Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review And How I Curl My Hair With A Straightener

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Today we’re not doing a DIY. Instead, I’d like to try out and review my new Conair Hair Straightener that I just bought on Amazon. After more than a decade my faithful hair straightener is starting to die. Since it’s the only styling tool (other than the occasional use of a blow dryer) I use, I need to have a straightener that works!

I took to Amazon and found one from the same company with over 10,000 positive reviews. So, I bought that one and I’m featuring it in this video to let you know my thoughts.

I’m also taking the opportunity to share how I style my hair on the daily. I know there are a lot of tutorials out there for how to style your hair with a straightener. So I won’t do an in depth tutorial on the subject, rather I’m giving an overview and demonstration of how I style my hair and a few reasons why.

The straightener worked great! (Thankfully!) This is the one in this video:

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 Inch, White/Rose Gold:

Also, the Dry Shampoo I currently really like is here:

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo (I use the one for Blondes):

Hope you guys find this helpful!

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Hey guys welcome back it's shelby and today i'm doing a review for you of my new hair straightener, which i haven't even tried yet so i have had this hair straightener, for i don't even know this might be the original one from high school. I honestly couldn't tell you, but you can see that like everything's, worn down this, i think started as white. It'S con air and honestly i've loved this baby into oblivion. I still use it. The only reason i got a new one is the last couple times it's like hit or miss if it works really well like sometimes you know, it'll work perfectly and i'm like what am i even thinking like it's perfect and then sometimes it'll be like okay. This is the heat i always leave it on. I try not to go any hotter than this. I'M like it's not doing anything, and i have to go over a section multiple times, which i try really hard to. Never do so. It'S been hit or miss like the last 10 times, i would say, like four of those times hasn't worked, it's been probably a decade or so since i bought this and i use it pretty regularly, so i think it's just time to maybe retire it. So i went on amazon and started looking around for new hair straighteners, and i saw this really really cool one with like different colored plates. It was titanium um and i didn't want to like risk writing my hair. So i didn't get it, but i got this, which is also a conair, because you know what i trust them. I meant to do that with the logo. I trust them uh, but yeah. So it looks similar. It'S pretty it's white. It'S like rose gold double ceramic plates. I don't know what that means, but i do know these are ceramic plates and i measured them and they're an inch. So it should be the same size. It should do the same thing, but this particular hair dryer is not only super affordable. It had over 10 400 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. So i was like you know what this is the one for me floating plates for better contact with hair. I don't know what that means extra long plates for quick, quicker styling. I mean these are pretty short, so if they're a little bit longer than the pink stuff, that's awesome. Double ceramic, with a higher ceramic content, delivers even heat, fast styling and to asterisks long lasting styles. Well, honestly, like i style my hair with this and then like it's fine until i wash it again, i sleep in it. I still have curls the next day. So that's that's! The benchmark is the old one, consistent heat yeah. I would kind of expect that five digital led heat settings for every hair type. So this is the one i'm nervous about. Is this i'm gon na go by the chart and set it for my hair setting, which i assume is medium normal, so 338, which is fine? This one is a dial, so it's one through 30 and i keep it between 20 and 25. So i would assume. That'S similar, i don't actually know how hot this goes, but i feel like 338 degrees. Fahrenheit is pretty hot, but apparently not. It also has a lock handle, which i didn't know an auto off and a 30 second heat up. That would be impressive, because this one takes a while um but yeah i'm excited. This is what it looks like i'm gon na open it up for you guys, and then i figured i would style my hair with it. So two in one i can actually review it because i will have used it and second of all, i will show you guys how i style my hair, because it's a little bit different. I like basically gave up on curling irons a long time ago. I only use straighteners and yeah like straight down, curly ends, but whatever i will show you guys how i get my signature style that i've been wearing for years and open it up and tell you what i think. First off, i think they waste a lot of box that was around it. Okay, whatever i'm doing this wrong. Sorry come on there, we go, looks like this inside, so they do definitely waste a lot of space. That'S okay looks nice, it's bigger than mine. Is it definitely looks newer as far as the design, i mean disregard the fact that this one's like stained and lost colors, it looks kind of cool. I do like the unlock and lock features. That'S locked right now and then unlock to open it. That'S quite nice that will probably save me from burning myself um. I don't know that. There'S a little piece of plastic under the plate there that i can see just hanging out waiting to burn come out come out. Okay, it came out perfect on off switch cord. Should be good, there is warning to reduce possible electric shock, do not immerse while using or bathing yeah, obviously so yeah. That is that i'm going gon na read this just to see if there's anything in there, that i missed and then we're gon na head into the bathroom and style my hair. So i'm going to start just by taking my hair down and separating it like. I normally do so the bottom third i release and then i just pin up the top. Third, i have my straightener set to medium heat and i'm just gon na brush out the sections i'll be working on if you've ever straightened. Your hair. Before you know, you work in like one to two inch sections one inch if you're doing it well, two inches if you're in a rush, the hair just goes straight down and then to get the curly bottoms. I rotate my hair around the shaft of the straightener at the same time that i twist it just over on itself just once, and that gives me that nice curl from a straight length of hair without a harsh like line or crease in it. So just turn the straighten over once and then continue the hair around just over the top of it. Just like that, to get that nice curl, that's kind of my everyday go-to look with the straightener, so i just bring it down twist it and at the same time loop, the hair over and then just slowly bring it down. If i'm worried that it's not curling correctly, i will tend to like slow down the straightener. I try really hard not to go over a piece that i've previously straightened and like superheat it any more than i have to so um yeah, i'm just gon na speed. It up this is basically how i do it so we're doing the middle section, so all of the pieces that i've already curled are behind my head. The top third of my hair is pinned up on my head and i'm just curling the middle section with those inch sections. If you want to see something super crazy, you can see like why i do this mainly it's to camouflage the ends. So look at these raggedy little ends and then you just put the straightener through it curls the ends and they come out looking beautiful and luxurious and healthy. And yes, that is like mainly why i started wearing my hair. This way i try not to um show off the damage as much as possible. Try to hide it, and i also don't cut my hair very often it's like twice a year, and i know i should probably do it more often to get rid of the split ends and stuff, but i don't so. This is a handy little way of disguising that also check out the difference in length between the curled and the non-curled. So we are going into our final sections here and i'm going to just finish up there and then one very important step when you think you're. All done you have to realize that you're not, and i will show that in a moment, but first i'm gon na do the bangs. These are the only part that i curl backwards and i just find that it gives like a nice volume and shape around my face, but this is basically done except the very back yeah terrible right, don't forget to go back in and straighten the back. So just pull up the very top section and just run the straightener over the very top part of it just to straighten that out and then any places where you've got like some corners or hard creases in go ahead and run the straightener over that, then i'm Going to go in with some dry shampoo, i use the drop dye gorgeous dry shampoo in blonde, and i'm going to use this as a texturizing powder. Yes, i know they sell those, but i just use dry shampoo, so separate out your hair in little segments like you're doing and just pour it on top, and then i mainly just work around the crown of my head. My hair is clean right now. I do this on clean hair. If i just want extra volume, it works really well so just kind of separate it out and add the dry shampoo in. I really like this brand over some of the other ones. I'Ve tried because you can't feel it once. It'S all mixed up in your hair. It'S not gritty, like a lot of the other ones, are like once it's in there, like you really can't tell it does have a fragrance, but other than that, like you can't feel it, which is really nice, run your fingers through the hair, mainly you're, just massaging It until you can't see any of the powder because it is white but uh, look at that volume. It just adds a lot of volume. So then, i run my fingers through it until it looks about how i want it and that's my secret and when i turn around you can see the back actually looks pretty decent all right. We are back for the review. This is how it turned out. Actually, it looks basically the same as far as i can tell, which means i'm very happy. That'S exactly what i wanted. I just wanted to replace my hair straightener. I did use my dry shampoo, which i usually use just as like a texturizing powder um. I use it even on clean hair. You saw just like it adds some volume. It gets a little bit of that, like rita hayworth volume up at the crown, so i like that i did open it up, so it would cool down a little bit faster. Still pretty hot um yeah, that's how i test. If things are hot, i touch them not smart, but as far as handle ability, it worked. Fine um. I tried to use it the same way. I used this one but like you can't help it to like adapt. If you feel like it's going a little bit differently, it doesn't quite fit in my hand the way my old one does this one has these couple. I don't know little grooves here and i like them, because they tell me, like that's the final spot, to put your fingers, because the plates start right above that this one doesn't have that, and i did notice where i was holding. It was up by the plates, and i could tell that, while i was using it in my hair, because my fingers were warm, didn't burn me wasn't hot, but, like i kind of missed the guide, there also feeling it now. This does feel nicer like this is like a nice mattified plastic. Not gon na lie like this feels like older tech. It looks like older tech um. I do like the locking function, i feel like it probably doesn't cool down as fast when the hot plates are against each other, but that's fine. It does look cool, it does handle. Well, i do like it. It'S definitely larger, which is not that big of a deal um side profiles, not which is nice um, and it's cute, like i like the white and pink. Obviously, it's still white and pink, it's not as pink like. This is like a really bright, pretty pink, and this is like a rose gold which is still nice. I do like the locking function. I do like the way it handles. I do like that. It auto sets to my hair because i happen to fall in that middle range. If you don't you're gon na have to adjust it there's the buttons. One thing i liked is like a little love your hair on the side and that totally looks like my hair. So that's kind of cool. You know how i was complaining that it's a giant box and it's a waste of packaging, new, smaller packaging. So apparently it used to be a giant, but if you like the way it looks, i do like the way it feels the way it handles. Um and honestly, it didn't handle that much differently than my previous one that i've had for 10 years. So i would say that the reviews are accurate on amazon. I really like this. Let'S give me my new go-to. I do need to like wear the curls for a few days and make sure they stay in because with my old straightener, they stayed in until i washed my hair a few days later. So that's gon na differ based on your hair type. As you guys know, i have really dry hair, which means it holds its style, which is like the upside of that. The downside of that is that it's always really dry and it's prone to breaking um, but the good side is is like. I can do this and wear it for three days and just you know, basically, it looks like this until it gets wet, so that is that is the bonus out of it. So i like this, i'm gon na put it down in the description. If you guys want to pick one up along with the dry shampoo that i use, they do make one for blondes and brunettes. Obviously i have the one for blondes, but if you haven't used it as like a little texturizing powder, i would recommend that as a little hair hack, i know they do sell texturizing powders. But like honestly, it works the same and you can use dry shampoo as a texturizing powder. You can't really use texturizing powder as a dry shampoo, so like if you're gon na buy one buy the dry shampoo and just use it for both functions. That'S what i do but yeah. I think this is actually a super awesome. Little straightener, it's worth the money. I think i paid around 30 bucks for it which, if it lasts another 10 years, like my other one, did, is perfectly reasonable and budget friendly anyway guys thanks for watching - and i hope you found this review helpful if you're shopping for a new hair straightener. As always i'll see you here again soon bye for now, thanks so much for joining me on this one guys i'll see you here again soon bye for now,

AstoldbyAja: It’s such a good product for my hair! Your results came out great!

Terry Callejo: Thanks for the great review and hair curling tips. Just purchased this Conair flat iron and have used it once and really like it.

Callie Gagnon: I have the same flat iron! It works really good!!

Bill M: They should hire you as spokesmodel....I mean your hair is so beautiful!

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