Mid Fade Crop Top Haircut Tutorial!

  • Posted on 02 July, 2021
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Watch as I explain how to create a mid fade with a crop top step by step.


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What'S up youtube, it's marty, blens and i'm back with another cinematic tutorial today in this video i'll, be showing you how to fade a mid-drop crop. First up, you want to make sure you part evenly along the parietal ridge, making sure both sides are identical. You now want to make a baseline contouring this to the head, shape itself carefully, remove everything underneath, with your preferred shaver, remove the excess stubble using the lever, open, create a half inch guideline close up the lever and hit this halfway through remember to gradually open up The lever, once you move up on each guideline using the one and a half softly flow, the clipper a full inch above now with the number two remove some more bulk, but don't go up too far. Using the half guard halfway open, create a half inch guideline open up the lever now and go up about a quarter inch next with the number one fully open go about a quarter inch note that sometimes, depending on head shape or hair type, you want to come Back and soften up some numbers. Finally, with your lever fully open, no guard take out that last bottom line, you're able to see, i recommend you to work with corners as much as possible. As you can see, my client has different hair than a lot of people. His hair tends to leave dark tracks, even if i did all the steps correctly. This is why you should always come back in detail now, clip it over comb if needed, but watch out and don't cut too deep in now. As you can see here, i expose the blade out a tad bit, so i could have a clear view of what i'm cutting so on the specific cut. I just edged up the sides because they aren't going to be that visible with the crop over it guys. I'M so close to dropping a full tutorial on how to cut and texturize so stay tuned. If you have any questions, make sure to drop them down below. In the comment section as i can see, i changed up the design last minute because it did look simple and i wanted something a little crazier, if you guys did enjoy this, make sure to like and subscribe. If you're not i'll, see you guys in the next one peace, you

EpicBa11Sak: Best haircut tutorial on YT. very detailed and easy to understand. Looking forward to your new videos on trimming and texturizing the top

OG: Marty before I found your channel I was struggling to cut better but your method especially with using the 1.5 guard instead of the 1 to create the guideline really took my game to another level thank you

Jose Flores: NOTES IF ANYONE NEEDS Part evenly with both sides identical Make baseline of the head shape Remove everything under the baseline then remove excess hair with shaver With lever OPEN create a half inch guideline CLOSE the lever and get rid of the guideline OPEN up lever when going up on guideline With the 1 ½ guard flow the clipper a full inch above With the number 2 guard remove some more bulk but NOT TOO FAR UP Using the half guard HALFWAY OPEN create a half inch guideline OPEN up the lever now and go up a ¼ inch With number guard 1 FULLY OPEN go about ¼ inch up Now with lever fully open NO GUARD take out the last bottom line your able to see WORK WITH CORNERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE Now clip it over if needed but watch out and don't cut too deep in

Jose Ramirez: Bro I’ve learned so much from these videos keep up the great work and the premium guards finally came in the mail and they’re

Joan Besonia: Crazy detail work! Cut was FIRE!

FatalTheBarber: Marty the way you cut hair is very interesting never seen anyone go through these steps before

Arturo Pelagio: Looks really good bro !

Lio C: Just subbed bro! Great skills man!

Steven Guzman: looking good with the fresh cut homie loving the videos bro keep up the good work bro

Swazy Chris: Video quality and effort you put is underrated ‼️‼️

InterstellarCutz Sergio Rodriguez: Anyone else remembers using the wall designer maroon color that was probably my first barbershop clipper

Jr Pascuel Pedro: nice cut and crispy line you are the goat and easy steps Marty nothing to ask more❤

D.I.Y. Hair Cuts: Perfect cut again Marty!

Albert Miramontes: ❄️ a tutorial on how to use the straight razor would b dope i b struggling w it lol

Oscar Espinoza: Eres muy top amigo

Omar Valdez: The Best Man !!! You r awesome in this great job .. God bles u ..

Samko Samko: Again great work !

Live Loyal: Did you use a clay or pomade ?

Magnanimous SAF: Amazing cinematic tutorial, do a shear over comb in your upcoming shear tutorial

Oliver Silva: Gracias bro

Utshav karke: Hello marty.im a fam from asia nepal.i think u have gained weight suit you so nice.im a barber its been a year cutting hair.love and support from nepal❤❤

Saidxon Sadriddinov: It is very good

Riaz Rayaan: best barber on yt

Jeral2 Pincay: Buen video bro..

Gamer KING: i want this haircut and my hair is the same texture but my hair doesn’t stay down on the front and i have baby hairs… what should i do someone help pls!!

reflections of sin: What kind of fade will suit a flat back head??

D!ablo: saludos de buenos aires argentina <3 me gustan tus videos like

Oxy: Marty I love u thx for your vids

Thatb0ygutta _: This dope man !!!!

BIG VIBEZ: When are those multi color guards coming out ?

BM Barber Studio: What camera lens are you shooting with?

Aymeric Pyllyser: Cameraman is a genius

Ivan Gonzalez: How do i do it with a comb?

Роман Ляшин: Четко

Jr Pascuel Pedro: you deserve the name 360 Marty

v9 vohque: hey i have spike straight hair but i want to have a wavy \ curly look wats the best product

Kenneth, Phillip.. Ronan.: Grate work bro

Taiwansfinest: Sheeeeesh that’s BUSSIN

Mehyeddin: Wow omg

Alejandro Miranda Moreno: Y el contenido en español para cuando ?

ZLATAN: plz put the number you working on description

JoseBlendz: First. Keep up the work!

Mauricio Diaz: U really don't explain much brother. Im just being honest can u please explain more instead of making a kool looking video

Khaldi Abdanour: روعة

Angel Sanchez: Haha. The man had a face.

OverZxne: Have you ever cut Afro American hair

Ugur Kara: 4o senelikberberim seni tebrikediyom

Aroan Ramirez: Are you babalyis fx clipers zero caped ?

Jc Sweet:

Alejandro The_barber: First

Mitu Singh: Ok

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