Haircut Tutorial: Undercut Mid Fade Curly Top

  • Posted on 25 February, 2020
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You listen you to in this video today. I did a fade. I'M over here at cap city Sacramento YouTube Barbara showcased. I don't know why. I'M tired I'm tiring this was. I had to go over there. Nobody here to come back, I'm time we got beam in the building. We got Chris Bosio in the building, Hey here's! What I need job only everybody on account at 3:00 to say: YouTube: okay, one two three! So before I started cutting, I asked my client. Would he run it and he didn't want anything cut off the top? He basically wanted to undercut with a fade on the bottom, so I set my clips in. I parted it at the parietal Ridge and the parietal Ridge. Is that area right at the corner of your clients head now, when I set this part in and put my clips in, I'm trying to make it as neat as possible, but not he doesn't have to be like spot-on, because I'm not gon na take off a Lot of weight on the top in that area, because I need some of that weight to be there, so the hair can sit back on so I'm just kind of part in it not really too good. But you know good enough to where you know. I can still keep some of that bulk at the top. So, as you guys can see, my client has a lot of bulk on the sides. You don't want to go in and just set a ball line and start your guidelines. You want to debulk. Okay, I got my one guard open and I'm basically scooping out not taking too much of that weight off at the top trying to keep that that weight there so that the hair at the top can have something to sit on so right now, I'm gon na Free him, with my lever, closed basically giving some of that bulk at the top a shape. Alright, I want to have it kind of running off a little better than what it is. It'S kind of looking jaggedy right now, so I wanted to kind of at least look a little bit more smooth going into that hair at the top. So now that you have everything like you want it, you got all the book removed. It'S time to set in your vault line. Now, when I do this vault line, I still want to keep the seek up as much as possible. He didn't really want sideburns, but he still wanted that seek up. So I'm gon na angle, my vault line to basically contour my clients head. I'M gon na go around the occipital bone in the back and just make it unique. You know to my liking. I want people to look at the blend and know that that's a 360 GZ cut. You want to separate yourself from you know your average barber so using my fabulous gold shavers, I'm gon na make the bottom half razor ball now. This adds another transition to your Blin. Alright, you don't go all the way up to the line you just kind of leave about a quarter of an inch. That way is another transition. On top of the vault line that you already created now, with the lever open going up about a half inch, you want to make sure that you go over your guideline, multiple time to make sure that hair is at that lever. Openlink. Now, as far as when I go to the back, I'm gon na I'm gon na go up a little bit more on my guidelines, just because I have a little bit more room to work with in the back and in the back it kind of stays. A little darker than the sides - I don't know what it is. It seemed like some clients have a lot more hair follicles in the back. So it's a lot more thicker in the back. So when, when it's like that, I like to go up and bring the fader same thing with the one guard open, I'm going up about a half inch flicking out making sure you know, I don't dig in too much to set a harsh guideline now with the Two guard hoping I'm gon na clean up that area at the top, but I'm scooping out I'm not really digging all the way into the hair. Like I said, I still want a little bit of that bulk at the top. So I'm just gon na go straight up and scoop out now putting back on my one guard with the lever closed and I flick out motion I'm basically flicking out that middle line. Now this is not gon na take the line out. This is just softening it up, so you could come behind it with the next step. Now that that middle line is softened up, it's gon na be real easy for you to take it out with the zero guard, close so in a flick out. Motion flick out that middle line now, with the lever closed in a flick out, motion flick out that bottom line. Now, usually, if you're a beginner, you wanna just put that lever halfway and kind of soften up that bottom line first and then take out that bottom line with the lever closed all right, so I mean I'm just trying to get done with this cut. So I'm really just you know, setting what I what I normally do set that lever closed and just flick out that bottom line and adjust as I go, but for beginners you kind of want to set that, like I said at the middle and then soften it Up and then take it out with the lever closed. So with my liners, I see areas where I can. You know take out that bottom line a little bit better so with whatever you set your guideline in that Balt line, you take it out with that clipper. So I'm just going in and just cleaning it up a little bit, so my client wanted to line up in the front. Even though the hair overlaps the front hit line, he still wanted a line. So right now I'm pulling down those baby hairs. I sprayed spritz. Just to lock the hair down - and you want to do this because you know you don't want the hair to move all over the place. You want to lock that hair down and it will. It would just give you a more crisp line all the way around. Listen, let me tell you why they call me 360 when they sit in my chair. I spend him in there for 360 and they come out looking like Bank, you too, this is the cut and, if you like it make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you new to my channel, please hit that subscribe, but also hustle dreams production, that's my brother! He does all my beats. Alright, his YouTube channel will be linked in the description below also, if you want to know where you could find any tools that you sit in this video, the links will be in the description below. Otherwise you guys can follow me on Instagram and snapchat. My snapchat is GZ 360 and my Instagram is 360 Jesus, but it's your boy, 360 GZ and I'm out of here.

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