How To Cut A Trendy Short Haircut

  • Posted on 02 January, 2023
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The way that we're going to section everything off we're going to be working vertically, I'm going to work across the head shape I'm going to work round graduation Brown graduation. Is you look at the head shape on the top? That'S your line! So here, if I'm here, that means I'm layering all of this, so there's not much of a buildup of weight. I want a little buildup of weight, so I got ta drop to make sure that just this top area here has the graduation. You got to make sure you pick the right length, we're going to start that vertical line. What I'll do is once I get that cut I'll comb it to kind of see where it starts to Bevel. So I'm looking at right about this area here now. How do we trap I'm going to pull the guide over to the new section and mimic that same angle and just continue working so now we're on section three, so I pull section two over to section three. Just do a little cross checking just to see where we're at now again notice that I comb into it to get the hair organized. But then I scoop underneath to comb the guide over to the new hair. To make sure I stay consistent with my horizontal. A lot now you can see graduation in here starts building on that curve, and then this part here tucks in and gets fringy around the ear again comb. The guide, over top of the new section, keep that vertical line running down the head same way, all right. Yeah once you have that length towards the bottom, usually I'll just grab like my tri razor, because this is a little more uh of just selecting areas of the head here, just like kind of softly cutting into it all right. So now we let down our right side panel here vertical sections, with a rounded horizontal line. Now I'm going to straighten up a little bit, because if I continue this line, all the way through I'd get a very heavy buildup of weight right around this area. So I want to shift my vertical line and now be more like this and we'll work through it. That way, if you guys, like my cool pink metallic tone, resell on push my guide over to the new section, push two over to three look at this. It sits just like a bob in the back of the head, I'm going to do the other side same way. I like, where everything is I like the weights? It doesn't look too heavy. Now we just got to finish this thing off. What I'm going to do is I'm going to work diagonal back parting, all the way up to the top. I can see my guide falls out from behind through cut and connect. That line see. That gives me a little length now scoop up my guide, bringing it straight towards me and now I'm feeling like I can just do a little Point: cutting and texturizing on the top magnet back all right. We'Re gon na do the same thing. On the this side, foreign, let's blow dry, all right, I'm gon na do a little round brushing. So now I've got the volume it's blown dry. What do we think?

Carm Rana: I have a few older clients who wear their style. It looks awesome. I think if styled right for each person this cut is amazing. Thank you for this

Steve Beck: Happy New Year and love what you do. Thanks for sharing .♥️

zera0820: I wonder if this would grow out pretty well, especially if the person with the cut in question looks good with layers!!!

Luann Nielson: Love the haircut!!

Carol hakenson: Wish I could find someone to cut my hair like this in Virginia

pastrypinktea: Are these new hairstyles, if they are how will I present this to my hairstylist, will they know what I am talking about in terms of these hairstylist ex butterfly haircut, this bixie haircut and so on?

Ingrid Sol: Love!!

Kayla Amor: Thanks your tutorial haircut happy new year

postgreencat: Great haircut.

Ingrid Sol: I wear bangs though... how would the bangs get styled?

Dessie Clare: So cute

Ruby Hampton: Love your work, but, not my favorite.

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