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  • Posted on 04 January, 2023
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All right y'all, so today, I'm doing my clients hair. Her name is makeda now she's only in high school, but we're gon na slay her today and we're gon na talk about how you feel about girls in high school wearing wigs. Is it kind of unorthodox or is it normal? Is it just a new day, let's get into it, hey Galaxy girls. What is going on Welcome to the Galaxy girl Loft? It'S your girl, easy breezy. Now, today, RPG sent us a 24 inch Yaki straight wig. Now this is a really full wig and they say it's only 150 density, but it feels like a 200 to me, probably just because of the texture. I love that Yaki straight texture and this wig is also a 13 by 6 lace, meaning it goes back. Six inches, so your parts can be a little bit longer and your Styles can look a little bit more natural. Now, if you're investing in a wig, I do suggest that you go for a 13 by 6 wig rather than a 13 by four. Now the 13x4s do tend to be a little bit cheaper, but for the Long Haul I feel like a 13 by 6, will last you and be a little bit more adorable, because every time you take the wig off and and wash it and reinstall it. You end up cutting a little bit of lace off every single time, like half an inch to an inch worth of lace either, because you know the hairline May shed a little bit or you want to re-cut the hairline to form fit your your hairline um. Every time you reinstall it, you cut a little bit of lace off, you know so getting the 13 by 6 will give you a little bit more lace to play with and a little bit more a leeway. Alright. So one more piece of information about the wig before we get into our shop talk. This wig has an HD lace. Now I get a lot of wigs and these laces are not the same. Okay, sometimes they're softer, sometimes they're harder, sometimes they're lighter darker, and this one is an HD lace. So it's actually a higher quality lace. So, as you can see before, I actually cut the lace off like toward the middle of the video you'll, see that the lace still does need to be tinted it, but it's not like super white. You know. Sometimes I get wigs where the lace is like super duper white, but the HD laces are a little bit more thinner and look a lot more natural all right. So I'm gon na introduce y'all to my model. Makeda now makeda is from Jamaica and she moved to America within the last couple years and she is so sweet you guys and so appreciative and every time she comes and gets her hair done. She just expresses how much she's just happy about her hair, and you know how appreciative she is, and I just love having her around and her mom is just the same energy like super funny entertaining like I just love having them around. So you know makeda is in high school. I believe she just passed 11th grade and about to go on her 12th grade year, because the last time I did her hair, we were getting her ready for her homecoming. So I wanted to talk about how y'all feel about girls in high school that get wigs and I'm not just talking about you know the sew-ins. You know leaving some of your hair out, but actually the full wigs with none of your hair. Out now, when I was in 12th grade, okay, when I was getting ready for prom, I was so excited. I'M like okay. I got my little 22 inch Milky Way and I did my sew in and y'all I was always trying to get my hair healthy, so I was cutting it permanent trying to go natural again, like my hair, was going through a whole bunch of different phases. So, by the time I was in 12th grade, you know, like my leave out, was like five, what four inches long and my weave would be like 22 inches, but I was so excited to do my own sew-ins and my own quick weaves y'all like I could Not contain myself, but the first time I ever wore weave in school. I was in seventh grade and my mom used to do my big sister's hair with like this Remy hair that they used to have a long time ago at the beauty supply store. But it was like top shelf Remy, okay like if you had that brand of Remy, then you was popping and when my sister would take her her sew-ins out, my mom would give me you know the hand-me-down hair and y'all listen. I had no problem with that. Okay, give me all that hammy down here, oh okay period, so she was sewed in my hair and but it wasn't like a full sew-in. It was like half of it, so half of my hair would be out in you know, flat ironed and stuff, and half of it will be tracks so yeah like in seventh grade. I thought I was the I'm just like listen. My hair is long. All I wanted was long hair at the end of the day, and I remember one time this girl was like she was touching my hair. She was running her fingers too, and she was like girl. She was like that's yours. I was like No And she was like, oh and she was so amazed like she never seen extensions before. So that's the first time I realized you know: we've in middle school was like a hot commodity, and also I remember one time in sixth grade like the year before I was in line behind this girl and her hair was just really really long like I just Loved it, but it wasn't like oh D long. You know it was like a little bit past her shoulders, but it had some nice length to it, and I remember I was looking at it and that's the first time I ever speculated that someone had extensions and I tapped her on her shoulder and I was Like are those extensions and she was like yeah, but she was like shh, don't tell nobody, and I was like, oh my God, so yes like having weave or extensions or even just pieces of weave glued in your hair. It was like a secret. You know like you did not want people to know that it wasn't your real hair and if people found out then you could be. You know like made fun of so it's like times have really changed at first. It'S like you, don't want anyone to know that. It'S not your real hair and now girls are wearing full lace. Wigs to school. Like it's crazy now. One thing I will say is: even when I was in high school and I graduated 2011 Right, girls were always finding ways to enhance themselves, but the thing back then, was dyeing your real hair or getting sew-ins right, but I do feel like if girls actually knew How to install wigs, we would have been having wigs on like straight up, especially when girls wanted to try a color. So I just feel, like I mean, as the hair industry developed and changed and stuff like that, and girls were finding out how to do new techniques and stuff, like that, you know they just did whatever they could. You know so if we knew how to do wigs back, then I feel, like probably we would have been wearing wigs too. So this I can't really talk now. I just remembered I did used to wear a type of wig in high school and if y'all know what I'm talking about, then y'all are definitely wig. Oh geez, but these were the half. Wigs quote: unquote that you used to get from the beauty supply store and they weren't like full wigs. They didn't cover your hairline, but they didn't have like lace on it either. But you were supposed to put it right behind your hairline and leave some of your natural hair out on the perimeter, so it can like blend in with the wig, and when I was in high school, I used to buy two curly wigs and I remember they Were like 20 a piece so my hairstyles were like Faithfully forty dollars every time I got my hair done or did my hair, I should say - and I would sew them together, so the wigs looked really really big and I wore my hair like that. Like almost the entire senior year of high school, so that was like my look me and my homegirl like she used to always get the ones with the blonde highlights, and I used to always get the black one. So we were like Kelly and Beyonce in high school, but yeah, I remember the half wig. So if y'all remember those half wigs comment down below but yeah, those were definitely like a whole error. All right, you guys, so we are almost done with this hairstyle, but you already know we got ta tint this lace, okay, because it's looking good but as you can see it, ain't perfect, okay, and so this is the dark brown lace, tint foam from and When I tell you guys, this is mine and y'all's favorite product on the entire website like these are the number one selling product on the entire website and listen. Everyone needs their lace, tint phone, because it really does capture the essence of an undertone right like before. When I used to use makeup like it works for some people, but it seems like the darker: the complexion gets the more ashy. The lace may look when you use makeup, but the lace, tint Foams really get a nice undertone. They are such a rich color and y'all, I'm just I'm loving it already and when it dries, then it's gon na blend even better. Now, normally, of course, I would have all my clients under a dryer, but first my boyfriend dropped it then I dropped it and when I dropped it it shattered. So I have to get a new dryer, but until then I can use my blow dryer and that can um also show you guys what you can use at home. If you don't have like a you know, a mobile, dryer and you're, not all fancy and stuff. Like that, so yes just get the black wraps and use your blow dryer and as long as you make sure it's fully dry and keep patting the lace. So you know you can make sure it's still stuck to the glue. Then you'll be fine. But yes, oh baby, baby, baby yeah, this lace is melted. Okay. I know why I'm this happy right now, but I love this product. Y'All - and I don't know if you know the story of how I met makeda, but I met her in a grocery store randomly at like 11 o'clock at night, and I guess you know she was on her shift or whatever, and I never had. You know a girl to model my dark brown lace, tint Foams, I've always used my light brown and my medium brown, but I'm just like you know what I need to use this dark brown phone, because girls need to know. You know how it works. So I saw her and I was like oh my gosh, I'm like you're, so pretty I'm like you know, do you wear wigs and she was like? Oh no, but you know we ended up working it out and I spoke to her mom and we set the appointment, and I mean our first video together went viral like viral viral, like almost at 4 million type of viral, so yeah we killed that and she Is an amazing model for the dark brown lay instant foam. So if y'all want y'all lace to melt the way, makatas melts go ahead and head to the website. Alright. So let's talk about this texture right now. This is yaki straight. I am in love with this texture just as a whole because it still gives straight hair, but it's voluminous and really big right because of the texture itself. So I mean I've seen other types of Yaki straight texture. Some of them are straighter than others um, but I like the ones that look like this, because I, like the volume you know, if you're not going to get silky straight hair, you want something that actually like makes a whole different statement. So this definitely gives that and because she's about to go on vacation, I feel like this is going to be a whole lot easier for her to maintain than regular straight hair, because when you have a straight wig and you're going to the beach, you know it's Just gon na look like wet and just like limp a little bit and straight hair doesn't have a curl. So it kind of just looks like blah. You know, and you're gon na have to keep a blow dryer and a flat iron with you at all times, but with this hair, all you need is a paddle brush and a blow dryer at most okay, because the blow dryer gets it straight enough to look Like this now, I did hit it with the flat iron a little bit, but I didn't have to go through it. You know I didn't have to do it row by row. It took me like five minutes to flat iron. So yes, so let me know what you guys feel about the shop talk: how old were you when you started wearing wigs and weave and stuff like that, and what you feel about these new modern girls wearing full lace, wigs to school? Okay, now once again, thank you so much RPG for sponsoring this video with this Yaki straight wig. If you guys want this exact unit, I'm gon na put all the information in the description below okay. If you're not subscribed to my channel already make sure you go ahead and do that turn on your notifications and I'll see y'all later, thank you.

Easy Breezie: Lace Tint Foams are available NOW on and will ship in January!

BrwnskinnBaddie: I don't think there's anything wrong with it. But they should definitely make sure to take care of their real hair. I wore sew ins in high school.

S E: I wish women and girls would have the confidence to wear their own hair. I didnt know anyone who even wore a weave in hs. The most we did were braid extensions and I even knew a few girls whose mom pressed their hair or braided it into styles. The obsession with long hair is crazy and funny cuz you start hating it when it gets to a certain length. It just becomes annoying lol

Moneesha Trae Heal: If you a 90s baby we were definitely rocking draw string pony tails ,sew ins , and glue ins back in those days wigs were just for grandmas lol , I think it’s just the times . High school is ok , middle school idk for lace fronts. They growing up too fast but once they get to adulthood they will see how ghetto it is . You slayed this install awesome job!

Fidelis' World: Half wigs was definitely a go to for a quick look!

Debbie: it’s just hair ❤️❤️ i pray black people are released from the shackles of thinking black girls getting their hair done is grown

It's Katosha: I started wearing weaves my senior year in high school. Love the kinky hair texture, aside from faux locs and kinky curly that’s all I wear.

Jackie Davis: Think it's great way protect there own Hair !! And give them options as well !! Beautiful job, and age appropriate .

LookAtYou: As long as they aren't doing it out of insecurities surrounding their own hair then I don't see a problem once in a while.

Linda DeeDee Harvey: HNY Beautiful! She’s absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and I’m 65 and have np with young girls wearing wigs, units and extensions! I wish I knew about it when I was in high school! My question is what kind on lace melt is best for me! I tried medium brown mousse from Amazon and it was looked like the color of rust and was terrible! I believe my complexion is her color I think! I also went to the website and I’m waiting for a response! Ty so much!

LovingMe1st: The one thing I don't like about wigs is that the edge's look the same on everyone.

TikaRoxanne: This is beautiful I think 16 and up is cool. Times have changed and it’s a thing now ‍♀️

Taylor Hattley: I wore wigs in high school about 7 years ago in my senior year.

lala Armi: Yea, I only liked lace wigs cus my edges were gone. Nonetheless, you always do hair good, u so talented ✨️ ⚘️

Tanya Bazile: I was in high school 7 years ago, and they def were rocking the installs back then too lol. Not new

Tenisha Stair Praise God: Like the kinky straight texture!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

♡Antonio♡: Yeah a lot of girls I see in my school wear wigs.

Mya523: I use to wear regular bundles in high school so I don’t see the difference.

FeFe TV: My daughter wore wigs in high school that was 3 years ago

My Beautiful & Unique Life: The young lady's hair in the thumbnail is gorgeous

s.m.equestrian. art: Beautiful!!!

Aeija Blu: I wanna see all of your hairstyle pics from high school lol

PreciousJobel: When I use lace ring foam my clients wig be lifting up.

Adrienne Davis: Flawless

Leslie Kennedy: Yes I remember those have wigs

FeFe TV: Nice it not grown

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