Silke London Hair Wrap Turban Review| Normalizing Luxury For Women Of Color

  • Posted on 16 December, 2020
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Hello all-

Thank you for tuning in! This video is about the Silke Hair Turban. It is critical for black women to protect our hair while we sleep for length retention and the overall care of our precious locks. Pure silk is the absolute BEST way to do this! #normalize luxury and proper hair care for black women! Using silk hair wraps help preserve your natural hairstyle while you're asleep. Let's get into this movement and begin loving yourself from tip to tail.

"Each and every night, we toss and turn against abrasive and moisture absorbent bed linen, that damages our hair cuticles and causes them to break. This nightly friction is the cause of slow growth, dryness, thinner hair, frizz, bed head and split ends – standing between us and glorious hair days.

Inspired by the time-tested tradition of wrapping hair, we developed our ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable, elasticated hair wrap of the finest 100% pure mulberry silk (because synthetic satin will still strip away precious moisture and oils from your strands too!) for all women, of all hair types, to protect your precious locks against this nightly damage;

Strengthening, lengthening, thickening and permanently transforming your tresses . . . all while you sleep."

The Need To Know:

Royal navy, 100% pure mulberry 22 momme grade silk hair wrap.

Special edition gold foil box!

One size, perfect for all hair types.

Elasticated around the head band for slip-on, slip-off ease. Fits XS - XL head (20 - 26").

Why Your Hair Will Thank You:

Repair and prevent hair breakage and damage.

Maintain your hair style overnight. (Hello 2nd, 3rd… 4th day hair!)

Save time in the mornings spent restyling.

Balance oily roots and dry ends.

Wash your hair less.

Naturally condition hair overnight to combat dryness.

Reduce hair loss and boost hair growth.

Eliminate frizz and flyaways.

Keep hair extensions looking better for longer.

Dramatically enhance your hair’s appearance.

Lifetime: Replace after 4 - 6 months of nightly use.

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Happy Holidays and I love you for watching!

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Hey y'all, i'm reggie dior welcome back to my channel if you're new here, please be certain to hit that subscribe button. If you're not aware on this channel, i cover everything from lifestyle, beauty and fashion. So if that's your niche be certain to subscribe and follow along with me on this journey, as you can see from the title today, we're going to talk about the silk a turban, hair wraps and rather or not, i recommend you guys to buy these. So stick around and let's see what my thoughts are, the color of these boxes actually reflects the color of the turban that is on the inside. So i got green and i got blue. My birthstone color is emerald, it's the green and then i have the blue. Just because i just wanted to just try a color that just wasn't black, i don't know nonetheless, so this is what the box looks like and it has like a little. No okay, hair, rep aka your new best friends. I can see that being my new best friend silk, all my tresses okay, so it says you hate bad hair days. We hate bad hair days, and so we came up with this: a luxurious slip-on, slip-off 100 silk hair, wrap to condition and protect your precious locks from damage causing friction all while you sleep here, cuticles glide flat against the smooth silk, cocoon eliminating frizz and making bad Head a thing of the past, your scalp's natural oils are spread evenly from root to tip naturally nourishing your tresses and reducing the need to wash and restyle in the morning. No more breakages split ends. Just the stronger shinier and more voluminous hair. You'Ve always wanted one size fits all hair types dry clean only and this is made in london anyway, on their website. I see that they have nine different colors. I'M gon na show you guys what it looks like on the inside of the box. So once you open the box, this is what it looks like. It has like a little piece of plastic plexi, looking material on the top of it, and then you have the actual turbine. So here it is it's kind of ruched in the back gathers to that. Little knot in the front, so here we go on the green, you guys and again it just gathers at the front and let's see if i can get a back image in um, so like the green one, much better than the blue but yeah. These are super comfortable. I highly recommend them um. They don't come off at night. They do leave a little imprint on your forehead, unfortunately, because it is kind of you know, cinched there at the front, but it isn't too tight at all super comfortable. I highly recommend these uh simple, easy breezy. Then we have the blue, and here is what it looks like here's, the back of it has elastic all the way around. Has the silky label on the inside. So here we go in the blue and i'll. Try to turn all the way around the blue recommend these 100. I don't know if you guys have any other recommendations on silk turbine hair wraps. If so, please drop those comments below. Let me know your thoughts on these hair wraps um great products. I recommend it. It'S really important for african-american women to wrap their hair in a silk wrap. Our hair has a lot of versatility. You know we can wear it up. We can wear it down we're going to twist. We can wear an afro, we can wear it silk press. We can wear it so many different ways and it's so beautiful if we're wearing it in all of these different styles and we're not protecting it. While we sleep like that's just it's not good for our hair, like our hair is precious and it's very delicate. Therefore, it requires a more delicate precious fabric. You know to sleep in at night, so we that's that's what we've got to have, and i mean every nationality of course, but particularly women of color african-american, our hair is, is very, very delicate, so we have to have a delicate fabric. Um great christmas gift, great birthday gift, you know, if you know me, go ahead and grab me a couple more colors, because i already let you guys know i like them just kidding. No, i'm not anyway, so yeah. That concludes the review. Um, the material feels nice. It comes with a little card on the inside that has instructions on how to wear it. Oh yeah go ahead and wrap this. You guys um! Thank you so much for watching again it is reggie dior we're gon na cover everything, lifestyle, beauty and fashion, dropping new content every wednesday if you're not subscribed. Please subscribe. Let me know your comments down below. Thank you for watching you.

Grethel Loves to Share: This sounds a great product for my hair too. This will be written down in my wishlist for my birthday.

Sunshine Love Daye: These are really nice! It would be nice if these were normalized to wear inside, outside, and anywhere. I haven’t heard of this brand, but I will look into it. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Hinificou👽: You and your hair are gorgeous. I'm convinced purchasing. Thank you for this tutorial

Cleaning with Telma: I love the colors you chose. You look good with both of them.

ravyn williams: The silk turban is beautiful, and I love this color

WildBerry: So interesting to watch this. Thank you for sharing this with us

Jalena Elise: I would definitely get one of these! Good video!

Poonam V Rajput: Lovely product ... great review, thanks for sharing

AsAmI Home Designs: I have one of these and love!

Julia Samuel: These are beautiful but the problem I have I am yet to learn a wrap or two , but love them

EPIC TIKTOK LAB: My grandma loves these soo much

Singing Hymn Song With Wiseman Harefa: Thank you for sharing the tips of silk turban, Sist. Great. You look beautiful with it. I'll my wife to try to keep her hair tidy and healthy. WLCS, hit bell from new subbie. Regards, Wiseman Harefa.

Aarav Singh: This is looking so beautiful

Marshalette Wise, M.Ed.: Would you wear it out the house with statement earrings? or on top of your down hair? Do you think it's cute enough for that or just for sleeping? Great review and you're gorgeous.

MAMATA'S KITCHEN: This silk turban looks good... thank u so much for sharing

Malsha TBL: ohh.. I want one!!

Ana: Just curious is the inside of the turban silk? Thanks.

The sparkling three: These hair wrap turbans are beautiful. They look versatile and the colours stand out.

Nayna Kanabar: The silk turban looks beautiful and very nice .

Jules Unscripted: They are beautiful.

Shane Bana: I only see these on movies tbh, like idk how I’d sleep if there’s something wrapping my head. But I like the colors. Good to learn something new everyday

Pallavi Nayak: This is soo good,use ful to protect hair I want one wher we get it?!here in India

Kalishenanigans: Can you only use this during night? When you sleep? Or you can also use this anytime of the day?

Huku Spain: I would like to have that turbine but I don't know if I can get it in my area

Monique Je':

Simply Dej: These were some beautiful head wrapping

I Am Odette: I like both but the green one looks better on your skin tone hey girl

vishakha shah: YOu look gorgeous , all the colors

yoga with dinma: I Love your hair

Healthy Jesus Girl: Would love to see you show the “process” of putting it on….How you get the hair all up in there…..?

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