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  • Posted on 11 August, 2019
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Today, I test another newer hair tool: heated hair brush straightener. You guys know that I usually don't prefer hair brush straighteners because they don't do much for the hair and you usually have to go with a regular flat iron after you use it to create sleek/straight hair. But this hair brush straightener has different types of plates without the short bristles. We tested it on straight/wavy fine hair versus curly coarse and super thick hair. What do we think of the results?

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I have a heated hairbrush straightener to test out for you guys today. You know my take on them, not my favorite, but let's try this out. Let'S test it on my hair and see if it works better and I do have a special guest with me come on in may see with your beautiful hair, it's nice and frizzy perfect candidate for this hairbrush video, yes very thick, so we're comparing my fine thin. Naturally, straight a little bit of wavy hair to her naturally coarse curly, hair, like when you pick it up right here, you can see all that beautiful texture kind of thick. So I don't know the struggle. You guys can see my bags or your bangs. The thickness of it is just my entire head, yeah everyone I ever hear dresser I've ever been to or stylus they're like you have the thickest hair with ever seen. Yeah. I can't attest to that. Alright, we are heated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and let's try this out, slides nice and easy interesting, interesting whoa. Look at that! That'S just one pass, that's pretty good! I mean it's. Definitely not it's not like really smooth. You know it's not like. It doesn't have like boar bristles or a nylon bristles, so it's not really giving you out that like blowout look, but I mean what did that? That'S pretty impressive for the first time yeah and you can kind of get up in the roots. I know whoa like are you kidding me right now, I'm not even like exaggerating Wow all right, I'm gon na go up to 390. You guys there's only three different settings: 350, 390 and 450 all right. So, basically, what I'm doing I'm not just taking it in letting the brush do, because you see how easily comes out what I'm doing is I'm creating a little bit of tension, so I'm kind of putting it into the place first, holding it there for a couple Of seconds and then basically pulling the hair down against the sides, I'm not holding it up and put a link down and then bringing the brush through the hair, as I'm holding the hair, so basically just putting a little bit of tension on the hair. So it doesn't slide out. I'M sorry, excuse me, wow, that's actually really good. I mean it's just one pass yeah. I would believe you like one twice just to get a little bit better results towards the bottom, but I mean it's literally with one pass. I'M actually shocked. Yeah like this is. This is really good. You were ready. I know it's shocking Wow. Let'S try it this way. Also, you can do it like that, basically just always holding your hair. Oh that's so easy to even look at that. It got so close, mm-hmm wow, you guys shocked some good stuff is happening. Ah all right may see your new pulled. My heart may see your knee right. All right, she's, going up to 450 take out so you're waiting for that to heat up. It'S really fast. Look at that thing yeah I mean: do you guys see the difference now, just one pass and it feels really smooth. I'M excited to see this work on you, this magic. I hope it does. You can see this ding yeah. Well, you said your hands a little bit, damn yeah, which isn't the best, but does it feel soften you're here Wow, look at that wow you weren't kidding yeah. The only thing is well. You can see that I need my in-stream but like with a flat iron. You can kind of like shape you're in yeah this tool, it's a little bit harder. Yes, you can't exactly clam yeah the ends. Yes, that's the one thing you're not gon na get super sleek straight ends. I mean especially for you right yeah, just because there's no clamp there unless you kind of just hold it there and go over a couple of times. I think that would like possibly work. You know, yeah, you kind of have to like curve it yeah. I mean just with one pass and you can take bigger section he's too much. I, like I literally be done in minutes yeah, like that's amazing, Wow. How is it comfortable or is it pulling your hair or is it pretty comfortable to go through? No, it feels good, I mean I kind of with a lot of heated brushes. It almost doesn't pull enough for me. Yeah like I can feel that it's not really doing yeah and with this one it's not creating too much attention, but it's not too loose yeah. The one thing I do have said the plastic: it does move a little bit, so that's pretty good. So I think that's why you can probably fit a lot of hair in yeah at once and it will be done really quick. Wow. Look at the difference. That'S incredibly soft Wow, oh yeah, you can totally just like yeah Wow texture. This is like I wouldn't even say this is a brush on same thing. This is magic yeah, all right, so, let's basically smooth the rest of her hair out. I think the overall results speak for themselves. Yeah. You guys saw that we were like just amazed at how well it was performing, but I mean it just speaks for itself: it's a really great product. It can work on really fine, really thin hair and it can work really great on coarse curly, hair long hair as well. I mean you guys think I have long hair look at her hair, so tiny wise. It took roughly seven minutes for my hair and for you was roughly 20 to 22 minutes, roughly yeah. Usually I straighten my hair, it's at least a half hour to 40 minutes to get it completely smooth and sleek like I want yeah. So this definitely cut the time yeah. So my biggest positive with a tool like this is how close it gets to the roots, even though I don't have naturally curly hair. I sometimes still have kinks, and I want that silly click at the very top, because we all know that little kinks at the top and then super sleek straight hair. It just doesn't look good so with this, you can really get in there and kind of just hold your hair in the plaits, and especially with you, I was shocked I put towards the back in the front. You can really get in the roots and it just does a really really great job. The other positive is the packaging. I mean it's super sleek, it's smooth, it's great. It looks like a Dyson and that's what you're trying to go for I mean not bad. It'S a great packaging, all right, another positive swivel cord. It was it's a little bit stiff, but honestly it's actually very comfortable didn't get in the way. I like that, it's a huge positive. I mention that many times a lot of people forget about the swivel cord. Until you don't have it, then everything changes for you. The swivel cord is incredible. Um, the one thing does your hair smell, no mine isn't either. Sometimes it can have like that burnt smell, especially if it's a newer tool yeah do we recommend amazing, highly recommend, recommend a Nick hair and for fine here, any hair? It'S a go. They did say it. It'S literally for any kind of hair texture, any kind of hair type, but this should work for you, and I mean we have fine straight hair, coarse, curly hair. So I think if you're in between, maybe you would curl yur. Maybe you would find her. I think this tool would be really good for you yeah and it's under 40 bucks. That'S a he positive can't beat that huge. One thing I do want to quickly mention, I think, most likely this product is a white label product or a private label, which means it's a product that has been manufactured already. They just slap a label on it. So keep that in mind, if you do see similar products like this with a different label, it's a sync tool with a different label on it, but I will link this one below for you guys, the one that we have it's on Amazon. But for now you guys, let us know if there are any other tools, you guys want us to test out on different hair types. Thank you for spending time with Macey, and I we will see you in another one very soon. Bye,

Wendi O: I love the testing on different hair types, as my hair is nothing like yours, so it was great to see how the tool works on thick, long hair. Great job!

SLAMSwan: I love the two different hair types testing one product. It's nice to compare and contrast the tool's effectiveness. Please do more videos like this!

kathy adreon: Girl you inspire me! I'm always searching for great hair tools that make life easier! I believe under your influence I've added quite a few to my collection. Just ordered this one! Love you!!

Cobweb Afternoon: This tool looks amazing & its affordable!

Olga Gómez: Omg buying this right now! I was looking for a tool that could help me get really close to my roots because my hair gets so frizzy sometimes and this will definitely help

Taylor E: It would be really interesting to see if you could also use this tool for easy curling!

Spriggit82: Thank you so much for doing this video. Have a brush similar to this and didnt think it worked until I used it how you did adding tension to the hair! It works like a dream now! Love all your videos. Bought the Revlon one step after watching your video and I love it xx

Victoriasan19: Great video, Ordering right now!! Also I really loved having someone on with different hair type.

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Bonnie Bunting: Ordered mine. Will let you know how it works for me. Love your videos and opinions. X

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Lorennia: I hAve very curly hair and it is my favorite tool! I use it every two days and my hair is not damaged at all as with the usual flat iron. I am so happy with it

Sally Spires: Ordered mine immediately and am convinced you are right. Best Heated Hair Brush Straightener--Ever! Funny thing is, I have really fine thin naturally straight hair--except when it gets kinks in it from pony tail holders, headbands, etc. Then, All I need is THIS TOOL!

Jann Kanizar: Have watched A LOT of videos about hair products & you are the best! Your hair is just like mine so I feel a sisterhood w/your experiences. Keep posting, Girl. Doing a great job!!

Joy Massey: The name of the tool is S10 and it's great!! I actually watched the promotional video on Amazon and it also curls hair in a beautiful way!!! You can create many different styles ❤

Licensed and insured A: Ok.....just got it today ( arrived) Amazon prime! We tried it here at work and so far it's a 6 out of a ten. not nearly as good as a flat iron but we will see at home how it behaves. I was soooooooo wanting this to be a magic quick thing ☹️

Barbara Bello: Have you compared these types of tools to HeadKandy’s one upper or sidekick straightener brushes? Be curious to see how they rate.

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OlgasFlavorFactory: This is amazing! Wow. Super impressive results.

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MeeMee K.: Hi Beautiful! Can you do an updated video on hair styling products? I was wondering if your products has changed. I use what you use! Lol. Obsessed! I love you girl!! Thank you for your beautiful videos. You make this world a better place.

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itsamadmad world: High Malibu I'm a little bit confused I watch all your videos I'm trying to get either a hot air brush to conquer the frizzies straighten out my hair or else a flat straightener I don't know which one to do I don't know which one to buy what is your suggestion I have frizz in my hair it's about medium length and it's sin my hair is thin do you have any suggestions

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