Wig Pro Styles 6 Short Wigs (Official Godiva'S Secret Wigs Video)


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In this video, Rochelle is joined by her sister, Sheila, who has been wearing Godiva's Secret Wigs for over 15 years.  Today, Sheila wants to try on a few different wig styles and see what her next wig is going to be!  In a rare occurrence, Rochelle is hands-off and Sheila will show you how she styles each wig.   Once Sheila picks her wig, Rochelle will do a minor bang trim.  Enjoy!

Here are a few things they'll talk about/show in this video:

-Our wigs do not inhibit hair growth

-Using water to get a piecey look

-Tips to disguise a high forehead

-How to work with a fuller wig

-How to trim bangs on your wig

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Hi everybody, i'm rochelle, the mother of the mother-daughter team of godiva's secret wigs and i have my one and only my favorite sister with me: sheila hi everybody together again. Together again, you know it's funny sheila we did a video for one of your last birthdays and here it's getting close to your birthday again. Another year gone, so sheila's got a hankering for some more ginger brown, so i brought six different wigs. I haven't shown her now so we're gon na put them all on, but i have to ask you and tell everybody. So when do you wear wigs every day i have found that is the most convenient thing in my getting dressed getting myself put together, i keep my own hair short, and i have wigs that i love and every day is a different wig right and it's just A convenience i've come to love, so it's probably been over 15 years. You'Ve been wearing a wig at the very least it's over 15 years, wow, okay, and so all there's women out there that are so afraid that if they wear a wig every day that it's going to stop their hair from growing or they're going to lose hair Talk about because sheila only wears godiva's secret, wigs, of course, of course, so has your hair changed in any way? No, i keep my own hair short. I cut it myself and it's just the easiest way for me to pop my wigs on. I don't have to worry about doing anything to my own hair, so have you experienced that your hair has thinned out at all? Not in the least i still have a full head of hair yeah. Do you i've, trimmed your hair sometimes well full head of hair. I cut sheila's hair during a time when you couldn't get to your hairdresser and you had a little afro she, i guess i did okay. So let's go. I'M gon na show you and you six. Oh, by the way i am wearing marina in champaign, which i love, i trim the bangs. Oh so little and that's all i did to it and sheila you're wearing crispy crispy ginger brown, that's the color. I seem to okay, so i'm gon na put you in a brand new christie in ginger brown. Okay, you know like i'm, you know, sheila gets a new wig, definitely every year and many times twice a year. Look how short! I keep it! Oh i love it. It'S fun, but sometimes you don't notice as a wig is getting older or drier because you get used to it. So she you put your hands in there because you know what you like so sheila, unexperienced wig, wear no wig virgins in this room today, no not at all, see and then that's something we. We would trim up right, whoops, that's okay, easy to move when i find my two tabs line them up behind my ears. Yes, yes grasshopper, you learn so well i need do we have a brush handy. I can get you one, one: okay, okay, yeah! So here you go so we're having a quick look at the six and then we'll go back and see what you like, and if you want to make one more yours, you know we'll go back and try again right. But i'd like you to like look to your left, so everybody can see just turn your head to the left. A little bit. Look out the window great great great, so with christy a lot of you know, but it's got that little great little dip of the bang. You can you can even the bang out, so you take that little dick dip away. Oh, i see what you're doing. Okay. There you are, i like it better off to the side, okay and i like a little wisp of a bang. So the way she loves playing, that's what you do when you get a new wig easy! Oh, it's always just putting a brush to it and playing and wetting dampening my fingers and putting my wet fingers through all right, miss expert. So i'm going to take you to number two. Okay, see! That'S that's! That'S your look! That'S sheila! Okay. How does sheila? No matter what wig it's gon na look like sheila, right, okay, this was christy and now a little uh blast that i think you used to wear actually have an amazing photo of you in dharma. I wanted you to see because sheila loves that height at the top, and i like a little spikiness. Will you make sure i evened your tabs, she sure gosh with you sheila. I don't have to do anything. I can just sit and observe yeah. This is a classic little cut. I think you can keep the bang spikey and really cute, so she yeah. I want to spritz some water go ahead because the one thing with wigs what can make it look wiggy is when you put the brush and then it's like. No, i don't like it. So do you want it in your hands or you want me to spritz. Now give me it: okay got enough there, there yeah, the water just gives it that pieciness. So you can spike it right or even calm it back down, but it just looks, i think, less wiggy. What do you think she? I, like it sure i like this little spiky, the the christie. I keep a little smoother, but something like this i would spike up so she you haven't, played with dharma for a little not for a long time. So i've got to see something yeah. Where do you wear? I know you love your bangs long. Wait move your hand, one minute. Okay, i want to see so you're you're. Actually i have a high forehead okay, so so here's a tip for those of you. This is where dharma would normally sit. So sheila put it where you like it, because she wants those long bangs. I bring it down below below my hairline blow your hairline okay, nobody can see it. I can feel it and i like this, it's a strong feeling against my head and i like it. Okay, very comfortable, really really cute yeah, that's cute! That is fun. Okay. Will you look to your left out the window and without your hand, so everybody can see what the side looks like great and look to the right, yeah sheila yeah. I haven't worn that in a long time very cute, okay, next sheila's been making me crazy to see lisa cause. She has never tried. Oh lisa wig. I automatically shake it sorry. She do. You want to put the wig on yourself. Certainly, i'm just going to be lazy. Okay, now we're looking at a lot of hair here, so perfect talk again share with everybody, the viewers about what you do, because it doesn't scare you. No, it doesn't scare me at all i'm all about using my hands moving things around. This is a cute cut this. This is that's a shorter version of the freedom right right. You'Ve been chomping at the bit for lisa. Here, please, i will be your assistant and i will hold the water if you want some spritz. No, i like a bit of a bang. I like a little bit of length wispiness down here at the bottom. Okay, i know sheila is very happy because she loves working on a wig, but she hasn't smiled for you yet, but if you're lucky she will, because i know she's focused on her wig yeah. I am she yeah. This is very cute this. This would require almost no fussing, no playing you just get yeah the bang. I would snip the bang a bit it's a little long, but this is really. This is really cute. Okay, look smile and look like you're going to go out and take your hands off. Like hello, hello, i am lisa, i'm lisa one minute to the next to change. That'S right, yeah this! This is very, very cute. This. This is exactly a shorter version of the freedom. Okay, the freedom is too much hair. For me, i'm too short. How tall are you i'm these days, barely five feet so having a wing that has this spiky perky little look still gives me the height. I, like, i don't like a flat look on my on me. I i like i like a bit of height yeah, so this and then just snipping, the bang a little bit. This is really nice. Let'S stop for a quick smile together, so we can have a photo. Okay, okay! I love it. Will you look to the left and look to the right, so everyone can see so lisa does have these little wispies, they can be trimmed shorter or you can just tone it down, really cute all right yeah. This is very cute mmm. You guessed right, yeah all right next! Next next is she loves namesake. This wig is called sheila, because this is just exactly how sheila used to wear her hair, so you'll notice, a lot of them are very similar while she was putting them on it. She likes it that way, we're sisters i like to go. You know from red to blonde to brown to short to long sheila. This is her look like, i know all of you. You can describe sheila's look and you might be like sheila or know someone that just likes to stay within a particular boundary that they feel good in and they feel pretty in right, yeah. I need to feel comfortable in my website. I don't want to put on a color that i am not really comfortable with talking about comfort sheila. Yes, my wonderful sister! Yes, so do you think, do you feel that you have a wig on when you wear it, because they're woven air goes right through it's? Like a just a soft little cap, i'm hardly even aware i have anything on to tell you the truth and i've been wearing them for such a long time. I i'm almost uncomfortable without something on my head, yeah. I i get what you're saying i love my wigs when i first started the business 20 over 20 years ago. Sheila was one of my first models and i put her in a long. Flowy fall right. She yes, and it had clips rook clipped it in her hair and there she was vavavoom yeah yeah. So thank you for being my model, of course, those decades ago, of course, and you're still my model. I like it. I haven't worn this in years and years and look how cute this is. Do you want some spritz? No, it doesn't need any scratches. This is good. Sheila is the spritzless wig. This is just a cute little fast, easy yeah. It'S cute. This went on real quick, see, sheila wig is still made for sheila yeah, very cute. Okay, will you look to the left and the right slowly, so i'm just going to turn your hand down, so everybody can see okay and to the right yeah. So sheila's about the shortest, but we have two more to go: sheila. Okay, all right! Let'S see! Next we are going to try eggy, i'm not even going to shake it. I'M just going to hand it to you. You don't want me to shake it either. You do whatever you want with it, because i always give them a shake: okay, it just loosens up the hair and let me just shake it up here: okay, all done wow! I have to play some part of this video okay. That was a good shake. Okay, okay, finished! That'S the look i was going for. Are those tabs right, yeah? Okay, wait a minute! My eyes are completely covered now. This is which one is this. This is what did i just say: hey peggy really sweet little peggy. Yes, so to the audience. All of these are different styles that could dive as secret wigs, but right now i'm putting only ginger brown, which is a beautiful, warm brown right. She yeah it's the color for me that i'm the most comfortable in yeah and yes and ginger brown has some warmth. Has you wouldn't look at it and say, oh red, but you can definitely see the warmth and the warmth it gives us some color to our face and notice. Sheila she's got dark eyes. She wears her makeup. She likes her deeper lipstick. Yes, i do so. That'S sheila. Well, i think the eyes speak volumes right. I always like to make them up and you always do an eyebrow right. She, i always do an eyebrow yeah. What okay i'm tearing apart your bedroom, sheila, that's! Okay! It'S all easily put back together all right! So i would do a little bit of trimming on something like this. Okay, i i like this this side, but i i would do a little bit of trimming and certainly a little trimming on the bang, but this is this is cute. I don't think i've ever worn a peggy wow yeah. This is i like how you well, i'm not even going to touch it because you're working so hard on that sheila likes a particular look. I slap a wig on many of you. Probably more of you are like sheila than me, but um i take a few minutes. I i like. Oh, i like that. Look i like putting a little bit of you, make it look like christy but shorter. Yes, you know when you put that behind the ear with the cute earring really cute see - and this would be cute with a longer earring too a dangle, earring. Okay, let's see it with a smile hands off for a quick break yeah. This is it's so this is cute too. We would trim the bang just a little bit, which i do myself. I know sheila does herself, but i'm here and you can definitely take our wigs to a hairdresser you like and if they say oh no, i don't work on wigs, not to worry, because a majority of hairdressers they just want their clients happy and the truth is With those of us that wear wigs is that, even if we wear wigs, even if we own 20 and 30 and more, we are right - we are still getting our hair cut and colored and blow-dried. Sometimes so the hairdressers we have. They want us to be happy and they know that we will refer other friends to them to trim our wigs. So i can't remember the last time i blow-dried my hair. I don't remember which is this is this is what's fast and easy and works for me. I love it stops for a minute. So look yes, really really cute peggy really cute. I want to make sure this is peggy. It'S peggy, yay and very soft. These short, i mean uh very light. These shorter wigs they're about two ounces. You don't even know they're on it's it's there. You go yeah spoken right from the sister's mouth, but it's the truth. I mean i put my wigs on and that's it i comb it and i'm done yeah, i'm out the door and finished right, and i not till i go to bed. So here we have the last selma. Oh goodness, i haven't worn that forever. Yeah, it's gon na feel like a brand new wig to you wow. So selma is really interesting because it's a little longer hair, but you see how airy it is sheila. You know harry you used to do my hair like this, when i was a little girl. Yeah, you would tease me up like crazy when my hair was long and then you'd say goodbye, but goodbye. I'Ve got a date. Talk to you later. I would nod it up and then walk out. I should pinch you for that. Well, so now, okay see. I might leave, i might leave a little bit of that going on tell show me one thing for the viewers that wear hearing aids just pick an ear and cover it over and let's see if selma is long enough. Absolutely okay: just look to the left to show my full ear. Okay, there you go. Okay, now you do whatever you want see. This is 98 percent. You and 2 are viewers yeah! No, this is this is good. Well, i haven't haven't had a selma on in a long time. This is sheila very cute, really good. You look good in every wig so see, and that's why owning one or when you're choosing your first wig right, sheila sheila worked in our stores and worked with many clients. The first wig is the hardest to choose right absolutely and you get used to the next thing. You know you're picking every time you go in you're, picking something new and different better than shoes. This is all this is here. This is really cute all right. What do you like about it? I like that it fell into place rather quickly. That'S nice into your look into my look. Didn'T have to do much of anything. Yes, the bang is very light and wispy and the bang is long, and i know you love that i, like a long bang right yeah. This is see, and i, like i like running my finger. I, like wetting my finger and running it through and getting these little tips these little dips. Let me spritz you which hand just give me a okay. Okay, yeah see wet it up, see i like these little bits and pieces, i'm having a hard time seeing them, but that's okay, you're not going out right now we're just really in for now, but i like, i like all these little dips yeah, i might trim Ever so slightly a little - and i don't know see right now: it's working, i was gon na say i might trim a little bit from the top, but i don't think so this this is good, so i'm going to run through them again and, let's see, do You want to try. Oh you know what i have. I have two other colors, okay, that i want to put on you and let me see one is a sheila and one is a christie. Okay, okay sure. Some of these i mean all the wigs that i'm showing you come in all of our basic colors cheese. I might have to try one on we'll have a sheila moment: okay, uh! This is sheila in toasted brown. Oh, that's got a little red a little caramel. It'S a softer a little lighter okay, i'm gon na put on ginger brown, so you can see the difference two tabs. Where are you? Okay years ago we had a sheila day and about eight of us all dressed up in the kind of wigs that sheila would wear. That was something else. Wasn'T that great everybody with long hair was in a little a little cut. Okay, so i am in ginger brown sheep. I just want you to look for color for a minute. Yes, okay, does it matter? Do you like them? Both? This is a little deeper ginger brown, hmm, i'm probably torn towards that one. I would go. Oh, the color yeah i like it and let's try it, but this is cute see this has got a little layering going on here all right, so i just confused myself. So this that i just put on is ginger brown. Yes, this is your lighter color. Let me whip it off a minute, because you're telling me you like ginger brown, i like the deeper okay, getting rid of that. I'M gon na put one more on you for color, okay. This is christy almond roca, so i want you to look. Let me do on you here. I got to get my hands on your hand, mercy. What do you think of the color? Well, i'm i'm definitely a darker yeah, not your color. It sort of fades me out. I agree the dark a little more, a little more depth, a little more depth. Okay. So what wigs do you want to try again or or have you made your decision? No here you can have this. This is too light. Okay, here's lisa yeah! Let me try that one again: okay, that was a good choice which other ones sheila. Are you thinking that you liked um? You were all good. Let me run through them again. There was christy. The selma was good. That was, it turned out to be interesting. Yeah we've got christy sheila peggy selma, i'm gon na put selma. While you have on lisa okay, both in ginger brown. So we can see the difference. Let me try and do the sheila look. You like those bangs straight down. Okay, we'll see that looks really cute on you. I, the color was a little well. These are ginger brown. Oh, that's a ginger brown, mm-hmm yeah! It'S just an area, see how it's it's much, because it's got these longer pieces that are very light now. That was which one this is selma. I can never lose in our mind, selma and lisa, so lisa's the longest down here, i think of all of them right. What do you think smile when you say that yeah i'm concentrating so i know so because i remember my my sister brought me up to smile all the time because it makes us open our eyes, which looks when we smile and it takes away the wrinkles there. You go smile on baby if you open your eyes, nice and bright. Well, this this is cute. I like it. This is lisa. Thank you. I like that you've been you've, been warning, alisa yeah. Well, i saw it that one time, and that was all that, but at the same time i liked selma, and there was one other one i liked dharma was very cute. I think i liked selma better than dharma. Okay, i'm gon na try that one again. Okay, let's do that this is this is look. This is me, that's really cute, so here, let's make this your last, not a freedom, just yeah a little shorter than a freedom yeah, but it still has that kind of that look yeah and i could probably cover my ear a little bit. If i want definitely could all right so yeah look, that's cute too yeah covering my ears, okay, so we're gon na get back to you. Sheila - and i are gon na discuss this okay and we are gon na show you what she chose so stay tuned, hard discussion and and so sheila picked. Selma we've made a decision in ginger brown, so i'm gon na do a quick little trimming just to show you typically just the bangs need to be done. So i'm just going to start between the eyes and i never cut straight down always up on a little diagonal. I know sheila likes her bangs long. It took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say remember long, okay, so look what we have so far. She, oh yeah, i'm going to take right here. Okay, yes, so i'm not pulling and cutting because it's going to pop up shorter than what you want. So i'm just holding it about where it would go. I think that's still too long. I feel it right in the eyelash okay and then just these little try not to get your skin like. I just did so we're going to work on this a little longer, but i wanted to thank you for watching and so glad that you were able to share this time with my sister and me good choice. Huh, let us know what you like and really thanks. So much for watching bye, bye, you

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Debbie Motley: Nice to see you Sheila. This was a lot of fun! The Sheila wig in the Toasted Brown actually makes Sheila look a little younger, in my opinion.

Leti Metcalfe: Wow. This helped me so much I love the Christy. Its more like my hair. I have to get this.

Diane Salas: Loved this choice makes Sheila look younger and color perfect

Glenda Young: Hi, Ro! Thanks for the response. Being a bit of a "techno-doof," I'm still trying to figure out how/where to share the picks of me wearing Alana, Sabrina, and Taylor.

Glenda Young: Sheila is gorgeous and totally rocks everything, but I think the Ginger Brown makes her look younger.

GoldenHoneySilk: well I finally ordered my first wig, hope it looks nice. I wear my hair parted in the middle. so will the wig work parted in the middle? happy birthday to your sis she looked good in a wig. anyhow towards the end great choice she picked. I will give myself a chance then order a short one the one I ordered is like to the shoulders. darn it forgot the name .Well have a great day !!!!

Susanne Samuelsson: So fun to meet your sister Sheila dear Rochelle you both look so very beautiful in your wigs! I always look forward to your videos and I always get so amazed over how nice your wigs looks. Love the color you wear today Rochelle and your sister looks great in every wig she tries on! Love Susanne

Marla Robinson: I really like the lighter color on her. Not as harsh.She would look great with a wig with a little bit of grey. I know she likes the dark hair but realistically, a women her age would normally have some greys. The all dark hair just looks a little unnatural to me.

Thomas Mosley: Sheila looks great in every wig she put on!!! LadyJMo

J Culture: Toasted Brown really softens her face, and a lighter lipstick would also be more flattering. I think we get so use to how we always wear our hair, including color, and our makeup... it is hard to change. But as we grow older we have to adjust hair color, styles, and makeup that will be more flattering as we age.

Gail Walton: sisters have a lot of the same tastes but they also inject their independence in style!! Sheila is a sweetheart and her style is no less independent...you both are gorgeous though!!

Kathy Kilduff: Sheila is a great model. She comes across as very sincere.

Mollie Yeager: Your sister looked fantastic in all the wigs!

Guided By Angels (Liz Harrison): Love it

JMK: The way Shelia styled the wigs made them all look the same to be honest just a little longer or shorter, but they all ended up looking the same. Also I think the colour Ginger Brown is a bit dark for her complexion but I get that she likes to play safe unlike yourself Rochelle. I'd love to see Sheila in a slightly lighter shade or with some roots. Selma looked the best on her. Edit:- Ha I picked Selma for her before the video was finished

Melanie Deardorff: Sister power — yes!

Debra Englander: Your sister is super cool. Bring her back again!

Mukti Khechari Maria: Sheila, dear, you look FABULOUS in your ginger brown. It is you...Your inner light of joy shines through your eyes and the lighter colors are definitely NOT you, IMHO. They pale in comparison. i love watching you and dear Rochelle interact--So much fun! i look forward to seeing you model more wigs, sweet Sheila! i am thinking about a Sheila in Midnite Pearl, my new favorite color. xoxox

Rosemary Masselas: Sheila is adorable in every wig, but I picked Selma for her too

rosy Lee: Loved Lisa and Peggy on her. Selma too!

Linda p.p.: Linda here. Have another Linda friend who looks so much like Sheila. Her hair is thinning and would look so good in the same wigs and color as your Sheila. I have been wearing wigs almost 6 years daily. Freedom was my first real favorite! Thanks.

Lori Linzmaier: I really liked Lisa on Sheila. Thats my pick. Your sister Sheila is lovely.

Clarisse Sivyer-Jones: Sheila I really like the toasted brown on you

DeLoris Musick: You both are sooo cute together!

Melody Bollinger: I'm curious if Sheila fastens her wigs on with anything? She wears them all so well. Not one looked wiggy on her.

Judy Arnall: You look beautiful Sheila!

Ginger Reid: Roe, you look so sexy in that blonde wig....whoa! I'm liking the Sheila for my next wig! Sandy Silver will be my choice...I like your sister in the lighter Sheila...very nice!

Maya Wypych: Hello there, are you getting more styles in large size? I'd love a "Lisa" in Silver Stone or similar, please!

GoldenHoneySilk: hello just to let you know I received my Jenna and I was iffy about it, but it takes getting use to cause my hair is so thin and flat. But guess what I like it I'm impressed sent a pic to couple of my kids and they both said beautiful and gorgeous. so I'm looking into ordering my 2nd soon as I paydown on my card lol. I'm like your sister rather stick to my hair color.

Alterjunkie: Sheila is a Doll and looks fabulous in all of them. She knows what she likes LOL :-) She seems to be a perfectionist hehehe and she made a great choice. I'm still debating on a short wig and that would be wayyyy out of my comfort zone YIKES but first I'm still waiting on the Dark Chocolate Taylor Top, BooHooo is it much longer before that color comes in Ro ?

Andrea Reyes: U look beautiful with all wigs ma'am..

Wanda Herring: My mom and aunt wore wigs until they died. They wore them everyday. They didn’t think they were dressed without a wig.

eleanor wittering: Love your sister!

Lucy Gardner: Do you ever wear a band underneath the wig or always just the wig alone.?

Debbie: I bet a blonde wig would look great on her

Susan Hojdik: She looks good in that style

Joan DeLong: Hi Rochelle….please please please make a Candace Long Wig in Coffee Latte…I have that wig in other colors but my color is coffee latte….please please please….I would buy it tomorrow if it was an option!!!!☺️☺️☺️☺️

Nancy Williams: Good morning ! Another great video!

Mary Ellen Libonati: Love them all but choose Selma❤️

Joanna Norton: Sorry I wish you would've used another color on her just for fun because every week looked exactly the same because the same style she would come into she looked very nice and it don't take that wrong but it would be interesting to see her in a little different style and color perhaps even blonde like you're wearing

deanna selle: Cute sisters - and good choice..

Glenda Young: Ooooooops. I meant TOASTED BROWN! Haha Senior moment.

Mary Flores: Is your shop open during this COVID-19?

Leti Metcalfe: Do I need to measure my head?

Donna Edwards: I like the lighter colors. They aren't so harsh.

LaVerna Price: Can you wear these short wigs if you wear BTE hearing aids?

Josie Winchell: My hair is naturally black with no red highlights would I be able to color the wig black ?

Debbie: What is the blonde wig you have on & color?

marlene kerrmarlene: think she needs a little longer one with not so much on the top=ro think you look better in a shorter spiked one ,just saying lol

Karen Dawson: I wish you would show what the inside of the wigs looks like.

KET: What was the name of the blonde wig you were wearing

Janet Sappington: She is just as beautiful as you.

MaryAnne Haffner: My natural color now is steel gray and white. How do I put on a wig and put it behind my ears without showing my natural color? Thank you for your help.

Sultan: Imho Selma looked the best.

Nancy Williams: Good morning !

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