Our Weekend | Short Hair Update, Date Nights, First Snow

  • Posted on 14 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

A relaxing yet fun busy weekend. We got our first snowfall. Karli gives an update on how she's liking her short hair. Blake fixes his car brakes for the first time. We went out for a friend's 50th birthday party. And we went out the next night too...to the movies to see Ticket to Paradise.

QOTD= What is your short term goal for this week?

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Good morning guys it's uh Saturday morning, it's uh, blistering 47 degrees. It'S gon na be 40s all day. Today, it's kind of Cloudy welcome to Michigan weather. I feel a little froggy. Today we had my nephew's football game yesterday they were undefeated and lost 28-7. It was a bummer took Chester with me, um grandpa Frank. My brothers were both there, so they uh they lost 28.7. It was quite an adjustment for me actually for everybody. We went from 70 degrees for probably the last two weeks and now it's cold. So our bodies are totally not adjusting. I kept cramping up yesterday and my growing muscles and everything was really really uh really tight. So we did the game last night - and here I am this Saturday morning at uh 9 A.M. Blake needs to get his brakes done on his car. They were squeaking, so he called frantically and we're gon na go to Grandpa Frank's. Today, change the brakes out on his car and try to get home watch a little football and then my best friend growing up. It'S his uh 50th birthday party, so that's kind of the the lowdown for uh for today, so hi guys good morning. Isn'T this a change of weather? Look at it outside it's snowing. We actually have snow sticking to the ground and it's cold foreign just leave. It sit there yeah, you don't want it to fall. I mean it's rip out and go nowhere. That'S easy that one came out for him again: Grandpa Frank, constructing plate, how to work. What'S he supposed to be doing Dad a little rusty three guys standing here watching Blake work new rotors, so we had to duck out uh didn't get the job done completely we're about 80 percent, so Tony's gon na finish it up. I'M gon na go back and help I'm gon na take Milwaukee to work. He'S got to be to work, so I'm taking him home to shower up drop him off and then uh head back. Welcome to Michigan. What'S the date today November 10th. Is it the 12th got our first snow Notre Dame football taking Blake to work in the snow? I didn't think it was going to stick it's covering the grass, so I'm getting ready to film my book, video that posted yesterday. It'S going to be all the Christmas books that I'm gon na be hopefully starting to read next week is the plan, my camera acting crazy, but I wanted to show you my outfit. I put the sweatshirt on because I wanted to wear the sweatshirt and I have my pj pants on. I thought I would sit out here so I could sit in front of the Christmas tree, but you can't even tell look at that. I can't I thought I'm like oh you'll be able to tell that it's snowing. I can't because, if I focus on that, then I'm blurry, oh well, it's still a little more festive than filming in my office because I don't think I'm gon na decorate my office for Christmas. You guys see what Shaggy does poor guy huh. I don't know if anyone's ever had an older dog that can't hear unless it's really really loud, I think he's just starting to lose his eyesight. He doesn't like run into anything, but even in the summer when he would walk outside and the sun would be really bright, he would do that like jerk thing, so I don't know if it was creating like Shadows or something and now he's like doing it with The snow it must get like in his vision and, like I don't know he can't see real well, so I thought I would give everyone a little cardly uptake because I feel, like I rarely ever like Vlog for our family nests anymore, unless I'm literally with my Mom so right now I literally look crazy um, my pajama pant, I'm still wearing pajama pants. I actually wear these pants like as pants all the time, because pants are so uncomfortable these days. That, literally just pajama pants is the way to go. When you're literally like going to hang out with friends like casually, then I have on a tank top and I have on a jacket. I literally just put this on. It is snowing outside. I was gon na put on a coat, but I'm literally just going to hang out at my friend's house and we're all just gon na sit there and just talk and hang out it's a bunch of girls and it's like. Why would I bring a coat for that, like I'm gon na, be outside to walk to my car and then to walk into her house like? I don't think I need a coat. That'S like the problem with coats. It'S like they're, like only needed if you're like going somewhere outside for a long period of time, so I bought like this new coat and I really wanted to wear it. It'S so cute, but there's just no point so that makes me upset, but I wanted to give you guys a little update on my hair um. I'Ve only washed it twice or no I've only washed it once since I got it done, and I think I got it done over a week ago honestly, I washed my hair, like four days after I got it done, and then it's been probably like another four Or five days since I've washed it, it doesn't really look the best right now, it kind of starting to look really stringy and greasy. I invested in powder dry shampoo because I heard that, like the spray dry, shampoo was like bad for your hair, so I like tried to try out like a different one, and I don't really know how I feel about it. Um. I just don't really like like the way my hair looks unless, like I sit and take the time to style it, which the way I've been styling. It is, I literally straighten it like this and then I kind of just like start to curl. So the end kind of like curls in a little bit and it always looks super cute, but right now I'm not doing my hair because it's just not worth it like. I'M not really like doing anything extravagant right now, except for like going to hang out with my friends, so I feel like it might change, because this jacket isn't very warm and I want to be warm and maybe I would take off this tank top. But then I would have to put on a bra, and everyone knows I'm not gon na do that. But I just finished two English assignments, which I've literally been putting off for this entire week and I literally had no choice whether or not to like. Do it right now, because it's due tonight and it's already five and I'm probably not gon na, be home for the rest of the day so like I had to do it or like? I was just gon na turn in late, which is like not an option. So I'm glad I finally got that done. It was really terrible. I'Ve been thinking about it all week and I'm just so glad it's just out of the way but yeah I'm gon na be heading out here. I'M gon na be going to my friend's house and probably just hanging out with my friends for the rest of the day, which is great because I've seen my friends almost every single day this week, and usually we don't really like, hang out this much. So it's really nice that we're all like starting to get together again, so I'm gon na get going. So thank you guys for listening to my little Ted Talk. You want to be in the picture you're in the picture. Taking a picture, I'm not taking a picture. I'M so proud of his strength. Why would you be that funny? Look at that meal in a cup hey guys, checking in with you on Sunday, it's the next day, just sitting here. Actually it's three o'clock on a Sunday and I'm still just chilling like a villain. I did get my book video up this morning. It was all of my Christmas book recommendations. Oh I already told you guys that yesterday, I'm in my comfy PJ pants, I got my two best buds, Dex and Tucker down there. They'Re Shaggy pip is on the floor somewhere and I just started watching the show called The Big brunch it's on it's actually on HBO. It'S like a cooking competition show just the first episode. It'S okay, I'm not like loving it. I feel like there's just not a lot. I'Ve been wanting to watch on the streaming services. Lately love his blinds over that finale. The reunion was crazy. Are you guys team, Cole or teams they I'm? I hate to pick sides because we're all human and no one is perfect, but if I had to pick sides, I'm team Cole, I thought all through the season. She was a little harsh with her words and he is definitely a little immature in his some growing up to do, but he is younger so like I get it, but she just, I think, has some personal demons confidence issues that she needs to work there. A little bit kind of tried to sleep in a little bit because I had a little. I really have too much to drink last night, but like more than normal, we went out to dinner with some friends another one of our friends turns 50.. I feel, like majority of my friends, aren't 50. Yet if I well, no, because even like my book club girlfriends, I feel like half of us are 50 and half of us are and the other half not us, because I'm 50., the other half are not 50. Yet so kind of right in the middle, so I thought it would be fun since it's the beginning of the week to share a goal that you have just for this week. If you guys are anything like me, sometimes I tend to focus only on long-term goals and I forget the short term ones. So my short-term goal for this week is to work out consistently and not skip days, because I get busy or tired or stressed it's been a real struggle lately with starting a new business. Just trying to find that balance between work and really anything else, especially exercise is always the first thing that gets pushed aside so comment down below what your short-term goal. What'S something you want to achieve this week, Ken and I are leaving, he decided to call me a little bit ago and say: let's go get a bite to eat, so we're leaving and just anybody else leave on the TV for their dogs when they leave the House we do. We have two dogs, Tucker and being both really intently watch television, even though they're not right now, because they're waiting to see what we're doing but they'll lay on the couch, we'll tuck early on the floor. You can you can watch TV all right guys so we're out to dinner we're at a restaurant called Rumors in Toledo kind of like a, I don't know a little little bar. I guess Greek food. Okay, this is a small salad. We got some Euro meat and Ken also has chicken coming right. Chicken wings did you get that all over? I love it we're at the movie theater and there's a lot of people in here. So we need to be really quiet. Actually, there's only two other people in here, but we're gon na see Tickets to Paradise, Julia Roberts and George Clooney. It was my idea I said: do you want to go see a movie after dinner yeah? We could be home watching football, that's because he wanted to get some. What you got. Nothing. Are you gon na end the video come here. I like beans, that's it for today, please thumbs up this video and the question of the day. What'S your favorite Christmas movie, even though it's not Thanksgiving yet yeah, why is everybody rushing Christmas because they're just fed up with everything and Christmas makes people some people happy? Oh Dex wants to end the video too a horse or, let's see if they can guess what movies are. What movie are we watching right now you sing it. We'Ve heard you said. I know you put it on Tick: Tock check out our family Nest on Tick, Tock to see Ken sing yeah. I had some substances in me. Some alcohol yeah. I can't tell it don't say substances even worse: it does so some cocktails took it to Paradise. What did you think it's all right? It was total candy movie Very actually more for my. My mom would have loved it. Yeah very predictable, but entertaining whatever you think happens happens. That'S where there's this one part they're walking out of the woods or whatever, and I'm like you know. What would be great right now is a giant dinosaurs that would make this one my dress at first, that would totally flip the movie. It would make the movie of the year all right so apparently we're watching elf to wrap up the evening before bedtime bedtime anyways. So thank you guys for watching today's video, we'll see you on Wednesday, Wednesday. After watching this on Monday, all right maybe could be watching it a different day, but bye guys, foreign

Kimberly Jennings: The snow looks beautiful! I like when Ken gives updates too. Karli looks so beautiful! I love the short hair on her.

Cheryl McConnell: Yes, I have my tv on for my Pomeranian when I leave the house . Elf is one of my favourite Christmas movies also( and Christmas Vacation of course )

chloe wood: Mikey’s Twice a Christmas is my absolute favorite Christmas movie! My short term goal for the week is getting some assignments done I’ve been putting off! Thanks for the motivation K!

Jen's Corner: Elf is so cute! I think my favorite Christmas movie is “The Family Stone” Ken is right! I think everyone is over this year and Christmas makes some of us happy! ❤

David Dubois: As always you guys are awesome amazing family god bless you all keep up with the great work much love

Cait: I’m team Zay because Cole picked apart her appearance the whole season. As someone with an ED past I know how much those words can affect someone. But I do believe they both need to go to therapy to work through their personal struggles.

Cynthina Dawson: My favorite Christmas movie is white Christmas , Candi I love your glasses you look really good in them.

Delindagram2315: It’s really nice to still get updates on the kiddos ❤ poor shaggy it was so heartbreaking watch my dog get older sending good vibes to him ❤

Oma opa: Both of you Ken and Candi are so cute and I always love watching you both just being a fun married couple

Magma™Saga: Beautiful❄️ postcard--you digital kids probably don't know what that is--like, love letter-type footage❄️ of snow ️ falling outside the car (2:54), driving Blake to work. As if looking into a snow globe. Warms ❤️‍my heart‼️

the frig: I didn’t even know shaggy was still alive I haven’t seen him in the vlogs for a while so I just assumed he was gone but I’m so happy he’s still kickin

Ale Kat: My dog was born with minimal cataracts and now that he's almost 13 he's basically fully blind. Shadows and bright lights definitely mess with him. But in well lit rooms he can get around better than dark rooms. Poor Shag I hope he adjusts well

Juju Bean: Home Alone and Christmas Vacation are my two favourites. My short term goal is not losing my mind with this new puppy we have. What was I thinking? Lol

Izzy B: I'm the same, cold weather = cute sweater and pj pants/sweatpants ❄️

Ash: Love your videos. My short tearm goal for the week is to hopefully get Taylor Swifft Tickets for her concert. Fingers crossed My favorite Christmas Movie is definitely Home Alone.

Mystic: Ken is right most people say Christmas makes people happy /aka Christmas Decorations ♥️ Favorite Christmas/Christmas Story

darcie andreini: I love your sweatshirt you are wearing. You guys as so lucky, you guys got snow! I’m moving in with you! Get prepared….LOL

Aaron Figueroa: Something I want to achieve this week is staying on top of my homework assignments

Innovation that Excites: Love your sweater Candi. Where did you get it?

MakeupByAnaRae: My favorite Christmas movie is Scrooge. The one from 1970 with Albert Finney.

Mackenzie Wilson: You guys are watching “Elf”. Me and boyfriend just watched that last week.

LeAnn Javage: my favorite christmas movie will always be the polar express!

clique gatorade: im team cole too! lol

Sarah Destito: Wow that's snow you got is just beautiful yeah it was 32° and when I woke up this morning and now it's 47 and I don't like it and it with the rain coming in tomorrow jeez I'm not a big fan of the cold I'll be so glad when it gets back to warm weather what is the November weather there's nothing I can do about it I wish I could oh I wish I could cuz I hate the cold never liked it I never will

Misty Fasching: Christmas vacation, elf, the family stone, Fred claus

Courtney: I love y’all so much

Holistic Beauty & Mind: Off topic lol but I’m a journalism major and I can’t help to notice ken has the best sports broadcasting voice ever, he should consider it

star rades: I love Elf too!!

Devin B: Is every one going to be home for thinksgiving

Jen J: is ur sweatshirt maurices? its super cute.. i love it!

Kelly Strader-creger: Santa clause is my fav.

Nicholas Profeta: My favorite Christmas movie is ElF and home alone lost in New York an D Santa Claus Movie

A Mochinski: What is your and kens new business?

hourglass222: you guys were watching Elf my favorite Christmas movie is Elf


Innovation that Excites: Also my favourite Christmas movies are the home alone franchises.

Jocelyn Camacho: Elf!!!!

HeyitsDeirdre: I like elf and polar express

Diane Fravel: Elf

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