New!! Wrap N Lock Hipsta Locs On 4C Natural Hair!!! 18 Inches Long | How To Install & Style!!!

  • Posted on 06 November, 2020
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous



Hey MB Crew!! In this video I will be testing out Shake N Go New Hipsta Locs on my short 4c Natural Hair!! I hope you all enjoy & thanks for watching!!

-Mona B.

Shake N Go

Here are the available colors for our Wrap N Lock - Hipsta Loc 18"

1, 1B, 2, 4, 613, T27, T30, T530

Purchase link:

Products used in video:

Lusters Pink Leave In Conditioner

Olive Oil


Edge Booster Pomade

*S O C I A L M E D I A*

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Natural hair journey

July 2010 last perm

Transition for 9 months

April 2011 big chopped

April 2012 1year natural

April 2013 2year natural

April 2014 3years natural

April 2015 4 years natural

April 2016 5 Years natural

April 2017 6 years natural

April 2018 7 years natural

April 2019 8 years natural

April 2020 9 years natural

Got tapered cut June 2014

Mohawk cut(Shaved Sides)July 2014

Last haircut started growing out my hair September 4th 2014

Tapered twa haircut December 2014

Second big chop March 10th 2015

Shaved sides again July 2016

Third big chop January 2017

Forth big chop/Shaved August 2018

Bleached & Colored my natural hair September 2018

Last haircut Started growing out hair again December 2018


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FTC: This video is sponsored by Shake N Go, but all opinions are my own! I only review products that I really like and actually use!

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Hey i'm v crew, i'm gon na be here turn on your post notifications subscribe to my vlog channel life is wannabe and follow me on instagram at mona x banks. So, as you guys can see today, i'm bringing y'all a different look which i'm so excited about. You guys know it's definitely protective style season and i'm coming through with my different protective styles, okay, and i definitely wanted to share this one with you guys. You already know how i'm coming i got to give y'all looks so the hair that i'm rocking is from shaken, go freetress braid. It is the wrap and lock perfect for individual wrap method, hips to lock and 18 inches, and it is in t 30 you guys. So this is the hair that i am rocking. So thank you to shake and go for sending the hair to me and also sponsoring this video. If you guys are interested in purchasing this hair, you can definitely find it at your local beauty supply store, but also make sure you guys check the description box below. So you will know where to purchase this hair, you guys it is super cute, so bomb. I love it so much so we're definitely going to go ahead and get into the styling portion of this video. So you guys can see how i installed the locks, because you guys know the wrap method is definitely really popular right now and shake and go has came out with their lock specifically for the wrap method. So you guys i'm gon na go ahead and tell you how much hair i use, so you could go ahead and gauge it for yourself of how many types of hair you think you would need. I have a small head and i don't like to make my like when i do protective styles or braids, i don't like to have a lot of braids in my hair, a lot of locs because, like i said my hair it, my hair is really small. So i use four packs of hair. I do have a little bit left over from the fourth pack, so i didn't use all of the hair out of the four pack, but i use most of it. Each pack has 16 locks in it. So overall i used to buy. I have about 64 locks in my head, probably a little bit less like i said i have some hair left over in this packaging, so four packs should definitely do you some good, depending on how big your head is. Your head is a little bit bigger than mine and you may have to go ahead and purchase or get a fifth pack. I didn't want to do mine like too too thick, because i wanted them to be realistic and easy for me to style. Sometimes, when you do too many locks can be, you know, understand a bit much to style, so i didn't want to overdo it, but i'm really really liking these locks. You guys they are just so cute and you guys are gon na see how simple and easy they were to install if you're, not a french braid. This will definitely be a protective style for you, because all you have to do is know how to plat your hair in crochet, and you will be good to go so i'm really loving the color. The hair does come in an array of colors you guys they have a lot of different colors that you can choose from, and i really love how they turned out on me. You guys they're super cute. This is my first time actually ever ever ever trying locs and i am definitely sold, and i really like these hipster locks, like i love how they're curly on the end, but we're just going to go ahead and get into the styling portion of this video. So you guys can see how to install them. Okay, you guys so i'm starting off on freshly washed hair and i'm just going to add in some luster's pink leave-in conditioner all over my head and then i'm going to go ahead and add some olive oil. All over my head to seal in that moisture off camera, i went ahead and braided the back of my head, so i could look in the mirror to part, but i did my braids about medium size. I do have fine hair, so i'm just going to go to the front and i'm going to be using my real tail comb to part the sections for my braids and i am going to be using some jam to you know, make sure my parts are pretty Straight and even and also to hold the hair together. So, as you guys can see, i'm just parting, my hair, so that i can start braiding there, i'm going to add some of the gem at the root. Now you don't want to braid your hair too tight at the root because you have to fit the lock through your hair, so i'm just going to go ahead and start braiding, but not too tight on my roots and i'm literally just going to repeat the same Steps took me a little over an hour to braid my whole head. It didn't take too too long now that i am all finished with the braids. This is just how my braids turn out. This is just what they look like, so yours should look something like this. I mean the parts: don't have to be super perfect, but as long as you can get your hair planted, then you will be good to go, as you guys know, we're going to use this shake and go wrap and lock hips to lock in 18 inches. This is just what it looks like up close in the packaging. Let'S take a close look at the lock. As you guys see, it has the loop that way. You can latch the hair into your braid and then it also has the extra hair to wrap around the lock to cover up the braid from your real hair. As you guys can see, the loose hair stretches out pretty far. So if your hair is long, you shouldn't have any problem, you should be able to wrap it. So i'll put your crochet hook through the base of your braid and then you're going to latch on the lock and close the hook, pull it through the base of your braid, but keep it on the pole of the crochet hook. You'Re going to take the end of the lock latch it in the hook close the hook and pull it through the hole. Once you have the end of the hair through the hole you want to pull the base completely. All the way down to the base of your real braid, as you guys see me doing here, pull it all the way down and it is very secure and into place. It'S not going to go anywhere, as you guys can see the braid and then the loose hair from the lock. So i'm just going to lay the braid up against the lock and i'm going to start wrapping the loose hair around the base and all the way to the end of the braid. Until i don't see my braid any more, when you get to the end, there's nothing that you need to do. The hair will literally just stay in place and it won't unravel so just wrap it all the way down to the end and you're good to go. So i'm literally going to repeat the same steps on the next braid. As you guys can see, it's super easy to install you latch it through the hook, pull it through the hole, pull it back through the end and yeah. You guys really really simple, really easy to do. Anyone can do this. You guys i'm a little slow at installing things, so it took me like some hours to go ahead and install the locks, but it wasn't bad. It'S really a quick method, though it is really easy to do um but yeah. It does take a little bit of time, so you have to be patient and remember earlier in the video when i was telling you guys, don't braid your actual braids too close to your root, because you need to be able to pull them through. You don't want them tight, because you will not be able to get this lock through the root of your hair. If your braid is a little long, i'm going to go ahead and show you a trick that you can do to still be able to install these locks. So you want to put the loop through the hook, pull it through the base and then bring it back around and pull the bottom all the way through, as you would normally do so when you get it completely to the base you're going to take your braid And you're going to literally wrap it around the lock as before. You know you just lay the braid along the lock, now you're going to wrap it, and this is going to be for my girls. That hair is a tad bit too long. So, as you guys can see, i'm just literally wrapping my braid around the lock and that will make it shorter that way, you don't have to lay it long across the lock that way your hair can still be completely covered up. Then you just want to go ahead and take the loose hair and wrap it as normal right around your braid in the lock. So doing the wrap and lock method makes the lock appear that it is growing out of your scalp. Also you guys this hair is very, very lightweight um. It doesn't feel like. I have anything on my head, which is nice. I love that, so the hair is not heavy at all. Now that my locs are completely finished, i'm going to go in with some edge booster pomade and i'm going to go ahead and lay down my baby hairs. Now that the locks are finished, this is how they look on the ends. Really pretty. I love the curls at the end. This is just what they look like at the root, and this is them from all angles. They look very very nice, as you guys can see, they have texture to them. They'Re wavy, which is super cute. I'M gon na go ahead and style them a few ways, so i'm just gon na take the locks that are on the side and pull them to the back with a hair tie, and this is how it looks you know just in case you don't want them Completely in your face super cute and you can also bring the hair to the side. So, of course, we got to go ahead and put them up into a ponytail at the top, so we're going to do the classic half of half down style and i'm just getting the ponytail adjusted to how i want it to be, and i'm going to take A hair tie and put them up, and this is how the hipster locks look like with the half of half down. I love it super cute. These locks are so versatile. The next style i'm going to go ahead and do a bun at the top. So i'm just repositioning my laps. This is how they look with the half of half down bun super cute. I love it this way as well, and you already know i had to test out my favorite, which is all the hair up into a bun which was really easy to do. You guys, like i said because i didn't use too many wax, so i was able to get the hair up into a bun, how i like it and it not be like too thick or too much hair. So i thought a messy bun would look really pretty with the locks, so this is just how the bun turned out. So you guys everything about shake and go will be in the description box below the locks that i'm rocking will also be in the description box below so check there. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope it was helpful thanks for watching, and i will see you all on the next one. Bye

Mango n Sapphire: You did a wonderful install. The style is beautiful on you! I admire your talent as I am completely uncoordinated to do something like that. LOL

Valeata Sowell: Quick easy and affordable solution for a hairstyle. Just what I'm looking for. Thank you

DiscoveringNatural: At first, I thought it was passion twists. I love the outcome and your instructions were detailed. That wrap hair on the side is genius

ashosity: These are so pretty! & that color looks really good on you!

XoXo: I liked that. Glad I found this video it looks real easy to do bc if I decided to transition my hair from relaxed to natural hair then I can try this. I dont wear extensions in my hair but I like this natual look and I will prefer a shoulder length style. I'm saving this video. Thanks girl ✊

Scott House: They look beautiful! You did a great install. They look longer than 18”. I wish the wrap in loc came in longer lengths.❤️❤️

Sincerely Prisca: This is soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Great tips ❤️

Taste Of Jamaica And Tings: Very beautiful!!!! Great job sis! Mona your real hair is growing so well too, very well done hun

Sakinah B.: Love these! Will be trying this style!!

Kim may: Yesssss come through B these locks look very realistic super beautiful thanks tor sharing mona

W: Beautiful Thanks for sharing another wonderful and easy protective style. Looking forward to wearing this look myself.

BlessedandBeautiful 83: I have them and I LOVE LOVE them. I used a pack and a half. My head must be small small it’s perfect, not heavy at all Buy them it’s definitely worth it.

It's Lahquen: These locs look beautiful on you PERIOD. These locs reminds me of the passion twist i did on my channel. I love the messy bun look

Annie: Cute...I love that color. You did an awesome job.

Daverney Freeman: Looks so nice.

ChameleonOne: Can you show the take down when you decide to remove this style? This may be the first crochet I try to install on my own.

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Sharina Davis: Slayed! So pretty

Delilah Banks: Bravo very well executed/BEAUTIFUL!!!

Maxine Williams: beautiful, can this be used on short locks ?

Alletia Smith: Great video! How many packs of the hair did you use?

Katbubbles: I have a question when you prep your hair in braids can you also twist them as well. I'm terrible at braiding my hair but great at doing twist

Dwina A.L.: How long did this style last you? I saw from another comment you already took them out. Beautiful and very natural

ItsjusBre: Can you use rubber bands and twist your hair if you can't braid?

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Lanshay Hull:

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