Shark Flexstyle Air Styling & Drying System On *Long Hair* & Review

  • Posted on 14 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hii Guys!! I am trying the newly hair styling tool from Shark Ninja! The Shark FlexStyle Air Styling and Drying System. There are multiple attachment that I am testing out on my very long, thin and straight hair.

Will it work and is it worth it for the whooping price?

*Time Stamps*

- 0:00 Shark FlexStyle How I Bought it

- 0:57 Price, Packaging & Attachments

- 2:33 Hair Dryer & Settings

- 3:47 Drying (No attachment)

- 4:19 Drying (Paddle Brush)

- 5:20 Drying (Oval Brush)

- 5:42 Drying (Auto-Wrap Curlers)

- 6:37 First Mistake

- 7:22 Second Mistake

- 7:35 Third Mistake

- 8:11 The Save

- 8:45 Thoughts Air Dryer (Airflow & Heat settings)

- 9:48 Thoughts Auto-Wrap Curlers (Heat settings, Products)

- 11:24 Thoughts Paddle & Oval Brushes (Size, Bristles, Feel)

- 12:19 IMPORTANT While Using Brushes

- 13:29 Drying (Styling Concentrator)

- 14:10 Overall Thoughts

- 14:56 THE REVEAL & Final Thoughts

- 15:57 What I Would Change on my Application

- 16:53 After 4-5 Hours (On my hair)

Here is the Shark FlexStyle AirDryer for more info


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Oh hi guys so today I am so excited to be trying this product out. I was controlling myself from not trying it out before doing this video. It was really hard because I bought this little Gadget. It is the shark Flex style, hair, styling and drawing system, and you guys I was receiving so many ads for this product. It was insane so then I finally caved in I decided to go online and to check if there was any around me in the stores. Right and we don't have a lot in Canada, so I saw it, it was at Canadian Tire and then like every five minutes. Not even it was selling it was selling. So then I was like. Oh, I have to buy you one before it sells out and let me tell you I bought it on time because it sold out completely all around the Canadian Tires everywhere and I didn't want to wait like four weeks to get it so now we have it And we can finally try it on. I have been wanting a Dyson for so long, but listen in Canada. It is literally eight hundred dollars, Canadian and this is way too expensive. So this one total, for you know all these attachments that you see here. It was four hundred dollars with taxes, Canadian in the stores, which is pretty amazing, to be honest because you save more than half considering the taxes. So there is like little packaging explaining to you guys if you bought one. If you want to buy one there's a little guide in here, we're just gon na freestyle, it, I think, and these safety instructions so in the box. That'S what it looks like I've never used anything like this. So this is a very beginner like trying styling tools and the hair. My hair is very straight as well. I have a hard time having curls in my hair, so we're gon na see if this is gon na do something to my hair and my hair is pretty long as well and thin. So keep that in mind. We'Ve got the attachments which they are really nice. Color, I feel like they're pretty neutral and they fit with pretty much everything the barrels with the kawanda technology. I can't drop this because let me tell this is expensive. This is expensive, so they are pretty big, but my hair is long like I told you guys, so this is going to be pretty good. For me, it is honestly it's not even that heavy, because I have my other like 20 air dryer and my other air dryer is more heavy than this one. So it's pretty good. This is the first time I'm like. I don't know what to do with this thing. It'S so fancy like I've, never owned anything so fancy in my life for my hair, oh my god, um okay, girl is pretty cool. You have this long barrel. You can touch the little lock here and then you can turn it and then it's gon na lock and it's not gon na move anymore. So there is multiple things on this device before I use it. There is the on button that earlier I was trying to press on after I plugged it in, and it wasn't working and at the bottom, there's like a red little thingy with test the buttons and I had to play with both of them with the air dryer. On before it started, I was getting honestly scared. I didn't want it to not work, and I have spent so much money on this. So that got me scared, so I don't know I'll be trying it out and if ever there's anything wrong. I'Ll tell you guys in the comments, because honestly I haven't tried it for long enough to even know if it's there's gon na be any problems with it. But there is some heat settings here, so this little red button here and then there is the fan settings. So there's three settings on each and there is a cold Button as well be careful when you're holding it. I was holding it earlier like really at the bottom, because the control also here and then the air was coming from here. So you don't want to block that because it might damage the air dryer by itself. Also, this I've seen in other videos that you can remove it to clean the filters, it's just harder than let's say the Dyson one that I've seen online without further Ado. Let'S turn this bad boy on to see the noise that it makes. So. Second, it dries pretty fast, I mean already it's it's still like 50 damp, I would say - and I just just started it and before the video I went in the shower to like you, know, wet my hair as much as possible. So I think they say. Like 70 wet, but I still want to try to see if it works uh with the attachments so to put the brush on there. Is this little lock right here? So you push it down and then you just put it up there and then it is ready to go. The brush was drying my hair so quickly so so quickly. The only thing is it's pulling on my hair a lot so every time I'm gon na be using it, I'm gon na have to like you know, remove the hair because it's going to become kind of disgusting, but overall I really love that one. It'S like my. My here it's like dry, it's almost dry instantly and I barely did anything these two little ones right here, we're getting there we're getting there. Okay, this is not 80, though. Let'S try the other one for that. Okay, so all right, so I'm gon na start with this side. Okay, so I have this little teeny tiny! Oh my God! This is the Moment of Truth, guys, okay, okay, so I need the arrows to go the other way. This way, so we're going to start with this side and we're gon na put it on it gets really hot. Oh my God. This is the first girl I've had in any years. Oh hello, oh my God: okay, okay, okay, okay! This is so cute. I'M gon na have to do like, probably way smaller portions, so this is extremely hot. That'S what I noticed and if you leave it too long, is it probably will burn your hair. That'S one thing that I've never heard in any videos because it's hot, like it's really really hot, but honestly it's really cool okay. So let's try the other one, I'm doing something wrong for sure. So let's try it again. It did work, but I don't think it was 80 percent dry. So let me try again. This is a beach spray, all right, so with a spray, as you can see, it will stay a little bit better, but what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na hold it. So I put a little bobby pin here to keep it up, so we're gon na do the same thing with this one foreign did one side, and then we have this side to go, and I have a few things to say that I noticed while drying my Hair with it, okay, everything is pinned and we're gon na wait till everything is dried down very cool and the reason why is because my hair is very particular. It is a very very straight and at the moment, at the top and everything else it is not damaged. It is my natural hair and it is truly hard to hold a curl. So if I was gon na do my hair on a day-to-day basis with this, I would pin it and then wait till everything is cooled down before I would take them down and the reason why is because it's not gon na hold, like nothing holds on my Hair, so we're gon na we're gon na give it a chance all right. So I have a few things to say about this: uh Flex style, air, styler, hair dryer, whatever I love that it turns down like this, because it is so much easier. It'S way lighter than a normal air dryer, and it's not as hard to hold it and to go into different areas like I don't have to like go all around and, like it's send my arm very long. The airflow is really nice. There is three different airflow, which I love. The first one is very slow if you want to diffuse your hair, it's very perfect and there's not too much like heat coming out. If you don't want too much heat coming out, nothing to say about that. For the heat settings, the third setting, which is the hottest, is very very hot. My ears were getting so red, as you saw while I was you know, styling my hair and everything so be careful, don't place it too near your skull, because it literally will burn your scalp which make sure to put heat protectant before even doing this, because, even Though it is says to be very gentle on the hair, it might damage your hair and you don't want that to happen. So the other thing they say when you are styling your hair with their hair styler and these barrels. They say to hold it for 20 seconds, with the hottest setting, and then you shot the cool button for 10 seconds. What I noticed is that the cool button doesn't get cool all the way until 10 seconds after you started pressing on the button, so it's gon na take a while before it gets cool, so I would say that instead of holding it for 10 seconds, I would Hold it for 20 seconds and for my hair in particular, I would hold the barrel on my hair for 30 seconds instead of 20, because my hair is just so fine and so straight so we're giving it a chance other than that the cool one dot technology That is in these barrels is just so great. I tried with the beach spray right before putting it on this, and the hair is too heavy for the kwanda technology to pick up your hair, so be careful with the amount of moisture you have in your hair, while putting it with this, because it's not gon Na hold it's gon na fall. I had some pieces that were falling on the side, because this wet the hair too much so just water versus product. That is a beach spray to have some waves and stuff. The water is gon na work better because there's no heaviness to it when it is going around the barrel, so I would just put water put all of your products. While your hair is extremely wet dry down to 80, like they say and then go around with the barrel, because it's it's going not gon na work like it's gon na be choppy and a bunch of stuff. So we'll see what are the results later on? For the brushes, these brushes are really big. So if you have longer hair, it's going to be amazing for you. If you have shorter hair um, it might not give you the volume volume that you want, or you know it's not going to be small enough to go. If you have like a little Fringe right here like it's, not it's not, it might not work, because it's like literally bigger than my forehead like look. This is my forehead. This is the brush, so you need to have longer hair to use this attachment on the front. I'M sure that shark are going to come out with other attachments that are smaller than this one. For sure it would be nice if the brush was almost this size or in between you know, so it would be smaller. These bristles, I love like. I love the plastic ones and kind of like the boar ones on the sides. I don't know if it's bore, but I'm assuming it's making my hair super silky and super soft to be honest with this brush right here and the other brush any brush. That is an attachment here when you are using it hold your air Styler from the top right here, because it is pulling a lot if you're pulling from here at the bottom. This is going to twist a little bit like it's not perfect. I was pulling like this a little bit and then I could feel a little bit of movement and I'm like. Oh, like I stopped, and then I put my hair my hand at the top right here. So it wouldn't break because this thing switches and it flips. So if you go down with the bottom, it might break your device and with the price you wouldn't want to break it. The other thing with these bristles that I just just noticed, is that I passed on my hair and, like it's pulling a lot so now the bristles, the boar bristles, are kind of like not straight anymore. It'S doing like like this a little bit so like. I don't know if you can see it, but it's not as straight anymore, and I was seeing it like this, so the bottom ones are like flickered a little bit like they're, not as straight anymore, and this is the first time that I'm using it. So I don't know with the amount of time I'm gon na use it is it. Is it gon na break? We don't know because I haven't been using it for enough time to know so the Lash attachment I didn't use it. So I guess I'm gon na try it out. I'M gon na pin it there you go, you have to hear the click and then you're good to go so it's secure, it's secure, so I'm just putting this attachment. I like this. If you want to use a regular brush, if you want to do a blowout of yourself or whatever, this is gon na be great. It'S good. I mean it's just to you know, put the airflow to a specific place, it does work. The only thing is this attachment is a little tiny bit wobbly a little bit like you can hear it a little bit so, if you're pushing it against your brush, it's not great! So when I'm using it, I'm using it with both of my hands, as you saw so I'm keeping it like this, let's say and I'm pushing with this hand. I know some people like to use only one hand. I just use both of my hands because I'm uncoordinated in those areas, so I need both my hands to do something. So, even with long long nails, it is long and nail friendly. If you were wondering also, like I told you guys before, I was scared, because at first it wasn't, it wasn't working. I was opening it. I was putting it on, it was plugged in the wall and it wasn't working. As you can see. I had to play with those things before it could work with tests reset test reset, and I was like damn this sucks. The wire is pretty long, which is nice, it's not short, like other hair dryer, which is really annoying, so we're gon na start with the bottom okay. So you see the difference this one. I only used water and this one I used a little bit of spray and it kind of messed up like we can see the difference. So it's pretty cool honestly. I need some practice. I'Ve made a few mistakes along the way, I'm more happy with this side, because I did it after and I didn't use as much Beach spray. I was trying so hard to go against my natural hair um that I put a lot of product and then it would mess up. So overall, the curl is very beautiful. You can have great results if you're using it properly um. Obviously I didn't use it properly. So literally, this is the first time ever that I've had this hair on my head. I'Ve never had curls like this. In my in my life, and I know it sounds crazy, but it's so different. I feel like I like it so much you guys, I'm like. Oh, am I a different woman, okay um, I feel like if I had to do it again. For the first time I would take smaller, smaller portions of hair, like I feel like, even though my portions were like this big. It was still too big because my hair is super super long. So when it's longer, then you take smaller portions and then it would work better. But overall I love the flex style. I feel like it works really well, if you have really really healthy, hair and you're, expecting it to look like exactly like every single Tick Tock. Every single girl that is using it if you're, never putting heat in your hair if you're never doing anything with your hair, like literally the only thing you do is French braids and, like you, don't even put hair dryers in it. It'S not going to give you the results you want and the curl might even die off in 10 minutes and it's totally normal. It'S just you have to like either put less product and then build your way up. Um you have to your power is too healthy. It'S too soft, it's too, like it's too, like baby, like my hair, is like baby. I really hope that you enjoyed this video and, if you did make sure to like the video comment below and also make sure to subscribe to my channel for some content. Every single week on beauty, lifestyle reviews and a lot more. So thank you so much guys for watching. I love you guys so much and I will definitely see you in the next one. Bye guys.

Roxanne Latulippe: Hiii Guys! Honestly I was soooo excited about this product! Does it work though? Cause it's pretty expensive! Did you try it before or do you have the Dyson Airwrap?

Gabriela Lizarbe: thank you for saying that the hair was too wet to wrap around, i had that issue too and I will try drying it more(: I'm still debating whether i should keep my Shark because my hair is as long as yours , and I feel a longer barrel attachment like the "Dyson Long" would be a BIG difference <3 (: Love this video ALSO, are these the Kiss Lash Couture? They are gorgeous on you!!

Amber Mullins: WOW!! Your hair looks so GORGEOUS!! ❤️ I have not invested in a Dyson Air Wrap and I don't plan on it either haha! I've never heard of the Shark brand one, but it seems to perform just as well as the Dyson, cuz your hair looks fabulous!

Agnes Mann: It looks like the shark does similarly good job as Dyson yet it’s much better value for money. Curly hair suits you hun!

Alessia Brianna: Your hair looks so beautiful. I love your hair. My hair is frizzy, wavy and damaged.Please share your daily, weekly hair care routine.

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