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  • Posted on 14 March, 2019
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Todays video is sponsored by Etereauty hair straightener, I get so many questions on how i style my hair? today I’m sharing with you guys how i achieve effortless curls using their product. All opinions are my own!

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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel, as I could tell by the title today. It'S gon na be a how I style my hair, and today this video is sponsored by a trudy hair straightener. So this is what it comes in. It'S a really cute, like black pouch, that you can put your hair strainer and I will have my discount code listed in the description bar, so go check that out. So this is what it looks like it's already like angled up. So this is what it looks like it's a really pretty matte gold packaging and it has like the settings on this side. It'S currently a lock right now, so all you got to do is just pull it back and it unlocks. This also has a high and low setting, and it also has a steamer setting, which I have personally not use, because it's I just don't, really use it, but maybe one day I'll try it out. But I just like to use the high setting, because my hair, like has a hard time holding on curl, so I feel like high heat on my hair. Just works a lot better today. I actually forgot to use a hate protective spray, so I definitely do recommend using a heat protectant spray when you put any type of heat on your hair layout, but today I just forgot so yeah. I just wanted to show you guys me hair straightener, that I'll be using just because I figured everybody has a hair straightener, so I figured I would show you guys how I style my hair using a hair straightener, because so many people ask me to show you Guys how I do my hair on Instagram, I get questions all the time about how I style my hair. So these are the products that I use and also this is the hair straightener that I'm gon na be using for this video, like I mentioned, don't forget to check them out. I have them linked in the description. I also have a discount code that can get you more money off of their already low price, so, okay, so the first thing that I'm gon na do is brush me here is the last thing you guys want is tingle in your hair when you're doing it. So and my hair is on, I think second day hair. So that's why it's gon na be a lot easier to style weather than it being like fresh out of the shower here so yeah. So what I like to do is use the texturizing spray and I'm just gon na spray it like just anywhere, because that's gon na give me some volume in my hair, so I'm going to start off by parting. My hair - I usually don't do this when I'm gon na rush, but since I'm not in a rush just going to part it, my hair is really short. So that's what the piece of hair - and I have it on the high setting, but there's like a high and low, and I have it on behind setting right now. I think it's hot, like really fast. I'M sorry booth can hear my birds chirping outside they are so rude and the straightener is like super hot. You can also use it on low, but the reason why and use it on high is because my hair tends to like not hold a curl very well. So I have to have like my settings on high order for it to hold a curl the way I would like it to, and I just curled my hair away from my face, because I feel like that. Just works better. For me, I've tried it like moving it away and towards, but it just doesn't give me the volume that I, like I'm just using the suave professionals, luxe full control, just to spray up my hair, and with this side I hold my wrist like this. Well that way, I can fold it out that way it can be away from here as well. There'S no way you keep it together, whatever you got to give it, I'm I someone told me dance it off: don't you know where all this possible? We will never start too, but I can't even fall asleep until the it's to give it. Okay, now that my hair is over here now, I'm gon na kind of judge it up with my fingers and then I'm gon na tease it in a second. I kind of messed up on my part. Okay, you can leave it like this, but I like to tease my hair just to give it some volume, so I'm gon na do. Okay now it looks a little crazy. It'S a Rana fix that I'm often apart. Okay, so this what it's looking like, I'm gon na kind of curl, a little bit of hair here in there just to make it look like a lot more curlier, okay. So that is how I style my hair. I really love how it looked. Everyone always asked me how I styled my hair, and this is how I style it. You don't need a curling iron to do that. If you have a straightener - and you didn't totally do that, I will leave my discount code for this straightener down in the description box, only 30 bucks and with my discount code. I believe you can get it for a lot cheaper as well. Like I said, it's really quick to use this. It heats up really fast, usually by the time I'm done like prepping my little station, my straightener is already heated up and it's good to go. It'S really easy to style your hair, whether it's straightening in here or externally. Unlike me, there's also a way that you can do it in a beachy wave where it's not so curly, where you can just like kind of twirl the top and leave the ends kind of straight. But me personally, I just like this style a lot better because it just suits like my little haircuts that I have going on and it suits, like my face, shape as well, so so yeah. That is it for this video. Please don't forget to give this video a thumbs up. It helps me out a lot subscribe to my channel. If you haven't already - and I will see you guys in my next one - bye

Its_leahdalilah: ❤️I love seeing a native YouTuber being sponsored yasss girl! I’ll for sure purchased under your code I love this video I have short hair and this helps a lot

Sheena Hooke: You need to do my hair with my short new hair cut. So beautiful sister❤

Quintana Pino: Definitely love it ❤️ your hair looks amazing.. enjoyed your video.. do you recommend any heat protectant for curling with a straightener?

Waiting2soar13: My gosh the volume ❤️❤️❤️ Gorgeous

Mandee Wilson: Love it! I try to style my hair it sucks having thick hair cause it takes foreeverrrr to style!

Jangel: Love it, and thanks for sharing love it!

Amber Sandoval: Whoo!! Sponsorship.

Andrea Bates: Love it girl!!! . Ugh I wish I was good at styling my hair. I love your cut I had my hair cut like that years ago and it did help me style it more. I’ve been torn between cutting it or keeping it long. I want to be stylish but want that long Native hurrrr

Natasha Johnson: My hair never holds a curl , lol but I have to give this a try , great video

Denice Wilson: I use to love curling my hair with a hair straighter. I did it every day in highschool & it totally kill my hair lol.

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