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  • Posted on 05 July, 2018
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Barber Dave Banks of Gentleman & Rogues Club barbershop demonstrates how to get that quintessential choppy surfer-style haircut.


Textured Crop at the Barbershop

Textured High Fade Haircut at the Barbershop

A Classic Hairstyle: The Messy Crew Cut


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Gentleman and Rouges Club

347 Ashley Rd, Poole BH14 0AR, UK



I'M Dave which in a remote Club will cut in Jays hair today we're gon na be doing a zero taper. So, like a blowout from the neck up words, I'm going to leave sideburns and we're going to trim the top just ever so slightly and get it all moving forward with some nice textured movement. So I was gon na weigh it through now. We just came in this crew at the moment so that we get some order and then, from the top here, I'm gon na take a section in a V working from the crown, so we're gon na comb this in this direction. It needs to lie and then from the base of the head, I'm gon na work out of V shape and that's gon na go to the recession area from the crown to the recession area, and then this here I'm gon na clip myself. Okay, so she look like that top all right. So he's explained to me already that he wants to keep a lot of the length and he just wants it tied around the side. What you liked it deep you liked too deep that yeah, so we're gon na literally blow out the taper just run the neck and work up from. Is it for a 0 to a 2, so we've got 0, it's slightly offset. So what? If I want to get too high with it and they remove the half and below that, but what that's giving is now just given as a base to blend from while we're here take detailer. Did you get to that right down all right, we're taking them to guard okay, so we've got this we're going to close it up. So it's fully closed, so I'm not going in too harsh with this, I'm literally just taking out big bolt. So this point we're looking for balance with that number two. So it needs to be the same right here, the same height here as it comes around we're gon na work from all the baselines. Basically, we've got a detailer again and he's told me he wants to keep sideburns so we're gon na mark these up so using a reference point on the ear, so I can see it's just level with this come out the other side. I can do the same. I'M just gon na take that round the year now using the corner of the blade, pull you back get straight now, unless we get enough they're getting a nice clear outline around here and now I move to the front. So I'm gon na rest one finger on the clients head and you can use that to create a nice present you're going to see Donald Glover yeah on this part we're gon na work on the tape an hour. So we've put a number two in we're going to work down the guards. When I find my guard, we've got number one guard and it's open. So it's in a one-and-a-half position and we're gon na go up to about there with the one other half just flicking out with a see motion so as to not put a line in at this point. We'Re going to drop down so a1, so I'll close. That guard, so it's in a1. So it's closed, it's in a one position, but we're gon na get about half the distance at that the we do believe one and a half okay. So we've got point five guard and we're going to have that. In a 0.5 closed, so that is a 0.5 now, but it's possibly with a guard. So it's closed blade and that's just gon na take out a little bit of weight. That we've got. Are the edges here, so we're gon na work. This sides now, starting from the back moving towards the front down either side, so I'm gon na start. I'M gon na put up a section in the middle here now I'm gon na wear that Jerry said that he wants hardly an office and we're just kind of going to texture it just chip into it a little bit and I can see there's a little bit. That'S got come off there, so she's gon na pick it up with my scissors, I'm gon na blunt cut it she's picking up parallel sections. Let me see: what's broken off, okay, so we're just gon na blend slightly now with a wide comb and seven inch. So I'm just gon na take into the hair, pull out use the whole of the blade. We want quite a messy look on this side, so it's not gon na be really well blended. It kind of wants to be a little bit shaggy a little bit weighted. Oh just looking to remove that step, so I'm putting the comb in and pulling out at the last minute, so we've trimmed blended down sides and now we're going to cut the top. So the kids for movie and they'll work from the back different. They took a section we're only looking to just trillions and he wants to thin the the fringe thins slightly, so the plan there they're going to pick the hair outlet up and then a deep slice, the hair, the same way this one okay. Now, at this point, I'm just gon na text you, the hair slightly, so I'm gon na pull up just trim the ends: we're gon na use this sea salt spray and we're gon na texture, the hair. May you you miss the best one way a guy came in right, his name is Mark and he had no hair Sherman is it. His name is Chris Annie and he was having. He had no hair, completely bald and just appeared, and I went with Steve and what kind of Steve's hair, and I thought I had no, it's good dry - that through nice and messy and then we're gon na take prints the hairs wet at the moment. It'S slightly longer so when it's dry and then gon na have a look at the fringes see for fringe needs a bit taking off of it. I'Ll also blend slightly around the edges, with a 20 % thinner just to take a bit of that bulk out. So we want to keep the shag fun a look misdirection heat at the root now get some nice lifts on it right, dudes over the front, or you should only take a bit off that yeah. Okay, it's got a nicer shape to it. Now I just put a bit shape into it: no legit, just yeah I've done it over a couple years, so I've always worn my hair up yeah. So at this point now I can see that it's dry and it's sitting how it wants to sit. So he's told me: what's a bit more off it, so this is a perfect time to cut that down. So if I say about that, yeah that feel about right and she's gon na point cut that so I'm just taking out a little bit more weight from the blend cool copy. Yeah. Your brain is a premium men's grooming company with products not only for your beard, but also your hair and body. Do yourself a favor and head over to beard brand calm and take care of yourself or you can stick around and watch a few more of our awesome videos.

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Ozan Demirel: When he shows you the back of your head with that mirror you’ve just got to nod and smile even if he just gave you the worst haircut of all time.

Trickskii: I actually got the same cut last weekend. Showed the after picture to my barber and she said "Ohhhh I watched that video last night, no problem!".

A Robbins: Another great video! Love seeing the different Barbers with their unique styles but all have a great finished product. Keep up the awesome work.

Diana Lake: Great precision and control. I'm sure you can do this in your sleep but can slow it down to teach others. Looks great!

JustGame: Love how careful you are cutting wet hair. My old barber used to soak mine and say is that length okay, yeah let me look at my fringe when it’s soaking wet, and clumped together into one strand and tell you if it looks okay. I just wash it before I go now and tell him to cut it dry which ends up being far more consistent

MethodMan1: Great cut- When doing the bald line on the back, instead of curving slightly downwards like u did here, try curving it slightly upwards instead and fade from that. Makes the fade look even better imo, making the outlines darker and stand out more

Aaron Wyman: Dave has grown so much in his cuts! He has such a process to this cut I hope to have some day! It was so easy to follow the steps he took to get this look

Michael Granger: Consistently Impressed by all the haircuts I see on the channel, huge variety and skill. Cannot understand why some of the comments are so negative. Keep up the sharp cuts

Davesto: Barbers near me couldn’t even. I’d show them a picture of this and they’d shave my head and be like “it’ll grown back into it”

Jacob Martinez: Really awesome haircut! I like the veriety in haircuts I'm seeing this year. One thing though.. as a man that always says keep the sideburns whenever I go to my barber and as a barber in training.. I don't understand why this is such a difficult thing for so many barbers to do. If someone asks to keep their sideburns I always clean them up as much as I can but retaining the length they've been trying to keep. Sideburns are the one thing I think almost everyone is comfortable trimming on their own so if they wanted to shorten them they would've done that

Matt Wainwright: I actually really enjoyed watching this haircut. Really nice job, he’s a great barber.

Trent Mayes: I love the cut. Sleek and smooth.

Squirrel Boss: Thank you so much for actually making an useful video and for taking the time to teach us. I liked your twist and trim technique. I sometimes see a thumbnail with a haircut that I like, I click on it and it’s just music and really fast shots. So, okay they’re showing their art, but it isn’t helpful at all. I’m not a stylist, just a mom who likes to practice cool styles on my four boys without having to break the bank. And I have to mention that my kids get a lot of compliments on their haircuts! People even ask me where they got it cut. So, thank you, I subbed. I hope you’re blessed.

Charlie: Great video guys the cut was executed perfectly! ‍♂️

D.E.T: This is the cut I’ve been trying to get for some time now. Thanks for sharing!!

Abraham Rico: Man that texturing technique is like gold to me for self cuts!

Danijel: Barber lifts the mirror: Every guy after looking at it for 2 seconds, not knowing what to say: „Yeah“ (nodding intensifies)

Livie Gee: I’m not even a dude but I love watching barber videos lol

Paul Fitzpatrick: That actually looks great - I would love that cut

Jonathan M: Seriously wish I had that kind of texture in my hair

Amber Ramel: I love doing this style on guys! Its pretty flattering on alot of people❤❤

karyeli Elox: Me encantó el corte ☺me es de gran ayuda ver los Cortés muy profesionales

dee: 13:15 me everytime i get a haircut ,and i have to say that it looks good for my own sake lol and you can't get the hair back so i rather stay positive and don't go out like a month or sth

Muted.: These videos make me fall to sleep its like asmr

Lun Yang: That neck taper is nice. Love the cut!

daveyfadess: Dont wet the area youre using the clippers.. also dont start the balding part with the clipper upside down it makes taking that line out harder. Just flick the balding part out.

Louis Orme: Not every customer is gonna appreciate it be as enthusiastic about your work

Alfy Cyriac: For anyone who doesn’t know what haircut to get... basically everyone looked good if they grow the top of their hair 3-5 inches and get a bald fade on the side, no matter what type of hair you have!

Plus Bonus: Admire your spiral trimming method. You are a low key legend!

Fleotus Bing: Good job, Dave! Thanks, Beardbrand!

pochysama11: I'm not a guy and I don't have a beard, but I freaking love watching this channel! The barbers are so talented

Mike DeCarlo: Literally the exact hair type and cut I get everytime

mondoshrimpo: amazing. what a clever and unique new haircut. never seen that one before.

Rachael Bradshaw: I am going to Cosmetology school and I love your videos. You guys are amazing. I wish I could study with you guys!!

Kody: It’s nice to see a barber keeping the weight around the parietal ridge. That combined with a taper neckline creates longevity and grows in better

Elijah Grattan: im glad im not the only one who has an insanely straight face while getting a haircut

Lewis Sanchez: Barber: what can i get you? Dude: i only got 5$ Barber: say no more

Michael Padilla: Amazing from shabby to Chic really an excellent cut

Ant B: Nice cut! Great bonce of follicles

Wedontknowtruth: Nice haircut! What kind of clipper did you use for the fade and the one you used around the ears? I use oster 76 and looking to expand a little

reeseisaac: I love watching people who don't surf or know the culture guess at what "surfers" wear or do. Even I had to cringe when he pulled out sea salt spray, c'mon.

Alex Silva: He cried when he got home

Arthur Machado: surfers dont get haircuts dude

Khanh Ho: First off, he has an amazing head of hair. I am jealous and any haircut would look good on him. But as someone from LA, this is not what we call a surfer look. I'm not sure if there is one surfer look. But this is a bit too jock-o mainstream corporate. True dyed in the wool surfers let their hair grow out--and even if they are a bit more cultivated, they'll do layers. How he started was much more consistent with Skater-into-Surfer.

Science Today: Step 1 :- Own full density hair Step 2:- Do whatever you want

Gerardo: We need barbers like this in mexico !

ChickenDippers: I want this hair style, my double crown does not allow the topbacksides to part so neatly though and the entire thing becomes a mess

Johnny Trayes: Awesome work and skills from the barber! Camera man clearly has a habit ( sniffles through the whole video wtf)

Bas: I lowkey want this cut

alvan djari: More cut on the top would be great. Good job, Dave!

Julian Anton: Curious, do barbers get hugs from clients? For some it’s an intimate/emotional experience like a massage.

sai varun: Only a barber can make you tell it is nice when it is not even good enough, for satisfaction sake!

rick white: Great Cut, Great Hair

ravenjutsu: This is the type of haircut my mom wanted me to have.

B K: How nice would it be to have full hair like that dude. Jealous.

prince vegeta: His hair looks good and healthy

Rt Harmon: supercuts I say: Hey I need a haircut today Supercuts: Yeah we can give you a bowl cut I say: But I don't wanna bowl cut Supercuts: bowl cut

Age of Listening: That was brilliant to watch. No to replicate on my 11 Yr old who'll only sit still for 10mins..

geo cape: He has great hair so he would look good with any cut. I liked it longer though.

Oscar Arverud: I like hos he said he thought the haircut was decent in the end!

Noe Galvan: man has the perfect neckline. Wide and full. would love to taper it myself

charly power: Since i've lost almost all my hair i enjoy watching videos like this one wtf is wrong with me .....

Милорад Јеремић 21: soooo good!!! i wish i have that good barber

Zohar Malka: That tan line

Christian Shroyer: What is that texturizing technique you used towards the end? I’ve never seen that before

Mr. Fahrenheit: im tryna watch this so i could give my dad a haircut

K: Based on the thumbnail i though he was going to wear it down, now im disappointed. Great job though

BIBBLE: I admire hair dressers and barbers, they have very daunting jobs. I just could NOT imagine being on your feet that long...great video!

Maria Pia: I don’t how how I got here.. but this is so satisfying to watch

fixture121: Anybody else showing this to their mom so she can cut ur hair during quarantine?

Dixons05: As a surfer; this is a typical bro, towny haircut. No tapers out in the line up brah

declanmccann _: The fact that I got this the day after I shave my head

Andrew Sharp: What are the measurements for the side and back?

Albert: How did I ended up watching a barber tutorial?

Jesse Martinez: Bro I'd kill for a barber like this :(

Ruby R: “Decent” he says

Bruno: The barber’s haircut is awesome

Sam Edwards: the perfect summer cut

Felix Hoffmann v. Meinigen: I like both,before and after the cut,that guy has super nice hair! Daaaaamn!

zey: Tbh he looked more like a surfer before

Connor Watson: Why’s everyone so unhappy. I’d love a hair cut like that

D.E.T: Looks sweet!!

Andrew Player: 10:23 it's Simon from Inbetweeners. Awesome haircut as always from gentleman and rogues

Brandon Proctor: Very nice job mate!!

Deborah R: Hair artist ✂️ brilliant!

Larj Kok: I understand this is how he wanted it, but lose another 50% of the bulk on top and he’d look so much better.

Herr_von_Blau: Great cut! Fresh barber,happy custmr. i like!

Wolffenhaus: Gentleman barber Mr. Banks talent is estimable.

M P: Wish I had thick hair with some body like this guy does. My hair is super straight. When I get my hair cut i always ask to put texture in my hair the I’m always told “oh I don’t like doing that”. Umm ok I don’t care what you don’t like doing. I’m asking for it.

Bryce Clark: Barber: what can I do for you Kid: give me that my dads a lawyer and he will sue you if you screw up my hair look Barber: say no more fam

Doddsygaming Hd: This cut looks class

Ochoa LRC: What would you call the haircut the barber has ? I’ve been looking for a new cut and I like his quite a bit

Logan Spence: That's [email protected] the story with the bald guy!!

Steve-in-Cornwall: Great hair. I envy him.

A Ghost: Went from a used paintbrush to a makeup applier

EffoVex: Why can’t any barbers I go to be this good? All they can do is a clean cut shave and that’s all they are good at.

🪐🪐🪐: He got the haircut that I go the barbershop with.

Eloy Cavazos: Dude, great haircut! Cheers!

Murdavic: What product should i use to get the hairstyle he has in the beginning?

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