Fantastic Hair Transformation With Gadgets And Crafts | Long Vs Short Hair

  • Posted on 01 March, 2022
  • Short Hair
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Latest beauty hacks and trends on TikTok! Long hair is great. Short hair is great

Here are some tips on how to style long hair, as well as the simple hacks from your everyday ordinary tool. Did you know the latest hair accessories that’s on trend? What to do when you don’t have a makeup brush? Watch this video and find out!


0:40 - When drying your hair is too much work / Hood hair dryer

1:21 - Trendy new accessories? / Barbie doll

1:54 - No more clogging / Drain clog remover

2:23 - Multifunctional lace / Shoe lace

2:58 - Instantly dye your hair with this / Color changing dye

3:46 - Better than hair straightener / Heated hair brush

4:31 - New fringe trend / Tape

5:01 - How to make natural curls / Robe belt

5:50 - DIY makeup brush / Pencil

6:46 - No more static hair ! / Wet wipe

7:24 - Upgrade your hair band! / Hair band

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Okay time to get up and greet the day come on, you can't sleep all the time. Trust me. I'Ve tried balloons. Well if it works for a house, why not hair whoa? Look at those nails! This is why you should always tip at the nail salon. People and not fill balloons with whipped cream looks like those umbrellas weren't much help huh, but this girl can handle herself looks like rapunzel over here, isn't so lucky. A lot of hair means a lot of water. Oh luckily, she has a secret weapon. Let'S hope this device can deliver. Didn'T this work for dogs in a previous video yep. I knew it anything that comes in puppy edition has got to be trustworthy, great success. It looks like it works for people too. Don'T dolls always send unrealistic expectations. I mean where's. My dream house, but she can still be inspiring like this girl and her hair. Oh wow, she's, really thinking outside the box with this well barbie's, been everything from an astronaut to a princess. Why not a hairpin uh make that a hair mermaid. I wonder what you should call green hair like that brunette seawater blonde. Well, whatever you pick, we can agree that this is called a mess. Let'S hope this helps wow. It did the job. Unfortunately, it can't do much about whatever that is. Exercise can be an important part for your beauty regime. You never know if the sweaty look will be in ouch. Maybe she should look into getting herself a swimmer's cap, anything on hand. Well, i guess this shoelace will work just fine, at least until her shoes fall off, and will you look at that nice bow too time to give your hair a new one. First, let's pick out a nice shape. No, then we can have some fun picking out the color and with this stuff, the sky's the limit, and they say that blondes have more fun come on when you go purple, there's no looking back and look at that. The heat changes it to pink. It'S like those dolls, whose hair color changes in water. Good idea, don't settle for one color. Can we try plaid next? Ah, what a sunny day? Oh no, it's a twister, panty m antiem! Well, that's one way to get some bounce. Maybe one of those gadgets can help heated brush, just be careful when you touch it, here's an idea, straighten half of it and keep the other half, as is he'll, really stand out. Well, this works too what you gon na do next, oh, no, don't straighten that! Wear some hot wax when you need it. Just promise me you'll cover it with that skirt yummy! Oh, did you just put cheese on your hot dog? That'S not cheese is it. Maybe we can do something with all this hair? Oh we're, adding it to some tape. Well, add a bandana and you'll always be ready for when bangs come back in season. After all that work, straightening your hair, and now you want it curled. Oh man, fashion is fleeting, but it doesn't have to be too pricey. Maybe we can get the right look with this robe belt, cue that magically appearing bed and get some sleep. Let'S see how it turned out, it came out great wow time for a selfie granted it's always time for a selfie, it's a brand new day. So it's the perfect time for a new look. What have we got any ideas all right, let's see some colors and a brush. Ah, no there's no more bristles left! Oh! What'S with that look! Remember kids! Don'T do this at home, at least without asking oh she's, using this hair and a pencil to make a brush? Couldn'T she just use her own hair? Does this even work? Well so far it looks nice and she seems to like it. Oh sweetie. If you knew what i knew, you'd demand a free sample, at least ah, don't worry it's just hair, i'm sure it will grow back on a date. Huh well you're, going to want to look your best yeah, be careful when eating and probably don't do whatever. She just did nice, it's like bride of frankenstein she's alive alive. Well, on the bright side, any guy with handy wet wipes has to be a keeper with this brush. It might just get that static out of your hair, thank goodness everything's better. Now, let's just pretend that date's starting right now, okay with all these problems, maybe she should consider a bob cut. Well, then, let's try the next best thing: a hairband, oh with hot glue, she's adding little clips to it. Oh, i see they'll help hold her hair too that's much better and if bangs come back, she still has that tape. Well, this was really a hair-raising episode. Wasn'T it catch you next time?

Cool Tool: What colour would you like to wear on your hair?

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