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  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hi Babes ♡ welcome back to my channel!

Soft locs are the perfect style for any season!

Products used :

- crotchet hook

- rat tail comb

- 5-6 packs of 36in NuLocs (1b)

- 1 pack of twisted up spring twist crotchet hair (1b)

- 1 pack of 22in FreeTress Water Wave (1b)

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•what do I film with ? canon g7x mark ii


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xoxo kayanadine desiree

Hey y'all, okay, wait y'all a little too close yeah. It'S your girl, Kanye Dean, Kai kind of brat. Whatever you like to call me and welcome back to my channel disclaimer, I actually recorded this video a few weeks ago, but I never recorded an intro or an outro. So I'm gon na do that now, but anyways I don't know about y'all, but I'm kind of in my I'm tired of wigs and lace fronts and closures and all of that phase, like I don't remember the last time, I honestly installed a wig and put a Wig on my head, but if y'all know y'all know your girl has been obsessed with her soft looks like I do my hair myself anything y'all see on my channel. I always do my hair myself, so yeah, that's one, but I did soft locks for the first time. I want to say last summer and ever since I did them, I've been hooked and yeah. So this is my third time doing soft flux. I believe, and your girl is completely obsessed, even though it's kind of time for me to take these ones out and figure out what I want to do next, I'm still very much in love with them. So, as you all can see by the title of today's video, I have a little tutorial on how I did my soft locks and I don't know if y'all can tell. But I have a bit of like Curly pieces throughout my soft locks and that's because I you know got inspired by you know the little goddess knotless braids and stuff, and I don't know if you know there's like a support group for black girls, that don't know How to braid, but I need to join it like I don't I don't know, and I don't know how to braid my own hair well like with like extensions, I can like regularly like plant my natural hair, but like with extensions yeah. No, so until I learn how to you know, do some Nautilus, braids or whatever, which I will trust and believe your girl is gon na start practicing on her head very soon, but until I am able to figure that out, mama is going to be rocking. Her soft locks - and I think I'm gon na - do those like invisible locks. Bob like the blue, yeah y'all, know what I'm talking about little invisible locks. You don't see. I think I want to do that next, I don't know, let's see how I'm feeling but yeah, if you guys would like to see how I you know got this look, keep on watching as y'all can already tell I'm pretty much almost done with my hair. I just wanted to show you guys all of the products and stuff that I will be using to complete this look, so the locks that I'm using are the Bobby boss, new locks, and these are the 36 inch locks. I think I bought five or six packs. I currently have two packs left the hair that I'm using to wrap around the locks is the out tray twist it up springy afro twist, both the new locks in the spring afro twist hair are in the color. One also went to my liquid beauty supply store and I picked up a few things. I picked up this large um comb with the long rat too. I picked up a regular um rat tail comb. I picked up a new Edge brush a I had the smaller, like travel mini size version of this, but this is the 24 hour Edge. Tamer extra Mega holdify episode picked up a box of No Light relaxer and one of the girls who relaxes her edges. For this look, all you're gon na need is your locks, you're wrapping hair, your parting Combs crochet needle and a pair of scissors, I'm about to go ahead and relax my edges and then I'm gon na come back to show you guys how I attach the locks And wrap them foreign relax, my edges, so everybody Parts their hair differently. There'S really nothing really special, but I know probably somebody is going to ask me how to apply my hair, so my hair was parted into five sections. First, section went from behind my ear to the other side, simply sectioned off the nape of my hair and then with the remainder of my head. I section it off into four quadrants, so I had two so I had two four five on the back section. I, when I was purling it I had my mom help me part um, the section, so my lines would be straight. I parted the rose. I parted Rose going horizontally for the back section as well as um the two middle sections, and when it came to the front sections I parted the rose going back vertically. Let me take my hair out of the rubber bands and the reason why my hair is sectioned off like this is because I am planning on recording a tick tock. So that's why I left this part. Looking like this, so I'd love to see my hair is pretty short but yeah. It is what it is. The girl used to be bald-headed bald-headed, but now my hair is growing back slowly, but right now, I'm just about to show you guys how I attach the lock to my hair. Take the crochet hook and I push it through my braid. However, I don't push it through the base of my braid or at the end, because you want it somewhere, like kind of in the middle of the braid, so one it doesn't like slips through the bottom. And then you don't want to put it too close to the top, because once you attach the lock, you don't want there to be um, you don't want it to be bulky at the basic after I've hooked, the crochet needle. I take one of the locks and I open the clock a bit place it onto the crochet needle and I pull it through my braid and then once that goes through my bathe. I just pull the rest of the lock through the loop and then I pull it to tighten. It take a piece of the Ring twist hair and I separate it into three parts and then I take the spring twist hair. I place it at the root of my braid. I make one side longer than the other with the short side, our wrap it in the direction going away from my face and I kind of wrap it kind of loosely and then, with the longer side, going towards my face this piece, I kind of wrap it Tighter than I wrapped the first side, the important part is to make sure that you cover your braid. When I was watching some videos, I've seen some people, they wrap um their lock um twice, but I only wrap my locks once now. Once it gets to the end. I just continue wrapping it and then I just you know twist it between my palms and that stuff and then I just like to remember the hair back to make sure it's covering there and that's how I attach my lock take a crochet. Okay, stick to it foreign thank you, foreign place it on the crochet needle and you pull it through the rest of the lock towards the loop and you pull it nice and tight to make sure it's secure. Thank you, foreign. Take your crochet hook. You push it through unloop you loosen up the loop. You place the lock on the crochet needle and pull it through the hair and pull the rest of the lock through the loop like a piece of the spring twist hair, but making two uneven sides. You wrap the shorter side going in the direction away from your face and you take the longer side and you write the longer side and the opposite direction. And sometimes I like to comb through the spring twist here and it makes it easier to wrap twist it between your palms and there you have it. There is your lock. Oh my God. Thank you, I'm about to finish the rest of my hair off camera, as well as film, this Tick Tock and yeah. So once I am done, I will hop back on so far. It'S been a few weeks since I have installed my soft locks and if you can already tell by this side your girl done experimented and I've been I've been so the girlies have been rocking the not list till I learned how to do some knotless braids baby. It'S gon na be me and my soft locks and any type of lock hair style till the end of time. So with seeing all the hairstyles like the goddess and Godless braids and stuff, I was thinking you know. Can I do that on my soft lock, the hair that I'm using to create this goddess look is the trust, braid crochet hair, and this is in the style water wave. So basically, I'm just gon na show you guys how I have been. You know attaching the crochet hair take a piece of the um freetress water wave, crochet hair, and I split it into a piece and then with my crochet hook. I just take a lock. So I'm going to take this lock, for instance, and then I just push the crochet needle into any part of the lock and then I just crochet the hair as normal. I kind of like alternate where I crochet the hair lightest piece. I'M gon na crochet the hair further down the lock, then added the freetress hair to this side. Once I do my baby hairs and all that, I think it's gon na be real cute. So I'm about to just finish up this side, I'm actually about to finish up this side. This time and next time I hop on camera. Your girl, gon na, have her face done and all that and yeah I'm gon na just show y'all. The final look all right y'all, that is it for today's video. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me install these soft locks up guys, you know, learn some new tips tricks or whatever the case may be. If you guys do the size to you know replicate this. Look, definitely, let me know send me your picture is like tag me in your pictures on Instagram, whatever the case may be, but I want to see y'all Rock these soft locks cause yeah. I know I'll be rocking them. Y'All can't tell me otherwise don't forget to like comment and subscribe, and I will see you guys in my next video and I think I'm feeling a little fall inspired. So you know what I'ma just cute hush on that. But I'll see you guys in my next video bye,

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