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  • Posted on 23 March, 2020
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✨Bed Head “Pixie On Point” Hair Straightener ✨

Link To Purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Bed-Head-BH239-...


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Haidee bees, okay, so it's me back with another video for you guys just recently. I think this past week I ordered some stuff up off of Amazon just for the well, not for the sake of this video, but because you know I got a new hairstyle, so I need to be able to straighten and style my hair and whatnot. So I thought that I would order that and just show you guys what I do and how I plan on spending my hair. So I just got a surprise email. Today'S Sunday, by the way you know normally the mail doesn't come on Sunday, but I guess because maybe the whole coronavirus thing I'm not really sure, but my packages got delivered early instead of next week. So I'm going to take you guys outside and we're going to clean what I got for my order. Oh okay! So there's two packages right here and see what this one. I forgot that I ordered my boyfriend shirt from taxes. He really loves blue pink. So I guess I'll call him his packages here or whatever, but here's the second one, this better have everything that I ordered in it. So I'm just gon na take you guys back to my room or maybe I'll just stay right here on the couch and we'll see what is going on in these packages. Okay, so I wasn't really planning on doing a video today, but I guess for the sake of it coming today, I thought I might as well just do this review. So actually, I'm just gon na go back to my room right now, cuz. I really don't feel, like being you know, in the living room, so I'm just gon na set up all my life and stuff back in my room. So I'll see you guys in a little bit all right. So first things. First, I did order. I don't know if they're both supposed to be coming at the same time, but all I know is that both of them are in the same order. So I don't see why they wouldn't come on the same day. But whatever you know, we're just gon na wait and see what happens so I got this bended straight here from Amazon. It'S called bedhead tig. I pick c on point, since I guess I have a new pixie cut or whatever 1/2 inch, tourmaline ceramic it constraint. So I got this one and a half inch, because my hair is really short, especially these short pieces in the back there. They would be really hard to get to with a full of one-inch treatment. So I decided that it would be best to go down this route and even if I decided to get like a wig or like a weave or something sometime in the future, I feel like this is big enough to you know, be able to straighten that. So, for me, I feel like it was the best for me as far as affordable price goes. I don't really. It doesn't really say how much I paid for you. I want to say it was like 30, the order. It was something like 30 30 something dollars and then after I went to check out, it was somewhere around $ 35 for this treatment. So I'll put the link in the description box below so you can times it's really cute. By the way I want to introduce you guys to the bed head TIG, I gets a half inch street and we do a better job with straightening the pieces that I need to my street. So this is what it looks like you guys are really cute color. It says the name of healing front: it's really lightweight, you know nothing too spectacular. It has this around. So I guess that supposed to keep it from tangling. I, let's see I haven't used like a flat iron in such a lame guy, so you're just gon na turn this on. So I have the on button right here on the inside, get that and the heat setting is like. How do you say like one of those little swivels circle things? So honestly, I have really thick hair, but I also have a perm. So I'm honestly, probably just gon na go, I'm gon na go to 325. Just because I'm really scared. I got a 1/2 like kill my ends or, like I don't want to have any like burnt, smelling pieces or whatever so yeah. The settings are actually really low, really high. This is probably one of the highest settings that I've seen the lowest setting is that 140 and the highest setting is at 4:30, and I guess I feel like getting warmer. So I'm just gon na wait for it to heat up for a little bit. It says bid his TIG. I these lights right here, I'm really really bright, so yeah, so we're just gon na wait for the -- yep. The green light is beeping actually and the red light did go on. So one thing that I noticed while speeding it up is just in fact that the stranger eats up really really fast. So it doesn't really take any time, but I know that I touched it in and then it was really quick. I got here so I'm just gon na shake this the front, because I noticed that the first day after wrapping it up, I got like I hate. When I get like these little, I don't know there were like little waves or whatever like in the front of my head, so I'm actually gon na go grab a comb right now and see. If I can show you guys a little bit more clearly, it actually looks really good in this light, but I'm gon na go get a comb. I'M gon na show you yeah, so I'm just gon na be using the straightener to bump it up a little bit. You know what you can't really tell, but it's really irritating especially right here on the side, just because it's like it's just curvy like I don't like it. So I wanted to be straight. I want to be nicely bumped over. You know I mean like I want to look like the first day. I got it done. Okay, so I guess like I really you see how it's like sticking out like what the heck I need a wash. This may be too high of a heat City, so I'm gon na go down to 250. I really don't have time. I think it's just a friend I don't know blowing on it doesn't go back. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'M just gon na take like a little section, I'm gon na start with the for this side. First, I'm just gon na like aah, oh yay, oh my god, okay yeah, so I don't really need that high vacancy we're gon na do this section. Next, Oh yiii! Okay, so I know that that kind of looks a hot man. It'S like we're not about to walk out the house like that and whatnot, but first actually, I think that I should just kind of like no. No. This was just a trial like I'm not about to be up here playing in my head. I just needed to straighten different. So, even though I really really want like I like how shiny it is, I like the way playing now cuz before like it was like. I'M just gon na, like I'm gon na bump this up here. Just so, you know we can get the full effect the ends up here. It doesn't get that hot. So that's pretty good boom and we're back. I love next time. I'M gon na do the back, but not today, because I don't have time for that, but yeah. So definitely it really devastating. So I'm really happy about that um! You know. I was really scared to perm my hair before cut, but like honestly, but this is the most easiest thing I've ever had to deal with in my whole life, so I'm not suggesting that everybody gon do it, but I'm just saying hunty. It was the best in for me, okay cuz. I have like really really thickened yourself having to you know, of course, absolutely, and you know, pay to get a reaper miss about the salon and you have to be taken care of and everything, but as far as up keeping it and having to do with it. You know myself everything every month or so is just like okay, so yeah. This was my. This was my review on the bed head, TIG eye straightener and what's really great for my hair, so there you go. I really hope that you guys are great. You

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