Chile, I Tried The Instagram Viral Revlon Hair Straightener. Type 4 Friendly???

  • Posted on 28 December, 2021
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And let me say this when it comes to that: no no in the hair community i'ma have it hey child and welcome back to my channel first on the day that i'm recording this. It is december 27th. Yes, i do still have on christmas, pjs and yes, mariah carey still runs my radio and yes, i am still wearing this ready little wig because ain't, nobody doing no hair. But that brings me to the next point. December 28th is my birthday. So, on the day, i'm uploading it it's my birthday and one of my wonderful husband's gifts to me is he has given me a break from my hair honey. He got me a braid appointment, so i ain't got to touch my hair. I think it's really because he don't like these wigs that i've been wearing. He was just like, go get your hair done, but either way it go. I'M going to get a break today and let that be a point of advice for every partner out there. If you have a request for your partner's hair, open up your wallet so anyway, since he so graciously opened up his wallet, i'm getting ready to go, get my hair done now. My braider does prefer that i come with my hair blown out, which brings me to this video honey one night in the middle of the night. I was scrolling my explore page on instagram and a instagram username. I am valencia underscored. She did this particular video right here and let me tell you something now: i'm not that much of an impulsive buyer, but let me tell you something even as an influencer i am influenced, and she made me want to try this out for myself. So i carried right on down to ulta with my own coins and i bought the two that she used and it is by revlon. It is their one step. Volumizer plus now be clear. They do have the one step volumizing, but this one is the plus, because you know we actually want the best of the best and that's what we got. I'M gon na wash and condition my hair off camera and yeah we're gon na get to trying this out on my hair and see how it works. For me, hey chow, hello, lover all right, so it is time to get this hair done. I literally have 30 minutes to make this happen and honey. Listen. I we got to pray for a miracle. So, first of all, if you wanted to see what my hair looks like before i do this whole straightening situation. This is what we're working with, and at this point i have not detangled my hair. So i'm going to use this good old, felicia leather wood to go ahead and do that and i want to be very thorough because honey. What i ain't trying to do is snatch all my hair. I don't look like a bald head chickens and now that i'm completely detangled, let's go ahead and go in with something that's gon na help me to be hair, so soft, silky and free. The camera cares. Thermal wonder now i remember in the early 2000s, when i used to go to the shop and get fried out and lay to the site a brand that my stylist at the time always trusted was killer care. So i figured even though i never used this particular product number. One is killer care number two. It'S 20, this time better work. So let's go ahead and douse this scalp in hair and when i say douse it i mean that thing: honey, we're going all up and do this thing yeah we still spraying because you honey you ain't going to make me bald, hit it and you're going to Take my curls away: either yeah go ahead and get it all in there yeah that too, i still ain't done yet, yet we all right it's time to get into the goods, and so this is what it looks like when you get it in the box. Yes, i got it pink because you know it's so pretty all right. So how i put this on there. I guess i should read the directions. Okay, it's pretty good. They got these little arrows where you can just lock it in. I don't know if you can even tell because of the lights, come on, yeah, look at the arrows and you can align it and you can lock it and then on. This side is where they have the temperature. So you can see high medium low and all of that, so i am going to start on medium and i probably should read the directions but just like, with everything in life: honey, we're just gon na wing this thing and just pray for the best all right. I want to make sure it's really really detangled so yeah, let's run it through one more time help us load all right. Let'S go so. I'M gon na put this on medium, how you twirl this all right. So let's go like this and i'm gon na use. Some tension, that's one pass, so this is what it looks like with four passes on medium and honestly, the medium feels kind of low, so i'm gon na bump this up to high and just pray that we don't miss it. So let's try this one more time. Alright, so that was four passes on medium and one on high, and let me tell you something number one: this section is almost dry did that ride bars honey. Secondly, honestly my hair feels good, so i am going to go the rest of the way on high. I'M not focusing on curls because i'm getting ready to go literally as soon as i'm done with this i'm going straight to the break shop. So let me go ahead and just try honey. The verdict is in i like this, especially as a at home too. This is good, so i'm using it on medium to help get some of the water off of my hair and scalp and then, when i'm ready for it to get really really straight, i'm going to use it on high. So when you look at this particular tool, it has kind of like this wide tooth brush situation right here and then on this side. It has bristles as well. I don't feel like my hair is getting caught up in there. It honestly feels really good. So here's what i'm going to do just to speed up on time! That'S going to be my method using tension, i'm going to use it kind of just going down with medium to evaporate some of the water and then i'm going to do like maybe two or three passes on high, which it doesn't feel super high, like like a Flat iron, like your chi iron or your fh, it don't feel like that at all so yeah. Let me go ahead and run this through my hand, we're going to see what this thing ain't talking about. So i have used the tool everywhere and number one. Can i just say it looks like i need to shake it like a polaroid picture. Secondly, i love this tool, but let me give you my honest opinion just in case you are thinking about buying this, so the back half of my hair has a looser curl type and the texture is actually finer and on that section that blew out my hair, A lot silkier than it did in my coarser and tighter curl sections. Now that's not a problem, but i do just want to point out that it did operate differently on my looser finer hair than it did my tighter coarser sections of hair. Now i feel like, if you are someone who has loose fine hair like valencia, the one who did the video she has looser and finer hair than me. If you have a looser finer type of hair. I feel like this could be a one-stop shop where you could use that to not only blow out your hair, but you can manipulate it with. You know a little bit of tension a little bit of arm workout and it can be a one tool style day for you, meaning you can use it as like the little roller brush situation and end up with some pretty little curls. You know have you some volume or whatever, but that's for me in my house, while this is an effective blowout, this is definitely not a one-stop shop for me i would have to. If i wanted a silkier look. I would definitely have to go in with my flat iron, i personally own an fhi, but i would have to go in with my flat iron to really get it really straight. But as far as blowing out my hair with minimal time, that did the daggone thing. Like it was really good for me to just be able to go in there, and i want to say it took me about 20 minutes to blow out my entire head. So, for that reason i, like the tool now i feel, like my hair - probably would have gotten straighter if it had comb pieces in there versus the bristle brush, but overall y'all. I can't complain if i want a quick little blowout, i'm going right to there and if i need to straighten i'm gon na go to the shop, because i don't flat iron, my own hair. No, my my stylist watches me honey and i ain't trying to get in trouble so anyway, speaking of stylish, let me run to my other style and get this her braided and i'll be back and just like that we are at the end of the video number One, it is the next day, which means it's officially my birthday, ghost shawty, it's chef say. Secondly, the responsible influencer thing to do is to come on at the end of the video looking real polished put together and have that face beat. But it is my party and i look dusty if i want to so with that being said. That is the end of this video and let me go ahead and leave you with a little bit more wisdom, because last time i told you i stopped eating. Shitless and y'all had a fit, but let me tell you something we all can agree to spend his money spend his money. You deserve it, go in his pocket and spend his money, because that's exactly what i'm going to do. I spent his money on my braids. I spent his money on my dinner. I spent his money on my birthday gift. I took his debit card and i broke a hole in it spent his money. Okay, thank you all right, so that is the end of this video. I am going to be chilling. The rest of the day we had plans, especially because this is our last birthday together before the baby got here but honey. The way oh marion has turned up this world. My big butt finna be right on in this house. We'Re gon na play uno pop. Some more nearly eat me some good food and i'm gon na chill because i'll see y'all in the comment section. So if y'all have any questions, leave them down below. I love y'all monkey dada and i'm out this piece bye,

Faye In The City: If you don’t listen to anything else I say, take heed to the advise at the end of the video!

ItsJasDarling: “If you have a request for your partners hair, OPEN UP YOUR WALLET!!!” LMFAOOOO I know that’s right HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAYE!!

Maiya Jones: This makes me miss my old hairstylist. I went to the Egyptians to get my hair done. When I say they use to work that roller brush and the blow dryer!!! Since I'm outside still not ready, this seems like my best option for a blowout. Thanks for this video and Happy Birthday Faye!!! Hope Baby In The City let you do a little turn up today

Brittany: Spend his money at Target. Spend his money on Amazon. Just spend his money.

Brandi: I use the Revlon blow-dry flat brush (because I have zero skills with the round brush) and I love that thing. I use it with Garnier's Sleek and Shine leave-in and it works crazy good! I wasn't a huge fan of Revlon, but I'm impressed with the results.

amy d: I purchased this during Black Friday and I got and tried it literally 1 week before it went viral. The bristles snapped in my hair the first time I used it. Not a fan at all. I exchanged it for their heated xl straightening brush instead and I much prefer ghat

Kimberly Robinson: If you turn it with tension, it gives a better result if you were looking for more smoothness. I have right curls and prefer the Amika version of this dryer to the Revlon. It was more expensive (Sephora) but it definitely gives me a better result.

HANDMADE WITH CHRISTI WADE: I've had one of those for about 1 year now. I bought it to manage my tender-headed 4yr old daughters hair. It was a game-changer and made the job easier for me.

Angela Myers: I have the older version of this, after three years I do feel the quality has reduced, so in the market for a new one! I love these tools for blowing out my hair

Melisia Bowman: Happy Birthday Sis!!! Another honest review- you know we love you for that! And a gorgeous hairstyle to boot.....I love to see it. You're supposed to look good whenever you feel like it and yes spend his money!!! I'm still in my husband's wallet and the gift giving part is over. But seriously have a blessed and wonderful birthday at home! We don't have time to play with Omicron/Omarion.

Ayana Dixon: Happy birthday Faye! I have this brush and it makes blow drying my hair so much easier. Actually I have 2, my oldest daughter stole the first one I bought. She will be going to college next fall, so I let her keep it and bought another one for me.

MissSophisticate: Happy Birthday Faye!!! You made me laugh. My birthday was the 19th and yes, hubby gave me his card and I Sephora’ed it up! I got ALL the things. Anywho - i bought this brush last Saturday and its still in the Target bag. I was still skeptical, but NOW you have convinced me it will do what I need it to do. Thank you!

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Jazzmyn: Hi Faye, and happy birthday!!! I've noticed this works best with tension, like the way the girl in the TikTok did it. Rolling/wrapping the hair around the brush and holding it. That method results in less passes and, to me, a sleeker blowout. I feel the tool has enough vents and surface area for an effective blowout using this method. (Also though, I have the older one and I think it kicks out a lot of heat, but that's just my two cents.)

Apara: Happy birthday!!! I died laughing at your heat protectant applications section . You are too freaking funny. Funny, last week (after watching youtube) I went out and bought one of these Revlon things too - but I bought the One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler. It's the flat paddle brush looking one.

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BeComing Nyrell: Hey Faye I hope you’re doing well! I saw via uk news outlet a P&G recall (never once heard anything here in the US) for products that were being pushed and sponsored 9months to a year ago. Aerosol dry shampoo and conditioners. Can you do a quick PSA to get the word out to the girls! Ik a lot of ladies in our community was using this as an option to forego wash day and prolong weaves. P&G ( pantene Aussie old spice waterless etc) has issued a statement about cancer causing chemical Benzene detected in the aerosol dry shampoo and conditioner Please check your products against the affected list and trash them

chefgforgoat: Hey hunny! Try holding the blow dryer up to your hair to partially dry it and then roll your wrist when you’re adding tension. This allows for less passes

Imani3D: I just got one and it was amazing if you know how to work with a round brush you can get almost silky straight hair plus it took me like 20 min when it usually takes me a hour to blow out my whole head. Best thing i brought in years.

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Snuggle Bunny: 1.) Happy Belated Birthday-Wishing you health & wellness! 2.) My mother taught me: When a man is around-You don’t have a wallet, you’ve never owned a wallet, What is a wallet Basically, I am 100% behind your final thoughts

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Jaesha: They say your hair should be 85% dry before using it. I bought one last month but haven’t used it yet. Just saw some videos this weekend of folks with breakage at the roots as you should always start from the bottom because it can cause too much tension and heat and snap more fine strands near the scalp. Fine as in smaller strands. They also say you get better results if the hair is nearly dry. I bought the Revlon blow drying Brush and will dry it with that til it’s around 85% then switch to the volumizer to straighten and finish drying. My plan is to use this to stretch my hair and then do a twist and curl with flexirods with a leave in moisturizer and foam wrap.

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