How To Re-Style Your Curly Wig | Hair Tutorial

  • Posted on 14 August, 2014
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

We love curly hair and wanted you to know how easy it is to re-style and shape your tight curls. You can use this technique on any curly wig and any length.

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Hair trends always change, but something that will always be in style is curly, hair and curly. Synthetic hair has the benefits of even maintaining its shape in humid weather. The only bad thing is sometimes reshaping and maintaining the hair without it getting frizzy, so I'll, be showing you how to reshape the jamila by Ellen Villa using the hair tricks, comb and some of the beauty mark care products. You can reshape and get this to look brand new, so you want to take small sections and first you want to detangle the section. Then you want to use the brilliant shine by beauty mark and just slightly mist it over the hair. This will give you a little bit of shine and some softness to the fiber using your finger. You just want to twist the curl and you'll notice, it'll just bounce back into shape. You can take small sections and move around until you have the entire wig re. Curled Jamila does have a smaller curl, so you would want to take smaller sections to achieve the original curl pattern. If you want to take larger sections, you can and it'll just give it a different look. You'Ll also notice. Sometimes the curl doesn't get to open natural shape, and it may be that the curl was supposed to go in the other direction. So you can take that same section and I'm going to curl it this way and you'll see that it does give it a much more natural shape. So once you have it record, another tip is keeping your hair net that you get when you receive your wig and you can just lightly put it on top and you'll notice that it'll just keep the curl in place and it'll also keep all of your work Together using those easy, simple steps, you can transform any curly wig back to new. You can use it on any type of curl and any length you

Anon ••: Are you supposed to restyle the wig when it's wet or or when it's dry?

Oriet Recknell: My wig is far to curly, I would like it more straight, can you help and tell me how I can achieve that.

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