Styling A Male Cosplay Wig | How To Cut & Style Cosplay Wigs From Scratch!

  • Posted on 03 February, 2017
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Boom! I'm back with some more cosplay sutff! It feels like forever since I did something cosplay related so I'm actually really happy to be doing this again!

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Hello, everybody here and welcome to my bathroom in this video I'll, be showing you how to style a short boy Cup cosplay, wigs just for the latest project, I'm working on, I'm not gon na tell you who it is just yet, because I'm really really excited about This and I want to keep it as much of a secret as I possibly can. This is the weekend question just here and when I arrived, it didn't arrive as nice flat and straight and I'll put some pictures a little screen now. So you can see what I mean. It was a bit of a mess. It was more like fluffy bed head than anything else, but it was still pretty cute, but not the look of going for. Are you where you're starting, how you kind of want it to be as flat as possible, just to get a nice even cut all around the edges, and then you can start afterwards. So as it was, it wasn't gon na work, so just straighten the hair. Initially, what I did was, I just took some boiling water straight from the can - and I put it in my shower - try it on this little mannequin head, you're gon na want to have something holding it rather than your hand, because you can really hot water over This which so in fact with them, I let it drip-dry in the shower tray from another wall before I took it out and just let it just carry over, and I basically and it's come out really well. In fact, when I just let it dry it in Italy, the ends did dry because it is quite thin way. It'S not as thick as the other wigs I've ever in the past. So it's gon na be a challenge for me today. Well so let's put this baby on and start smiling, so here's the way on Mikey ready enough with the colour and style of it. But right now I'm trying to grow out my hair, so don't be chopping all off and humming like this. It'S gon na be the best I did, but if that fails and as you can see, it's already a little better than it was before hand. While I try it on last night, it was just a fluffy, but when you do style, your baby's gon na want to make sure that you're in a room that has a tile or laminate footage of so it's easy to clean up afterwards. I don't recommend doing this in a room with carpet just because there really is buying plastic fibers and you think of it to your feet. Also. Another tip I recommend, is not doing it over the stick, because, obviously you don't want. What'S a plastic there going down your drain, I'm locking that or even just generally getting into the waterways. It'S not gon na, be very good for you. So what you've got all of that down? What you're going to need is a curve and a pair of scissors, and it's always a good thing to remember: to have a reference picture of your character like I've got just down here. Just on this place. You know what your card actually looks like and don't get pictures of, just them from the front, get them from like the side or from the back too soon how their entire hair looks this piece just here, the crackdown cosplaying already has coming up a long, ish Hair at the back, so I'm not gon na cut too much off. The back is loose at the front than the gon na be focusing on today, which is fine, and if this is your first time styling awake, then I recommend maybe just buying a cheaper wicket trying out first you're gon na ruin a few weeks. I have about seven weeks in my wardrobe and I ruined perm about four of them, just for cutting weird or just trying to do things on it, but just synthetic hair can't because, on the same, stop real hair. So just where would state your time when you're cutting away don't rush it? There is no meat to rush it. No one. I cut my wigs, I like to do them in the feathering motion. Just so. It'S not a clean straight edge. If your character does have like clean straight fringes and a clean straight hair, then this might just soup is a service. I just hope it's real, but mine doesn't so what I do is I take your scissors and I very lightly close them. So you can see that only ends are closing. I'M not closing them entirely. It'S just the very, very tips, time closing ever so slightly and then, when I'm cutting, that they do that up and down them and up and down so it creates a nice feathered end rather than a straight straight edge. You may also find ways as well that they want to go in a certain direction. So this way it wants to go over of my left eyes. You can see just here. It'S the way the wikis been routed, so it will be routed just up here and it will want to come this way by trying to sign it. The other way you just see it's not quite going right and it's not, it doesn't quite want to fall. That way, even if I'm pulling it over I'm going to take my comb, I brush it over it just doesn't wan na. That'S always generally a good thing to remember, because you're gon na want to know where the hair wants to live with your face. So what I'm gon na do now is just cut a wig so that the fringe is all level and then I can start actually styling it, because this character has, if it comes at the so what I've done is I've just pinned up parts of the hair That aren't a part of the actual fringe of it just here, so I'm looking, I see that you cut any hair that I don't want to cut and ward at least five parts a slightly longer something I tend to avoid, though, as much as I can. I'Ve been putting this and just focus on this main. Just she says, grab a nice little side part she doesn't want to come whenever you cut your fringe or your bangs or whatever you want to cool them. You'Re gon na want to hold your hair a little bit lower the more you actually want to cut it because the scissors are going to be going on top and just going off. You know, and the reason for this is to hold the hair underneath so you're not trying to like chop off, but the hair underneath and getting too awkward just it makes your life easier and if it makes it easier for you as well to spray it with Some water I've never had that myself, because it's synthetic hair and it doesn't quite react the way that real hair it does. But who knows you might find the easier it just do whatever works for you. You see already that I'm not better, but the idea is that you just want to take a little bit of at a time. You can always take more off, but you can add any back pop, and so just remember that rule when you're cutting your hair and just go slow and steady, because there is no rush, I'm not saying that's pretty much basics I'll have to stop hair. I can't really tell you much more than that, unless you want a specific here's, how does all this current or here's how to spell this character? Because, let's see everyone is different, but now that you have the basics down, you can at least try to start it in your own way. If you have already guess the character, please don't say anything in the comments, because I really really excited about this, and I have a horrible feeling that it's gon na fall through, hopefully not fingers crossed as always, believers, Jess and twenty crafts operations. In the comments below and I'll be back next week with another video for you guys until then take care, Hey you

NiaV: This looks close to how I wanna style a wig for Akechi. Hopefully I do as good a job. Thank you.

RubyTu3sday: Thanks! this is actually the exact style of bangs I needed for my character :D (also btw you look SO CUTE with short hair)

lillyp0p: Thank you!!! This is really going to help me style my first wig (it’s a Madoka wig :DDD)

BFM: You helped me a lot. Thank you :3

gogoqui: where did you get your wig :0 i cut mine a bit too short and i should probably of followed a tutorial ;w;

Bailey Flinn: This is so helpful ;-; <3

Orion: I feel like it’s Pidge. (I know I’m late.)

Gh0uL_b1TcH: You just saved my ass

Winston Smith: Thank you.

Hanako's Kokeshi Doll: im very late but- pidge!

TC Fisher Vlogs: Pidge?

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