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  • Posted on 07 December, 2020
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Hey Guys!

I wanted to film an updated tutorial on my Dyson Airwrap Beachwaves. I get tons of questions on how to make the curls and waves last longer using the Airwrap so I will be sharing tons of my tips and tricks. I've also been playing around with my Airwrap and discovered a new technique that gives me extra volume where I need it most.

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hey guys it's ariba and i'm back with another dyson air wrap tutorial for you guys so i've been getting tons and tons and tons of questions on how to make your curls last longer using the dyson air wrap so as always i'm going to be giving you guys lots of tips and tricks in this tutorial on how to make your curls last i'm also going to be showing you guys how to do beach waves so beach waves are not the traditional curls that you get with the dyson air wrap i have done a tutorial on the beach waves um before but i wanted to film an updated video for you guys and i'm also going to be showing you guys a few tricks i've learned to get a little bit of extra volume using my dyson air wrap so let's just get right into it so as always i'm starting with my hair shampooed and conditioned and at this point you're going to want to put in any hair products that are going to help your curls last longer so that could be a stronghold mousse um that could be a liquid gel whatever helps your curls last longer so i'm going to be starting with a detangler in my hair it is a seven seconds from unite and i freaking love this detangler i used to use it um when i was hair dressing in a salon so i've actually been using this attachment from my dyson air up to detangle my hair and it's been working out really really beautifully it's just like makes it so nice and quick to kind of get all the tangles out so once all of my tangles are out now you're going to want to go ahead with whatever styling cream that works best in your hair i'm going to be using um unite laser straight and i like using this because it does have a little bit of a hold um but it also helps me smooth my hair out quite a bit i'm just going to rub it into my hands and just go mids to ends so now we're going to basically pre-style our hair and i like using the brush attachment for this because it gives me a little bit more control when i'm pre-styling but you can also use the pre-styler that comes with it especially if you have really really flat hair that one is actually probably a better option for you again frizzy haired girls this is an awesome pre-styler for you so i'm going to blast it on high heat and high air when i'm pre-styling my hair i like to focus on my roots and i like to blow dry the hair going upwards so that the roots dry standing up this is going to make sure that i get the most amount of volume in my hair once i'm done styling so at this point you want to make sure that your roots are 100 dry because this attachment does not dry your roots so that's what the pre-styling is for and as you can see my ends are still soaking wet and if your ends have dried up quite a bit by the time you're done pre-styling you want to go ahead and wet your hands and just kind of re-dampen your ends because this is a wet to dry styler and your curls will last a lot longer if you style them on damp hair so now we're going to go ahead and start styling our hair and we're going to as always start from the bottom and kind of work our way up so you can see here roots are dry my scalp is not wet um but my ends are still really damp and that's exactly how you want your hair to be so now i'm going to very quickly unlock this attachment we're going to go ahead and start using the round attachments and these are the longer barrels if you haven't seen my review on the long barrels yet i will link it down below in the description i've pretty much just been using the longer barrels ever since i got my hands on them so traditionally we would go in like so and kind of curl our hair that way but that's not what we're gonna do today today we're gonna go in and we're gonna turn our air wrap upside down we're going to turn it on and we're going to wrap it all the way around like that and then once it's pretty much dry you're going to give it a cool shot for 10 seconds and then you're going to turn your airwrap off and you're going to cup it into your hand like this do not let go now you're going to grab your favorite hairspray and right now i've been using the unite geo 365 hairspray this one is kind of my favorite at the moment you're gonna spritz the hairspray as you release okay and that's gonna give us a really pretty beach wave isn't that so cute and now we're going to do this side and i'm going to quickly change the nozzle and remember this part is cool so this is what you want to grab to pop it off so when we're doing this beach wave technique because we go in upside down with our air wrap you want to make sure that the nozzle that you choose is going in the opposite direction of where you're curling your hair so right now i'm curling my hair back but the nozzle that i'm using curls your hair forward because when i turn it upside down it'll be going in the correct direction so again i'm just going to grab one inch sections and starting at the top we're gonna just gently twist all the way down once it's curled you can basically like kind of let go and it should hold and that way you're not using too much tension on your section or else it's going to take forever to dry so once you feel like the sections dry you can go ahead and give it a cool shot and we're just going to turn it off cut the section in our hand and spray it as we release a light or medium hold hairspray works best you don't want to go too strong or else it makes your curls too sticky and hard to manage and remember when you guys are taking your wet hair down to utilize your shoulders to keep your styled hair and your wet hair separated okay um so because we kind of finished off on this side and this is the nozzle that i have attached already um i'm going to actually continue on the next section on this side so i don't have to change the nozzle again so now i'm just going to kind of start from the back and i'll work my way forward until this whole side is styled kind of make sure the roots and scalp are nice and dry and the ends are nice and damp it's coming along really nicely so you guys see the air up always gives you these really soft blow dried kind of waves and curls and they're really shiny and bouncy and light as opposed to like your curling iron or curling wand curls that are a lot more defined but you don't get that same like shine and bounce that you do when you're hair styling so now for this side again i'm just going to change the nozzle we're going to attach the one that's going forward this way because i'm going to be turning it upside down and curling back so these beach waves do start off quite defined but you'll find that by the time you're finished styling your hair they do drop a little bit so expect them to fall a bit so every time i take a new section down i like to take the styled dry hair and push it behind my shoulder and keep the damp hair over my shoulder in the front so i can see what i'm doing so again because i ended on the side and i already have the correct nozzle on i'm just going to continue on this side and we're going to start from the back and work our way forward and go directly at the roots and start to wrap and give it a gentle twist as you wrap and remember you don't want to keep a tight tension on this you want to keep it nice and loose so that the air kind of makes its way all the way through so remember as soon as it's dried and curled just kind of push it back and keep it separate from the wet hair and just keep moving forward so now that this side is done we're going to go ahead and pop on our other attachment and start on this side and once we get to the top section i'm going to show you guys a little trick that i learned um using the air app just kind of playing around with it on how to get like a lot more volume once i get to like the money shots up here and because my roots are already dry i don't need to like wrap this right up against my root because i've already spent the time freestyling it and it's already dry so we're basically focusing on our mids and our ends so once my cool air is on i like to kind of move the section around a little bit just to make sure that it's not damp and there's no moisture left in the section and once i feel like it's completely dry then i'll turn it off and again just cup it in my hand and spray it as i release and now that the sections are kind of cooled down you want to just run your fingers through it and make sure that you haven't left any damp areas before you take the next section down um it's best to check now because it's really hard to check when the hair is still feeling a little warm so i feel like i left a section here damp i just need to find it so i'm just going to very quickly go back and just wrap it up for a couple of more seconds make sure we get all that moisture out and i'm just going to wiggle it around a little bit just to make sure that the heat goes all the way through and then again blast it with a cold air just kind of cup it in my hand nice and quick and everything else feels really really good so we can go ahead and now take down our last section and remember the top section is the money shot and i'm just going to let the hair kind of fall where it wants to and this is kind of my natural parting um so in this last section i'm gonna show you guys a little trick that i have been playing around with um to get a little bit of extra volume so we're gonna grab this whole panel of damp hair and we're gonna take the styled hair and we're going to push it back again and on this side as well we're going to just kind of push all our styled hair back and we're only going to keep the damp hair in the front so now we're just going to curl our hair as usual we're going to start at the back and then just work our way forward going in upside down at the root and twisting the hair as we wrap it all the way down remember you don't need to be too close to your scalp or your hair for this because your roots are already dry so for this last piece i'm just going to separate my bangs and then curl this last little section nice so i'm gonna leave this curtain bang out for now um and then i'll show you guys how i style my bangs all at once at the end by the time you've made your way to the top here you should kind of have the hang of the technique so you'll find yourself moving through the sections a lot quicker at this point and then again for this last piece we're just going to separate all of the bangs out of it i actually find the beach waves to be a lot faster than the traditional curls using the air wrap so now i'm going to kind of roughly fish out my bangs and you want to find the nozzle that's pointing downwards so like forward and we're just gonna wrap the air wrap like so and once it's caught on we're just gonna roll it up so i'm just keeping it blow dry downwards like this and i'm finding that it gives me a really really nice shape when i uh blow dry my hair um downwards like this using the air wrap so now i'm just going to kind of blast it with a pool shot and we're going to release and i don't use hairspray on my base because i find i don't really need it and now i'm just going to kind of push them off to the side and they're laying so so perfectly look how nice they lay okay so now for our little trick go kind of parallel to the part on the top of your head we're going to leave the bangs out for this and you're going to go parallel to the part right against the roots and you're going to lay the section out and we're just going to push it in the opposite direction very lightly because you don't want to mess with the curls that you've also just created and then we're going to blast it with cold air again keeping it going in the opposite direction and then we're gonna release and then i'll show you guys the difference so this is the side that we didn't do that on and this is the side that we did so you see how it gives us a little bit more volume and a little bit more of like a bump on this side as opposed to this side gives it quite a bit of volume and it just takes a couple of seconds to do so it's definitely one of those little tricks that i've been playing playing around with that i've been like loving again go parallel to the part and just kind of lay it flat kind of keep bumping it in the opposite direction that you want it to go don't forget the cool shot and you want this to be like right on the roof and then just kind of release and it'll give you so much more volume and we are pretty much all done with our beach waves i really hope that i answered your questions on how to get more longer lasting curls with the air wrap a couple of things you guys want to keep in mind um for those of you that are finding yourselves getting a little frustrated with the air rack um just know that the finishings that you get with the air styler are going to be very different than the finishing that you get with your wand or your curling iron because you are styling your hair with air so the finishing that you get is very similar to when you round brush your hair with a blow dryer or even do beach waves with a blow dryer so they're going to be a lot um less defined but they're going to be a lot more kind of bouncier airier and softer and it's going to give you a lot more natural finish again make sure that you use stronghold styling products make sure you hairspray each section before you take it down and all of those little tips and tricks should help your curls last a little bit longer and that is it for this tutorial i really hope that you guys enjoyed it i hope that you found it quite informative if you have any other questions regarding the airwrap please leave them down below in the description and i will get back to you and i will link all of the products that i used in the description down below and as always don't forget to give this video a thumbs up make sure you subscribe and i will see you guys on the next one

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