Days In The Life Of A Mom | New Haircut, Amazon Try-On Haul, Meeting Santa!

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HI FRIENDS! This video is a weekend vlog of my life as a Mom! It was so close to Christmas so we went to take photos with Santa, I got a haircut, and I share an Amazon try-on haul. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Hope you enjoy!

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It will always hi guys. Welcome back to my Channel. Today is Saturday December 17th. I am in the car right now I am about to go get a haircut. I haven't got my hair cut in so long. I don't even know how long it's been, but I'm Gon na Keep the length and just ask her to do some layers to just lighten it up a little bit and give me some sort of style. So I will check back in as soon as I am. Okay, so I just got my hair cut and I absolutely love it. My gosh. She just did such a good job. I have like face frame in the front and I got layers in the back it just she like. Did that thing? Where you, I don't know you like cut into the hair to remove the weight, the excess weight, so it just feels so light and oh my gosh, it was a change that I desperately needed anyway. I am back home right now. Gon na go inside, the kids were napping and I think we're gon na go, take them to the mall and take them to the Builder, Build A Bear Workshop to make little stuffed animals and then we're gon na go out to dinner. I think Pete actually has a client holiday party that he's going to tonight down downtown in Houston. So I don't know I think he has to leave at like seven or something so we'll see. We want to go out to dinner, but we'll see if we have enough time after we get done at the mall all right. I will check back in in a little while right now not want to see him so yeah you do. You do want to see him all right. We'Re gon na tell him that you want. You want to see him. Okay, move up all right foreign, that's a beautiful, bunny Chase! That is a beautiful one. You guys love bunnies yeah. Do you like I'll rip things off? You'Re gon na sleep with me: oh look he's so soft press down on the pedal Chase. Thank you is that okay, is it soft yeah? You can step on the pedal, um Pete, just yeah wow. He looks so good. Just don't take it off yet. Okay, I will chase we're gon na, take it off after we play for it. Okay, so cute all right, it was a fun outing. It'S 5 30.. We got the pictures with Santa I'll, show you them later um they were, they were okay. I think they look good and then the kids loved getting the Build-A-Bears so early Christmas present Pete had a lovely time as well. Didn'T you yeah, but the crowds are not my thing. Yeah the mall was pretty crowded, but it was a night. It was amazing. The kids were good yeah, the kids were really good. It was nice, it was a fun time. Nice little holiday activity um, so we're gon na go to Outback for dinner, right yeah, so yeah I've convinced Pete to go to Outback. It'S just nostalgic for me used to go to Outback with my family when I was younger and I have an eye twitch today, um he does not like Outback, but we're gon na go because it's close by all right. It'S just crap all right. It'S not the best, it's not like gourmet food, but it's not McDonald's. Either I mean yeah. You know, I guess I'll, have an overcooked steak or get something else. Yeah, let's get steak. Okay, we'll see you soon, all right, guys we're back home. Now it's about 8. 30., I just gave the kids a bath they're sitting on the couch watching some PAW Patrol, I'm about to put them to bed. Pete went off to his client Christmas party, so I'm just gon na have a very chill quiet night to myself here, and I will see you guys tomorrow morning last year. I thought about how things can come around just like that. If everyone is here to celebrate one day, we have our ups and downs, but when there's love, there's always yes every time the snow is falling down and it is, is a magic the times this year, I'll think about how I'm so lucky to have a place That I can come home to yes, I am on my way, put our differences aside and just enjoy this moment of peace together to celebrate hi guys official good morning. It'S Sunday morning, it's about 10 10.. We got up and made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which is really nice. I'Ve had them in the refrigerator for like two weeks now, and I keep forgetting to make them. So I'm glad that I made them. I just got dressed for church. Pete is up. He had a late night. He didn't get home until like almost 2 A.M from his client's um holiday party. So he slept in a little bit and we are gon na go to church in a bit, but just wanted to show you what I'm wearing today uh. I got this it's pretty much Amazon. Obviously I got this really cute sweater dress. I just love the color of it. It'S beautiful and it's really soft and warm, and so I've got the sweater dress on just some leggings and then these really cute black patent boots. That I'm just like obsessed with I have them in nude too, so I'm already Chase is ready. He'S gon na have a haircut later on today, we're just hanging out um. I also I want to show you our the Christmas pictures that we got taken with Santa yesterday, because I think I forgot to show you them after I got home, oh and then the Build-A-Bears Quinn's bunny, just so so cute got a little dress for her too. So she's looking good where's, your where's, your chases on the case. Oh it's in the suitcase when we take it out, you want to show. Oh you showed everyone kind of earlier. He just got ta chase us on the case, oh man, so here's one of the photos from yesterday. Hopefully that focuses I thought it was. I mean it's not the most flattering picture but like Quinn's face she was just not having it. We got a package that had multiple pictures in it, so there's just smaller ones and then a couple bigger ones, they're all pretty much the same picture, but we just did the Santa in the mall. It was cute, really really love the haircut still um. I have to figure out how she like round brushed it dried it dried it with a round brush, because I just can't do that and there's like a bunch of shorter layers. If you can see here that I love, which just give it so much movement and it took a lot of the weight off of it, so I really like it. She said that my haircut is like I was asking her what people are asking when they get their hair cuts recently and she's like yours, so and then the um, The Fringe, like long fringe bangs but she's like yeah, your haircut's, pretty classic. It never goes out of style, so I'm like good. I need something: low maintenance, low maintenance that doesn't go out of style, so Eminem keep it this way. Okay, we're gon na head off to church in a little while, so I will catch up with you later. Hi guys it's about 1 45. Now it's already been a long day came home from church, gave the kids some lunch and then I finally just got them up for naps. So I wanted to just show you. I got a bunch of really cute fall and winter clothes from this Amazon brand called Miro Kitty. I really love the brand. They have really really cute clothes and they're on Amazon, so it makes everything that much better. So I'm just gon na show you all of the things that I got just really quickly: uh and I'll. Try them on! For you, Christmas lights are all around. I can see them now. Your name now we're back here once again holidays and cheers. I'M not gon na play the same place it's going down on Christmas Day. Oh, we've got you on my mind, but I know this time you're on top of my list as we decorate the tree, only you and me all right guys, and that was the try on and thank you so much to Miro Kitty for partnering with me again On this video, thank you for all of the really cute items again. I will link everything in the description below I'll. Also, let you know my size and I think I'm gon na end the video it's about 2 30 and I need to get a workout in and then I just want to relax Sunday afternoon we're making fajitas for dinner. So it's been a really nice weekend. I hope you all enjoyed the Vlog. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe, I will see you in the next video bye.

Λ T Λ K Λ N: Nice haircut! You look amazing ❤ I love your style & everything looks gorgeous on you! Happy New Year

Carla Aslan: Love love love the haircut! Kids are just so adorable..Big kisses to them. Thumbs up to Quinn who looks like she held it together during the outing, LOL. Love all the clothes. I need you as my stylist!

_Cindy _: Omg love your outfits! Thanks for sharing! Are they true to size? Always enjoy your videos! Can you do one making alcohol drinks? Your drinks always look so yummy on IG. Happy New Year

Karla Ricker: love your hair! Happy New Year!

Canada fragrance reviewer Diana: Hi Amanda, i have the same red reindeer you have on the table. The children are so adorable, kids love build a bear. Quinn's is beautiful, i am all about the glitter. Santa is fancy with his vest, too cute. You will treasure these pictures when you children are bigger. Your hair is beautiful. Adorable clothes the black dress with sweater is so precious and the last jacket is gorgeous. Its nice to spoil yourself. I got a couple of really nice sweaters lately, i have so much that i bought last year. Our winters are long so i need alot. Not like in texas you get nice days we do not. Winters are very long here in Canada.

Greta Baumann: Dear Amanda, wish you a happy new year!

Tracy Bennett: Your hair is really cute

Jane Knaul: I know it’s so much money, but the dyson air wrap would style your cut and length perfectly

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