How To Cut And Fade Balding Hair

  • Posted on 07 February, 2018
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Next best thing to REGROWING YOUR HAIR! How to fade thin hair to make it look thicker and fuller on top. 5-minute tutorial! STEPS (read below):

1) Get rid of hair bulk using guard #3 closed.

2) Get rid of hair bulk using guard #4 closed above the previous step. (Note: this step is optional.)

3) Guard #1 closed.

4) Guard #2 closed.

5) Guard #1 opened (fading).

6) Guard #2 closed (touch-up work)

7) Shape up and beard.

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Welcome to tips for Clips today in less than five minutes I'll, show you how to cut and thinning or bold in here use these tips and it'll actually make it look like Yuri, grew hair, and you can see right here. It'S the next best thing to actually regrow in your hair, quick reminder for the Clippers. This is the short for a closed position. This is longer opened. This is short again, I'm starting out with a number three in the closed position or the short position. The whole point of the first two steps that I'm gon na show you is to get rid of the bulk. So there's a lot of hair on the sides, and I kind of just want to clear it up so that I could really get to my fading. Afterwards, I switched guards, and now I'm using a four also in the closed or short position, and since I know his hair is at least a four on top, I could be comfortable and going pretty high up without compromising any of the hair up up. So some people decide to stop the haircut right here and that's fine, but that won't necessarily help the thinning situation on top. So I put in my number one clip here and it's also in the closed or short position and, as you can see, I'm going up relatively higher the shorter you make the hair on the sides, the more full the hair on top is gon na seem. So that's kind of the backbone to this haircut and that's kind of the theory behind cutting short or thinning hair. I'M just gon na go relatively high and make a straight line all across. I go over. It really thoroughly to make sure there's no blotches and that's all smooth and one level, and that the line is also nice and straight so now, I'm using them with two clip in the shorter closed position and I'm cutting between the 1 and the 3. So the 1 is on the bottom. The 3 is on the top, so I'm cutting in between that we're pretty much gon na get rid of the 4 work that we did before. I just did that kind of to prep and get rid of some of the longer hair, but here I'm just using the 2 and I'm fading in between the 1 and the 3. As you can see, I haven't done anything fancy so far and I'm not really gon na do anything fancy. This is just a simple step and you'll see that, once we get rid of that thick line in between we're pretty much done with the hardest part of the haircut in order to do that, we're taking the one clip and we're putting it in the long position Opens position: this is the first time in the haircut that we're using the open, clip and we're just gon na tug away at that harsh line without going too high. You don't want to go higher than where you just previously went with the number to quit, but we're just talking away at that lower line, maybe about half an inch up, and you can see that line is completely disappearing and that simply mean that easily we have Our fade and as you can see, I'm going up and out I'm flicking out and that helps with the pin. You always want to flick out as you go higher. You can pretty much stop here, but I choose to go back in with the number two click close and just touching up some of what I did. I try to go as high as I can, without touching the hair on top. The idea is to make it seem like the hair on top. Is that length intentionally? So you don't want to make. It seem like there's any difference between the hair on top and the highest or longest hair on the sides and for the top. You can just go in with scissors and snip away at any stray hairs, but you don't want to touch the top with your clippers, and here I took off all the guards from my clippers and I put the leather in the long or open position, and I'm Just going up to complete the feed, this is like kind of like a hat, you can think of it and you can see it really pulls the faith together. It'S a big difference and I'm going up making sure that I don't go beyond where I went with the one card and you want to do the same thing on the sides of his hair, especially around the sideburns. Here, I'm just shaping it up, and you can see that it makes a big difference when you shape up - and I already have a video out on how to give the perfect shape up so be sure to check that out. I also have a video on how to fade someones beard into their fade on the sides or into their sideburns, so be sure to check out that video as well, because that's what I'll be doing in just a moment, I'm also just going to fast-forward through this Beard shape up, because the main idea of this video is to show you how to cut and be in involving here but be sure to go through my videos and check out more details on how to feed and cheap of feeds. The last part of this haircut is called a hard line or hard part. This is optional, but the key here is to let the trimmer do the work. You just go in a straight line without moving the trimmer up or down just give a light touch with your trimmers in a straight line and it'll come out perfectly here's what we started with and here's the finished product, and you can tell quite a drastic transformation And it really looks like he actually grew back some hair on top and that's a result of all the tips that I mentioned here here are some of my other videos check them out, be sure to subscribe, share and like and I'll see you at the next Video

Tips for Clips - Haircutting:

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