How To Get Big Curly Hair

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Welcom back to my channel this video was highly requested I really hope you guys enjoyed it! You can get these products at Walmart, Target

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Welcome back to my channel today I am filming a watching goal for those who are next people. Ask me all the time. What do I do to my hair and how do I hit it? Big and curly, and all of that jazz, so I decided to go ahead and make my watching on video, for you guys, but just to let you know is not anything. Fancy like uh yeah, maybe disappointed people probably think I do a whole lot of stuff to get my hair. The way I do - and I really don't only use two products, so I don't want try to be disappointed, sighs one let's. I know right now, but if y'all want to know how I get this big curly, hair or whatever, then just keep watching. Okay, all right! My hair dry like this after let it dry like this, because I have bangs and however you let your hair dry, that's how it's gon na stay. So I got ta. Let my hair dry like this, so that my hair can be up there when it dries. So I'm let it air dry and then I'm gon na be right back yeah, alright! So it's the next day when I start putting our products and stuffing in the other clip it was around like 8 9 o'clock. It didn't look like it because I have a ring like so anyways. It was very late, so I let my hair air dry and then I put my hair in the pineapple and I went to sleep and now we're gon na. Take it down and we're gon na see what it's looking like. When you put your hair in the ponytail will went out for my hair point, so it kind of get stuck like this. So you just put your fingers in and shake it off, see just kind of get it out of that ponytail looking shape and if you ever do your hair at nighttime. Don'T sleep on it while it's wet cuz, yeah, you're gon na wake up in your hair! Gon na be like for that, like that, so I let my hair dry 100 % as I walked around the house and was on my phone on my laptop and stuff, and it's oh, is it dry? I put it in a pine that point on with the sleep so yeah, that's a hair tip for you guys, never fall asleep, with wet hair, okay and right now, I'm just playing with it until I get the shape, because I like that, I love and then Curls, like this really good on my nerves, like my curls, they always kind of like loop in with each other, so I just pull them apart like that, so it's another thing I do on my wash days like apart, especially in the back baby, like doing the Most okay, some of them I'll leave it because it'd be cute, but most of them I like to pull them apart and then, if you want a little bit more volume use a pick this I like this, pick cuz it's like really long, so I can get All the way in there, so you just put it through your scalp and then pick it out like that. You see pick it out like that, and then you get a little bit bigger. As you can see, my hair is like naturally big so ya may not see that big of a difference, but if you have, if your hair isn't as big as mine, and you pick your hair, you will see a big difference. Okay, so here we go. This is my wash day routine. This is what I do every day. Well, not every day. Oh my wife stays is what I do nice and full, but um. If you want to work on like getting like better volume, what you can do is use lighter weight. Products like this conditioner is very light, so this is the main reason I like this and, like I said in my hair Fendi wash day, routine is light, so it won't weigh my hair down. Really big products will make your hair way down, and it won't be as big as you would like it. So you can use light products like this and is using the thick product like this. Just try to use a little bit. That'S like pretty much all I can say: try to use a blue baby use a lot. It'S gon na weigh your hair down cuz, it's very thick. It has like it has neem oil in it have so protein in it those type of other innocent materials. Those type of products makes your hair like kind of oily and make it way down. So just use a little bit now. I'Ve been using this since, like ninth grade so like my hair, is used to it and I know exactly how much my hair needs, but you have to get used to a certain type of product and then you will understand like once. You get used to a certain products and you know exactly how you want your hair to look. Then you'll get you'll, get the hang of it pretty much but anyways. That is the end of this video I hope y'all like it. I hope you guys learned something hope you guys got what I was looking for girls to give me a lot. Yeah comment: do a watch and go and what's our products, do you like? What do you use right here? Okay, these are my favorite products. Is what I've been using for like weeks now. I would use a Miss Jessie's a lot at first, but then I came back to those cuz. Those are like. I just pulled my curls apart, like 5-10 times a day. I can't help it, but let me give y'all a little spin shiny, shiny anyways. If you enjoyed this video. Please, like comment subscribe, I'll, be coming back deals for me or got any hair questions. You can leave it in the comments below or you can always DM me on instagram. I reply to you as fast as I can. Okay, I try to get to all y'all, so you guys can always DM me. Alright and I'ma respond. Ok - and I will see ya next - video

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