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I bought this with my own money. this is my honest review

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so today we are gon na actually do a review on this hair straightener. I bought it with my own money, so i'm not being paid or anything talk about this as my honest review. So that's why we're in my bathroom i've never done a review video on anything, but i figured let's try. Let'S do a review for no reason other than i just want to see how this is um. So first is it comes with this little thing, so you can put the cord together. So when you travel, which i really appreciate - and i don't know much about hair straighteners, obviously so, but i do have like a little back sheet kind of thing here, like a quick user guide, so that i'm gon na be referencing. Like i said i paid with this for my own money, i bought it on prime day. It came super quick, so i'm gon na actually go ahead and plug it in and let it heat up, but it did come with a traveling case and a whole bunch of other stuff. So, okay, so i was like it's on now, so it's blinking. So the little on buttons on inside. I don't know how to bill about that. So i think we're going to go 360, maybe 390, so it like looks like that and then you can lock it into place. So that's pretty cool, so i'm going to set it right here and we'll get back to it. So the package that it came in is pretty cool because i didn't know i was getting all this. So just no, but i got these two hair clip things to pin my hair back and i'm straightening, which is pretty cool because i have a hard time pinning my hair back. Like i have super thick hair. I got two silk scrunchies, which i thought was really awesome. Sorry guys dropping everything. This is the second one. I got these super cute colorful bobby pins in the package, and then i got a lot of ponytails i'll, probably just use when i put my hair in braids and stuff, because my hair looks thick, but i don't wanna take them out, but a bunch of ponytails. The most exciting, oh no, so i got a comb jason loves using these as well, so so the most exciting thing besides the hair straightener that i got was this glove with it. So, like i said i didn't know, this was coming in the package. So now i'm straightening and i can touch my hair, so that's exciting. So while that's heating up i'm gon na take my hair down, it's just pulled back and um. I'M gon na use this heat protectant spray up to three uh 450. This does go up to 460, so if you only have one that goes up to 450, just go to 4 30 on that, so i think it's done because it's not blinking anymore, so i mean my other one that i use this one it it's on this Side, it doesn't blink or anything like it, doesn't make a noise when it's ready either. So i'm gon na go ahead and take my hair down and brush it out and then spray this stuff in and then i'll be back to show you guys how i like this straightener okay, so my hair is out, i haven't brushed it yet. I am only gon na do one side and then i'm going to show you guys the difference, so i'm going to bring you guys down a little bit more. So this is what my hair looks like not brush, i'm using this a wet brush. By the way. My hair is completely dry and it is i washed it on monday today's wednesday, so it is a couple days old hair. So it's not like freshly cleaned or any of that, but i am gon na just not straighten this part. I will say i did run the straightener through the ends a little bit yesterday, not this one but my other one. So i'm gon na section it off again. I'Ve never used these clips before so i don't even know if i'm doing it correctly, so just bear with me guys, probably not, but it's fine. It'S fine we're fine! I think that's a good chunk right now. What do you guys think? I know you guys can probably barely see me or hear me, but all right so, like i said, i'm going to spray heat protectant spray in my hair. It doesn't matter what you use honestly. I just use this tresemme one that i have on hand already and i'm gon na make sure. Okay, okay, so i twisted it to unlock it. Okay, okay, it's going quick like not straightening it fast. I should keep the glove on, but i've been training. My hair for a long time so i'll be okay. Okay, that's that's good! Okay, see how fast that's straightening, probably not because my hair is all like dark, but that is amazing like just a different sorry guys. My battery died. That'S very unfortunate! Okay, so see how like wavy, that is, okay, we're gon na we're gon na straighten all the way we're gon na straighten all the way. I should have picked a smaller, smaller chunk of hair, but like that goes fast like that one fast, my hair is so long. Okay, like i said, i'm only gon na shirt in this part of my hair on camera. Just to show you guys and then i'll show you the other part, and also i need to use this part for like an over and after also so um. If you have thick hair, i suggest. Obviously this is probably um more of a well noted katie. We already knew that, but especially with this small of a flat iron use, this shorter, smaller chunk of hair, okay. So the end is what i'm really curious about. You see that like, and i like, okay, okay, so down here is not hot as hot as i thought it would be. So that's pretty nice so, like i'm, not afraid to put my finger in there to turn it on or off or turn it off, while using it, and i like how it locks so that way, when you are done using it, you can lock it and you Don'T it's not like open, and i like how it has that little thing, so i can wrap the cord up instead of having to do it like this. I'Ve had this hair straightener for a long time at least eight years so nine years. I think. Okay, my hair is getting a little staticky, so i'm going to go ahead and spray it a little bit more with my heat protectant spray, the only thing i'm having problem. This is a me problem. Not a them problem is my baby hairs, so those little clips that it comes with it's. I don't feel like it's for my hair type for straightening, so i'm going to go ahead and go in with my own clippy just to hold it back. Some more and like i said, like i keep grabbing a bigger chunk because i'm forgetting that it's such a small um, a small thing. So that's a me problem again. So a lot of these are me problems, not them problem so, but i really like it. So i'm gon na go ahead and show off the camera, real, quick, finish it and then i'll show you guys the before and after showing you this hair okay. So this is like literally like my hair. Without the straightener and the hair with the straightener definitely can tell the difference so guys i think i'm sold. I really like the hair straightener all right guys, so i straightened the rest of my hair and um. Let'S just say i'm in love with this hair straightener, like i said in the beginning, this video is not sponsored. I paid for this with my money. I didn't even know this brand existed. This company existed until i yesterday and then when i unboxed it on my vlog channel, so i'm going to put this leave-in um conditioner in my hair, because my hair is a little started like that um. So when i saw the stuff i know i didn't use like everything it came with, i didn't use a glove. I need to figure out how to use the glove first, but when i i was just excited for the product itself, so it's called be kind apex that i got it on amazon during prime day, and so they also have an instagram and a youtube channel right. There i recommend this. I will recommend this to anybody and everybody that needs a hair straightener. I love it. So let me just go over this with you, because i kind of forgot to tell you this. So it's fahrenheit, i don't know if you guys can see that so it goes up to 460 fahrenheit be kind. I got it in galaxy gray or space gray. I like the color on the inside. I like how it twists like that. So that's that i really like how straight my hair is and i'm gon na ruin it by putting it up in a ponytail but anyways i yeah, so i highly recommend this um. I wanted to show you guys an up close like alright guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I know it's kind of out of the blue kind of random, but i really wanted to review this hair straightener for you. If you guys enjoyed the review video, let me know down below and i will review more things for you. Just let me know what you want me to review next and if it's not too expensive, then i will do it. My price limit right now would be like 50 um, nothing over 50. Please right now so yeah. I will see you guys in the next video also go check out. My second channel, my vlog channel, is katie vlog katie cantos vlogs go ahead and check that out over there and subscribe. If you liked this video - and i will see you guys in the next

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