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  • Posted on 16 August, 2021
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Check out this innovative hair straightener that has people raving and waving.

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Hi everyone, i'm shelly gregory and today i'm using the dyson corral on my beautiful model mia and i'm going to do some waves two different times we're going to start on the side of her head and if you're doing this on yourself, i like to just take One section at a time and keep it super organized, so you don't get lost and feel like you, don't know what you're doing so. Just do one inch sub-sections like this you, so one of them is more of a sleek like flatter, look but more defined, and then the other one is a little more bouncy and full of volume. So when they're next to each other they're going to give like a really nice texture all over, so just moving up the head into horizontal sections and you kind of want to look at your head like a checkerboard. So on this section i did the hues in and out so above it i'm going to do opposites which will be the s plate, you're, really just clamping down lightly, and it's so great because the dyson has flexing copper plates. You don't have to push too hard because the plates do the work for you at the top section. You want to start with the? U going up so that you have a little volume in your crown and then go under over under over, and sometimes i even like to take my ends and just make them straight, especially if you're layered and you want everything to lay nicely or you can have Them flip out and be a little more okay. So now we're going to mia's back section and i'm just doing a horizontal sections again at one inch thumb sections make sure you have a nice really sturdy clip to keep everything neat and organized, and then you won't get lost in your own hair. So these nice copper plates inside that you can see they're really pretty and they're also flexing. So as i'm going down and kind of crimping into this s shape, i have to just barely hold these plates just hold on to each piece, so gently and separately. They spread it evenly on the plates, so you don't have to push hard, but as you can see, this is cord free, so it makes moving around her head and doing your own hair. So easy all you have to do is charge your coral for 70 minutes and you're going to get 30 minutes of cord free styling, so just make sure when you're doing the u-shapes. You really do like a nice big turn because then you're going to get that defined wave. You don't have to push the plates very hard, but you do need to make sure you get a good angle. But with this you don't have to worry about the growl catching and snagging your hair, like other flat irons. Do everything is so seamless that it's really gentle on your hair with other flutterings, i feel like i had to keep going over the sections again and again, but with the dyson corral you just do it one time and you get such good results all right. Last section her front and i'm gon na - do one inch sub section, horizontal and repeat the same pattern that we have going back here, see how much volume that adds looks so good. Another thing that's great about this, because the heat is so even on the plates. This style will last for three or four days and you're gon na get half the damage, then from another required, and sometimes i like to take smaller sections in the very front just to get more detail, because that's really really where your hands are touching and all The elements are touching, so sometimes they can fall out easier or you just want more detail around your face. While her hair cools off i'm just gon na spray, it a little bit so that it sets and that's going to make it last longer and then tip your head back a little bit and spray all on top. But mia is all done. I hope you enjoyed the video and make sure you go to support to purchase your dyson for all to save your life.

MsAqua: I have one and I love it! What heat setting did you use?

Komichi: This... This isn't the supersonic hair dryer

Nancy Rivera: Isn’t there an easier way?

Candy Han: With my hair I probably need 15 hours

goldwaves: Where is the supersonic hair dryer?

Zoe Heavner:

60Airflyte: Hair dryer?

Fairy Fellers Master Stroke: R.I.P the wrist.

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