So This Happened... | Straightening My Hair For The First Time

Yup, I decided I wanted to straighten my hair for the first time to see how it would look and how long it was... and this is what happened! From natural curly hair TO straight hair Let me know what you guys think and if you would do this yourself!

❌ P.S never flat iron your hair without heat protectant!

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Oh so foreign, so so come on, don't be moving like a girl right, let's get into my face. I can't do that. No! No! Please don't this looks so weird dude. I have to get out of my face. No, no! I was straightening her again. Oh, your ends are really bad. What the hell do you mean? Oh, my gosh? Oh my gosh, it came out of those guys. I don't know what to say man, you

King Keem: You should’ve blow dried first and then used the comb chase method for a more silky finish. It make a HUGE difference.

12345 12345: I straitened my hair last week to see what it would look like, my family laughed soo hard .. just added some water the next day , got my curls back.. It was a fun experiment though

Chuck Johnson a.k.a. Kid Thunder: I tried to straighten my hair out once. It became disastrous, especially with the static making it messy. So it's a pass for me.

Mr&Mrs Boss: We all have do it once :p I remember when I did it to myself just to be curious and see how it was gona be looking. Just NEVER put a relaxer unless you want to end up making a big chop video lol. Keep it up in your hair journey

Warmonger8891 YT: You should def. blow dry the hair before straightening. 100%. Looks better& makes it easier& actually better for the hair bc straightens so much easier.

YDK YUNGBOI: It doesn’t really matter what his hair looks like, he’ll always be big poppa

Prez Nkadimeng: 9:12 all I needed him to say was 'I'm sorry ms Jackson, but I am for real.

12345 12345: I straitened my hair last week to see what it would look like, my family laughed soo hard .. just added some water the next day , got my curls back.. It was a fun experiment though

m: when i straighten my hair should i blow dry, add protector and then straighten??

Jojo Vi’Carri: Rule of thumb: You’re supposed to blow dry it before you straighten it

Keewii: A pimp named slick back ‍♂️

Gamer Airtias: Ok...but, don't leave your man without a style. Get some product in there and give him some shape!

Dimitri Jones: My girls straighten my hair right now as we speak

Montella da protege: Yess this help a lot I’m wearing &’ flat ironing curling my real hair , ✨

Brandon Plays: I came here coz most of the time (twice) when I got braided I got my hair blown out (with relaxer) about 2 week's ago, my braids already starting to get kinky coz they itch so much. What I wanna know is does it last longer than blow out? And also can the hair be braided after this, does it not make it difficult to braid? One more thing, does this not have long term damage effects on the hair?

lllPhantomlll疫ラ™: I got my hair permed and I got straight hair too I'm working on growing it longer

Bertha Kitt: Aren’t you supposed to blow dry before applying an iron?

Steven Simon: My girl said something about flat ironing my hair. Glad I found this video first...cuz nah bruh lol

Pennyworth: How long have you kept your hair? I would like to reach that length.

MB: Is it possible to do plaits or two strand twists after straightening to reduce shrinkage?

Momomils 298: People with kinky or curly hair should use the chase method. It’s more effective and less thermo-damaging.

Lisa Paola: So we’re not gonna blowdry first?

Mason Audi: Getting mine done by my lady right this minute

Darmeniov. Verasdias: It looks so good and long

thesnare100: doesn't humidity take the curl our of your hair, there's a procedure that does this- it's kind of like the opposite of a perm, would that do the same thing?

Rabin Tmg: If i was there I would splash water and run

adam zan: bruh his hair generated enough smoke to slow roast a full rack of ribs

PHiLLY BLaZeN: Looks good, now throw some cornrows or plats in it

Cliff Carson: I wouldn’t but it made for a fun video! Also, good way to see split/ dead ends

Cashtro Platinum: When i got mine straightened it was horrible

Anthony Van Wyk: Never straightened b4. Looks interesting buh willing your hair turn back to its curly state?

RahFrmNYC: I was literally just watching y’all other videos now here i am

HONEST ABE: Your hair's pretty long bruh. Shrinkage is a real thing

Dean Noah: Would've came out a lot more sleek and loose if you blow dried his hair before straightening it.

tapha senghor: I've straightened my hair many times I used chemical products instead of the Heat. Its quiet easier to manage to comb it daily afro hair is enough hard to be taken care. I'm at my 4 months of hair grow after a big buzzed cut. I got an undercut and I wanna wait until November it'll be 1 year then I'll straighten it .and Finally ima put it as a Manbun like my profile Picture

Tiggertron: The things we do for women lol

Darryl Calloway: The second that hat went on... TOTAL SWAG!! I'd do it

Dizzy808 : what do you put on his hair after i just took out two braids and my hair was flat ironed and im tryna wear it out for a while with out shrinking

The Reel Demo Deal: You needed to blow dry his hair straight first and then flat iron it so that it would have been silky and bouncy.

Avoidthirtyz: I’m confused on how to do cause I’m not sure to do when my hair damp or dry or blow dried

Calisthenic Monk: I got a question, Can you use a leave in conditioner as a heat protectent?

Joshua Ng'ang'a: Dude tried so hard to smile

xander: Next time get someone who actually knows what they’re doing to straighten it.

SAVIOR: Yall Should keep it like this

Exotic Tay: I fw y’all cause y’all original

Lee Chung: 1 drop of water touches that and it’s over lol

Quantiko: How do u redo it back to natural shrinkage ? Is this permanent.

Michael Barrington: Wow, you look so much better with straight hair!

clouds: I wonder if I could do this on my 3a/3b Hair

Trust Pinoy: I would be dreading if I got that type of hair..

Bradley AKAsincaid: I kinda liked my shit straight the afro is too much upkeep fr and getting my hair cut all the time is annoying but I had it a Lil bit too long last time and people told me it looked feminine so the length will factor in next time

nova: When i’m older I wanna straighten my hair get a undercut and give my self a levi ackerman hair cut, was just checking if i could actually do it edit: nvm

Unknown Drill: I straightened my hair before I had to cut it and start again

GWYMAN: sorry if I get this wrong, But you two are the most magnificent couple

Eugene yuhi: Looking good bro☺

TMC 9Tho: How long does it last till it goes bacc to normal

youngethoo4xx: When i got my hair flat ironed it burns my scalp

Zainuddin: I realised when black men straighten their hair they look Indian

speedy: I did this and it's a puffy afro it's kinda nice but I can't go to school like this

CHEESE: Would you consider growing the undercut ?

JASON Otae: I have waaaaiiiittreeed for this video I knew y'all were gon do something like this

EYU 14: He must really love her

Fun Times With Games: so I’m confused so after you straighten your hair, how does it go back to normal, I want to know before I try it

NateCB: do single braids for the next video

natethamann: My boi looking like coop from all american tell me I’m wrong

The Shiv: Don’t straighten ur hair we are here wanting our hair curly and ur straighten it

A_Active 990: Where to improve? (Expert's Advice). You should have added less products which almost makes the hair seem oily/greasy. You should go over that hair with the straightener one more time. Once straightened, you should trim those ends, by creating a diagonal front look (Optional). straightener

Sadio: you are adorable i love your bond

sarcastic ways: I honestly think that black men and women wears straight hair better

Моиз Максимин Мабай: I've got pretty long afro hair. Wanna do this style)

𝑷𝒓x𝒏𝒄𝒆𝑶𝑨: For any people that still here is it ok to use any heat protectants or are there specific ones ?

It'sDJjayy: So would straighten hair be more easier to braid

VIB’N WIT K’NG RICO: I want to do this but I want mine slick to the back

Samson Omotoso: Ima do this when I’m older so I can look like mj since I wanna be an mj impersonater

Adrian Collins: Looks like your ends need a trim ! Looking sweet though let’s see a bun !

Ashlee's singing sensations: I like it better when it's straight.

Brian Woodruff Jr: 0:06 to 8:37 to see the transformation

LORD RAIN: I’m about to let my sister straighten my hair I’m scared she gonna fuck my hair up tho

Keenan-lee Strauss: In Namibia we would roll the hair first, then blow dry and then straighten, that's why the ends are bad.

ICCY: If I use argan oil for it's heat protectant properties instead of actual heat protectant will I be okay?

Danish H: Keep that men, he really love her so much

Sir Cruz: I'm never straightening my hair

BigDawgHam: Now i can look like Katt Williams good looks

P T: had you looking like a witch, get them box braids in quick.

ScribbleSG: With his hair straighten he somewhat looks like Katt Williams, playing Darren in the movie School dance. Soz .

Nona Yobiz: Clip the ends for that cutie pie!!! Like his curls BETTER!!!

Eshant bisht: Bro u look great

DJ: Will this ruin ur curls and natural hair?

Oh Wow: I’m gonna ask for the Kat Williams cut

Onyx Johnson: He looks like Jermain Stewart with straight hair LOL i love the curly full long hair best.. WE DONT HAVE TO TAKE OUR CLOSE OFF!!

James Geane: Can you do twists after blow drying and straightening?

JRC Official: I see the lenght bruh,my nigga growing,love the video Just started ny channel trying to grow it,would appreciate it if you guys checked me out

Humberto Edbrando: Why did you straighten your hair, and is there a way to put it back how it was ?

N.W.A.: You got to braid it now

AJT: Your taper is fire bro

Arlo Wesley: Issa no for me dawg. A for effort though.

Matthew zdot: I love both of your accents

Sassy Williams: Where you get that teal comb love it

Stefano Tene: I too have hair like yours now I too will do it like this

macdonald chaboka: yoo now i see why we black men dont have straight hairs we look weird yoo

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