Best Hair Care Of 2022 Dermatologist @Drdrayzday

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BEST HAIR CARE OF 2022 Dermatologist @DrDrayzday

Nizoral shampoo

Heeta hair scalp massager

Oribe Gold Lush nourishing hair oil

Moroccanoil hydrating styling cream

Moroccanoil perfect defense heat protectant

Revlon one-step volumizer

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My sweater dress

MacQueen eyebrow pencil

Etude house fixing tint

Nars Afterglow lip balm

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow

Jane Iredale longest lash mascara

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0:20 Nizoral shampoo

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4:44 Oribe Gold lust nourishing hair oil

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11:14 Revlon one-step volumizer

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Get excited you guys, as promised today's video I'm going to share with you the top five hair care products I fell in love with over 2022.. I started out 2022 with hair that was quite a bit longer and fairly. Recently, like two months ago, I cut my hair a bit shorter, so there were some tweaks in the types of products that I use a shampoo. That is not new. It is not new to me, but for the first time I really used it a lot and fell in love with it and was like. Why have I been sleeping on using this, and that is Nizoral shampoo? Now this is an anti-dandruff shampoo disclaimer. I don't have dandruff, but I do recommend it. If you do have dandruff it has the ingredient Ketoconazole, which is an anti-fungal. It'S also anti-inflammatory. It helps put the brakes on proliferation of that little yeast that lives on everyone's skin malassezia. You see in dandruff. You also have some oiliness inflammation because of that little yeast, oh nice are all is great and that it calms down on the yeast and calms down the inflammation. I just got it. This shampoo not only leaves my hair soft manageable. It seems to inject more volume into my hair, some somehow some way it doesn't weigh down the strands or anything of that sort. Now I do direct the lather primarily to my scalp, leave it there for a few minutes and then rinse it out. That'S how I suggest using really any shampoo, but especially those aimed at a dandruff. You know the medicated shampoos. This would this. This would be classified as a medicated shampoo. So that's how I've been using it, but I want to insert a little tip when you are doing your anti-dandruff lathering to your scalp. Do not forget the backs of your ears and you know maybe it's part of your habit, but it's an area where a lot of people kind of just don't pay attention and Miss take a little bit of the Nizer, all shampoo or whatever shampoo you're, using anti-dandruff Shampoos in particular, though, are great back here and just massage it behind the ears. It'S the most relaxing experience Amber, really relaxing just to do a little massage with some of that anti-dandruff shampoo leave it on there for a little bit and then rinse it out when you're rinsing out the shampoo lather from your scalp and that nizerol can help cut Down on inflammation in the skin behind the ears is a location where you can get seborrheic dermatitis same kind of process as dandruff red inflamed flaky patches, sometimes greasy can happen around the ears behind the ears. If you ever get to wash back there or or a little bit too light-handed in the time that you spend lathering to that area, it definitely can end up leading to accumulation of dead oily skin cells. Speaking of scalp care and massaging medicated shampoo into your scalp. This was a discovery for me this year. That has really changed the game for me personally in my hair care and it's a simple little tool, it's a shampoo brush this one from Amazon. I especially like because it has a few pointy bristles, but it also has flat bristles. So it's not hard and it doesn't it's not uncomfortable, it's not painful, but these silicone bristles. They help distribute the shampoo lather across the scalp surface and they gently help to dislodge those clumps of skin cells as well as product residue. So it's helpful for removing buildup, but I have found that since I have introduced this tool into my hair care routine, I am using significantly lost shampoo volume because I'm just using a little bit and it really nicely distributes it all. Over the surface of the scalp love it I mean I'm I'm using so much less shampoo, because I am guilty of using too much shampoo and a problem if you do get in that little habit of using too much shampoo is that it takes more time and Effort to rinse it out and if you don't have the time to dedicate to rinsing all that excess shampoo a lot around some is going to get left behind and guess what that's going to do. Irritate your scalp cause scalp itch and maybe even contribute to scalp buildup, which can drive itch. You can get little bumps around the hair follicles. This tool has just I mean it's just simple tool and, like I said this particular one, because these tools have become popular. I see them everywhere, Target Walmart. I see them at Marshalls this one from Amazon. I really love because the bristles are not a Sinister they're, nice and soft, the the flat ones in particular I like, because the flat ones have these little nubbins on them, and it really helps to distribute the shampoo but not be not be painful, not be uncomfortable. All right, so I guys know, but back on my hair was longer and the first and loved and I actually still use, but I'm using significantly less just because I'm not finding that. I really benefit from it as much. Now that my hair is not as long and I was hesitant to buy this, it's the aurabe gold loss, nourish hair oil. The reason I was hesitant to purchase this is because hey it's super expensive, so I just bought the travel size and B. I'Ve tried some other aurabe products and for me personally, I've just been underwhelmed. Let me know in the comments, if you use aurabe, because they are like really hyped up - and I don't know if they're just over hyped I've used their I've tried their shampoo, the gold lust, specifically the gold lust, shampoo and conditioner, and I did not like either Of those I just found that for me personally, they turned out to be a Pantene level, experience overly scented and really did not leave my hair very manageable whatsoever. Now, as in as a side note, I don't have color treated hair, so I don't know. Maybe these are great if you have color treated hair, that's what I hear them being hyped up for a lot, but for me personally they were a major letdown. I'Ve also tried their gold lust hair mask, and I liked that it was good, but it didn't bring me results any better than any other hair mask. I'Ve ever tried, including the Trader Joe's hair mask which is pretty affordable. I mean the one from the hair mask from Trader. Joe'S is actually pretty similar in terms of performance for me to the gold lust hair mask, but the nourishing hair oil. When somebody asked what this is, I was putting on my hair. It is the Oribe gold lust, nourishing hair oil. I purchased this on the Amazonian a bit impulsively just because I've heard it hyped up so much. I wanted to try it out. I have to say as much as it pains me to say this. I actually really like it. It is basically perfume for your hair. It is a silicone, Rich formula that acts as a heat protectant, so it makes the hair glossy and manageable. It'S not really oily. However, I put it mostly on my ends. I have to admit I love the scent. I love the scent of this. It'S the same scent as a shampoo and conditioner, which I just complained about, but it's not as hit you in the face. It just leaves the hair smelling nice, but it doesn't create an aroma around your head. It leaves the hair itself smelling nice, but it doesn't create a cloud of fragrance all around you. That gives you a headache. It leaves the hair very glossy, very manageable, it's expensive, but you only need a small amount when my hair was longer. I was only using like two or three drops: take it down the lengths of the hair. I don't put it near the scalp, my hair care routine after I shampoo at night get out of the shower, or whatever I tell. I use one of those microfiber towels to get the vast majority of the water out of my hair. When I take the microfiber towel off, my hair is still a little bit damp, but not like wet, and that's when I put this product in at that point, work it through the midsection of my hair, all the way down then the following morning. My hair is super, glossy super, manageable super shiny and it smells good what the heck does. This have in it argan oil and emollient, which is actually really good for the hair. I have a whole video of talking about the benefits of argan oil for the hair. It also has shea butter and it has isodoticine that's a silicone, which is probably what gives us the hair is giving the hair that glossy manageable appearance the shine this product really delivers. I mean I, I still use it, but just not as often if you have long hair. I highly suggest this product. It is quite good ethol, hex muscle methoxycinimate, which is a UV filter. This is going to be helpful for those of you who have color treated hair, that's vulnerable to UV weathering and that UV exposure from the Sun on your hair strands on color treated hair. It can fade your your hair, color treatment faster, so using a product that has a UV filter can help slow that down. Blonde hair is also a lot more vulnerable to weathering from the elements. So this can be beneficial in that regard, but I'm still using it. Just not as frequently now that my hair is shorter. I need less of it now that my hair is shorter, so it lasts a good long. While I'm glad I gave it a try, though, because I was really ready to kick orbay to the curb and just be like this is just another overhyped brand, but I really liked this product moving on to product number four. This was recently mentioned in a favorites video of mine. It'S been a game changer. Now that my hair is shorter, I'm finding. I have to do a lot put a lot more effort into styling it and it's been the Moroccan oil hydrating styling cream. This. I love because it helps cut down on static and frizz. It'S moisturizing, but it's not greasy. It doesn't weigh the hair down. You can put it on the hair while it's down, just like I explained with the aurabe hair oil or you can put it on the hair while it's completely dry and in contrast to many other hair care products, it distributes throughout dry hair really easily. It doesn't Clump onto one area and make a grease mess, it doesn't look greasy and it doesn't leave the hair, sticky or tacky. The other thing I like about this is, if you put your hair in a ponytail, and you want to tame down flyaways, but not use like Hairspray. This works quite well to smooth the the hair down, but you don't have to use a hair sprayer that can leave the hair sticky and can sometimes dry out the hair strands too much and contribute to breakage. This works like a dream, and this helps cut down on static. I really think the Moroccan oil hydrating styling cream would be a great option for those of you who have wavy hair. I have wavy hair, it's especially wavy now that it's shorter or if you have curly hair, because it's not going to weigh down the hair and mess up the wave and in your hair. If that's, what you're going for it's not going to weigh down the hair and mess up the curl, the appearance of the curl, you don't need very much to just kind of smooth everything out and cut down on static and frizz. Moroccan oil is a brand; their products have not disappointed me yet. I have liked pretty much every every hair care product I've tried from Moroccan oil has worked out really well. For me, I love their heat protectant spray too, as honorable mention for that, it's really good. It'S the same scent as the hydrating styling cream, but a spray and intended to protect the hair from heat. Speaking of heat, I discovered a tool this year. I was actually kind of apprehensive to introduce it into my routine, but I have been loving it and have not had any negative effects from using it, and that is the Revlon one step volumizer with the improved motor. I think they upgraded it or changed it. I have heard a lot of mixed opinions about this tool. I do think if you use this tool to dry your hair, it's too much and it will contribute to breakage and hair damage for sure I would imagine I've not used it to dry. My hair, I use it just to heat style, my hair previously, prior to using this, the heat styling I was doing, was using a round brush and a blow dryer. This I find is much faster, so I end up using less heat to my hair using this tool and it's been working out really well for me, I love the handle. It'S really easy to use, it's not heavy, see with the round brush and the blow dryer. It'S it requires some choreography. This is much simpler to use like I said now that my hair is shorter, it's wavier and because it's wavier it can take on a life of its own, and it just looks like a disaster when I wake up in the morning and just makes me look Disheveled, if I don't put in some effort on certain days in particular now this particular tool it has a cool setting, it also has a low a medium and a high setting. I have only ever used the cool and the low setting. I don't go above that the key to reducing heat damage from your heat, styling, like from the blow dryer or from a tool like this, is to use the lowest setting possible and to always be moving it around. Try to not hold the heat to the hair. On one particular location for prolonged period of time, try and keep it moving. So I find with this tool. Not only do I not have to you know, wrestle around it's much faster to use, but I'm able to get what I want get in and get out very quickly. So for me personally, the way I've been using it it, in contrast to what I was doing before significantly less heat to my hair, doing this and I'm getting the same results, if not better, because I'm better it's easier for me actually to do the back of My hair, the sides and I've had no negative effects. I haven't experienced hair breakage or anything of that store. I'Ve actually been looking at my hair strands pretty carefully. I don't know how this might impact color treated hair, which is already more vulnerable to heat damage and breakage, but for me, like I said, I love this tool, I'm so glad I decided to try it. Let us know in the comments, though, what you have discovered this year in the realm of hair care that you have been enjoying on the end slide, I'm going to put my last video in the best of 2022 Series, so make sure you check that out. I have them all saved in a playlist, but if you guys like this one give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and as always, don't forget, sunscreen And subscribe I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, bye foreign

Andrew_Does_Hair: As a hairstylist of nearly 2 decades, I can tell you, you are not meant to use the Revlon dryer brush as a blow dryer. You are meant to use it on hair that is damp to the touch, approximately 80% dry. That’s the wonderful thing about those tools, if you need to refresh your hair, but don’t necessarily need to wash it. You can spritz it with a water bottle and run a very small amount of styling cream like you already have through the hair and then re-do it, and it will look like you did the whole thing from brand new in about five minutes. I have the Dyson air wrap in the salon and have had it for a while now. It truly has made a difference in my wrist and arm pain. Thanks again for another fun video, hope you had a great Christmas! ❤️

Lynn Thomson Wilton: On your recommendation, I got one of those soft plastic scalp scrubbers ... LOVE IT & look forward to using it! Also, for flakey scalp, I spot-treat with a dab of Shea Moisture brand 100% coconut oil (which is actually a solid), warmed in my palm. This stuff comes in a 16 oz. tub that must be a 10-year supply, great on skin dry spots, too.

Susan Lounsbury: That little scrubbie thing is great, I bought one a few weeks ago and will use it forever. It feels so good and deep cleans your scalp.

Kelsey K: I got Oribe products from shampoos to various styling products and absolutely LOVED it. Yes, I easily spent about $350+ on all the products, but for my fine, natural blonde collarbone length hair that has always been extremely oily (hereditary--thanks mom and dad; also super oily skin, too), when I finally got my first highlights on my virgin hair at age 25, the Balayage highlights at a well known, high end salon in Chicago..which was also an Oribe salon...that has made mainstream cosmetic/fashion/beauty magazines top lists as top ranked especially known for their color and Balayage, the full Balayage highlights themselves were $300+...closer to $400 after valet parking, tipping the colorist and stylist (which I didn't do again as they have a complimentary DIY blow dry bar with all the styling products), so if you have EXTREMELY expensive full or half set highlights or Balayage or full dye job, the products are worth the hundreds you spend to maintain your hair. And it made my hair feel healthy and kept up the ombré blonde tones without them turning brassy or losing color and I used the purple shampoo and some conditioner that is specifically designed for blonde hair. Plus, it also didn't make me horribly break out all along my jaw and back of neck like awful Redkin products do. (I do switch up with a specific Pureology and Aveda products that I used when my hair previously wasn't and hasn't been colored for the last 6.5 years now.) One thing about oily hair and scalp is that hair dye never damaged or made my hair dry or brittle as it does to people with non-oily hair. Same with my horrid oily skin that left me with almost 7 agonizingly embarrassing years and self-esteem crippling due to horrid back acne and chest acne starting at the age of 13 where I didn't and couldn't wear swimsuits without shame...especially bikinis..., no spaghetti string/one shoulder/halter/strapless shirts/tank tops/dresses; it wasn't until age 22/23? that I first encountered red light therapy with Levulan, a formula to penetrate the skin and activate under the medical red light machine to really help kill P.acnes and lessen sebaceous glands, painted all over my entire back and then taped with almost what was layers of sticky sraran wrap like covering for 24 hours instead of the medical journal recommended 15 minutes, to let it really permeate; I'd come back the next day bright and early with a almost 3 hour drive round trip each time, and go under the medical strength red light that literally felt like a blow torch was igniting my skin or that I was getting the world's worst sunburn with the sun 2" from my skin. My cosmetic derm who helped come up with this treatment and had it himself said it was extremely painful and I'd actually get Vicodin prescribed for before and 3 days after after, and I'd bring ice packs for the drive home and lay on them 24/7 for 3 days and they'd melt within 30 minutes my back was so hot. I couldn't shower until maybe day 4 as even lukewarm water touching it felt scalding. Unfortunately I have no luck in health or any part of my life and have had to hace kept up maintenance and done it appropriately 6-8x over a decade at $2,000 a session whereas my 9 year younger sister who had the same back acne issue benefitted from the technology/treatment way earlier in her life and only had to undergo it once. What I wanted to say before my sidebar rant was that my hereditary oily skin has also helped me...along with other factors...look 6-10 years younger than my age before I turned 20. My dad who was in his mid 60s and baked in the sun like non other during the 60s and 70s has no forehead wrinkles--but lots of basal cell skin cancer--was constantly thought of as 50, even by many of my medical doctors. So only skin, while horrible during teen years, makes you look younger in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.)

Carmen Feld: Thank you Dr. Dray for ALL your videos. Is there any blue or violet shampoos that you can recommend, I realize since you don’t have grey hair, you would not have a reason to use these. It would be very helpful for the grey and white haired subscribers if you would comment. I find most of the shampoos that are specific for grey/white hair make my scalp itch, so I can only use them when my hair starts to look dull. I will try the Nizerol since I do have itchy scalp but will Nizerol impact the color of white/ grey hair ? Thank you for your honest and informative information, always a great learning session and very FUN to watch.

Jakub: You should definitely check out the Scandynavian Biolabs haircare

Madalena Calleja: The best oil is Moroccan oil for me . kerastese mask is real good also

Alison, Chairwoman of the Bored: I agree Oribe fragrance in their products is what hooks people.

Brooke Moody: Can you review the Nizoral deep moisturizing conditioner?

One Love: Thanks for share, I also cut my hair, its wavy too..helpful video. ☺Happy new year Dr. Dray & her followers.

Cherie: This is the one I’ve been waiting for!

Susan Lounsbury: Yes and also behind the ears and neck, those areas hold orders so you have to lather up there… I learned that from Mirai clinical which I ♥️. Gets rid of old people smell. And who knows when that starts so I use their shampoo and body wash just incase.

Mona Per: As a hairstylist I recommend Olaplex 7 for heat protection and sun protection, this is a great product for most hair textures because it doesn’t make hair oily For moisture and softness I recommend Olaplex number 6. L’Oréal hair mask Prolonger and Prokeratin are great product.

Marjolaine Daudrumez: Another amazing shampoo is the Neutrogena T-Sal!! I was using it from time to time to clarify or when my scalp was itchy. I was scared it would dry out my bleached, damaged hair, but the results were the opposite! I was quite shocked because it made my hair feel soft and hydrated every time. Now I use it quite often and I really love it. I also use Pureology and Kerastase, Redden, etc, but I find that this one is as ggod!

Carissa Lutton Movie Talk: I love the way Moroccanoil makes my hair feel, but can't stand the smell.

Rosh: Thanks so much for these product reviews! There’s also another product I’m wondering if you can try out and give your opinion (if you haven’t already). L’Oréal elvive 8 second wonder water. People swear it has transformed their hair. The product does have alcohol denatured in it and I’m wondering if that can cause long term damage with prolonged use of this product. Its lamellar water which there are a few brands that have a similar product (described as a cationic surfactant?)….. wondering what you think of this product and the science behind it!

Debbie Best: I absolutely love my Revlon dryer brush. At 65, I definitely have color treated hair, and I have not found any detriment in using this tool. I am careful to use heat protection, wait until about 75% dry then use it on the lowest setting to dry/style my hair. The style lasts longer than with a blow dryer and brush. My hair is shiny and the healthiest it's been in years. I do use the cool shot to hold the style in place before shutting off the tool. Love it!

Jessica Carlson: I agree about Oribe! I’m using their gold lust shampoo and conditioner currently and I feel like it’s drying. I was super excited to try it and it was a big splurge but it has been a letdown.

Heather Whitemore: The Oribe Gold Lust line really does work best for those with folks with damaging habits. Due to a genetic condition I have had gray/white hair most of my life. This red is carefully hand crafted, (lol), and using Oribe's GL is one of the things that saved my hair. My daughter has healthy, undamaged hair and Oribe's GL is way too much for her hair. (But she still occasionally uses it for the scent.)

Carly Justine: I’ve been putting Squalane oil on my scalp and letting it sit for an hour before washing and it’s really helped my dry scalp!

Laura Hill: Can you make a video about your career journey? Pre-med, med school, why you chose your specialty, etc.? I'm super interested in hearing more about your journey!

Krystal Algier: I use the revlon brush on damp hair to dry and style to the point of hair feeling warm. As soon as it’s getting dry/hot then stop. That way it’s not actually heating the hair. It’s evaporating the water. This was a game changer. I learned from the blowout professor on YouTube.

JW: My head has been itching for about 2 years and I couldn’t find anything that helped - including Rx sulfur shampoo from my derm. I used the Nizoral and it worked so much better than anything else!! I do have to use it every 3-4 days like it says on the bottle, but it’s great.

Bookworm: I really love the Oribe texture spray. Pricey but worth it. I've tried many and no one even comes close. Also functions as a dry shampoo. Like you, I've been underwhelmed by every other product from this brand.

Lux Veda: Ive been using nizoral every few washes for years. It keeps my dandruff and scalp concerns in check!!

Erika Vanessa Espinosa F: After they discontinued the original clarifying shampoo from Neutrogena, I shifted to the nizoral one as my once-a-week resetting shampoo.

KismetKat11: I tried an Oribe shampoo and conditioner recommended by another influencer and it completely weighed my hair down. I have color treated hair and it made it so flat. Also, the fragrance was overwhelming. I’d gotten it 25% off, but it was still so expensive! I made myself finish using it but I hated it. The Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray does work. It’s pricey too, but I only use it in my roots so it lasts forever.

Ioana Schifirnet: For me the Oaui detox shampoo has been a fabulous clarifying shampoo. I’ve been taking better care of my scalp this year and this product has been amazing for it.

Marleen G.: I live in Belgium. In my country the 2% Nizoral (ketoconazole) comes in a yellow box / labeled bottle. We can only get the 2% and have to obtain it at the pharmacy. It costs about €14.25 for a 100ml bottle. I use it sparingly, and found out that if I wash regularly with a sulfate shampoo, that that can keep my SD at bay for long amounts of time. I can't do sulfate-free or I am a flake-ball. LOL

Tracy9481: Love the Revlon tool as well! I have a ton of hair and I blew out my curly hair in five minutes at 90% dry hair. Retouched it the next day.. fabulous. I never would blow out my hair before because it took too long. I do recommend using a leave in with heat protection prior to use.

Lucy de Boxer: In the process of transitioning my hair to gray and absolutely LOVE the Oribe moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Jaime Bellon: I tried the Moroccan oil hydrating styling cream on your rec and I was impressed. ❤ I am with you in the Oribe shampoo/ conditioner. It’s ok. It lathers quicker than anything I’ve tried but big whoop. Happy new year!!❤

simplyluvcoupon: Love my Revlon brush my husband was impressed with it too. It’s so easy he’s even used it on our daughters

MrsKimchula: I have the scalp tool now too. I have psoriasis and it helps keep me from inadvertently using my nails on the scales and inflamed areas while getting it very clean.

Debra W: Dr. Dray, very happy to have found your channel. You've given us viewers great information on such a variety of products and topics. Most helpful to me has been the drugstore skincare items to buy. As far as hair products in this video, the majority of your viewers will find it very helpful, but not so much for us senior viewers with gray (curly) hair that tends to be frizzy in humidity. (I realize much smaller demographic, but maybe mix us in with the others?) Will keep watching in case you address gray-headed hair issues and best drugstore products to buy. Meanwhile, thanks so much for your great information!

Laura Lee Baker: Happy New Year Dr. Dray - love your in depth explanations and recommendations! I recently stumbled on a new hair product company when I moved to NC - Virtue Labs. They have an amazing hair mask and leave in conditioner.

SK: Lots of love from India Dr Dray

Marianne: Just got the Moroccan oil curling cream. Omg. So good! Also, their hair oil is a holy grail. A brand that is worth the splurge. Now I need to get the styling cream too

PattyCakes: Team one step volumizer here have had mine 4 years and loveeee it. I leave my hair to dry around 90% then go in with this it’s amazing as long as you add heat protectant. I haven’t had the same effect using it on dry hair.

Leilani K.: The gold lust line is specifically for color treated and chemically damaged hair. There are items like the oil that are more versatile but definitely not the shampoo conditioner or masque. I would recommend the signature line. It’s awesome or even better for natural hair.

dannieros3: I love the revlon one step. I’m chronically ill so the more simple and ergonomic things are, the better

Dana Marinelli: I just bought the fragrance free Necessaire Shampoo and Conditioner and was shocked that it was not drying on my color treated hair!!! I also loved the fragrance free body lotion too. I use Oribe products as well!!

V B: Worked in a salon, I’ve tried all the Oribe products and the best three are the gold lust oil, the super fine hair spray and the texturizing spray. They are worth the $$$

Veronica Ivanova: When it comes to haircare I keep on finding new products by Curlsmith that I like. It is an expensive brand, but they also have a lot of travel size options which helps and most of their products last me months either ways as a little goes a long way ☺

Alison F: I’m glad you mentioned back of the ears for medicated shampoo.. my daughter gets read ears because she has seborrheic dermatitis and our derm told us to use it behind the ear also

Corrina: K18 leave in hair treatment is amazing for longer hair. I have mid back length hair which has been prone to significant tangling in the last couple of years and the leave in treatment has really helped. I am not sure if the quality of hair changes as you age but I had definitely noticed a change in the last 2 years (I have had long hair for over 20 years so I know it is not a length issue). Their shampoos are also good.

Cassandra Garza: I love hair oil so much, I’ve heard good things about the Oribe one and now I’m curious to try it lol my favorite is the olaplex oil but I have bleached hair so not everyone needs it. My favorite hair product this year is my T3 blow dry brush because I can get a straight, sleek look but the revlon one is great for smoothness and volume. I don’t use them to dry my hair either. I end up with breakage when I do.

Colin F: Looooove Nizoral shampoo. Ketoconozole works so well with anything fungus on my body. Moreso than selenium or pyrithione zinc. Works great on the feet to keep foot fungus away. Also great for tinea versicolor on my pits and groin.

Christiana : I love the hair care videos because I want to learn more! I didn’t really like any of the Oribe products that I’ve tried, but I just got the Redken volume injection shampoo and conditioner. They’re great so far. Have you tried them? I’m also curious about the Ouai detox shampoo and leave in conditioner.

SouthernMel: I've never used my revlon styler on dry hair but I'm going to try it. Your hair looked great after!

Joyce Bacik: I am currently using Oribe shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. I am using Gold Lust and have tried the one for color treated hair. My hair is the most manageable and easiest to style when using Oribe and I love the fragrance. It is definitely a splurge though.

S.G SG: I normally don't use styling tools, and I usually dry my hair with a micro fiber towel than air dry it. I purchased the Revlon brush and I love it in less than 10 minutes I can have my hair look good, and I look put together. I've used it on damp and dry hair to tame my hair after I shower. I have a lot of hair so the reason I don't use a hair dryer is because it takes too long and my hair ends up looking like a lions mane lol. I don't use it often but it's a great tool when you need to have your hair in place.

Maddy F.: Thanks so much for the information. Wondering if you could make a video about body oil vs lotion for people who want to simplify and speed up their routine. Is a body oil enough or is lotion also necessary? If both are necessary, which should be applied first? I would love to hear your recommendations for different climates & age groups.

Rafaela Lemos: I started washing my hair every 2 days max...with the same line:vichy dercos kera changing for a lifetime. Here in Brasil we are addicted to hair

cps525i: I use the Oribe Signature Hair Mask on my curly and it really likes how it hydrates and helps me detangle my hair.

Pat Wagner: I just ordered the yellow (love the shade) Heeta scalp massager you have. I have a Heeta already but it's the style that has 1 type of "nubs" instead of a combination. I think I'll enjoy using one or the other.....having a choice will be nice. In fact, I like my Heeta so much, I gave one to my sister recently. I use Moroccan argan oil ...I heard a hairdresser say it's a good idea once in awhile. It's interesting that you say you have to work w/your hair more now that it's shorter. I find that to be true, too....but people who don't have/never have had long hair often don't "get" it. To them, long hair seems like it would be a lot more work. But to me, the longer my hair is, the easier it is to take care of & less work.

Why Me?: I have pretty bad sebhorric dermatitis on different areas of my skin and Nizoral is the best thing ever. I put it behind my ears too, that’s one of my worst spots, and it definitely feels good to massage it

Violet: 11:32 Glam Girl Gabi is the "Dr Dray" of hair stylists. She talks about the Revlon tool and how she found a better one in her video "If I could only have ONE Hair Tool for the Rest of My Life, THIS would be it. " Four months ago.

Vivienne Axon: Yes, I do use the Oribe gold shampoo and conditioner. I have done for some time as it makes such a difference. I have tried not using it but I have always gone back to it, cringing at the price!

Nichole C: I love the Revlon volumizer brush. I do use it on my wet hair, after a microfiber towel, tool on the “low” setting.

Lauren Nail: I also tried Oribe Gold Lust shampoo/conditioner and it broke my scalp out so bad. I use prescription strength ketaconazole shampoo now (2%) but it's very drying to my hair even though I use it only on my scalp. I might try Nizoral if it's not as harsh--I hope you can comment and let me know what you think.

Cydney Strickland: Comment & a question. Comment: I completely agree about Oribe gold lust shampoo/conditioner. Tossed my minis of both. Drying to the max. Question: what do you think of the Olaplex line of products, and also the products that purport to remove the “sebum” (testosterone) that supposedly causes hair loss. Thank you for being the best.

Kelly M: I like the Oribe for brilliance and shine. I didn’t think the gold lust was anything great either. Love the Gisou hair oil, I use it almost everyday. Good stuff!!

Mary Lawman: I'm always interested in hair care. I love switching up shampoo and conditioner and frequently buy travel sizes just so I can try different products. Tfs products you have enjoyed. Happy Tuesday, Dr Dray! Hope you have a tranquil evening.

C.G.: Tried Oribe and it is good but too over scented. I use bar soap shampoo that was about 12 dollars lol. Works great. rosemary oil on roots and a massage. scalp scrub once a month and I am good to go.

Linda Brown, Realtor Santa Barbara: Dr. Dray, I had heart surgery and my hair fell out in handfulls. My hair stylist urged me to buy the Caruso steam curlers. I also bought the hair dryer called ZUVI HALO dryer .OMG this is a game changer dries with light waves and my hair never frizzes anymore. These 2 things along with IRestore every other day has restored my hair to normal. Please tell everyone about these 3 healthy ways to restore loss of hair. I appreciate you endorsing I restore. It works!

Zivile Mat.: i'm curious to try that Oribe, but i'm not gonna spend my coin on that. it's outrageous :D :D

Leyla Macias: I use Oribe curl shaping and Grandiose hair plumping mousse for my naturally curly hair...They work great! They leave my hair shiny without crunch or stickiness & less frizzy & they're adaptable with my other hair products I apply like a curl activator &'re right though they are pricey...I usually purchase mine from EBay...Thank you for your videos they're really helpful!

Momo Parent: Oribe products are great for bleached colour treated hair and makes my long hair feel silky soft. Thanks for your reviews!

Manoji Pereira: For anti dandruff shampoos, can you review Vichy Dercos, Ducray, or the new Neutrogena ones? Thanks!

Ana Butyrski: I would love to hear your opinion on the Dyson hair tools. If they’re actually easier on your hair than other products.

Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu: My favorite hair oil scent is the Paul Mitchell Skinny Relaxing Serum. The scent is so incredibly enjoyable. It weirdly puts me in a better mood

ali: Question: should benzoyl peroxide be used as an area treatment before moisturizer or as a spot treatment after moisturizer?

JAYE R: I love the Oribe Gold Lust line. I love the fragrance. I love, love, love their Moisture & Control hair treatment masque and the new wavy/curly gel and mousse have moisture and oil ingredients but are not heavy on fine hair like mine. I do buy the travel sizes and combo travel kits and use them when I want to indulge. I think scent is a very individual thing. I hate most synthetic scents. I think quality ingredients (think pricey essential oils) play a role also. I need to replace my Aveda Dry Remedy oil and my Innersense one. I love both. May have to buy that travel size!! I recommend the Oribe signature line if you wash often or don't need the extra moisture colored and dry hair requires. I love my Tangle Teezer | The Scalp Exfoliator & Massager for my tender scalp.

Ariel Smith: I’m going to check out the shampoo tool and shampoo, thank you for the recommendations. I would love to see a video of Loma’s Nourishing shampoo and their nourishing treatment oil. The shampoo has the most luxurious rich lather I’ve found in a shampoo and hasn’t compared to anything for my itchy sensitive scalp. I just love the Nourishing oil for wet or dry hair. It feels like a spa day for your hair! I have fine medium length hair. Funny thing is the Loma Nourishing shampoo is for dry thirsty hair but I lean oily and it’s the best shampoo I’ve experienced.

Kathryn Louise Berman: I've enjoyed using the scalp scrubber since you first mentioned it. I'd be interested in your insight in haircare cleansing using Rhassoul clay for coarser hair types. Merry Christmas.

Nick B.: The Oribe gold lust line smells so amazing. The nourishing hair oil is my favorite out of the line.

Milagros DeJesus: I agree with the use of the Revlon brush, I have color treated hair and use it to style and volume my hair. I love it.

Carol J: My husband gave me Wet brush BREAK FREE STRAIGHTEN & STYLE for Christmas and I really love it. I know brushing wet hair is a no no but this brush is amazing. Smooth sailing when I dried my hair. I've never talked about a hairbrush before but I'm very impressed.

Caleb Holton: I’m a fan of Oribe products, but I also lighten my hair. When I leave my hair natural I find the benefits underwhelming

Venus: All my favorite hair care products I've actually gotten from you so I'm excited for this

Sarah O’Hara: Can the nizoral help with hair loss? I just switched from OC to Mirena and I’m afraid I might get androgenic alopecia (a reported side effect). My stylist recommended rosemary oil diluted in coconut oil scalp massage 2x a week before washing. Thoughts on combining these as preventative measures?

Maritsa Darmandzhyan: I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about porosity of hair. Having low porosity my hair does not like protein rich shampoos and conditioners. Ever since switching to oil rich products my hair has been great

Danièle Gagnon: Happy Tuesday! Currently I have the L'Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Hyaluron Plump Acide shampoo and conditioner. I love it! I have very thick and long hair and I feel like it's less heavy and the blond mixed with white gives a beautiful result! I change shampoos often but this is the third time I've bought it! This shampoo really makes a difference for me!

Jennie Loh: Nizoral Shampoo is super effective for dandruff. It works very well for my family and relative. However, is not meant to use for long term. Once dandruff is completely gone, you have to use a shampoo that suits your hair

amandamlipinski: I loved the Oribe oil initially – made my hair feel great and smalled great. But after some months found that it was trying my hair out over time and discontinued usage.

drpeggyhudson: The only thing I use from Oribe is the Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil & the Dry Texturizing Spray. I really like both of them. However, the bottle for the oil is so cheap. Wish they would improve the bottle & pump.

FrancescaB: I will have to try the Nizoral shampoo. My hairdresser recommended Schwarzkopf Scalp Clinix to me after I caught COVID in October when my regular Head and Shoulders shampoo couldn't control the scalp buildup and I experienced some hair loss after. I like their pre-shampoo scrub which has beads like a mild exfoliant and really helps get any build up off.

Estefanía Arista: "This one from Amazon I love because the bristles are not sinister" Dr. Dray always makes me laugh

Patti Anderson II: I love the Revlon Volumizer Blow Dry tool! ️ Its only effective on my very thick long hair after 50-75% air drying tho but it is fantastic! Best 40$ hair tool out there for especially long or thick hair! Vavava VOOM P.S. I use it on high heat and just make sure it keeps moving.. using with Chi Iron Guard Heat Protectant.

fifi msp: Oh my god. I restored my damaged hair with Oribe Gold Lust. I love their products. I love their hair serum and the hair mask.

jjj cc: My discovery of hair care in 2022 is a boxwood comb brush and camellia oil. A boxwood brush cared with camellia oil leaves my hair less static and more beautiful. (Oil is for the brush care, rather than the hair) I recommend this for those with long, straight hair.

J folan: I am so glad that I kept up my cosmetology license. It sure helps me get these products at a discount

Just Me: I used the prescription strength Nizoral twice a week for two weeks and I got such an itchy scalp! It gave me a headache too. I waited a few weeks and used the OTC Nizoral once and I got a headache instantly. I suppose I am allergic to it. Bummer!

Barb Matias: This year, I discovered the Opalex No. 7 Bond Oil for my ends. It’s my new fave!

Gargi Singh: The shampoo brush does not work for my fine hair. It causes a lot more breakage in the shower than I normally get when I don’t use the brush. I have tried giving it a break and picking it up several times and it’s the same result every time. :(

ej1692: Dr. Dray, I've heard Nizoral and ketokonazal shampoos have shown to be effective against stopping DHT in the scalp. Is that true?

Ingrid: I always scrub the nape of my neck, hairline and around my ears when I shampoo plus use a wash cloth around and in my ears. Rinse well. I wear glasses and when I clean them daily I also wash the parts that touch my ears. This has helped with the skin irritation I get sometimes.

Natasha Leech: My sister was struggling with her scalp and bought one of the shampoo scrubbers and when I borrowed hers I loved it. I use it whenever i shampoo or want a little head massage! My best hair care tip is to oil my scalp and ends and leave for around 20 minutes before washing my hair. I do that whilst I am doing a clay mask for my skin and it's a lovely part of my self care weekly routine x

JAYE R: I recently upgraded my tools to the Revlon Style, Curl, Volumize Hot Air Kit and the Heated (flat) Brush for straight styling. While I'm wavy, some top hairs won't curl anymore from age, coloring and mild highlighting. So, the look is inconsistent and I need help for a decent outcome. My stylist said she wouldn't recommend these brush dryers to consumers unless you know what you're doing. Certainly not on really wet hair. The wattage is lower than blow dryers 1000-1200W vs 1500-1800W. But... your hair is in much closer contact than when using a blow dryer and it will take longer to dry wet hair. Sooo... more damage to hair overall. Use on low heat settings for drying damp hair or restyling dry hair. They definitely help those with round brush styling challenges as well as curling irons though.

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