Mini Hair Straightener Unboxing#Shorts #Youtubeshorts #Shortsvideo #Shortsvideoyoutube #Sajalmalik

  • Posted on 17 January, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Don't try to upload my video on your channel or other social media accounts without my permission.

it has the content ID. you will get copyright strike by YouTube. and you will be in a big trouble.


Foreign every time i try to breathe just have regrets.

*_Sassvage_Suzy_*: I have it already.. It's cute and very useful as well as uh can carry it easily

Ramachandran rathna: Challenge homemade eyepin for earing with any waste materials for example plastic. Like that will u accept my challenge

daradkhan Daradkhan: I need one straightener

Bhuvana with nature: How much time we have to heat it before use please reply me

Multi tasker: It is only useful for short hair

Atif ali: Mini hair crimping machine please homemade

justcraftit: Where can I buy this

Zepeto Queen Jennie: So beautiful

N. T. Mim art and craft: So beautiful

Bandana Koundal: Outstanding ❤️❤️

Jamal Akhtar: Woww

Kinjal Rahul: Wow


Noni's craft world: Wow

Cmhoysala Cmhoysala: Nice

Liaqat Ali shah: Nice

Salman bashir: Amazing

9 para sf: Which spray did u use for her hair?

New vlog channel and game: I have black colour hair strainger

ANTARA STREAM: From where you take

Arts & Crafts: Meee toooo i have this‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

Wafira Mohammed Monu: How to buy? Is there any online app?

Srity❤️: how mach this prices.replied me

S.M. SALAUDDIN: Api this sraitnar ka price kinta hain??plz reply

Aneeqa Butt: Hi

Arjan Malik: Prize

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