How I Curl Short Hair W/ A Straightener

  • Posted on 23 April, 2017
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hey guys, so today's video is on these curls that I did on my hair. These are like the waves that I usually get and do for myself every single day, pretty much um. It takes me less than 15 minutes so guys like they have to take advantage of the perks of having short hair so yeah. It'S super easy and I'll. Show you how to do it right. So, first, I'm starting out with unwashed hair. I find that my curls come out a hundred percent better when my hair is unwashed and kind of dirty. So I'm just gon na take my paddle brush and brush through my hair, because when I sleep I don't do any type of like putting it up or anything like that. So basically brushing out everything from that night. So now I'm gon na section, my hair. I do like a third section, so basically I'm doing the first third of my head and then I'll do the next third and then the last third okay. So now I'm just using a regular straightener, it really doesn't matter which kind. I think this is a one and a half inch size though, and basically I'm taking about one to two inches of hair and for the pieces of hair that are closer to my face, I'm going to twirl away from my face so once the curl is done. I'M then going to straighten the ends of it, just so that my curls have more of a wavier effect once they fall and I'll look more beachy in Nashville and now for the next piece in here, I'm going to go in the opposite direction. So, basically, every hair after this I'm going to keep alternating backwards and forward curls you and for the next one third section. I'M gon na do the same thing, so basically curl the pieces that are closer to my face away from my face and then alternate curls throughout my head. You so for the last 1/3 section, I'm gon na do the same thing, but I'm gon na do more pieces away from my face just because I used to have bangs. So whenever I do a side part, it's just a lot of hair that falls on that side. So I'm going to do all those curls in the same direction and then alternate curls you so once you're done, you want to wait ten seconds just so that your full head can cool off basically and then I just kind of fluff it. I kind of run. My fingers, through all the curls, shake them out just so they can get a little, looser and less so clumped up. So this part is the fun part you just kind of play with your hair until it falls to your desired. Look you so this is the finished. Look nice soft, wavy, curls and by the end result they come. They start to fall even more so then they really become to look more beachy, so yeah. If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs up, and if you're new to my channel then hit that subscribe button bye, we get a witness. You got ta see this

Merienys F: I'm going to try this style. Love it

NaturallyAstin_: Beautiful

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