Sorry Attempt At Curling Short Hair With A Straightener :((

Listen ya. This whole thing curling your hair with a flat iron is not for me.. Am I the only one seriously that can't get this down??????? I"m feeling like a loser:( But for real, who even thought "Hey lets create one more piece of metal and plastic to sit in an overcrowded drawer where women can't find anything already"?????? Bright.. Real bright!!!! :) Gonna start a movement of going back to good ole fashion curling irons!!!!

Okay, guys, I ok, I know look at this, I'm doing this on purpose. The big thing is and has been curling your hair with a flat iron, and this is what i get when i do it like. My my ends are like sticking out that way, and everyone says the key to making it work is leaving your ends out when you curl it, and i am and that's why they're going out that way - and i know some of you may say well, your hair Is kind of short to curl, but it's not too short to curl. There'S girls on pinterest, stupid pinterest. I hate it and there's girls on pinterest with shorter hair. That'S curling it just fine, but for some reason my my heritage is this. This whole flat iron crowing thing does not work for everybody. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and okay, so i'll i'll do a curl and i'm going to show you what i'm doing and i don't know, maybe the whole 15 of you guys that watch my videos - I don't know, maybe this this is my cry for Help people - maybe this will go to somebody that knows what they're doing okay. So this is what I'm doing. This is what everyone does, so they put it on there and they turn it look leaving my ends out like crispy ends out and then I'm going to take it out, look look what they did. They look nuts like this doesn't make sense, and I I would consider myself somebody who is fairly i'm supposed to go grab dinner with somebody tonight I mean with a friend a girlfriend nut anyway. Is this stupid? This is stupid. What in the world am I gon na do now? It'S not like. I have a whole lot of options. That'S not like. I could put this up. I mean I can. I guess I'm gon na have to do something anyway. It'S not like. I don't know anything about hair. I would consider myself pretty good at doing here, not so much when it's short, but when it was longer my curls look good. I got compliments all the time. I know how to do cute little updos and braids, and so I'm not somebody that just doesn't know how to do hair. I I do know how to do hair except curl it with a flat iron. So I don't want to wear it up either. This is so embarrassing, but you guys, I mean I told you in the beginning when I started this blog that, but I want it to be me, and this is me, and you know how to look like right now, I'm, oh my gosh. I look like um. Read from that show orange is the new black and I don't. I watched a few episodes and then realized. It was not the show for me, but I do know who write is, but oh, my gosh, those who watch it. This is totally rad huh. Oh, this is embarrassing. Ok, so anyway, i need help and i've been vulnerable right now and showing you that it just it just doesn't work like this quick buck come on how thick and it's not like my hair is thin. It'S got plenty of volume. Clearly, look at it. Oh come on glee, bathroom and don't look at it. We haven't up renovated this room, yet somebody somebody help me like give me some tips on um, I'm curling, my hair. Maybe I shouldn't use a flat iron. Maybe I should just go back. You know what I'm coming to a good ol curling iron, that never failed me who started this curl init with a flat iron crap anyway. Even when my hair was long, i would i would do it and it wasn't. The same came out way quicker. My hair will hold curls for days I mean for days and with the flat iron it never would last. So it must just be something with my hair at the fire, but some I can help me out with curling my hair, please. So I don't like crazy. This is how I feel I'd look every day, and I know that I don't, but this to me says frazzled crazy about to lose some marbles mom. That'S how I feel I just don't want to look like that anyway. Help me out, please: oh, it's a cry for help.

Meaghan Parent: I don't know if you will read this now so long after you posted this video but I think the problem is the size of your straightener! I think you need a smaller one....check out Lily Pebbles on YouTube, she has short hair and curls it with a straightener, but I think she uses a 1" GHD one. Hope this helps!

Junie S.: I have hair your length! I regret cutting it cause it doesn't look good on me. That length looks good on you!! "I hate Pinterest!"...mmhm

Jazzy k: you're not alone in can't do it either x

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