The Easiest Way To Wrap Your Hair While Wet

  • Posted on 24 August, 2017
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In this video I demonstrate how to wrap your hair while wet in cases where you do not want to put any heat on your hair. This is a great protective style for wearing wigs and also a great way of avoiding heat when you want to have the look of a fresh flat iron. Be sure to also check out the blog at

Hey you guys it's Toya! Thank you for watching 20j TV today, I'm gon na show you how to wet, wrap your hair. Okay. The last time I did a video showing you how I love to the best protective style that I love from my hair. That requires no heater brainie, and that was to just basically breath it when I lit was wet, allow it to dry, and then I just never took my hair down. I just put my wig cap on put my wig on, and that was my protective style while wearing my weed. I love that method simply because it does not put any tension on the hair at all and you do have the option to. If you want to take the wig off, you can just unwrap your hair and you're good to go. So what I have already done up until this point is that shampooed, my hair with the still hydration by al Jones, clarifying shampoo, will first what I did was. I did a deep conditioning: I did a hot oil treatment with the growth stimulation oil with the hair world oil. I'M sorry, I did a first. What I did was a hot oil treatment with the hair world oil and what I did with that was. I just parted my hair put some directly on my scalp parted. It put it directly on my scalp and I did that all over till I got it all over my scalp. Then I allowed that to sit for about really. I actually allow the treatment to sit for about 30 minutes, but I just never rinsed it out until the next day, because you know this is how my day went anyway. When I washed it out. I used the Xtreme clean, clarifying shampoo and that's because I wanted to make sure I got all of that oil out of my hair. I don't want my hair to be heavy or have a lot of build-up and when you tend to use a lot of oil, which I was kind of heavy on at this time, you know it could wear your hair down. So I used a Xtreme clean to get all of that off start at me with a clean slate of hair. Then I followed that up with the extreme moisture shampoo and that's when I again layering and putting the extra moisture back inside of my hair all right after that, I used a replenishing conditioner. Let that stay on my hair for about five to ten minutes with the replenishing conditioner. It really does not require a lot of time to work effectively. You know. So if you don't have a lot of time, that's a great conditioner to use, which I rarely have a lot of time extra. So that's my go-to and I rinse that out and here we are - I have towel dried, my hair. Now I am using the leave-in conditioner, hey I'm using the leave-in conditioner and I'm spraying that very generously with this leave-in conditioner. You can be very generous with the and you will still have just as much body and bounce simply because it is in a liquid form and it is very lightweight on the hair. So at this point, I'm just going to begin to comb my hair down detangle, and I can already see my ends. You see them. My hands have been trimmed. They already still look good, even wet. Okay, you want to always be sure to get your trims on schedule all right, I'm gon na spray it a little bit more in the back and the leave-in conditioner is also a very good detangler. So if your hair is very tangled, what you can do is spray generously the leaving conditioner right on the area where the hair is tangled and then start to gently calling that tangle right out. Okay, so I had my hair calm down all right and no breakage. No shading in this comb, that's what we want all right so now from here. What I'm going to do. This is the easiest way I'm gon na do this. Is I'm gon na pretend, like a lot of you, don't know how to wet wrap your hair and that's just because I'm not sure a lot of you do. There are some people that I just sold know how to write, wrap their hair and then, when I ask they're like not really, you know I just kind of just start with it: okay, so to make it easy, I'm going to first, I'm gon na part, my Hair from ear to ear, okay, so when you part your hair from ear to ear, you gon na come to the section in the front forward and then just leave the section in the back going. You know going to the bed. Okay, alright! So then, to make it even easier for it, the first section down the middle, so you have three sections mouth: okay, so we're going to start with the first section and you want to get some type of setting lotion foam wrap. This is foam, wrap, okay, you're, going to add that to this first section over here now a lot of people ask well what direction should I write on my hair iam? Normally I wear my part on the left side. Okay, so my hair is coming down towards the right side of my face. Therefore, I'm gon na wrap going til, it's the right. If I water my hair parted on the side, it had the hair hanging towards the left side of my face, then I will wrap going around to the left. Okay, now I have my rat tail comb and I'm just gon na take this section and smooth it down. That'S all I'm going going straight down with it. That'S it straight down, but I'm being sure to come from the root. If you do not call from the root, your rules will be puffy. Okay, that's it! Now I'm going to do the same thing to this section, but with this section I'm going to comb that in that direction, so you're gon na take your setting lotion setting foam your mousse, whatever you're using alright, and you do not have to tackle this whole section At one time you can take a section at a time smooth that over okay take another section, smooth that over got it until you get to the very last section all right now it looks like you have a comb-over, that's exactly what you want! Okay, now you want to go to the back section, and the only thing I'm going to do is connect this section to come all the way around, so to make it easier again, I'm gon na park the hair down the middle. Let me take this towel off. Crane, so I'm going to part it down the middle and I'm gon na start with this section, since it's closest to where I stopped putting more setting lotion on and again you can, you can make that section, another section and you're going to just connect it. Okay and I'm combing it out because you want the hair to be as smooth as possible so that if you choose to unwrap it, you know it'll, look! Fine! Okay! So now you only have this remaining section. You have three out of the four sections wrapped all right, so the only thing left now is to get make this side and bring it on across and instead of taking subsections, I'm just gon na. Take it all over all right there you have it, stop the smoother you have it, the smoother it's going to be when you've dry. So you want to be absolutely positively sure that you have calmed it from the roof and my hair is about two and a half months, post relaxer. So I'm probably right in between the eight to ten about really I'm further with Nate, I'm closer between the ten to twelve mark see in the 12-week mark. So I do have new growth. You know. Firstly, relaxed hair is much easier to do anything with, but I wouldn't call me freshly relaxed anymore alright. So now I'm gon na sit up under the dryer and let it dry and then after that, I'm just gon na put my wig cap on and and I'm gon na put my wig on this time. I wear my hair now. If I decide that I want to take it down if, for some reason during the week I decide I want to take it down unwrap it, then it's already in that rep state. All I have to do is just calm down now I won't have any curls or anything, but I can use rollers to do that if I wanted to, but I love straight hair. So if I were to take it down, then I will just leave straight. Alright, you guys, so I hope that helps you in wrapping your hair wet again. The key is to get it very smooth comb from the root all right. So I will see you all next time be sure to subscribe to the channel and thank you for watching. Each ATV see you next time.

Fatima: I have waist length (when straight) natural hair and I have thrown my comb across the room in frustration in tears trying to do this. I finally was able to after this video. It’s not perfect yet but I got it done and I thank you so much!!!

Nadine Barrett Bee: Thank you very much Toya for this tutorial I thought I knew how to wrap my hair but now i can do it better, you made it look so easy. I recently went back to relaxing my hair after being natural for 7 yrs and I feel like I'm totally new to relaxing, your tips are very very helpful so just want to say thanks much I have gone in a few nights without setting a wrapping my hair but now I will be wrapping every night thanks to you please keep up these wonderful videos. Am so happy i found your channel am learning a lot. Thanks again bye

Mona Liza: I can wrap my hair but can never get the crown right- wait I think that means I cant wrap my hair

Summer Time: This was the first time I was able to wrap my hair. Thank you

Max Germain: Awesome video!! It was so helpful! Thank you!

Nae Murphy: I luv it. You made it look so easy. Thanks.

Me Me: It would of helped to see your hair after it was dry and unwrapped

Gorgeous one: I like this tutorial I feel like I can do it now

Alicia Hargrove: I like how u did that but I think right now with my hair I would rather wait til my hair is stronger because right now I am experiencing breakage and shedding and I feel right now I should avoid the wet wrap but I love how you did that

Leti A: Thanks, very helpful.

Evelyn Annette Gordon: You made this so easy

burgandi watson: Great help !!

Monica: Helpful.

Gorgeous one: I'm not good at wrapping my hair

Ewuramatunes: Thanks Toya... I wish I lived near you. You're a great hairstylist

Andrea Curtis: This still went left for me. I couldn't get the crown right.

Chris Araujo: I always thought it would damage the hair because is wet... don’t you !?

ladynefertitibk: I never thought of using mousse to wrap.

Domingo88: how does one maintain or do a wrap being many weeks post and you Dont flat iron on wash day.

asahb: I swear black women are goddesses. I have so much respect for your hair culture. <3

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