How To Do Elegant Pigtails Hairstyle For Special Occasions #Shorts

  • Posted on 29 December, 2022
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How to do an elegant, pigtail, look for special occasions: grab three fingers worth of hair on top tie, a lining to end of side, hair, make a hole and twist until the end, bring hair under middle section and put into hole, heads and you're done.

kimyena101: 3 fingers of my hair would be almost half of it. Team fine hair FIGHTING!

Jennie Lee: So pretty and simple to do. Thanks for always posting these hairstyles

^o^ 디 dina: I have a special occasion, even tho it's in 4 months I love this hairstyle! With my hair type a lot of hairstyles are hard for me to do so I'll take note of this one!

De Tar: Your shorts are srsly so helpful! Defintly followed.. Greetings from Finland!

박수진: When u thought it's easy but in reality it's very hard to do it. I'm going to try it again

random_error: that is so adorable! i just gotta buy ribbons lol

🍎Apple Cone🍎: Thanks a bunch!

Evanna Song: Doing this ❤️

Cookie Comment: how pretty!

Jamie: How did your hair get soo long in 1 month…any tips? I’m trying to grow my hair out.

villebeny: in my country, christmas period starts on September

Farzana Alarakhia: Wow i like this hearstyle its very beautiful and your video's are great i lik them love yaaa xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Surbhi Rana: I have 3 finger worth of hair on my whole head

Lakshmi Hansda: Can you do douyin makeup please

Tessa Hizoni: What's this hairstyle called??

Zoe: I saw your hair extensions

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