8 Classic Short & Mid-Length Wigs On Jan (Official Godiva'S Secret Wigs Videos)

  • Posted on 06 December, 2021
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous


Freedom w/ Roots Wig in Nutmeg-F- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Cristi Top in Ginger Brown- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Selma Wig in Coffee Latte- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Tyra Wig in Ginger Brown- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Peggy Wig in Ginger Brown- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Sabrina Wig in Coffee Latte- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Marina w/ Roots Wig in Honey Wheat-R- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Katie w/ Roots Wig in Almond Spice-R- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...

Freedom Wig in Chocolate Swirl- https://godivassecretwigs.com/products...


Left to right

Tiffany Wig in Cayenne Spice- https://www.godivassecretwigs.com/tiff...

Sabrina w/ Roots Wig- https://www.godivassecretwigs.com/sabr...

Peggy Wig in Ginger Brown- https://www.godivassecretwigs.com/pegg...

Candice w/ Roots Wig in Creamy Toffee-R- https://www.godivassecretwigs.com/cand...

In this video, Rochelle is at a large wig party, doing a personal wig consultation with Jan.  Throughout the video, you will hear comments from the other party guests. Jan has short hair and has never tried wigs before, so Rochelle takes her on a wig journey.  She will try a Top Piece to enhance her own hair, as well as a variety of wigs.  She tries short wig styles that are very similar to her own, a beautiful A-line bob wig and longer wigs as well.   Which is your favorite? 

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Hi, i'm rochelle the mother of the mother-daughter team of godiva's secret wigs and this video is part of a wig party that i had done and we are showcasing some of our most amazing products. So i hope you enjoy hi, i'm rochelle with godiva secret wigs and i'm very happy to have jan with me right now. So we're just going to take jan on a little wig and hair piece tour. We'Re going to try some different colors, even a little gray, and our grays are beautiful. So, let's just jump in okay, so everything i'm going to show you we do in many different colors. I might not be perfect because i looked at jan's picture and pictures aren't all can be a little deceiving on color, but i do pretty good right. I think i nailed it pretty good, so we're going to start. Thank you. We'Re going to start with christy top piece, it's a great little piece. This color is ginger brown, a little deeper, it's a little more brown than your hair, but let's see, and at least you'll see the style, so christy has four snaps. They open and close, and i always start in the front and i'm going to leave jan's hair down just so. You can see how christy works with the piece, so pretty quick and you get the idea how it would look right. What color the color is great right: okay, okay! So so have you just stopped coloring it or what's going on you, never colored it? Okay, okay, all right, so it gave her a little height. The color is ginger brown ginger brown. If you have like a virgin medium brown or um, it's like a virgin medium brown with a little warmth. It'S definitely not a cool tone like some browns can be cool. Ginger has a little warmth running through it. So you like the front yes yeah. It'S pretty easy. I parted it that way because jan's hair was that way, but i want to try it this way: okay, wow the color on her skin right. So, let's just go with this for a minute and i'm going to snap the back and you feel that so very secure you don't need anything else on any of our top pieces except the four metal clips that it comes with yeah. So that's christy top very easy, so it just gave a little enhanced height and lengthens your your bangs and turn a little to your left, not the identical, color, it's close, but see how i want you to see how it just brushes right in so. If you know anyone that just wants a little enhancement, christy top is great. I want to back it up a little bit though, and show you so when you get a piece or a wig, there's not just one way to wear it, so it's playing with it. I'M going to hide your bangs here, i'm going to take you a little further back yeah, because i don't like my feet. Okay, so let's go back here and remember that the bangs can be trimmed, so don't ever be worried about laying or bangs. And so you don't worry about which way. Do you part your hair with a piece or a wig, you consider? Which way does it make it look most realistic and best? Because who really cares, which way? You part your hair, so let's just see, and these bangs could just be trimmed a little bit, but that's crispy top it's a youthful, and why do you say youthful because there's a lot of differences right now, there's color there's the length of the bangs there's the Height on top, so is it a little bit of all of those or okay? I'M gon na take you into coffee. Latte, remember coffee latte! This is selma, has great color, great warmth, and that little it's like a little cream in your coffee. Oh, my gosh, i'm losing control. I want to ask you when you, when you laugh, and you say: oh my god, what what does that mean? What are you what's going in your head right now, it's like what makes you look younger, oh yeah, so different. I guess right well, i mean, let's, like let's break it down the warmth of the color, it's so beautiful on her skin tone. So, let's look again - and i know that's easy - a lot of women they're just going with what's easy, how their hair is growing, but wigs are also easy, got ta, say and feel how light this wig is. Oh, my goodness it is light so really light. I want to put it on again because part: what's so important like when friends are with the wig virgin, are you a wig virgin yeah? Okay, i guessed right is not just oh, it looks good, but why does it look good see if you can break down? I, like the color, i like the softness, i like the longer bang, i like the height that it gives you and then, when you can really break it down into the reasons it. It helps give the wig virgin confidence because everyone can say: oh it's cute and many people lie when they say. Oh it's cute. You know we all do that. We don't want to hurt someone's feelings, but now we're really trying to break it down to help the viewers all over the world and um, jan, and not being a wig virgin. What i've learned from rochelle is that when you see your reflection in the car window or the shopping window, you look at yourself and you go. I am dang cute right and if you carry it off nobody's going to think it's wiki right. It'S all attitude. Women are walking around with frizzy hair hair down to their knees, purple hair shaved, everything everything we all work in society, no matter where our hair, what our hair looks like. So it's who do you want to be so and if you think your husband's going to not like it, you got another thing. Well, let's talk about our partners for a minute because working with women for 25 years, i've worked with a lot of partners: husbands, girlfriends daughters. They have a story of who you're used to being, and many of them are very uncomfortable with wigs in the beginning. They are fearful their fear. People are going to look at you and laugh they're, fearful that it's going to make them look foolish because they went along with you, but they don't know so a lot of times. We just quickly judge what we don't know. So sometimes it's for the woman to say down not while you're watching tv, not during a commercial like it's an important conversation and say honey. I love you. How old am i at this age? I want to have the freedom to make some different choices. I you can trust me. Do you trust me, do you trust how i dress? I don't i'm not going to look foolish, i'm doing a lot of investigation and i would like you to support my choice to wear a wig. Will you support me and then and wait for the yes, because wigs are scary for some people it takes some women have held onto our card for four years before they got a wig and then some women. I read on our comments all the time, they're saying why the heck did. I wait so long like it's a whole new world with wigs. So sometimes you have to have that conversation. All husbands are not like mine and rebecca's. You know and when i used to date, guys i'd meet a guy in a long blonde wig, and if we set up a date, i would show up in a china doll short black wig and for me sometimes they did because you know what, if they didn't, Like that they weren't the guy for me because i'm fun and spontaneous and i want to be free - i don't want to be put in a box. That'S just me, my gemini, but so that was my interview for who i'm dating, but sometimes relationships. You just fall into habits, not good or bad, but we've talked or i've talked your head off a little now. Look at this wig on her. Really it's it's beautiful. So, let's keep going yes, the color is beautiful, coffee, latte, selma, and now i'm going to put you in ginger brown a little warmer. This is tyra and i just want to see you. It may be good. It may not be good and a lot. It has to do a lot with personalities and before we meet somebody, we don't know how your personality is, but this can be toned down. It'S not overpowering, i'm just going to take it behind your ears a little bit so between number one and number two. I feel like we're at the eye doctor's office number one selma coffee, latte number, two tyra ginger brown number one. What do you say? I like this one, it's a little much okay, okay, yeah! So i'm let me put it on again and i'm going to show you something all right. This is selma and a lot of times with the wig virgin. They want to start real, close to what they're used to and then the hair is there to be fuller. As they get used to it, so if the bangs were trimmed see, it took actually 15 seconds. That'S how a simple, simple change really makes a wig look perfect and you probably would end up going i'm going to try i'm going out, i'm going to try it a little punkier you might, but not yet so i'm taking it right back down yeah. So if the bangs were trimmed is that more in your comfort, yes much more, okay, okay, so but good to know with just a little change: it's between a wig is works and a wig does not work coffee latte, just like i like it actually to well. I just think it fits you more. I know i feel like yeah. Excuse me so, okay, so i'm going to take you a little shorter okay. This is peggy in ginger brown. I'M also not used to smoothness in my hair, because my hair is always either frizzy or curly yeah, but it's really fun to not have to style your hair and get smooth. Isn'T that great, it's shorter that it's shorter here and shorter all the way around. Will you look to your left and look to your right, so this is peggy, isn't it peggy and ginger brown and it's got that little warmth that was a good pick: okay, but my own hair, just it'll, just curl or frizz or whatever yeah, as i'm looking. I was going to take you in lighter browns, but with her eyes i want to stay like bumpy, not medium, not medium brown. You see the difference so, okay, yeah, that is peggy in ginger brown. So i'm going to take you a little longer, and here is our coffee latte. You like this color, i like the color. Let'S see it, oh my thank you. Isn'T it cute yeah? Do i like the ones that that lay a little bit more silky rather good? Do you, okay, did that make sense, we're talking to jan's daughter right now? Okay, so what are you saying i like it when they're, smoother and silkier, because it works with with her okay? Are you saying you you like this? I, like it better yeah than some of the other ones, got it got it yeah, okay, it still has height and it still has volume, but it it doesn't have very useful yeah right. I like it, you can do that no kidding. Can you just stand right here and do a little circle turn? I want everyone to see this. A line sabrina, tuck that tag in and all these pieces are the wig. Okay give a little turn, so our viewers yeah all right, yeah, very, very pretty. I'M not used to this. I know it's kind of fun right, but the color coffee, latte, great okay and i'm going to take you a little longer. Still, okay, i'm going to take you into marina honey wheat. So this is the color i did want to see on you. It throw your hair and your coloring. It throws me off so i'm just trying it's a pretty color yeah. No, not her color, not her color good to know so deeper, okay, very good, yeah katie. I wanted to try katie on you, because this has some warmth and it's it's it's cool and warm. At the same time, it's got a lot of colors in it. So, let's just see i'm gon na flatten it down no right deeper, yeah, deeper, colors, okay, it is a pretty color, but i don't think it's me yeah. Okay, what color is this? The one we just did. This is almond spice. I had it on one of you earlier katie, katie, almond, spice, okay, i'm putting freedom, chocolate swirl, because i want to see a layered look, although you may not like it, it's fun, it's a different. Look, the highlighting it's a little cooler right. Just that little blonde. It'S fun to have a little highlight if you're not used to it, yeah right so between this and our favorites. So far, selma coffee lot! No! Oh! No peggy! What am i saying? Yikes, that's more hair! You know i mean like that's more hair than what you normally have, but it works well yeah and then peggy is a little bit shorter right with just you know some different style right and then, when you get a little more used to it, then you give It a little more messy if you ever do you know so: that's freedom, chocolate swirl! So let's go back to visit peggy in ginger brown. It would look, it would look cute. It just looks like she throws her hair or something. This is one of those again where i'm not going like this right right. You see it. Please don't! Well, that's! What'S nice because the other ones you you know you had to smooth it down in order to get it mm-hmm this one yeah. You know if you were out today, it would make your hair look crazy, very yeah. Yeah, it's really great and the color is very pretty just the bangs. You might want trimmed a little bit yeah, that's it and these little pieces you could wear in front or put it all behind your ears. It'S cute yeah see the smile, that's the tickle! That'S the tickle all right! Well! Thank you. So much for trying today appreciate it. Thank you.

DannyJane: I loved Selma on Jan. She's a lady I see as a fashion minimalist. I'll give you an example of what I mean. My mother and her cousin in law were both stunningly beautiful women. Mom was such a beauty that she was compared to Elizabeth Taylor, only Mom's eyes were kitty cat golden. She turned heads (a trait that skipped me and was handed on to my daughter) with her exquisite features. And like Elizabeth Taylor, mom favored full makeup jobs, beauty parlor perfect shoulder-length or longer, near-ebony hair; and beautifully fitted expensive clothes. Aunt Florence, OTOH, was a beauty minimalist. Her makeup-resistant eyes were blue gray. I never saw her in foundation--what would be the point of covering her lovely complexion? She wore her hair no longer than four inches long her entire life. Her clothes were high quality, but unless she was going to some fancy event--she lived in what we might call business casual. Although her hair was medium brown, her nearest analogy would have been Doris Day. She barely put in 1/10th of the time in her beauty regime and yet she too was a head-turner. See? If you had been the Godiva Queen back then you would have chosen the same wigs for Aunt Florence that you did for Jan. Whereas, my Mom would have been wearing the longer, dressier ones. I see a lot of myself in Jan because a wig is a surprise that keeps on happening. Yesterday I was a redhead (my Kelly), today I might be a blonde (Peggy). I never get tired of being a human kaleidoscope! Another reason I identify with this lady is that she--and I--somehow don't look as well in longer wigs. I tried several and the styles that you rock look "wiggy" on me. In a way it's funny because my biological hair comes down to my hips. But in wigs--short and sassy! Jut like Jan. I wonder who I'm going to be today.

Rita Weygint: Jan looks beautiful in Selma, and in Peggy! Peggy is more in keeping with her very conservative style. She just lights up in Peggy. I would have loved to see Jan in the color “Midnight Pearl.” That would have been stunning! You’re gorgeous Jan!

Dawn Marie: I am losing my hair due to Covid & it’s been so very Depressing... One of the Covid hair loss groups on FB recommended you... Have been watching all day... Just Love Rachelle & Daniele... Your both are so Adorable and make wearing wigs look so much fun... Have been Smiling all day watching and can’t wait to try on some wigs... Just wish you had a store in Florida. Thank you for lifting my Spirits.

Helen Criblez: After my Friend saw me in my first Godivas wig, I immediately had to tell her where I found it. She just received her 3rd and I am on my 7th. Your wigs are the BEST!!!!

Vegans in the Wild Over 50: So glad you used Selma in Coffee Latte. That's the one I just ordered, and my hair looks just like Jan's natural hair. Thank you!

Shirley Adkins: My favorite was the Freedom… I think it made her face look smaller and overall younger… ❤️

Cindy G: She looks awesome in Sabrina!!!

Judene9: I love those wigs on her. I personally like Freedom with Chocolate Swirl best on her. She looks gorgeous in all of them though. I love Godiva wigs, I have two, and no doubt will get more!

Mary Landsmann: Freedoms very pretty on her too. I'm loving Peggy the best on her

Emay Green: How adorable! Such flattering styles.

britty bee: That’s a good point about saying what it is about the wig that you like, because if not the wig wearer might not believe you. I can confirm. I got a wig that was as close I could get to looking like my natural hair and normal style as I could before chemo. I was always s little self conscious that it didn’t look natural enough but everyone told me it looked fine. Turned out I didn’t mind wearing a wig every day and just want to keep wearing one. But now my family says I look better without the wig. What?! I have 2-3” of hair I never even bothered to get a haircut for. It’s not like a proper pixie. And my gray hairs growing in. How on earth could it possibly look better than the wig unless they were lying about the wig looking ok to begin with? They don’t tell me what it is they like about my short hair. I just don’t believe any opinions they give now.

The2mollygirl Borg: I LOVE Dawn (not in video). Will you ever have it in Mochaccino or Copper Gaze.? I LOVE Mochaccino. I've ordered several wigs -but so many of the medium length wigs are bobs in the back. I need some length in the back & lots of layers with a little slight curl- just like Dawn. I've had to return most of the ones I ordered because of that darn chopped up bob look in the back. Sorry for the criticism. I do like the few I've kept. The one Dawn I have is too dark for me (bu I wear it) & the blondes are too light. Unfortunately, I've called both stores & the office but have been unable to get a real person to talk too.

Jean Miller: I really like the Selma on her ... Looks great

paula: I enjoy your videos very much, but between the dark furniture (fireplace?) and the dark statue behind Jan , it was difficult to see the brunette wigs.

Christine Kirsch: Did Jan end up getting a wig If so, which one? I think the audience liked Peggy, I really liked the Freedom on her!

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Rochelle! I'm wondering which one she chose. Did she get one? Love and blessings ❤

GoldenHoneySilk: it's amazing and does make a difference in the color and the length of the wig on a person. I thought she looked good in Selma and in Peggy and Freedom as well. Peggy is a winner, lol. felt like I was there . thanks Rochelle for another fun party. take care

Cheryl J: I’d like to see ,on this lady, a few levels lighter, straight, to collar. Then try same length/style but fuller around ears.

The2mollygirl Borg: Please tell me the names of the 2 wigs on the far left behind you. And also the color of the shorter one 2nd from the left too. Thanks.

Holly Kay: Whatever makes you smile! :)

Gail Walton: I like Freedom on her....wow.

Mary Landsmann: I love peggy on her

Ott Gavras: ❤️

MMelody M: Most of the wigs are really nice but some are just too puffy. It doesn’t look natural. Sometimes the crown area just goes to one side too instead of having the height balanced around the crown.

Mary Landsmann: Peggys her girl. You look lovely in Peggy.

Denise Kennedy: Usually I like your videos and your own wig in this looks beautiful ... this lady, however, I think, needs something lighter which would take years off her age - none of the wigs you put her in looked good and certainly aged her.

Mary Landsmann: Ok now I'm liking sabrina

Candy Chand:

lil poohbear: Selma is the winner!!!

Mary Landsmann: Her face lit up in peggy

Snezana Pesic: I like you but your wigs are not afordable for me!

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