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  • Posted on 20 March, 2014
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Here's another timed tutorial with more quick and easy hairstyles for medium or long hair. This is a ponytail edition, featuring 3 cute ponytails that you can do in 1 minute. The first is a playful perky high ponytail that is perfect for summer. The second is a sophisticated low ponytail that you can wear for work or an interview. The third is a twisted ponytail that is great for nearly all occasions. Since these everyday hairstyles are simple and quick to do, they're the perfect hairstyles when you're running late!

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Hello, everyone new to your positive feedback. In my 30 seconds, hairstyles video I've decided to continue the theory today, I'm going to show you three easy ponytails that can be done in under one minute. I'M going to tie myself. So, let's count along the first hairstyle is super simple and all you're going to need is a big claw clip I'm going to start the timer right now, you're going to brush your crown area back and gather all of your hair up then put a few fingers On top and twist, your hair a few times place it at the top and use the clock clip to secure your hair right in the middle. Now the trick use to tyreq your hair over the clock, clip so spread out like a waterfall. If you hair flops to the side, because it's heavy and thick, but you can use two Clips and place them on each side of your twist or in a vertical line. All of that you take around 30 seconds and you have yourself a high and perky ponytail feel free to add a headband to make a cuter and you're done. The second hairstyle is a low, sophisticated ponytail you're, going to divide out two small sections of hair and bring it to the front secure the middle section into a low ponytail at the base grab the front section on one side and twist it back bringing it over To ponytail and pinning it down do the same for the other front section. My tip here is to make sure that your twist is not too thick, so you can easily keep it in place with just one bobby pin. Another tip is to push your pin in an upward angle, so grip some hair in a low ponytail and keep everything together. That should take you less than one minute to make this more appropriate for special events. You can curl your hair and add a hair accessory in the back and you're good to go. The left ponytail is for those that you like to wear it to the side you're going to start by vertically grabbing a small section of hair on one side split. This into two and twist them around each other once then add some hair to the bottom section before placing it over the top section. Continue this as you go along and you don't have to be neat, you just need to make sure that you're consistently adding hair to the bottom section when your twist has reached to the other side, you're going to hold that section in one hand, use your other Hand to twist your front hair back and join everything together into a low side. Ponytail secure this with a hair tie and you're done that took 52 seconds. If you have a few more seconds to spare, you can give your hair some volume by loosening up the twist on the side. Afterward, you can add a cute hair bow. This is a pretty twisted side, ponytail that you can wear to school or for everyday occasion. I hope you enjoyed this video and I'm going to give out these adorable Hello, Kitty hair clips for you to use if you try out any of my hairstyles for a chance to win, follow the rules in the description box. Thank you. So much for watching have a wonderful week and I shall see you soon. Dong

Jessica Aguilar: I LOVED the first one!!! Simple, quick, and gorgeous! Great for me when I'm in a rush to catch the bus to school!

Do It With Me: I love the 2nd hairstyle the most! Simple yet nice and it's also easy to do :)

Vanessa Lara: I love the last hairstyle! It's really cute and super easy and fast to do. :)

Jocelyne Resendiz: I love the first one! It's so pretty and quick for on the go. love it!!! ❤️

Caroline Ck: My favorite ponytail are the 1st one and I also love the 3rd one ! I love your quick & easy hairstyles :)  Thanks for this giveaway ! ^^

jennicare: The side ponytail is my favorite since I always do this at school when I want my hair up but don't want it to be plain. It is just cuter than the average ponytail :)

Hannah Finto: The 2nd hairstyle is definitely my favorite, simple and chic! :)

Kyra How: Loved the first ponytail, really suited you well!i tried it out earlier today and i must of had atleast 10 people tell me its super cute=3 thank you for showing me it:)

Annaix: Always love your tutorials, they're super easy and cute :)

beautifulcreations19: I absolutely adored the second one! It looked complicated at first but it really isn't! :D I love it! :)

ohhiitsaiden: To love the first hairstyle! So simple and cute :)

nikkitarose97: Personally, I loved all of them, but the second one was my favourite. It's quick, easy, sophisticated and looks cute and effortless for any occasion ^_^

Jerlyn Tan: I love the side ponytail! :D It's so nice and simple yet giving the demure look..

soyeon: Love the first n third hairstyle! The third one is really special! Love all your creative hairstyles~

skeletorpfunk09: i loved the third one, i love side ponytails, especially ones that wouldn't have my shorter layers falling out!! the twist would keep them in place nicely :)

Sayma Poushi: Can you do some easy party buns? =( would be greatly helpful ^^ You're such a packet of sweetness xoxo

Hannah Tsang: I love the second ponytail! Super elegant and glamorous <3

Princess7381: So cute! Although all three are simple yet cute, I love the second hairstyle the most, the low sophisticated one. I like how it can be both an elegant and an everyday hairstyle. :)

Nicole Garcia: I love the third one! It looks so elegant.

张芯怡: My favorite hairstyle was the low sophisticated ponytail but i love the whole concept in general! Now I can continue waking up late but still do my hair in a minute haha

seatbeltbunnyc: I really like your first one, can't wait to grow out my hair like yours ! And the second one, I'm going to wear to uni next week! Thank you for making these videos, I don't have any older sisters or anyone to give me advice, so your tutorials are always super helpful and inspiring :)

katty123567890: I like the 1st and 2nd hairstyle. Thanks for showing us new ways to style our hair :)

leonaverse: I loved all three hair styles. All so cute and simple my favourite would probably be the last one!

priyamohnot: Loved how fluently you did all these, tried 2nd & 3rd, went wonderful. Thanks

Kate Muret: I loved your video! I have done all three of the hairstyles many times thanks to your video and they look so cute!

aznkalixoxo: The last ponytail was my favourite!! Very cute, yet elegant looking. c: 

Nad: Super simple and pretty! :D I love it!

Jo713n: I loved the third one … it looks so sophisticated :)

Misaki Ayuzawa: Thank you so much!! Now I can look fabulous even while running late xD

Hannah Moksan: I love the first one cause it's so simple but still amazing :D

Kassandra Dominguez: My favorite one is the first pony tail. It looks cute, it's simple and I can wear it to soccer practice :)

awkwardpandasmile: I love the third hairstyle. Definitely trying it out.

Emily Zhu: My favorite hairstyle was the last one, I can wear it to school. Finally! A hairstyle I can wear to school!!!

Wertyanime135: My favourite is the First one!! ^^ I love how much volume it adds to a plain ponytail~

missYummyGumGum: hi thua! :-) I know I'm going to be enjoying these mini series very much I'm always on the go and I need something quick and easy like your awesome hairstyle tutorial my favorite ponytail was the third one because it looks like a braid but its just using two pieces of hair instead. I have followed all the rules and I hope I have good luck to be chosen as a winner. Bye..

MegsyMarie: Ahh, I really needed this video!  I don't have a lot of time for my hair in the morning, and I was getting pretty sick of the same boring ponytail everyday xp You're so clever, haha <3

Susan: I love all of them thanks so much!

Raven Queen: I loved the 2nd Hairstyle! I'm trying this on my recognition day :)

lovelyxmai: I love the third ponytail. I'm going to try it tomorrow :D

iScribblee: I loved the last hairstyle it looks super cute!

Lily Funderburk: Thank you so much! These were beautiful hairstyles! I love love love your hair!!

Ahmed Farhoune: i did the 2nd one, it was amazing! i added a turquoise bow on and i loved it!!! (by the way im using my dads account!)

shellmirza: I loved the last one! It's sweet and classy (:

Trina N.: My favorite was the low sophisticated ponytail. Since I barely have time or my hair in the morning, and my hair is very hard to manage, it's usually in a plain low ponytail. I like this low ponytail in in the video :D it adds a nice little twist to it. I will surely wear it to school

Jess A: I love the second one! I start working tomorrow again so I am going to try it out!

Jackie Montry: My favorite one is the first one (: love the little waterfall look.

Al77ice: I loved loved loved the first one because it is so simple and easy to do:))) thanks^^

Munsa Manandhar: My favorite was the side swept twisted ponytail!!

wheatcracker45: I love the twisted side pony tail!

Reina: your hair is sooo pretty and long!! thanks for these cute styles! ;D 

Lisa L: My favorite was the 3rd one! The side ponytail is really cute *-*

heyitsmayraa: The third one was the cutest!! Definitely gonna try it out :)

Nicole Cox: These are cute and simple and not something stupid. Finally. Thank you! I have to have my hair in a ponytail for work and I get bored of just a regular ponytail

Ashley Alagos: My favorite hairstyle in this vid is the 2nd hairstyle because it is very cute and simple :D

Sonya Sharma: The side ponytail was my favorite!:) 

Yanniie Mee: Planning to dye my hair to this color following your tutorial this week! I hope it turns out the same color as you since I bought the same exact items you used.

calforga: I really like the first hairstyle since my hair is so long and Nevada get super hot throughout the day. Thank you for this! Love you.

Bryana Rubio: The third one was the best!:D I love how it came out!^-^

sakuraxls2: Do you think you can make more hairstye tutorials on medium length hairs? All your hairstyles are just so cute <3333

TheLettuceWedge: My favorite ponytail has got to be the 1st one, just because its very voluminous and adorable :D

Rhynae: Cute hairstyles! My favorite is definitely the 2nd one!! =)

x3Thuha: Need a quick hairstyle on the go? If you only have 1 minute to spare, then this tutorial is perfect for you! :) Here's 3 easy ponytails that can be done in 1 minute! They're great for school, work, and everyday occasion. If you enjoyed this tutorial, don't forget to like/comment/favorite/share it to show your support! That would mean a lot to me :'D Feel free to leave your next request in the comments as well. I love reading and responding to them! Thank you! <3

Joana Marie: I want the side twist one ♥

Victoria Hernandez: Needed something for my long hair in the last minute and then I watched the video and I was saved!!!! Thank u so much!! :) ;)

Rachael Hasan: I like the second one. That was really cute. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

Puja Chhetri: The last one was really good I usually do that hairstyle tho I love it too. I've been watching ur videos and they are really good. Thank u for sharing them xx

Zamantha Valdehueza: Aww, so cute! I loved the 1st ponytail! Adorable.

Angela Zhang: I liked the side ponytail because I'm one of those girls who wear it to the side! It's also very easy and cute!

Jennifer G: I personally love the side ponytail (: 

ktinax101: I liked the side pony tail! Your bow was adorable :)

Maybe Miss Haley: My favorite was the first one. I absolutely love thick ponys

Annamarienguyen97: I really love the second one!!

Sandrine Robinson: My favorite is the side pony. I love wearing my hair to the side. And that was a cute way of wearing it.

Brenda Trejo: loved the first one (: i always have my hair in a boring ponytail but it was quick and easy so Ill be able to do this everyday ! Okay nor everyday but mostly (: lol

Amy Lehane: I really love ur hairstyles! So unique!! Love to see ur next ones

Trinity Tran: My favorite was the last side ponytail! :-) 

comecomecommala: I like the third one! I'll try it really soon!

Celina Barajas: I'm going to try the side ponytail after I did it it was so cute I love it ❤

periwinklestwinkle1: I really liked the 2nd hairstyle!(: thanks for the giveaway<3

Andrea Lopez: Awesome tutorial!

Jane: I love the first one! Its so easy haha

CookieWuver: I love the second one but all of them are really good! <3 ^.^

Skyline Music: My favourite is the first one with the claw clip. Love those things.

Ksenia Gold: Oh my God! These hairstyles are just super! I have all three hairstyles I liked, I will do these hairstyles to school! Thank you very much!

ShShShDoDoDo: my favourite is the first one, it's so fun!

AnNN: Yay ponytail tutorial! My everyday hairstyle

kaytekat11: I love the first hairstyle!! I am actually did it today.

Alexa V: I adored everyone of these ponytails and love the fact they r all under a minute, my fav pony tail is the last one, the side one it like this one because it's good to use everyday, easy to do and cute which is always a plus thanks for posting and keep with these vids lots of girls enjoy and could use cute hairstyles that don't take up all our time.

angelawlz: My favorite is the low sophistication ponytail. I like the clip you used for it!

Little Rabbit: Thanks! Really great stuff, also, LOVE your bangs!! =3

iZZiRae: So cute!!! I think the second hairstyle is my favorite

Vivian Chou: I like the first one, simple and pretty (: 

Aye Lwin: I'm in love with the 3rd! My hair is long and i can never seem to get any idea's for hair. Thanks!!

Vickie Huang: more prom hair tutorials please! ^.^

Kimberly B.: I like the last one because it looks so cute and summery:)

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may bear: The low sophisticated ponytail is my favorite :) <3

Michy Tan: Mine is the third look! It looks very unique and feminine!! :)

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