Hair Straightener Made Voluminous Short Hair/Styling My New Hair

  • Posted on 08 February, 2015
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Thank you for watching the video! I appreciate it a lot!

I've cut my hair again :) and I need to learn how to style them again! It's easiest way for me. I hope you enjoy it!

Hey guys it's bar 24, my hair and I've cut my hair again, I'm trying to grow them so they'll be bigger longer, but I'm trying several cuts to make see how it looks that today and I again my name birthday something well, I'm feeling that that's okay, Part one was the makeup everyday work approved makeup, and today i will show how is tell my new hairstyle. Oh, i will tell you something about it. As you can see, i hope the lighting is good. My hair have been cut like in words like the layers been put quite in them inside of a hair, and over here is just a regular one length cut, maybe over here I'm probably the stylist put a little bit longer or those front pieces, and she took You can see here just a little short pieces of here so that it adds the volume. Now we got to tart. I will divide everything. Um put them. Please put the heat protection. He protection is on just combing, my hair, like so, and right now, taking two fingers just going through. My hair have my well famous clip. That is all the time for my hair and I dish towel right now. Have my Remington straightener 168 self degrees Celsius, timely? Taking the breath and waves putting slowly through the hair and calm at the same time, it's enough for me to go two times with through my hair. So you can see it straight and you can see all those pieces will always stick out, but we can try to fix them. We can with a straightener well for it for a while, they will and I will go the hole through my hair like so slowly putting Scooby, I'm not trying to curl the ends in were just making them straight to get the cut is tre, so I think It looks, in my opinion, beautiful, and you can see that this one is not like rounded, because you know how our hair grows like likes know like so, and this one goes like this and those want to go out and it's kind of normal for my hair. So the back see they are straight, and this is how I'm going to do the rest of my hair and I'll. Show you what I how I stopped at the end k so rest. Come this ground part. I will come it again, so that's nice and smooth and I'm just dividing into like small sections that I will be working with and doing the same. Putting the the calm, tengo slow, my hair, and you can see those are already awkward. So we will try to catch those and, of course you use a nice timing. Private choose for those hair, those upper bodies - hair can see some were here. Please don't judge me, I'm not a professional hairstylist or makeup artists. I just do share things that I think works or my hair or my eye to shave them or a think that relates to me and deny it again and again drive slowly slowly. Slowly like so, and you can see, I, like - I don't know the human I started to like those kind of smooth hair or is like always fluffy and now we do have this crown and call me with this really helps to smooth it out your hair immediately And you can see, there is already a volume, but I have shown you those like those little small pieces of hair that were specially made to create the volume of find those and use those just make the the hairstyle even more voluminous like so, and here i Do have also those little small pieces up here go here and try to smooth those pieces of my front range here. We go fast, easy and still the luminous here and you can see so I'll turn around and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I will try to find my time to film the more and more videos with with a poor short hair. I have one or the wearing a head. I'M sorry haven't filmed any of them right now, but promise I will do at least one, because I have an idea about how to style it and hoping you are having fun too love. You all guys and they're hoping the day is great with you all see in the next video bye, bye,

Dania Syr: you look so cutee with short hair ^^, I'd like to see how will you look with wavey hair! what's the name of the Straightener have you used? btw excuse my bad English lol, I'm from syria and trying my best to improve my language, you're amazing tho! keep filming :) lots of love <3

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