to like that, much left. Basically, all you're going to do is just keep trying to like pull it down and like you have to pull the bottom down and then the middle down and then work your way up to the top. And then it should eventually just slide off. So once your hair up is completely undone, it should look kind of like just a really gross braid and you're gon na lose a lot of hair out of this, like just be right for there. Okay, so a few things about caring for your hair up um, you should still like wash your hair for sure I like to like pull my hair up out to the side and then, like gather all my other hair on the other side, when I do conditioner Just so, though, it's not getting like really gross and the conditioners not washing out. I usually leave mine in for like two weeks or so. It really depends because the top that'll start to get more loose and it will start to slide down and that's when you can be like well, it's not really staying in anymore. I don't want it or you can say like I'm tired of this. This is gross. You can take it out um, but it's really up to you how long you leave it in I've had people over them in for like two months before and they're fine like they lived it's okay, um and if, worse much worse, you might have to cut your Hair off at the base, no just kidding, don't actually do that. That'S not fun um cuz! Then you have to grow that entire strand of hair out again so yeah. I hope this helped. I don't know, that's all

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