*Full Length 30Min* Haircut Tutorial: Mid Fade High Top

  • Posted on 07 June, 2021
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Hey daisy, all right youtube, so before you start cutting what you want to do is pick the hair out or lay the hair down whatever it is that you have to do to get the hair positioned in that laid down area or if he has an afro. Like this pick it out alright, how you start is how you finish so make sure you start off neat all right, you guys so starting off with the first guideline, i'm gon na use my babylon skeleton fx and i'm gon na set in my bald line, and I'M gon na go up midway and drop it in the back a little bit um. Now when it comes to students, beginners, listen, you don't have to use the liners all right. I like using the liners because it really gets uh the bald area, nice and neat, but if you're a beginner, you can use the lever close on whatever clipper you have and just go up and make that same ball line now. Will it get it as crisp? Not necessarily especially if you're starting out, but it could get the job done, so i'm just gon na set this ball line in the back same things that i do on the other side, i'm gon na do exact same thing. On the other side, i'm gon na double check make sure i went up high enough and then i'm gon na take out the rest of the bulk on the bottom half, so so so, depending on how hot it is in the shop. Sometimes the hair likes to stick on the skin, so what i'm going to do is just brush the hair down or like if the hair is greasy, it likes to stick as well, so make sure you either wash the hair before you cut it or just dust. The hair off with either your brush or your neck duster now using my wall, cordless seniors with the lever open, i'm going up about an inch and i'm going to keep that consistent. All the way around going over the guideline multiple times, uh to get it at that lever, open length now um a lot of you guys, um. When you cut hair, you don't commit to the guidelines. I challenge everybody to commit to the guidelines set your bald line lower. That way you can have enough space to set your blends um go over the guideline multiple times. As you see right here, i'm going in a you know, one two, three four five motion. You know one two three over and over uh that guideline, so it's at that length and even when i go around i'll still come back. You know going over that guideline just so. I can make sure it's at that length so now putting on the one guard with the lever open, i'm doing the same thing, but this time i'm kind of scooping out um. I don't want to dig into the afro uh. I just want to kind of uh. You know scoop out and go upward with it, but i'm still setting a guideline going over it multiple times. So it's at that one open length. So when you're working on the occipital bone in the back of the head um, you don't want to dig in going upward inward. You want to go outward and you want to look from the side to make sure you get in that shape that you want, because if you go straight up with it, it's going to look it's kind of going to look awkward, you're not going to be able To keep that shape that you want so make sure you pay attention to what you're doing and build shape as you go along so right now i'm gon na freehand, the top. I got my lever fully closed and i'm pressing the blade up against my client's head and just coasting the clipper upwards building that shape so after you're done building the shape you still want to comb and brush down that area near the parietal ridge. So the reason why you're doing this is you're going to take away that line slowly, but surely so don't worry about you know, making that line i'll tell you how to get it out. You just have to make sure that the blend is neat, so you got ta, lay those hairs down so also comb right at the part and bring those hairs down that way. You get uh those long hairs to lay over and you're just gon na. Take it down with a one guard so, like i said putting on the one guard with the lever open, i'm going with the grain knocking off all those hairs. That'S sticking out what you're doing is smoothing out uh the side, making sure that you know the top blends in with the bottom half so now, keeping that one guard with the lever open. I'M gon na go upward now, just making sure everything is at that lever. Open length now closing the lever on that one guard in a flick out motion flick out that middle line. Now this is not going to take out the middle line. This is just going to soften it up, so you come so you could come behind it with the next step, so i'm just going over it multiple times making sure i lay the hair back down as i go, i'm not really rushing this process, making sure that You know i really go halfway. Um, you know how you set the the one guard open about a half inch. You really want to go halfway of that with this one guard closed so now putting on the zero guard closed, flick out that middle line. Remember. To start below the line flick to the line remember to brush the hair down, as you go all right, that's so important, as well as using your corners to kind of you know, take off a little bit at a time. You don't want to rush this process. This probably is like this and the lever guard lever. Close is the longest process uh of blending out, because you know you got to be real. Patient got to be real, tedious and uh. You know you got to go over it multiple times. So take your time. Use your corners, so so now what i'm going to do is i'm going to set the lever halfway and i'm just going to flick at this bottom line. Basically, just softening it up, i'm going to go half of what i did when i set in the lever open and uh, i'm just gon na soften this line up that way, it's easier to come behind it with the next step. Now, with the lever fully closed in a flick out, motion flick out that bottom line remember to start below the line flick to the line um, you could use the full blade on this one, but i still recommend that you use your corners throughout this process, especially If you're just starting out you're new, you don't really you don't have that much experience just start off, uh inching it by using your corners so now! Next, what you want to do is detail your work. All right! That'S the most important part of the blend is using your corners to get out those bulk areas. What i like to do is i like to rest my eyes, i like to you know, take a break for a minute, not too long like about 30 seconds. Look at something else: real quick, come back and basically have a new fresh set of eyes and do some corner work. Also, you can use your your mirror. Uh use the camera. Whatever you got to do, you can whip off your phone and and it'll show you different uh things in the blend that you need to work out. Also memorize your steps. That'S most important. That way, you could just look at a blend and know and grab a guard uh where you set your your guidelines and whatnot. So make sure you, you know memorize those steps and just corner work in detail. So after i finished refining the sides, i'm gon na shape the the front, i'm basically gon na turn the clipper sideways and just run it right alongside of the lineup. So when it comes to lining somebody up when i'm filming, i start in the middle to give myself a shorter distance, i don't want to go from corner all the way to the other corner, that's bound to have a you're bound to basically have a cricket line. So make sure that you start in the middle go to the side vertical bar or you can either start with the vertical bars line up both vertical bars and just basically uh start in the middle and and and go to the vertical bars. But never, i repeat, never go from one side to the other. That'S that you're you're just bound to give somebody a qriket line up. Also, look back, you know what i mean line. Somebody up take a step back, look at where what you're doing don't just you know, work on one side and then never uh come back to the middle, always come back to the middle, see, see him dead straight and and go in and attack. Basically. So so i'm using this magic, barber pencil, basically to add some contrast between the lineup and the skin. Basically, it makes your your lineup pop and this is another form of enhancements um. You got your uh hair fibers, you got your kiss express spray and then this pencil adds as another um. You know, enhancement tool. So i like to use all of the tools that there is that way, especially in this video, you could get a crispy lineup and and make the video really pop. So i line it up. I re-line it up um. This is just kind of like i don't know if you guys seen. Women do their like mascara, but it kind of fades it in um i like to line it up, fade it in a little bit and then take a razor and really bring that that white ash mark to the line do so right. Now i'm gon na cut the top using my um, my afro shears, these shears. I got it off of amazon. These are like, i want to say dog grooming shears. I want to say, if you type it in it, should pop up it's a it's. Basically, uh shear that curve, so um yeah, i just it makes it a lot easier to to basically shape the afro um into that curved. Like you know, angle that you want so listen, let me tell you why they call me 360 when they sit in my chair. I spin them in the full 360 and they come out. Looking like damn son, we make it look easy youtube. This is the cut and, if you like it make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you're new to my channel, please hit that subscribe button for everybody, that's about to say: oh, you should have curled it on top. I gave you a look of before and after this is how it looks with the curls on top, if you like, the beat hustle dreams production, that's my brother, he does all my beats. His youtube channel will be linked in the description below also, if you want to know where you can find any tools that you send in this video links will be in the description below. Otherwise, you guys can follow me on instagram and tick tock. My tick tock is official 360 gz and my instagram is 360 gz, but it's your boy, 360 gz and i'm outta. Here you

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Obierge Polynice: I watched so manny tuto about haircut,but this tuto is the best ever,thank you Mr

Obierge Polynice: I watched so manny tuto about haircut,but this tuto is the best ever,thank you Mr

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