Must Watch Baby Hair Scarf Janet Collection Melt Lafichu Bang Lace Scarf Picasso

  • Posted on 10 November, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous



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Foreign, hey guys, how are you doing? I hope, your puppy. I hope your puppy guys your girl is back. I am back and I am popping I am sure you're popping to you today guys. I know you'd like to cheese. Do your makeup. So what are we doing today? You'Ve done your makeup. You'Ve done your hair you're, looking cute like you're popping Chichi. What are we doing today? Okay, you guys. Okay, let me show you guys a picture by this picture. You already know what we're doing today. Look at this picture. Look at this look at this cute picture here. Can you see this? Ladies? Can you see that scarf yeah? Can you see that scarf? This is a scarf with HD lace, 100 virgin human hair attached to it. Okay, let me bring it out. Okay, let's see the Park first here it says Janet Collection, okay, yes, it's from Janet Collection. You guys know I've been working with the next collection lately and they have this sleek and sleeve for that perfect edges for all hair types. If your hair is natural relaxed any hair at all, okay, if you want to lay your edges use this, and if you want a bread, yes, I use it for not less braids as well. Okay, so you can slay. So look at that. You guys can tell I've been enjoying this. I have this one as well. This is the bigger. This is the bigger size. Okay, and this is a smaller size, so you can buy whichever size you want to. Okay, it's popping, as you can see my edges yeah. They are slick and they're staring sleek and slay. Okay, let's talk about this. The first place I saw this car was on Yandy Smith. You guys know Yandy Smith, okay, Yandy Smith, of the Real Housewife of wagon, so she was like rocking this or like. Oh, my God. This is popping okay for those days you guys here those lazy day when you just want to tie your hair. I don't want to do your edges or your hair is rough. You just want to step out. Okay, you use Jeanette's collection, melt, lafi, true, bang lace, cap 100, natural Virgin, Remy human hair; okay, so you can wash it okay, you can Target the human hair. You can bleach and you can die and you can customize it okay. So it's a scarf. Okay, let's bring this out guys, let's bring dessert okay, this is it. This is how it comes. Okay, do you see this, ladies rocking the scarf? So that's how I'm gon na wrap my scarf today. So this is it okay? Oh that's pretty! That is pretty okay! You guys look at that. Look at this, so this is what I'm gon na be rocking. Today, Janet Collection, it's calf with HD lace like wow. I love this color okay, so you guys, I'm gon na put I'm gon na put the link to this card in the description box. Also, a link to this, like you can slay okay, so you guys they have different colors, okay, so different colors that you can choose from okay guys, if you have your hair like a rock hey, you don't want to you don't want to just you know, comb! Your head up, it can't be bothered those lazy days where you just want to just step out grocery store. You know look at that. Let'S see that where is my mirror yeah, you see that. Did you see that so this is HD okay, so this is HD in front of a scarf. Okay, let's cut the lace out, so you will normally wear this hair. The way you wear your lace wig, but the difference is yeah. This one is a scarf okay. You still have to cut this lace out. Okay, so I have to make sure I don't cut. You have to really make sure you don't cut the hair, so I'm gon na concentrate and I'm gon na be back. Did you see that? Did you see that when we actually think that I have an install, you see, one would think they have an install and my hair is just coming out? Okay, so you can lay it, you know. If you want to do edges or you can even style it anyhow, you want it. Okay, like the way it is now it's looking like. I have a fringe. Okay, like I have a fringe. What I would say is yeah. I will not cut it. You know when you cut it, you cannot play with it. Okay for those when you just want to tongue, because it's human hair, you can tongue it, you can style it. You can do whatever you want to. So when you cut it, you can't really do a lot. You get what I mean, so I will not cut it, but if you prefer your hair shorter, you might want to cut it. Okay, you guys I'm gon na put my braids down. You guys, look at that! Look at that braised chichi! Oh Janet Collection, also sells braiding hair, so you can get braiding hair from Janet Collection. They have a lot braiding, hair, wigs short, wig, different kind of hair human hair. I think they also have synthetic hair as well, so anyone you want to so this is a scarf. As you can tell, this is a scarf. So it's like this see now that lazy day when you want to step out and your hair is not poppy like my hair or even or even if your hair is popping, but you just want to be extra okay, you can go like this very easy see. So you can just tuck this behind your ears like so and then, okay, like I move it forward a little bit. Oh chichi, you guys just look at me. Just look at me like I, have a different look all together, so I can even put on my glasses and I will look cute and I will pop okay, you guys this is so pretty. Did you see that you know whoa? This is nice people? This look very boss, chick okay, and if you don't have your hair like mine, like this, then to be very flat. Okay, you won't have this thin hair to be very flat and sleek wow chichi. You were popping girls. Oh I like these. You guys I'm so excited I'm just gon na be rocking this, like even when you don't have makeup on imagine if you don't have makeup on yeah and you're rocking this. It'S not cover your brows, so you don't even need makeup. Okay, this is pretty even though I like it like so, but just so, you guys can see if it's human hair, okay, let's just tongue this one here, let's turn this on here and see: oh girl, it is human, okay, um guys it's definitely human hair. So you can style it. However, you want it if you want it to have a little bit of waves like so okay or if you wanted to just stay straight, you can do whatever you want to do with this hair. So you just pretend this is your hair okay, so you have a weave, especially if you don't have braid like me. Okay, if you don't have braid like me, so it's easier for people to think you have weave. You know underneath your scarf! Oh, like you know, you can't even do your baby hair if you want to and do slicky slicky. So this is a straight okay. This one, I'm not gon na, lie to you I'll, wear it straight you just so you guys can see that it's human hair. Do you get that's what I'm doing all of this? Okay, my life is straight wow, okay, chichi or cray. Did you see that this is nice? Okay, if you wanted to turn really well like proper Tonky Tonky, you can do it also, oh guys. I don't really mess this up, because I'm not gon na wear it with baby hair, but if you're those people that does like, I think the girl, I think the ladies yeah the ladies yeah. They did like baby hair. They did this and that so they kind of did something like this here. They kind of did something like this, so this is what they probably did. Something like this. Do you see that so when you take it out, you can always wash it. So you can always wash it so there's! No! It'S not in the case of oh, how am I gon na? Do it you know afterwards, so you can always wash it. You know. Yes, I think I'll probably do something like little just yeah. This is fine. This is fine Chichi, don't do a lot, don't put a lot like. Does it does it? So you guys that's it for Janet Collection, let's see, yeah, that's fine! Okay, chichi! You are popping, I love it, so you can start it. However, you want it okay. This is for when you just want to run around lazy day, even though I say this is for lazy day. I'M gon na wear this to a party like imagine me in the party, my glasses, I'm Gon na Be Wondering like has she got? I don't even know extension in the front of her braids or what's going on here, like what is going on here, also guys it has how to apply okay step, one call the access, lace, change the lace with Foundation if you want to thin the lace. Okay, if you are darker skin, you might want to just tint a little bit of lace here. Just so it blends with your skin. Do you get, then you set the scarf properly and your hair matching the baby hair to your natural hairline. Your tie? Okay, your secure scarf with bobby pins okay nicely. So it's not gon na unravel okay because it hasn't got too much of extra. You know material so then inside the bobby pin on each side of the scarf oh you're, supposed to insert bobby pin on each side. Like this, which I did not do so when you insert it like this, it stays like so very flat. Can you see that so people are not even going to tell what is happening here even without a Barbie pin? I think it's staying okay. Then you start the you, the style edges to your to your preference. Anyhow, you want to style it cut or use coiler to customize edges. You can use moves or you know you can use moves yeah. So here they cannot use moves here to style it and they blow dry it. So this is actually really fun. Okay, thank you. So much Jeanette collection for sending me this beautiful scarf. I love it. You guys, if you want to buy your one link, is down below also make sure you guys check, slick and slay. Both link is going to be in the description box, so open the description box. The lashes I'm wearing is my lash collection. Okay, you guys check my lash collection. Okay link is down below, so that's what I'm wearing today, I'm wearing this one. Here, okay, don't watch my video without telling me! I'M popping tell me I'm popping, because you are popping I'm telling you you are popping. So why not tell me Chichi, you are popping cheating, your scarf is popping. Let me know if you love my scarf. Let me know if my scarf is popping my scarf with baby hair with lace with HD lace and it's 100 veggie Remy human hair. I love it bye, guys.

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