Testing A Dupe For The Dyson Airwrap?! Ps40 Vs Ps400 Hair Tools..

  • Posted on 11 January, 2021
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous


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The dice, oh, that just wetted my mouth, it doesn't make my hair feel like crispy straw ooh. I should have cleaned this. That'S disgusting! That'S hot hi! Guys! Welcome back! So there's a reason why i currently have a towel on my head. Today'S video is a little bit different, but i thought i would just do it on my channel instead of on tik, tok or instagram reels, or something because i don't know, i just don't think that i could fit enough into a reels video in like 30 seconds. Quite a few of you guys had sent me dms and tagged me in videos of people using this new fabi list. Is it fabulous? I always used to call it baby list. When i was younger, i think it's fabulous. Basically, there's this new hair tool, which is supposedly like a dupe of the dyson air wrap. So today i thought i would do a half and half comparison of a hair styling tool that is 400 pounds compared to this babyliss tool, which i got on boots on sale for 40 pounds, but i think full price is 60.. I know that hot styling brushes that dry, your hair and smooth it at the same time have been around for years. But the whole point of the dyson air wrap is that it curled your hair while drying it. So you don't have to dry your hair, then curl it and also it comes with a whole bunch of other attachments as well as well as like smoothing brushes, and it's got the classic barrel brush and it's a hairdryer at the same time and then the fabulous One also comes with a smoothing brush, a curling attachment, which is the main thing that i'm interested in. It'S got the barrel brush and then it's got a hairdryer attachment as well. So it's kind of like a much cheaper alternative to the dyson, but is this actually gon na work? Is the question. So this is my dyson air app i've had this for just over a year now, last november, i think it was or december 2019.. I was gifted this by dyson, i'm not too sure what they were thinking. Gifting me an air wrap, but one of the best things i've ever ever received and i have loved this in the past year, but it's inexpensive. I did actually end up having to buy the longer barrels for this, because my hair is quite long. I found that the shorter barrels that come in the original set didn't quite do it for my hair, so i ended up getting the longer barrels for my birthday. Last year, so that is something to bear in mind. If you do have long, hair and you're considering getting one of these it comes in this massive case. I did get the purple one, they have it in different colors. Now i think - and oh my god, please excuse how dusty and disgusting it is in here. Hopefully, you can't see that and like the camera is blowing all nicely so with the air wrap complete styler kit, you get one of the barrel. Brushes mine is covered in hair. As you can see, you get two different smoothing brushes to be quite honest with you, i'm not too sure what the difference is between these. They both tend to do the same sort of thing. On my hair, you get the standard, hair, dryer attachment to just blow dry your hair, and then you get two different widths of barrels but, like i said, the original ones it comes with are really quite short and you get two of each size, one for each Direction of your hair because, like the way that the air wrap works is not just a standard curling iron, it kind of sucks your hair up in a particular direction, depending on which one of these you use. You get one for the left side of your head. One for the right, and then you also get these slightly thicker ones as well, but i don't really tend to use those to be honest because i tend to use my longer ones instead, so very quick overview, it's pretty lightweight. I think i think this is lighter than my hairdryers that i used to use, and i pretty much just use this for everything now i used to be the type of person that straightened slash, curled my hair, pretty much every single day, which is really bad, really Really bad for your hair, because my straighteners that i used before i had ghds, which i still absolutely love, and if it's a time where i want my hair to last a long time and stay completely straight or smooth or cold, i will use my ghds or I do actually have another fabulous color, which i use as well, which is a lot cheaper and i do use those other heat styling tools on occasion, but most of the time now i use my dyson, and i have to say since using this, my hair has Felt a lot less damaged, this doesn't make it feel crispy and it doesn't make it smell burnt, because i think this only goes up to 150 degrees. Most hair styling tools are around like 200 or 180.. So there's the standard on mode. It'S got three temperatures. It'S got a cold setting a middle setting and then like a high setting, and then it's got three speeds as well, but i always just put it on the maximum speed. But it has taken me a while to get to use this properly. To the point where i actually like my hair with it and it works well, i do find that i have to pin curl my hair with this, so once i've curled it, i will clip my curls up for a little bit just for them to set into Place otherwise i find that the curls just drop out pretty quickly. I know that some people find that some people don't find that. I think it just depends on your hair texture, your hair type, how well of a curl your hair holds, but for me personally, i find i do have to clip up my curls and kind of wait about 20 minutes before i take them out. Otherwise they just drop out so quickly and then the fabulous styler which is called the advanced power styling air styler. Oh no! It'S not! It'S not called that. It'S called the air styler 1000. The actual tool looks like this is definitely a lot lighter than the dyson. They both have cords by the way which are pretty decent length. So this one doesn't have any speed settings. It'S just got temperature settings, so it's got, it does have a cool mode, which is the first little. It then has slow and fast. It says two heats plus a cool setting, so i'm guessing the slower speed is the cooler setting and then the faster one is the hottest setting. I don't even know this. One also does come with a glove, which kind of makes me think that this is gon na get quite hot, because with the dyson one there's no glove or anything, i don't think so. Anyway, i've never burnt myself on the dyson because it doesn't get hot enough, but this makes me a little bit worried. I'M not gon na lie, so i'm gon na start off with the hairdryer attachment. Then i'll probably move in onto some of the smoothing brushes just to smooth out my hair and then we're gon na finish it off with both sides. Curling my hair the barrel on this one is definitely a little bit shorter, but we'll see how we go. The main difference is that this is not gon na suck your hair up like the dyson one. Does it's literally just kind of like a hairdryer attachment, but the heat comes out of this, so you're gon na have to wrap it like a standard, curling wand. If that makes sense, let's get my hair out of my towel. I'Ve had my hair sitting in this towel for like over an hour now, so my hair is starting to get a little bit drier on the ends by the way. Yes, my hair is naturally wavy, but i never like leave it like this, because it just becomes a whole mess. The top half of it is like quite wavy, and then the bottom just goes to nothing because it's so dead gon na brush. My hair gently, you don't want your hair to be dry, you want it to be just a little bit damp if it's completely dry, it's not gon na work and if it's soaking wet it's not gon na work, you kind of want it to be in between, But i am gon na dry, my roots, because obviously the curling attachments - you don't use like right up here, so i'm just gon na put in a bit of leave-in conditioner. Then i use this moroccan oil stuff, which is the protect and prevent spray. But it just smells really good and makes my hair feel really nice by the way. I would just like to say this. Video is in no way sponsored the dice. Oh, that just went in my mouth. Yes, the dyson air app was gifted to me last christmas. Again, like don't know what they were thinking, but that was in exchange for no kind of content or anything they were just very, very, very nice and then the fabulous one. I bought off the boots website. So i just sprayed a bit of heat protectant and then i do use a bit of oil as well, but i don't use it at this stage. I'Ll use it a bit later on this side of my head, i'm going to do the fabulous this side of my head, i'm going to use my dyson, oh, and i would just like to say my left side of my head. This one is a little bit. Thicker just because i part my hair a tiny bit over this way and let's see what fabulous has got, i'm gon na just use the hair dryer on the hot setting. Probably i'm not sure how well that was coming across on camera, but on the first setting kind of just feels like somebody's breathing on your hair like watch this, it doesn't feel like much power is coming out of this at all. Maybe i've got this on the wrong way round. Okay, then i'm going to try on the faster setting. I think if you were gon na use this just purely as a hair dryer, it would take you a long time because not a whole lot of air is coming out of it. It'S not really blowing my hair around much. It doesn't feel very powerful by the way, i'm mostly just focusing on my roots. I mean, i think it would do the job, but it's it didn't feel that powerful so far with just the hairdryer one, and this feels very hot now and that will be where they put the glove in. But i'm just gon na use. My sleeve okay dyson attachment for the hairdryer, the dyson one as a hairdryer alone, is definitely more powerful. So far like yeah. This is a good hair dryer. But if you're just wanting a hair, dryer just get a basic one and then my hair is a frizzy mess and i look like a witch, but i'm just gon na brush it again. So it's still damp at the ends and it still feels a bit damp. But my roots are mostly dry, so next, i'm gon na take the smoothing brush for the fabulous one and i'm gon na see. If i can try and smooth out some of this frizziness up here, it's definitely working. It'S definitely smoothing that out. It feels like it's more the heat, that's doing that, though, rather than the power of the air coming out of it. If that makes sense, i do definitely find it easier when i'm using well, when i'm normally using my dyson to section my hair. But when i say section, my hair i'll just kind of take a bit flop it over onto the other side and just kind of shove. It out the way, definitely definitely work to smooth my hair out quite a lot. Obviously i didn't go all the way down to the ends, because i am still gon na try and curl these, but for these bits of my hair i always find that i need some kind of round brush. I would usually straighten these, but if i'm doing it just with like blow dryer or my air wrap or whatever, i will use a round brush to like get right up in these roots, because these bits go so kinky. But i would do that in a sec. So far, that's definitely worked at smoothing out my hair, which is pretty great. I like that brush attachment. I think that works pretty well so weirdly the airwrap has got these two brush attachments. I'M really sorry that mine got hair in them, i'm a human being. Okay, like nothing's perfect here, one of them's got little bobbles on the end. The other one doesn't have little bobbles on the end. I guess i will use this one because it's the most similar to the fabulous one with the dyson one. They do move as you brush your head down. It kind of like points the airflow down. I was just doing a bit of reading before this video about the air wrap. Just so that i got my facts straight and i said something that, like it checks the temperature 40 times a minute or something to make sure that it's not getting too hot and frying your hair. I don't know how much i believe that, but this definitely doesn't get too hot okay. So comparing the two sides, i don't really think there's a whole lot of difference. They'Ve both definitely been smoothed. One thing i do just have to say this side feels a little bit softer. I don't know if this side is any shinier than this side. I don't know if that's just a like placebo effect type thing i don't know but um they both feel nice. They both feel smooth. However, one con that i find with the air wrap is because it only goes up to 150 degrees. I find that it doesn't last as long than if i was to use my straighteners, and it doesn't give me as smooth hair as if i was to use straighteners. I know for some people they find that they don't have any issues with that, but because my hair is quite frizzy and it's quite like the individual hairs get a little bit like kinky and just they can curl in different directions and stuff and it does frizz. I don't find that this tames my frizz fully and yes, it looks very smooth now, but sometimes i find that after about like an hour or so this bit. If i just do it with the smoothing brush, it starts to go like a little bit kinky again, and it doesn't stay completely straight. So that is why i use the round brush to do like the front pieces of my hair to make sure that they're fully smoothed out. Okay, don't mind how ridiculous i look right now. So, yes, it is lower temperature and it's not as damaging to your hair, but it doesn't last as long so it's kind of like pros and cons, but i think overall, the reason i've continued to use. This is just because it doesn't make my hair feel like crispy straw and my hair was so damaged and getting so damaged, and i just thought i can't continue like this. All my hair is going to fall out, so i definitely have noticed that since using this. Yes, i might have to touch up my hair a couple of days in a row and just to make sure that it's fully smooth or like re-curl it on the second day but overall, like the condition of my hair, doesn't feel as bad. Okay, so smoothing brushes. Pretty similar, oh, i should have cleaned this, that's disgusting! How do you even clean a round brush? I don't know how to get the hairs out. This is so gross. I know i'm not the only one out there that forgets to take all the hair out the hairbrush. I know it's not just me so the fabulous round brush attachment is quite big and it just clips on like this. It'S quite um. It'S got like a lot of spaces in it. The air wrap brush is a little bit smaller a little bit narrower and the bristles don't have the little bobbly bits on the end and they're a bit closer together. So i feel like they would kind of grip. The hair more, i think this one might be a bit big, but we'll see normally the way that i would style the front of my hair is, i would take both pieces like this and i will blow dry it like that and then i'll blow dry up, Like this and then let it drop and then it just kind of sits nicely, but let's try one side at a time: let's do the fabulous. That'S hot, okay, be careful. I completely forgot that i was supposed to put this glove on and i just went to like rest this in my lap, and i put it on my hand. This metal gets really hot okay. That is one thing just to be wary of. I think that's smoothed. My fringe bit quite nicely but yeah, be warned that got very hot, very quickly. One thing i like about that, though, is that, because the bristles are quite spread out, your hair doesn't really get tangled in it, which was good. It kind of smoothly moved throughout my hair, although i do wish that the barrel was a little bit smaller, but that worked pretty well, let's compare on the dyson side also. I noticed that my hair is getting drier and drier, so i'm probably gon na have to spray through the ends of it again. So let's take this side. Okay. So again that has worked pretty well to just smooth out that piece of my hair and pretty much did the same kind of thing on both sides. I think they're pretty, even but obviously this one doesn't get quite as hot. It still definitely does get hot, but not enough to the point where i was like [ __ ], it's just burnt my finger off this one definitely grips the hair a little bit more, which has pros because it kind of like you know you can get it Really taut, but also as well, your hair's more likely to get stuck in the dyson ones. So i would say again relatively even for that, although this one's giving my hair a bit more of like a woo, i'm just going to give the ends of my hair. Another little spritz with some of this spray. I think what i'm going to do is the dice inside first with the curls just so i can clip them and kind of leave them to set like i normally do, because yeah the con with the dyson is, if i don't do that, the curls will literally Just drop out after like half an hour, so i'm using some of the molly may and beauty works clips. Actually i find that these work really well and i'm using the attachment that is for the left side of my head. You will know because when you look in the mirror that arrow points away from your head, you want to make sure you brush your hair so that there's not a whole load of tangles and then i take a piece of hair. That'S about this big turn it on and it just sucks your hair up. I give it a cool shot, so you hold up this button and it switches to cool air. It'S not that cool to be honest, and then i switch it off once i've done. My cool shot and then i will just slide it out into my hand, so i still got the curl here like a tube and then i take one of these clips and this is kind of hard to do, because i wasn't really looking in the mirror and Then i would just clip it like that and just let it be, and then i just repeat that on all the sections of my hair, by the way, if i do end up wanting to touch up my hair the next day, i would just spray it with Something to make it a little bit damp so that it holds a little bit longer. I think a lot of people get confused with the air wrap because they think that you have to like wrap your hair around it. But you don't put your you, don't put it up here, you put it at the very end and then it will just suck your hair up and i think i hold it there per curl for about 20 seconds. Oh oops look there's a bit of the bottom. Half i don't know what i'm doing okay and then i usually do the front little piece of my hair separately and i don't pin it because otherwise, you end up looking a bit like one of those judges that wears the curly wig. Do you know what i mean so i then just take the front piece and i will do it for about 10 seconds and then just leave it to drop on its own. It looks insane at first, but i promise you it does drop out and i normally just leave it like this. So it looks crazy but then, like i said it does drop out. So let's just put it over there leave them for as long as possible. Basically, most of the time, i will just leave them for about 20 minutes, because i'm quite disorganized - and i will do it just before going out somewhere - not that i've got anywhere to be at the moment. But it is quite annoying walking around with these clips on your head. So, let's try the fabulous and see what happens so, let's put the curling attachment on, but like this part of my hair's already started to kink a little bit, i'm gon na just give it another little spray. I haven't used a classic curling wand in so long, and i can't really remember what i'm doing so. I guess let's just try a piece of hair the same sort of thickness. As with my air wrap. Wait. I'M gon na have to use my left hand and do it over my head so as suspected the air literally just comes out of it like a normal hair dryer, but in all directions through these little holes. Well, that worked. That'S worked really well, however, this gets really hot and it blows the hot air like onto your fingers. That'S why there's a glove um, i'm gon na put the glove on because i'm a bit of an idiot not putting the glove on. Where is the glove? What have i done? I did put it on the cool shot at the end, um, it's not quite as long as the dyson barrel, so i feel like i can't do as thick sections of hair slightly smaller this time. I'Ve definitely got a nice curl there. I could still feel the really hot heat coming through the glove, so i'm pretty sure what this is basically doing is just heating up this metal bit to the same sort of temperatures as a actual curling wand and then you're, effectively kind of like curling, your hair. But with hot air, which it is working as you can see, it's giving me some nice curls, okay, so just a word of warning, it definitely does get quite hot um. It doesn't say on the box how hot it does get, but this definitely gets hotter than the air wrap. So i'm not sure if you were looking for a curler, that's like not gon na damage, your hair as much i have a feeling. I could be wrong. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong: ah now i've lost the ah i'm gon na have to try again with the next one. Okay, this one. I will try my best. Why am i finding this so difficult? Okay, there we go there, we go. I'Ve got the curl. I'Ve got the curl in my hand and then oh [, __ ]. It'S the wrong hand, it's because i'm so not used to doing well. That was a terrible effort, but it's clipped, oh god. What have i done here? What the hell! So why am i finding this so difficult to clip up these curls thing? It'S because i'm just not used to the doing it with my left hand, because, obviously with the dyson, you don't have to do it like over your head, like that it was just confusing me a bit. I'M really sorry, but i managed to clip it cool. Okay, we're nearly there and then finally, this little piece of hair here, wow i'd, really forgotten how much curling your hair makes your arms ache. That has definitely really worked to curl my hair. Let'S let down this uh one that i did pin. Okay, that one looks a little bit more bouncy and then i'm gon na let down my dyson side and we can compare the differences nearly ripped, my hair out. So obviously you don't leave your hair looking like this, unless you do have a preference for looking like one of the judges with the curly wig. So what i would normally do is at this stage. I would then just run through with my fingers and usually flip. My hair upside down, i'm gon na, have to redo my fringe because that's not sitting right with me. Let me just give my hair a bit of a flip yeah. I definitely need to redo this bit around my face because that's like looking a bit weird to me so at this stage i know that this still looks insane and it looks like i've stepped straight out of toddlers and tiaras or a beauty pageant or something. It'S very very bouncy and very curly. However, this does drop and the more that you brush it, the more that it's going to drop out, so i am just going to take my hair brush and give it a bit of a brush through and then as well. I do just take some hair oil and i'm just going to put a little bit of this through it through both sides. So the overall look of my hair. Looking at first glance, you probably wouldn't think that i, you know, use two different tools to style it. I think this side gives more of a beachy wave and a bit of a more standard, curling iron wave. This side gives a bit more of like a blow-dried effect and a bit more of a voluminous bouncy wave, whereas this one is just more. I guess, because you have to take more sections, it's a little bit more pc and a little bit more beachy, which i do really like. I like how my hair looks on this side. I think it looks really nice. This one is more glam, but i do find that throughout the day like i said, this doesn't stay like this. It does drop out and then for me, it drops into a more loose wave, which i really do like the look of, and just like, comparing how my hair feels this side feels a little bit more kind of crispy. It still feels soft. It still does feel soft. I actually can feel a difference, i'm just going to brush through this side and see if it does the same thing. Okay, yeah, look at that, so brushing it through has definitely given me that kind of bouncier wavy look which is kind of similar to this side. I just think that this side has got a little bit more volume and a little bit more like i don't know it's just a bit more glamorous, i'm actually gon na update you throughout the day, i'm not going anywhere today, i'm just taking the dog for a Walk nobody's gon na notice that my hair looks slightly different on both sides. My prediction is: the fabulous side is probably gon na last longer than the dyson, but we'll see. I did only leave it about 15 minutes, with my hair being pinned up with this side and obviously because it is lower heat. It'S probably not going to last as long if you have a dyson air wrap and you have found a perfect method of getting your hair to last, really long with the curls. Please let me know because i always have to top it up the next day. It'S quarter to three in the afternoon on sunday, hello, guys, um bit of an interesting update. We took pinky for a walk. I had to put my hat on because it was really cold. It wasn't like raining outside, but it was quite damp in the air and foggy and um. This is the situation. This is the dyson side. I can't remember which, like if the selfie camera flips it, but this was the dyson side. This was the babyliss side they've. Both gone pretty frizzy and dropped out, and my hair feels a little bit damp, not ideal for testing um. But let's see oh wow, both sides have definitely dropped out a lot. It does not normally drop. At this rate, i think it was the damp air. That'S caused it to drop out, which is such a shame. I think the fabulous side would also last longer if i'd have pink out it um, i'm sure it would have done - and i probably should have done that, but i just wanted to see how it lasted on its own. So it's now nearly midnight. Well, it's about half 11 or like 20 to midnight. I think i've just brushed through my hair. This is the dyson side. This was the fabulous side so that, as you can see, this side has definitely dropped out more, but they've both dropped out significantly. This is what i mean. I don't find the curls last all day and yes, it probably didn't help that i went for a walk and it was quite damp. So i think, for both of these, the best thing to do, and especially for the fabulous one as well, which i didn't really do at all - is to pin your curls and what i would say is leave them as long as possible. There we go, but at the end of the day this is a 40 pound or 60 pound hair tool. This is 400 pounds, so this one is 10 times cheaper. So it's up to you, which you'd rather spend your money on. Let me know down below which side you prefer and what your thoughts are because i'd love to know. So i guess overall, the pros of the fabulous a lot lot cheaper. It'S actually like more lightweight to hold and it does work and the smoothing brush was nice and it's still giving me results the cons of the fabulous one are, it does get very hot, so you've just got a watch for your fingers and make sure you wear The glove, so you don't burn yourself, so i guess that way. There'S more heat damage. It also doesn't come with as many attachments and the round brush, i don't think, worked as well as the dyson side, in terms of like smoothing out my fringe and also with the fabulous as well. It obviously doesn't suck up your hair, and you have to like switch arms like this for each side and hold it over your head, which is a bit more painful on the arms than with the dyson. You just hold it down here and it does like the wrapping for you. The pros of the dyson are that that it, you know, wraps your hair up for you. It has more attachments, it doesn't damage your hair as much. It doesn't burn you as much because it doesn't get as hot and it does come with more attachments, and i would say it gives a little bit more volume and more of that kind of like professional blow-dried effect. But then the cons of the dyson are it's very, very expensive, like ridiculously expensive and also i find that the cows don't last as long because it uses less heat right. I'M just going to answer a question of the day. If you guys have any more questions for me, please leave them down below with the hashtag question of the day and my answer in my next video today's question of the day comes from gemma baker and they have said: what's your favorite dessert, i love your videos And how you talk openly about your anxiety and your videos help me calm down when my anxiety is high or bad. Well, i'm glad that my videos can help you in some sort of way, but i'm really sorry that you're suffering with anxiety. I hope things get better for you. What is my favorite dessert? I have quite a few. I'Ve got a very sweet tooth. I love desserts and anything sweet. I would say my number one favorite dessert is probably tiramisu. I love tiramisu. I know it's a bit of a rogue one, but absolutely love it and as well close second to that any kind of hot chocolate, brownie pudding or chocolate melt in the middle puddings or anything chocolaty. I just absolutely love or fitter rolls with chocolate with the chocolate sauce on i'm hungry. I'M gon na have to get some food now, oh and cake. How could i forget? I love cake - oh my god. Okay, i'm gon na have to stop talking because i'm really hungry and i'm gon na go get some food. I'M gon na leave this here. I hope you guys found it interesting. I will link both of the tools down below in the description box. Um, if you guys want to get your hands on either of them, i mean not. A lot of people are just gon na be like yeah. You know what i'll just spend four hundred pound on a dyson air wrap. It'S definitely a decision that you would have to consider and research into and think carefully about. I would say, but i hope this was helpful. I hope you guys are doing good and i will see you in my next video bye.

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JellikinG4ng: I’ve had a Babylis air styler for 10 years no joke. My Nan bought it for me when I was a teenager and it makes drying and styling your hair so much easier. It’s just the one that only has the round brush, I recently brought the larger size one and it’s still brilliant. It just gives you the bouncy blow dry look really easily? And I mean it’s lasted 10 years of abuse at £30 I can’t complain

Laura G: You've literally made me want a Dyson air wrap more!

iak Drawllim: I’m a hairdresser and I hate those curlers/curling brushes that blow hot air out in all different directions, it makes me cringe! when you wrap your hair around it and switch on the air, the hot air blows out in all directions against your hair, meaning it’ll be blasting the cuticles on your hair in all different directions which can make it fuzzy and over time damage your hair. If you notice when hairdressers are blow drying someone’s hair, they’ll always point the hairdryer down against the hair, or in whichever direction the hair is coming away from your head, because that smoothes your cuticle down and helps keep your hair shiny and healthy. That’s why the dyson air curler is so good in the way that it works, because it only blows air in the same direction of the cuticle!

Steph Oliver: I’ve heard a few people say the curls drop out fairly soon with the air wrap but if you use a styling product with some hold (my friend recommends Moroccan Oil mousse) they stay in really well (a few days!) love the video too xx

gemmyjam: Would love to see you try out Molly Mae's Curl Kit to see if it's worth the price (esp. for if you don't have extensions) ☺

Anouk Aikens: I use smaller sections with the Airwrap. To get a more “playful” effect, after curling all of my hair I go back in for some small sections to curl closer to the top of my head. That way, it creates more volume I think. After curling half of my hair, I spray with some hairspray. Then it stays for I think 6 hours and then my curls are less big. I think it’s actually (feel weird to say it haha) worth the price you get so many good attachments. I got mine about 2 weeks ago and I’m so in love ☺️

Joanne Massey: Moisture in the air breaks the bonds that hold the hair's shape once it's styled, hence why hair's prone to going flat and frizzy when it's damp outside. You'd probably get that result using any tool, which is why us hairdressers always recommend using anti-humidity haircare after a blowdry to make it last a lot longer :)

scarlett palczynska: I have the babyliss one and it’s SO GOOD, it even makes my damaged hair look so smooth, trust me it’s so worth it

K pickle: The dyson side definitely looks smoother and when you’d just used the brush to smooth it on a glance it looks the same but the dyson side has more volume I think I’d rather pay more for the dyson! My hair is getting damaged from curling and straightening!

Sophia: The two different brush attachments for the dyson is for different hair types. One for thinner hair the other for thicker hair. To avoid kinky hair I dry my roots with the hair dryer, go through my mid lengths with the straight brush then I use the barrel one to smooth everything out and I’m telling you my hair! It’s silky smooth

Abi Jolly: I got the babyish after having a baby so I could speed up by drying and smoothing in one. Definitely brilliant for £35. I blast with the weird hairdryer bit then use the brush and its dries from soaking wet pretty quickly.

Bhavini: Thank you so much for this helpful comparison and review. I would say the dyson does make a difference but its sad they both didn't work that great in the end. Lasting one day is pretty much the same as doing heatless curls such as wrapping your hair around a night robe for a 2-3 hours. Which I have been loving recently. I have thick long hair and this lasts for one or even sometimes two days. xxx

A: Air wrap is definitely on my Christmas list. My hairdresser recently starting using one and as someone that has thick, course hair-the difference is insane my hair feel so much softer.

jennyjade79: The Dyson side looks way better (smoother, voluminous, glam) and kept the curls longer. I pin my curls up too and spray with hairspray afterwards. That seems to help. Yes it’s waaaay more expensive, but I love my Dyson Airwrap. It’s easier, healthier and I won’t burn myself like I normally do with straighteners and curling irons. That Babyliss scares me with that heat.

Ciara Conner: To get your hair to last longer, use cool shot for the brushes too!☺️ I love your videos so much

heppihippos: The dyson side looks like you've just been at a hairdressers. The babyliss side looks like you recreated the look at home. Not saying it's bad but the dyson side just looks more expensive (as it should for that price).

Ezura: Dyson does look better but not quite TEN times better. Plus it’d be interesting to see the results of you pinning up the Babyliss. BTW I had similar issue with curls MANY years ago when I got a perm, I was told by the stylist it was because my Chinese hair was too straight to hold a curl. Then I went to a more expensive salon for a birthday treat and the stylist told me it was because my hair didn’t have any layers so she cut some in for me and it was like I’d just had a fresh perm despite a gap of a few months in between! So yeah, try getting a few layers added in and I reckon you’d get better wave results without so much hassle. X

Laura simmonds: I love the Babyliss tool!! As someone with crazy thick frizzy hair it does wonders for me and cuts the time down by a half and even tho the hair dryer feels like nothing it actually does really well!! I bought it just cos I couldn’t justify the Dyson price hahah

Charlotte Tate: I love the Dyson airwrap, I got one for Christmas which I was so shocked at, I couldn't believe it. I just love the glam look it gives, I've never found another curling tool that give as nice a finish xxx

VelvetWellies: I am absolutely obsessed with my Dyson. Other curlers do a lovely job but the dyson gives such a shine and bounce that nothing else seems to compete with! (Even looking at your hair when you’ve been out in the damp, it’s still smooth and glossy once you’ve brushed it out on the dyson side!)

Evie Brown: I have just received the Dyson airwrap for Christmas and it is the best thing I have ever used, as I have thick hair it used to take me sooooo long using a normal curler, however with the Dyson it takes a fraction of the time, love your videos xxx

Clara Hayes: I've recently brought my Dyson Airwrap and LOVE it! I managed to keep my 'blow dry' look for 3-4 days, but my hair is naturally wavy, so maybe it just holds! I do however use L'Oréal pli spray which is amazing at holding curlsn

Lara Angela: Omg, please do a video where you don’t dry your hair and just scrunch it and let it dry naturally. Your hair would look amazing with a natural curl!

Julie St. James: I literally gasped when you took the towel off, your natural waves look so pretty! Would love to see you do a vid where you try the curly girl method for a bit!

Emily Moorhouse: I have the Dyson and always ended up using my straighteners for my front parts I never knew how to use it properly so thank you for the tutorial! I will now have to buy the long barrels though. Your natural hair is amazing ❤️❤️

Ciara Larkin: Such a useful video! I think the Dyson one gives more of a curly blow look which most people can't do themselves also your natural wavy here looks stunning!!

Holly Thomson: Watching this while on my way to work! Thank you for still making content in such a difficult time, it really helps me relax and unwind. I work in a special educational needs school so all our students are in still, we’re having rapid tests every week (although this week my bubble are having it everyday bc we had two kids with symptoms). It’s a really stressful time so thank you!

Stargirl: £400 just seems like sooo much, especially when the other one looked very similar!! Thx for the vid soph ily <3

Sashi Kissun: Both sides looks great but personally I think the Dyson side looks amazing after you release the clips and give the hair a ruffle! It’s such a shame that Dyson products (hair) is so expensive. It’s just not an affordable amount for most people - if it was cheaper they would sell much more. Regardless Sophie looks beautiful

Steph Hall: For the curls to hold longer you will need to use a light weight moose or curling spray on damp hair before drying and pin then to your scalp. As your hair is long and you have heavy clips it will drop them a lot quicker. Personally love the Dyson curls but both are great.

Lauryn Is gay: i always thought the airwrap was dumb until i tried it, my mum got one for xmas and i swear to god my hair has never been so SOFT. i hate drying my hair normally but when i use the airwrap it is so much easier and it just feels so smooth and silky that it’s worth it

Sandra Fernandez: Oh no your Dyson side looks so much smoother. You can tell the difference. The other side looks frizzy!!!

karishma natha: I’ve got the BaByliss air styler for Christmas and I’m still getting used to it but I love the brush attachment but I’m still not sure on what to think on curling tool and need Clip my curls with it. Love your content Soph

emxpls: Petition for Soph to try the Curly Girl method on her hair to see just how wavy it really is? I bet it would look lush <3

Hayley Mitchell: I have the babyliss one and haven't used the curler - I will be using that now! Your curls look super nice with both but would def not spend £400 on a hair styler. Love this new content though but love everything you do! Keeping me entertained throughout lockdown 3.0! X

whatdebbiedidnext: Dyson side does look better, as it bloody should! I could never justify paying that much for a styler. Really appreciate this video!

lola: ive loved your recent consistency of uploading, especially because it doesn’t feel forced in any way and it seems like you really enjoy it thank u for bringing me joy through your videos, this was just what I needed after a not-so-good mental health day

Aideen McLoughlin: I found if you use the brush attachment of the babyliss one to dry your hair, it works much better than the dryer attachment :)

Irene: I'll stick with my Revlon brush. If you curly around the brush and pin the ends you get a great blow out. I'm also very lucky in that my curly lasy until I wash my hair a few days later ☺

The Lynsey Files: Both look great really, but the dyson side definitely looks smoother

Fran99x: I actually prefer the final look of the Babyliss side but I use as minimal heat on my hair as possible these days after years of damage through straightening my hair so much! Usually I don't straighten/curl/style my hair unless I'm going out somewhere or doing something and obviously at the minute that's not happening

KateHayv: Can I just say how helpful this was. I have been really toying with the Dyson for a while and keep resisting because of the price. However, my hair is like yours and I have so many brilliant heat tools so I’m thinking keeping my normal tools!

rebeccasarah: i worked at dyson and can confirm it’s true it does have a temperature checker on the airwrap x

Liv W: The Dyson styled your hair very nicely. The fact that it grabs your hair is a nice selling point too, but I CANNOT justify a $400 hairdryer at any point in time. Maybe I'll catch it on sale sometime.

Brita Lundström: I have found that when you use hot air to form your curls it is important that your hair isn't too dry. If you want it to last for a long time the hair needs to be really damp, almost wet. Quite logical actually! The curls come from wet hair getting dry while it is on something round. On the other hand using only heat, on a curling iron for example, the hair needs to be really dry to get long lasting curls.

andrea felipe: I absolutely love how your natural hair looks!! Love your videos

Monique Brindley: Hi soph I have the dyson and really recommend buying the 20mm barrels they have just brought out! They make the curls last so much longerXx

Erin Xox: 12:20 Soph: “I know I’m not the only one out there that forgets to take all the hair out their hairbrush.” Looks over at my brush I know I should probably clean it... but that can wait till tomorrow

Ricarda _ho: I think you did a great comparison!Even though my hair is naturally curly and I don‘t use any hot styling tools, I loved watching this Video

S Miah: Have you tried the Ghd rise brush? You can’t use it on wet hair but I’ve heard great things in terms of giving a blow dry look that really lasts! The air wrap ended up not being worth the money for me because I have coarse frizzy hair and it wasn’t smoothing enough/ the style didn’t last long enough

Marissa Bee: The revlon blow dry brush has changed my life! It takes me 10 mins to blow dry & straighten my hair now instead of almost an hour I also got the Chi spin n curl & it makes my curls last all day. Pure magic those 2 ✨

Shona McBride: My hair is naturally curly and over the years my natural curls have not looked the greatest due to using so much heat on it so recently I have been using the cantu hair range and a diffuser attachment on my hair dryer and it’s worked a treat!

Marsha Aragon: I just got my dyson a month ago and love it!!!! For me I can curl my hair one day and have curls for three days, the first days the curls are tight almost pin curls then fall more and more as the days go. However, I have two daughters that have different results as well so I have to say it just depends on the hair.

Being Mrs Dudley: The Dyson air wrap is so expensive but I think this video shows how great it actually is. Now I want one more loved this video xxx

Rosa Cruceira: I have the dyson one and I sooooo pleased with it, I no longer straighten my hair, since the dyson hair warp gives me a blow dry “I just came out of the hair salon” kind of look. And it doesn’t fry my hair which for me was the whole point of buying it. After watching so many review I bough it last year as a self gift. And it’s my best purchase yet. It’s worth every penny. In general terms dyson=quality.

Chloe Matthews: Personally I think the dyson side looks a lot better!! Healthier, bouncier, professional - love it!

Freya Marello: I feel like you had been so used to using the Dyson one that side looked better, but if you had been using the dupe for a few months and then the Dyson one for the first time then the dupe would have looked better. But it was still a great and honest review xxx

Kirsten Rietveld: Ahhh, your eyeshadow looks so pretty here. It's very simple but I love it

Lyn Turner-Saunders: soph is one of the most amazing people, she makes my day

Beth Waters: The air wrap gives like straightner curls, the Babylis one gives more of curling iron curls. I just use my straightens to curl my hair everyday and I really like it.

Chloe Thegreybuild: I got my Air dry yesterday. Love your honest review on this beaut! Going to definitely have to get up a trial and review on my channel soon once I’ve had a play xx

C DS: I have just your technique of pin the curl because of your vlog and my curls are so much longer in my hair now! So thanks for the amazing tip soph this makes it finally worth the money! ❤️❤️❤️

Sianiza: Soph, what a great video! Love the comparison of the 2. I do however prefer the look of the air wrap. However i can’t even bring myself to consider spending £400 on hair tools.. eek! Xxx

Rach: I almost bought the air wrap last year but read online that it’s not actually a hair dryer. It’s a cooler temp than dysons actual hair dryer and it’s intended more as a styler than to completely dry your hair. I think my hair would go really frizzy with this. I use a GHD hairdryer and my hair dries really smooth and if I use a cheaper (cooler) hairdryer, my hair just goes crazy frizzy.

Faye Baker: love this video!! I always use hairspray every time i curl my hair and the curls last a few days, i thought that everyone did but maybe just me hahaha xx

megan ochello: Loved this comparison video, would love to see more videos like this with different tools maybe GHD and another straightener, you should also try the ali express Chinese version of the Dyson airwrap and compare

Alyssa Hardman: I just want to say that I think your hair natural is freaking gorgeous!

Deanna Troi: I was looking at styling brushes in the sales, wondering if one would be right for me. I haven't owned a hairdryer for about 10 years (using one worries me now, as my last hairdryer burst into flame when I was midway through drying my hair), and usually just let it dry naturally as I have naturally pin straight hair.

Tracey Smith: So glad I came across this video I won a Dyson hair wrap and I’ve been watching videos on how to use it. I’ve seen a few videos and comments saying the curls don’t hold so well. If anyone has any tips I’d love to hear them please.

Daniella Edgecumbe: I love my dyson, completely worth the cost for me. I find that my dyson has really helped me like my natural hair texture a lot more. My hair is also wavy, slightly more wavy than yours and I enjoys that throughout the day the style relaxes into a mix of a pretty style with my natural hair texture. I don’t know if that makes sense but since getting the tool in August I’ve used it more than I normally would use a heat tool and my hair is in better condition so I love it! Really nice to see the comparison, I might look into getting the babyliss one for my sister after seeing this ☺️

Khatija Kay: Let’s be honest since the dyson release I’ve never seen someone with drop Dead gorgeous hair who’s said it was done by the dyson and the day I do I will buy it

laura denieffe: The Dyson side looked a bit healthier if that makes sense. When I had long hair mine was very fine and prone to static, my hair never held curls or back combing which was hilarious to me as my friends used to give out over it

Karlien B.: The Dyson Airwrap is really expensive, but every video I watch I like the airwrap so much more than the dupes :)

Vipu Jose: Use ouai texture spray after you use your dyson. Also use aveda’s thickening tonic when your hair is damp . And pin curling is a good way to ensure it lasts with the products.

Maab Mohamed: Her hair looks amazing when it’s wet. Like when it first came outta the towel I was... SHOOK

Zaytunah Ridwan: Love your vids Soph and your highlighter palette I use it everyday its amazing

Amelia Bishop: Something that I’ve learnt from using one is that when I am trying it/curling it with the Dyson air wrap after it’s all dried and curled put it on cold to set it x

Caitlin Bruce: I never knew I needed these products until now. My hair is super thick!! Great video idea, your hair and makeup is looking flawless!

norin merchant: If the Dyson has a curl diffuser I think you should totally try it on your wavy hair :) You look beautiful in anything btw!

Adele Leithead: When you took your hair out the towel... BEAUT! ❤️ I honestly love it

Elorah-Jayne Drewe: I've been trying for a year and a half to get the curls to stay and finally I had some success with Bumble & Bumble Dry Foam Spray and L'Oréal Pli- not together. I actually managed to make it around my whole head without the curls dropping out completely.

Rebecca: The dyson side definitely looks a lot nicer, however for £400 I wouldn’t say it looks significantly different in comparison to the Babyliss. I’m assuming over time the Dyson though is just generally better for hair perhaps bx

Santa Kluga: Definitely Dyson . Dyson side was way smoother . Also yea you can wrap your hair around Dyson to achieve a different type of curls . And yes, it does check the temperature as stated, that’s preventing hair from burning. I watched a test on Dyson , and every girl said that they notice the difference in long term from Dyson, the hair wasn’t burnt and less kinks , no frizz . Yes it is extremely expensive, but I guess it’s the science behind the product what puts it on this price category. x

Lara Kušar: Oh my gosh ur natural hair is actually so pretty.

i am groot: It’s like the best part of my entire day when Soph posts, i look forward to it so much!

Daisy Penfold: I love these comparison videos! If I had £400 to spare I would deffo buy the airwrap but unfortunately I dont

Charlotte Louise: Can't wait to watch this! Been looking for a dupe for awhile xx

Marcie May: Omg naturally curly hair! I neeeed to see a testing the “curly girl” method where you try and get it super curly! X

MESH & CHAR: Oooh this video was soo interesting!! We want a dyson air wrap so bad but it’s good to know that there is still come cons as the curls don’t stay all day so it’s putting us off on the big investment! We literally just have the babyliss soft wave curling wand which is literally £25 and it’s amazing for the price tag! We literally just did a video on it ourselves! Your hair looks gorgeous though thanks for sharing!! Love the hair care tips too! Deffo need to work on hair care lol! Xxxx

Ashley Hilliard: Video idea! Soph does the curly girl method for 30 days! You've got gorgeous natural curls in there! Would love to see how it goes ❤️

Ellie Smith: Hey Soph love your videos and love this. Just want to say as I have the dyson myself and I think the reason your hair drops out is because you are brushing through it if you leave it to drop a little bit it shouldn't drop out. Mine last all day but not sure if it because I have different hair to you but just a tip xxx

M L: Take a tail comb through the round brush and pull them all out!! Works every time to get hairs out of my round barrels!

Gem: recently bought myself the dyson and they do a complete long set now! so obviously depending on your length you can pick now! absolutely loving it so far though! recommend the splurge if you're like me and are rubbish at curling your hair normally! xx

Patti 1962: I think over time, the cheaper one might cause heat damage after a while. I have noticed this year how gorgeous and healthy your hair has looked! As for sweets, I love them as well. My husband and I are empty nesters, and we have started buying a slice of cake each on the weekends. That way we get our sweet "fix" but don't have an entire cake sitting around to temp us!!

PeppermintGlow: With every passing second my desire to coach soph through doing the curly girl method grows lmaoooo

Danika Davis: My friend just got the Dyson air wrap and we curled her hair with yesterday it works awesome but I wouldn’t buy it full price I would wait for it to go on sale because I wouldn’t pay 500 for a hair tool

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