7 Quick & Easy Head Wrap Tutorial | Step By Step Instructions | Short & Long Hair

  • Posted on 19 February, 2022
  • Short Hair
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2 yards of fabric

Hey everybody i'm deborah pearson. First of all, for those of you who may not know i've been asked to do a few demonstrations on how i do my head wraps and i was very happy to oblige. So hopefully this will be something simple that you can pick up, but first i must tell you you should have at least two yards of fabric uh. You can go to any fabric store and get the fabric that you need i'll, be demonstrating the triangle method and then just the long fabric, and i will show you the fabric as i do. The demonstrations, and also my daughter brandi, will be doing a demonstration on how she wraps her hair with um the very long scarves so stick around and let's get this ball rolling. This is one method that i will be showing you. As you can see. It'S got the big knot in the front all right, so now i'm going to do the big knot with the long fabric, as i mentioned earlier. This is what i had on at the beginning and remember my my knots never come out the same ever so i just wrapped it no twist just wrapped, okay and kind of twist this a little bit and twisted this around, and i stuck this underneath this twist And then i take the other piece and do the same for it and there's the big knot with the the long fabric. I will be showing a demonstration of the big knot with the triangle shaped fabric. So that's this. Is it guys all right guys? I have the long fabric and i'm going to do this wrap, which is pretty simple. I'M gon na bring it to the front of your forehead and then you're gon na do like that. You see and bring this around to the front, make sure your ears and everything are your ears are covered on the top okay. So when we get the front you can twist it if you want get that over there and then we're gon na bring this up and pulling always pulling to make sure it's tight and we're gon na twist that and we're gon na twist it and secure it. Underneath the knot, this is the other piece, as you can see. I twisted that and then we're going to take this piece, half of that and we're going to play around with this first, so we can kind of have a little volume height at the top. Okay and then with this piece here, we're just going to stick it in the part and i'm gon na open up the twist just a little bit so it'll be okay. So now you have that. I think it's cute. It'S different! Okay! So that's another idea right here. I have the long piece of fabric and it's actually not two yards, it's about a yard and a half, but as i said, you need two yards. This is a little short, so we're gon na go ahead and uh work with this and start it at the back and we're going to just wrap one way and wrap it another. Okay! So now that you have this all wrapped and make sure it's tight when you wrap it, you still got this little piece up here. You can kind of work it around and then what i'm going to do is tie this. I think i'm gon na bring it over this way to the side, tie it and i'm gon na fan this part out. This is the end piece and then fan this other piece out and we'll tuck, some of it in the back back here. You can leave that hanging and then we'll tuck this other piece in the back here now, if you have two yards you'll, be able to tie it in a knot, but i only have this uh, it's just a yard and a half so and then work it With the top kind of, and just you know, just play i'll play around with it, and then you just have oh, this needs to be tucked in some more and there you have. It looks like that all right - and this is the end result it's just wrapped but, like i said, with two and a half with two yards, i'm sorry you'll be able to tie this in the knot. So it'll be more secured on your head and bam. You ready all right now, i'm back with this fabric and it's the long fabric but say for instance, you kind of want a headband. You don't want to cover your whole head. You may have a long hair or a big ball or a ponytail or afro puff. Whatever it may be, that you would want to use a headband, what you can do, you can take this fabric, i'm going to fold it over to make it a little thinner and get it like this, like a headband size, okay, okay! So now what i'm gon na do is bring it to the back of my head and usually, if i do headbands, i like to have my emphasis on the side. So i'm going to do this on the side of my head. You don't have to do that, but this is my preference. So let's tie it, let's get it tight. Okay, so i'm gon na do a double knot on it all right. So now we have this extra fabric. So we want to do something with that. So we're going to take kind of fan that open a little bit and you know you might want to bring some under this part here this headband at the bottom and tuck it underneath the knot and then now you have to just worry about this bottom piece And you can take that and you're going to tuck it under about be careful not to pull your hair and make sure that's in there really good. Okay! Now this last piece, i'm gon na, take it and i'm gon na also tuck it under the knot. So so now you have just the headband and your hair all right so how's that, as you can see the emphasis on and let me pin it because it's so the print and it's so colorful and there's a lot of print. You can't really see the emphasis on it, so that's just the headband, so hey you're ready to go again all right guys here, i'm using the same triangle shape fabric and i started from the back coming toward the front of the face and tying that um two Side points together, like i did the back and making a real tight tie here and then from there we're going to make sure you get it secured and kind of tight around the top of the head. And then you make a double knot, making sure it's tight, because you want to secure it on your head and then you just start playing around with the um the two ends and like here i just twisted them together and wrapped them around the the knot and Took the big piece and just wrapped it around those two um end pieces and the knot, and here we have it the big um not in the front of the face. Doesn'T it look nice thanks to my daughter in love? She was my model for this piece. Thank you so much ash. Okay, here's another idea for a triangle wrap bring it to the take it to the back, tie it in the front and don't tie it over to the side, though, i'm going to tie this one to the side. Okay and i'm gon na tie a knot. Okay, so now this piece here these are to the side here, and this front piece is what we're going to be working with. So we're going to take this piece here, make sure it's all pulled down. Take this piece and we're gon na tuck it underneath the knot to the side over here the knot that we made with the two and kind of open that up, and so now we still have the two um pieces here so make that full and kind of Open these up and then we're gon na take these so i'm gon na take one first and tack it under my ear there and then take the other and bring it around. Let'S, let me open it up just a little more okay and then we're gon na bring it around to the back. So listen, there's no wrong or right. Whatever you come up with is always the best. Do it? Okay! So now i have a little. So it's like that and like that, so now i'm done so. I will be bringing brandy up all right. Here'S brandi and, as you can see, she has her hair in a ponytail and she's wrapping it around the rubber band and then she's picking up her fabric. Stretching it out and she's going to place this fabric over her forehead and pull it to the back tightly and start to twist it making sure that it's fitting tight and she's not twisting it all the way to the end. Just enough to start the wrap to get it tight enough to start the wrap and then she's just going to wrap it around until um. All of the um tail of the wrap is tucked into the ball, which takes about less than five minutes to do. As you can see, she's complete and she's just making sure everything is tucked in and she's done, pretty simple huh you

Annette Harrison: I love these different scenarios of doing head wraps. Simply Gorgeous!!!

Yolanda Kirkwood: You and your daughter look darling in your turbines and head wrap. In Africa the ladies call their head wrapped or turbines Glee's, I like them too. I haven't worn the head wrapped in some time I'm going to have to go out and buy me some material thank you.

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