It Is A Wig! Natural Hair Wrap Wig Tutorial. Black Andshine.

Hello beauties in this video I detailed a tutorial where you see me show how this natural hair wrap wig is made. This wig is classy and suites all Age. Enjoy it.






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Black and shine makeover

Hello guys welcome back to my channel, is another beautiful wig making tutorial for you guys. If today is your first time, you are welcome for those that keep coming back. Thank you so much in case you are stopping by my channel for the first time. My name is ukraine, youtube name black and shine, i'm a youtuber based in abuja, nigeria. I make video on ugly wig makeup and many other interesting videos you can find in this channel so relax and if you haven't subscribed, do so right now, because we have a lot to learn in this channel on today's tutorial, i'm going to be showing you how I achieved this mama's delights week. This week is very beautiful, believe i and you you're gon na love this week. So to start this week, all you need is a ventilating net. This net, i'm using, is a kind of ad nets, the woman that sold it. For me in the market said is a plain next. That is the name. So if you want to get one for yourself, just go to any coloring material shop and ask for plain nets and is white as you can see, but after sewing it at the front of this neck, i'm going to use my foundation to give it the color. I desire the second thing you need is one pack of kinky and one pack of malty both are from expression comping, then your needle and trade. That is all you need for this week making so to start up, as you can see, i'm trying to trim out the nets that i wouldn't be needing for this week. So after that, i'm going to go ahead. Remove the cap from the dummy and cut out the inside of the cap then to proceed. I will use my concealer. You know the color of my skin to color the cap so guys this is the multi we will be using today for this tutorial, and here is the kinky from expression i'm using brown. Multi is black, while the kinky is brown, so guys to start with you. Just have to place the cap on the dummy, then collect your kink. Sorry collect your multi. Instead of going one one, i decided to fold it into sleeves and to start the sewing, i'm going to start where the nets stopped or where the neck starts. As you can see on the screen start and sew it down, or you start from down so to up and stop where the net started so guys enjoy this part of this tutorial after this, then i'll do more explanation for you, guys, foreign, so guys when i'm Done i'm going to go ahead and cut out the remaining ones then use my needle and thread to lock the end, locking it will not allow the hair to over pull so guys. You have to continue locking it until is well locked when so so guys. When you are done just go ahead and start pulling the baby hair at the back after that, use your hands to pick the coils. To give it another. Look, as you can see on the screen. Just pick pig pig. Do not pull it that much little bit of heat when you are done! Use your scissors to trim it. Then we move over to the other side, one wow, oh one, so guys it's time to walk with the kinky, so i'm going to go ahead and collect one kinky out of the bundle. I have then cut it into two. Then i'm going to use my pencil to mark the line to know where i'm going to sew, so this marking now will help me to follow the straight line, but in case you mark - and you find out that it's very close you can adjust after that, i'm Going to go ahead and use my needle and try to sew the kinky at the space you're, seeing at the back i'll follow the line i have created do wow so foreign wow, so guys it's time to wrap the hair, get your bobby pins ready, because that Is what i'll be using for this? So what i'll do now is to follow the lines i created earlier, which is the lines where i sewed the hair, i'm going to be collecting it one after the other. Before i start my wrapping, i'm going to go ahead and comb the hair after combing it. This will help the mouth to straighten before i wrap the hair. That is what i will do from the beginning to the end. Keep watching so one hmm! So do! Oh! Do boom do do so, one so guys after wrapping the back of the hair, i'm going to go ahead and collect one or two of multi crochet hair, just watch on the screen to understand what i'm doing i mean setting it in between the wraps, because i Really want these two colors to complement each other very well. So i'm doing this only at the back, because i'm still going to fix black on the front do so guys. This is the kinky i have that is available. You can use any kinky of your choice. Then i'm going to fix it in between the brown. The brown color then sew it when i was sewing the hair. I left this piece because i know i'm going to still add black hair after that, i'm going to go ahead and wrap it as well. So guys, when i'm done, i'm going to use my needle and thread to tag the multi by both sides, after that this week is ready to be rocked. If you enjoyed this video, if you love this tutorial, give me a big thumbs up share this video with your family and friends subscribe. If you have not subscribed and drop a comment for me on the comment section below just do encourage me a little bit so guys enjoy so bye, bye,

D0N 0MAR: Really nice!, your creativity has no limits!

Nji Mbua Colette: Oh finally it is hear, looking really beautiful and thanks for sharing and teaching us!

GRACE & MERCY: I love this. Your inspiration is something else. Keep it coming. God bless you.

Linda Achenyo Michael: This is so beautiful I love it

Tips with Nikky: Woow, this is another inspiring tutorial. Well done Sis

Mary alice Jones: I love the way you do your hair

Martha Nwaigwe: Is absolutely beautiful

Esther Livy: This lovely keep it coming sis

Cybaby Baby: Love it keep it up. ...thanks

Ukeme TV: This is so lovely, Good bless you hand work.

Judith Okeke: Wonderful you are very creative keep it up

OLAKANMI ESTHER: Very nice ma'am. Thanks for sharing. Hope the foundation on the net won't clean off at the long run


aluor iveren: Ur styles are wow.... U are gifted

Ndubuisi Blessing: Quite impressive. However, how long will the wraps last since they are not sewn? Won't they eventually come off?

Immaculeta Ebere: Beautiful

lamide christy: Well done so lovely Pls can one still add elastic to expand the wig in other to size the head?

Olajumoke Afusat: Well done!

Benjamin Joy: This is lovely but I will love it more when is the same color. God bless the work of your hand.

glambeauty30: It so lovely sis ♥️

Liliana Lilian: So lovely

THE PRECIOUS LILY: Yes love this, new subbie! I also do hair videos on my channel!

Blessing Ben: Amazing

adeogun tomotoro: You are so creative,i love you

Adeniyi Oluwatoyin Esther Adeniyi: Black and shine that is not black,u are at it again ooo wow u re such a game changer sis...this is lovely

Eucharia Donokolo: Impressive name sake. God bless ur talent.

Tonia Benedicta: Wao! This is lovely. Dat last one you used at the front is it d same kinky from expression product?

BackandBetter Jewelers: Pls tag xprssion on instagram their handle is xp4u whenever you use their hair...they wld repost on their page and reward you the more you use their products.

Chridah Mwilachridah: ❤

Poshlamie Olasunbo: It so 9ice new subscriber

Favour: Nice

CLARA EFOBI: You are too much. Many thanks

Gladys Munji: Good Job

Pikwenkwu Nkule: I'm hear oo. I'm hear. I've been checking like crazy. Thank u so much big sis

Pamella Jane: My dear sister i can see you using white net do you mean that a white net can be used and how can it be changed to brow

Anna Bär: Psa139:14 THANKYOU

Vera Mrumun: You too much!

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