How To Use Saran Wrap To Get Sleeker Hair.. Don'T Laugh =)

  • Posted on 26 August, 2012
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I wish I had used a clarifying shampoo (sulfate shampoo) because I felt like my hair was still a little weighed down in this video, but at least you can get the idea. I don't always saran wrap my hair. Wrapping my hair and sleeping on it at night will give me the same results, but if I want instant sleeker hair, then that's when I go for the saran wrap. Yay!

Hey everyone I just got done washing blow drying and flat out of my hair and just what it's looking like right now, but I usually don't like it. I mean this is okay to me, but I like it to be a little less volumize and a little like more sleeker and flatter. So the solution to that is GLAAD cling, wrap, which is saran wrap. So what I'm going to do is I'm gon na um moisturize and sit on my hair right now, but I'm just going to put just a little bit because this is going to help it to shine. So that's how much um moisturizer I'm going to use. So I'm gon na rub it in my hand and rub it on my hair. Let'S see make sure to get the ends, then I'm going to use coconut oil to seal I'm just going to use just a little bit and coconut oil will really make your hair shine. Okay, just that much is on there. I don't know. Can you see that just a little bit of coconut oil and not a lot at all and then put that on there? This helps with flyaways too you have those stubborn flyaway hairs. Okay, now that I've done that, I'm going to take my paddle brush and I'm going to wrap my hair, you, okay, this that's kind of good enough! Okay, now you're going to take your saran wrap, take it out the box and do not laugh because I'm going to be looking really doing this but hey. This is how it goes. Now I'm going to start from the back like this got my some rail right ready and I'm going to press it against the back of my hair. Now my hair is going that way, so I want to wrap it with the surround right that way. First, so I'm going to wrap it like that, and then I'm going to take this other side and wrap it back over now. Don'T laugh! Okay, now get you some scissors and cut it right up the middle okay and pull that up from over your face before you suffocate now see it's the open hole in the middle. You want that to be closed down as well, so you're going to get one more piece of saran wrap and just come straight down on your hair straight down and then cut that piece as well, which it hit broke anyway on that side and then press it Down okay, so this is how my hair is looking right now and the saran wrap. So now what I'm going to do, I'm going to go sit under the hair dryer for five minutes, I'm going to put it on the highest temperature that it will go for five minutes and I will go back now, I'm back after sitting under the blow dryer For five minutes and I'm gon na unwrap the system, just a rare rep, let's see I forgot where I ripped it there. It goes I kind of messed it up in the front. I didn't smooth as well as I should have, but now I'm going to take my my whites will calm and start loosing it up. I'M looking for my parting calm, I'm going to use this and part my hair and then I'm going to use where's. My other color, I don't know what my cones are. I like to use the white tooth when I'm taking it down and a finer tooth cone when I'm um just getting the kinks out like this like right now, so you see how I made it flatter. It made it a little more sleeker, and this is sticking up right here, because I didn't flatten it the way I should have, but this is how it's looking at it as much. You know less volume eyes and less poofy than it was at first. So I'll have a before picture and an after picture at the end, so hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you. You

E Robinson: I’m natural now. But I understand the technique. I got sleek shiny results from using oil sheen and tying my wrap down with a silk scarf. I guess this is the modernized version of that. The dryer/heat allows the oil to penetrate the hair. Allowing the hair follicles to lay down and not look frizzy.

SW33TSPARKL3: no problem. my 3 biggest tips are to deep condition, hot oil treatments, and moisturize & seal your hair. all these will help keep moisture in your hair so that hair breakage will lessen

Quin Carson: Nice tutorial! I truly can do it myself now. Thanks!!

SW33TSPARKL3: i personally like using african pride olive miracle moisturizer lotion and creme of nature w/ argan oil leave-in conditioner spray. both can be found at sallys

Stephanie King: Lol "don't laugh!" Ha Ha Ha love this video!

Darkwaveduck: it looks nice, i like the end results. I also love the pink in your hair :)

SW33TSPARKL3: i use my flat iron to get the bump on the end. when i wrap my hair, i try not to use too many products or too much of a product so that my hair won't be weighed down. im currently not doing hairfinity. im taking a temporary break

Beautiful Savannah: I just subscribed and happy I did. Your hair is beautiful and I look forward to mine being be healthy.

mrsp0276: Results are beautiful, trying this tonight

Frostgrl681: Wet wraps, dry wraps, and Dominican silk wraps will grow black women's hair down to the ground.

Susan Holmes: You're still gorgeous, I know this an older video, but I love your tutorials

zaria282: Doesn't the Saran Wrap sweat your hair out?

J koya: you wrapped the hell out of your hair ! it takes me forever

SW33TSPARKL3: some people just sweat too much for this technique. im not much of a sweater so maybe that's why it doesn't affect me. When I wrap my hair at night, i get the same effect as wrapping it with saran wrap (just a tip) because my hair lays nice and flat for many hours before i take it down.

Mariah Mckoy: still laughed!! still love your video though <3

SW33TSPARKL3: U can try it with a hand blow dryer and see what happens

cashier acg: I dont know what this video is about but was searching for ways to wrap my hair in cling film after applying mehendi or henna so that moisture is intact and ur way of wrapping cling film over hair helps me. Thanks a lot

Elisha Betts: what do you recommend if you don't have a dryer if you want to do this..

54SHEIJUDAH's point of view: Pretty hair

Brittany N: what are good products to Moisurize your hair ?!

Faith Taylor: Beautiful.

Alicia King: that's how you wrap your hair

It’s just Alyssa: I loved this video you have beautiful hair

Hanging with the Duddy's !: Love the color & yo wrap is the bomb!

SW33TSPARKL3: yes i put it on the highest heat setting

SW33TSPARKL3: Not if u don't stay under the heat too long

SW33TSPARKL3: awww thank you so much

SW33TSPARKL3: Thnx so much

Saeda Suliman: woww.. thank u

SW33TSPARKL3: Thnx so much

dalal Bagenel: You're delightful!

S0sophiesticated: Girl u really only sat under the dryer for 5 minutes ?

Zeaky me:

SW33TSPARKL3: thnx girl

SW33TSPARKL3: thank u

Chantel Morset: Wow ,you have thick hair. My hair is thin, I don't like it.

SW33TSPARKL3: Lol thnx

Latoya Stafford: hello this is latoya i am deaf cant hear so but jus wonder that glad cking wrap going to sleep after that this morning wake up off by glad cling wrap make fast for hair right

Zeaky me: Was that your real hair because it's really nice

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