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  • Posted on 19 August, 2022
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Hi, i'm helen, i'm korean hairdresser and personal hair consultant. How are you everyone? I found out that some people abroad, watching my videos using english captions youtube studio, told me about that and i'm trying to put english captions on my recent videos. It'S quite hard job. Some words are very hard to translate because they are made in korea. Most people using english probably couldn't understand what those words mean. So today i will explain hairstyle words used in korea and hairstyles name, which is hot in korea in these days before we dive in i'm korean, and i have never been abroad to study english, so there can be wrong expressions. In my words, if you don't mind it, let's jump into this straight away. First, female hairstyle, of course, maize can't do these hairstyles, but i will separate in two to help. You understand better. Let'S talk about the bank first, it's called fringe in uk, but koreans usually use bang and add some words in front of the bank to express what type of bank it is. Citibank has been the most popular bang style in korea for last 10 years. It'S very light bang, so you can see full head through the bang like this in suzy's picture and full bang is quite hot in these days, which is very heavy bang, covering all forehead less heavier than this. Then it's called soft full band. Choppy bang is short band, usually above the eyebrows original choppy bang is supposed to be literally choppy, but in korea we use choppy bang for all short bang above eyebrows, even if the line is clean, not choppy and hottest, bang in korea. In these days, it's side, bang. This bang is long, it's hard to call it bang. Actually, it's length is various from nose to chin side. Bang is used for covering side spaces or cheekbones and gives feminine image and chamori. I usually translate it into baby. Hair iu is very famous for her baby hair. It means thin hairs around your face line. It'S not bad, but it gives lovely image. So that's quite hard, styling point in korea, okay, so let's talk about haircut now. Layered card is literally haircut with layers. Hush cut is very light. Textured haircut, it's highly layered or cut with disconnection to make hair very light. Tassel cut, is sort of bob style and looks like tassel. Tesla cut has very light texture at the end of the hair and usually starts like this end of hair sticking out medium layered cut means layered cut with medium length from sugar to around the collarbone, and also, let me tell you about tombstone's name. You might not understand. Thicker palm has shaped like sea, it's not wavy hair, but just curly inside at the end of hair. Like this and as copper means wavy hair, it looks like ass filled palm. It'S very real combination of the words right. It'S natural wavy, hair, mixed with seeker and it's great to build volume, build palm is usually tried with medium layered cut hippy perm means very curly perm in korea and lastly, color styles in korea. Secret two-tone is very hot in these days, just bleaching on the part of your hair, so it can be secret when you cover it with alpha hair. It'S also called as earring color sombrero means soft ombre, it's very thin and soft on bright colors. So we are done with we may hair, let's move to male there. Man'S see-through bang is also quite hot. In these days light texture seems to be change of korean hairstyle. See-Through perm is good choice. To give volume on haircut, karema palm and ed's palm is very popular hairstyle in korea for last five years, karuma means hair parting in english. It'S potted hair showing summer forehead sperm. Well, i can't even spell it because i'm not sure if it is in english spam is not showing all of your forehead, but not covering all two ivy leaf cut. It should hairstyle like this ivy league students. Here are mostly like this. I have no idea about ivy league students hairstyle actually, but it's called like that in korea, similar but longer style is called drop, cut two block card. It'S really basic word for korean hairstyle. It means undercut it's separated in two blocks and that's why it's called two block, an undercut which is not sure longer inside, is called soft chewblock and, of course, you can't miss downper. It'S really necessary to korean guys about, like 70 percent of korean young men. Do this korean men, who have thick and strong hair, need to keep volume down at side part and down perm can help it. This pump doesn't give you volume, but it press unnecessary volume down making your head small and fix your head shape. Okay, that's it! I'M not sure that i explained well enough to understand, but i hope this video helped you to understand korean hairstyle, better, don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up and turn the notification bell on. So i can deliver you hair tips. Every week then see you all. Every friday, night, 9 30 in korean time bye, you

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